Tuesday, May 26, 2009


"For God did not send the Son into the world in order to judge (to reject, to condemn, to pass sentence on) the world, but that the world might find salvation and be made safe and sound through Him.” (John 3:17)

When Love is Scarce in people’s lives, they take on the Identity of one that has love and sows love, but they never do the work that is asked of them. They continue in their own agenda. They continue to seek their own way.

Putting their lives in human hands--keeping their lives in their own hands--either way leads to hatred, fear, and failure after failure.

Even Jesus did not give Himself over to His disciples-for He knew their hearts!

I know that God will send us into places and spaces that we may not want to go to. We are sent to represent Him. I tell you, there are a lot of Identity Thieves already at the places and spaces where He seeks His lost sheep. They call themselves Followers and doers of His Gospel, but their actions do not match their spoken identity.

The Praying Activist......Hears the Shepherds Call to Pray, pray, Just Pray for them all!

I don’t want to be around them when they begin their judging and have eyes that see but they can’t see that I or other lgbtq’s of Faith in Jesus also belong to the same family of Faith they do.

They have it confused-we are born who we are whether we are glbtq or straight, white, black, male, female, asian, latino, jewish, etc... because of God's decisions--But we chose to be a Christian!
We All were Adopted in His Family through the Blood of Jesus, not just those who think that only they should belong.

We, His Sheep know His voice, whether we belong to your fold or their fold or He gave us our own fold--We know His Voice and we follow Him.

I know that some are mis-educated about Who God is and Who they are in Him. Most are led by fear; sad broke down Christians that are drowning in shallow water. They are rebellious Children of God. I know even though many times through mistakes we don’t look like His Children, we are. And I leave their correction in The Father’s hands.

Many others that claim to belong to God, have committed Identity Theft, and have just jumped on the band wagon following those they think are correct because of traditions, dogma, and because of the larger number of people hating other people they must be right – right? No.

And when I am led to be around them I know it is because of a plan that the Lord has designed to live out. For His Will, not mine Be done.

Through the years, many of these church going Christians that spread lies and foster hate in the name of Jesus have stopped growing in their relationship with God or never began one.

They got saved and confessed Jesus as their Lord, but just stopped learning and allowing Him to change them-probably because as soon as you confess Jesus as your Savior, the enemy will come around to steal the seeds that have been planted in you—to create some trouble to see if you really will stay with Jesus.

To see what will make you give up and turn back to the world’s ways.
That’s our enemy’s job—to test us with trouble. Living by Faith in God does not mean that trouble will not happen—it means that in the midst of trouble and trials, you know by Faith that you will succeed because Jesus is With you.

Somewhere that teaching didn’t happen for many who give their lives to God. And instead of allowing God to make the decisions for their lives, they hand themselves over to a wrong teacher who is teaching with false credentials and a stolen identity!

Growing in His Love and Grace—being changed by Him- is a process that is day by day, with many of the lessons and transitions needing time to develop in and through us.
Some never accepted Jesus as their savior, (though they may have said they do- Identity Theft), they have never given their life to God, and they have never accepted the Spirit of God to live within them.

So many do not read His word for themselves, they do not dwell with Him nor His Spirit in order to be taught and guided-- They disobey God and the leading of His Spirit—and in turn, they focus on all the other things and people and issues of the world- trying to bully others to come to God. They would make better use of their time facing the hard truths that they need to Correct about themselves—Communing with Jesus in order To better themselves.

We all that confess our dedication to Him, are to Examine Ourselves daily, to make sure that we are still aligned with His Spirit.

Are you a repairer of the Breach?

Through the years, they sit in their churches and with lgbtq people sitting right there every Sunday serving God in the name of Jesus, spewing hatred about them and say that this is God’s will. And then, they turn a blind ear and eye to the blatant oppression that goes on in their churches toward the other cast aways- women, children. There are social ills so prevalent in their Houses of Worship and in their houses of living. It is out of order to go and try to bully open and clean someone else’s house and ignore what is going on in your own home.
Or what is not going on.

For many years, people that live life afraid, always following what everybody else is following-not checking things out for themselves, living to be seen as whatever is popular; are always sought by false teachers, preachers and prophets who are living afraid, following fear and flesh. This is living in mental slavery- they are not free in their minds and not as free physically as they profess to be. And I pray in Jesus’ name for them to live physically free and mentally free.

There are just too many people that lie on God and they make a mockery of the Gospel of Jesus. All the while pushing more and more of the very people that Jesus seeks daily to bring to Him, away from the Love that God desires to give to them-to give to us All.

I understand why so many people, whether they be straight, or lgbtq are driven away from God. But you have to learn about Him for yourself! You have to have a relationship with Jesus for yourself!

And I have to wonder just how much ‘with God’ are these people – how much of Him (if any of Him does), lives in them if they can find so much hate and violence to speak. If they truly have His Spirit living in them—where is the room for such negative and wrong understanding? There can’t be sweet and sour coming from the same heart—spoken by the mouth. Lips that oppress, lie and teach hate do not live for Jesus.

When Love is Scarce in people’s lives, many people know His Word, but do not live it.

There are so many black lgbtq people that are scared to come out of their glass closets because of the distrust of the churches they have grown up in and the false doctrine that many have had forced down their throats for years. That saddens my heart to know that people have misrepresented Jesus to so many people that reached out to Him to be saved, delivered and for eternal salvation—only to be rejected, called names, have judgments passed against them and to have lies spoken about them. I know why they do not trust anyone coming up talking about the Gospel of Jesus Christ—why they are narrow eyed as they protect their ears when a follower approaches them.

I really dislike the fact that I have to say I’m a Christian, ‘but not one of those hating Christians’. There should be no division but for all the years that Christianity has been around—there have been these divisions between the flocks.

I know the challenges are yet to come—and what I have already been through has prepared me for what is to come. And at all times I have His Spirit to guide me through all places that I follow Him, as He continues to look for His lost sheep.

Lord I pray for your sheep, those that are wrong and those that you daily seek to come back Home to You.

The information that I speak of is all of the hatred that is being thrown, spoken, given, thrusted, and sown throughout our world. At these times my Spirit shuts down my natural self and I go to the Father in the name of Jesus, and ask for the same strength, the same comfort, the same wisdom, understanding and knowledge that He gave to my brother Jesus when He got to this point.

If I don’t go to Jesus and ask Him to teach me more about how to deal with all of this then it will spew out of my mouth, (like a backed up toilet), and my actions against those that I love so dearly; first in our home, then to all those that God has sent that make up my community of Faith in His Son; I would begin to do what I see and hear ‘they’ do to others. Hatred is a sickness created by never letting go of confusion, hurt, pain, low self-esteem, revenge seeking, and wrong teaching.

Those that claim Him as their savior are to yield to His Spirit so that His Spirit will flow through them. That is what we were called and chosen to do.

Granted I know that everyone will not listen to His Gospel, for various reasons; but that is no reason to judge them or cast them aside or beat them up with out of context scriptures.

Wrong teaching pops up everywhere that one can learn from.
That would tear me apart to know that I allowed myself to be reduced to such a low human level of a selfish, confused, self-hating, pride filled, hurting and ego controlled person.

And Not a child of the Most of God.

I must pray for the people that inflict such venomous hatred toward the Children of God. Some do this in the name of Jesus. I pray for the same people that inflict this same venomous oppressive hatred and violence on non-believers in Jesus.

They are living in fear and through misunderstandings about Who Jesus Is and what is His Purpose. He never came here to spread hatred and violence-but to Free those that are slaves to this worlds ways, and to reconcile All by Faith into His Family with God The Creator and Father of us all.

Then I pray for the people that are on the receiving end of all that which is not of God.

I have to talk to Him about the world’s misunderstanding of Him. He has chosen His vessels that will show their love of Him and seek to bring about an understanding between Him and those that we meet that love Him not.

They are so wrong. So Very Wrong are they.

This I know not from who they say they are, but by their actions as they are contradictory to who they say they are. Which is always the case with Identity Thieves.

When Love is Scarce all you have is hatred and are living in a Spiritual Death.

I do not believe that Christianity has failed, not at all. Too many people are trying to live the Christian Life in the Light and Teaching of His three years’ Mission alone. This was never His purpose here. This is not how others see Him through us.

He came to reveal His Father (our Father)-to show the God-Spirit working in man. He taught, not that people were only to attempt to copy Jesus of Nazareth, but that people are to be so possessed by His Spirit, the Spirit of actuating All that He did. That we would be inspired to do just as He was.

By the Power of God’s Spirit.
He told us to follow Him by the Power of the Indwelling Spirit which He bequeathed to us all that have claimed Jesus as our Lord and the Son of God.

This Spirit-the Only Holy Spirit Will guide us all into All Truth! (John chapter 14 & chapter 15; John 16:12-15)

In John chapter 16:12-15 Jesus told His disciples that His time was running out, that He could not tell them all He wanted to—His time was short and they were not mature enough –they did not have the Holy Spirit dwelling in them yet.

He said that He would put everything in the Spirit and that the Spirit of God would guide them. This is where many of His followers fail Him; so many do not Dwell with Him in the Spirit-Guidance which is promised to all but claimed and lived by so few.

John 13:34-35 (Amp Bible)
34I give you a new commandment: that you should love one another. Just as I have loved you, so you too should love one another.
35By this shall all [men] know that you are My disciples, if you love one another [if you keep on showing love among yourselves].

My partner and I met with 2 other lesbian women of color lgbtq activist on last Thursday, we began to create a working plan to educate college black lgbtq students and straight students as to why they need to ban together for total Equality for all lgbtq’s.

On the way home, I was able to see a new place and space the Lord is leading me to be.

Another Work to do- another hat to wear - The Praying Activist.

I came home and read a wonderfully written article that added confirmation to things that the Lord had spoken to me years ago and has been speaking to me about for the past few months. This post is from Terrance a blog partner of Pam Spaulding at pamshouseblend=This link leads to part 2 - Terrance has a pt1 link provided.

ALSO, please read this post by Pam at PamsHouseBlend, it is right in point and will allow you to delve deeper into your own ideas of Civil Rights Education for All People. A person who cannot realize that the ways in which they have been taught to see the world may be skewed and wrong, and then will not proceed to re-learn the the Truth; will be one that has no one to turn to for help when 'they' come after them.

Through my Faith in Jesus Christ, The Father has accepted me into His Family. (Not through some human approval, but by The Father Because of Jesus!) I don't know about any of you, but I am Extremely Glad that my acceptance into His Family has nothing to do with human approval!

None of us would get in if that were the case.

And I am glad that I have the gift of Forgiveness and the Gift of GoodBye when I am rejected via another’s ignorance about Who God Is!

God’s Love is Not scarce in my life-what about you?
He said if you love Him you will obey Him…Well….?

Howard Thurman spoke a great truth concerning the Purposes of Jesus’ work.

Howard Thurman (Jesus and the Disinherited, p 88)

"Hatred is death to the spirit and disintegration of ethical and moral values. Above and beyond all else it must be borne in mind that hatred tends to dry up the springs of creative thought in the life of the hater, so that his resourcefulness becomes completely focused on the negative aspects of his environment. The urgent needs of the personality for creative expression are starved to death…

Jesus rejected hatred. It was not because he lacked the vitality or the strength. It was not because he lacked the incentive. Jesus rejected hatred because he saw that hatred meant death to the mind, death to the spirit, death to communion with his Father. He affirmed life; and hatred was the great denial.”

“There is no fear in love; but perfect love casteth out fear; because fear hath torment”. 1 John 4:18

"How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world." - Anne Frank

on feet of Faith And Peace,
Resting In His Faithfulness,
One Day At A Time By Faith.
Joshua 1:9

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