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 "Now May He Who Supplies Seed to the sower, And bread for food, Supply And Multiply the Seed you have sown And Increase the Fruits of your Righteousness, While you Are Enriched in Everything for All Liberality, Which Causes Thanksgiving Through us To God." 2 Corinthians 9:10-11

Greetings In the Name of Our Lord, to you my sisters and brothers, my friends, on this Wonderfully made day!
I would like to Thank all of you who stop by here to REST and Visit and be Encouraged. Please know that I Appreciate you Very much!

Please know that  I need you and you need me--we have to be a Help to each other!
  I am Grateful to God in the name of Jesus, that you have found this blog to be a place for you to feel comfortable, to learn, to share, to be encouraged, to be encouraging and then to go out and be a Blessing to those you meet in your day for His Glory through your life!

I want you to know that what may seem like many days in between the posting of messages here, really are not that many days in between them. Please do not reject or dismiss this Place Of Encouragement, I am on God's Divine Timing and Order and I post what I hear and what I am led to post from the Spirit of God based on His Will. If days go by and there is not a new message posted,  I encourage you to go through the other messages here and read them again, sifting each part to see where and how in your heart and life you may need to allow His Spirit to sift your motives, to make sure that you Are daily aligned with His Will so that You are Spiritually and emotionally growing and maturing based on His Plans.

 I may have posted a message that you read on a day that did not apply to your situation, or your experiences yet, but in days and weeks that have passed since you read it, you may have experienced some life issues that Now speaks of that message.
 I Love you All with the Love of my dear beloved Lord Jesus, Please Know this.

NOW, on to the message I am led to share with you, it is Never all for me, truly for me to share with All who are seeking His Truth, Wisdom, Love, Direction,Correction, Trust, Joy and Way, In the name of Jesus, Amen!

God provides to us times, days and moments, where we are Able to leave the world's ways in order to Sit with Him, in order to be refreshed, replenished and restored, We Must Come to Him when He provides these times or we will be a lamp with no oil, a well with no water, which will put us in a position of doing things by our power, which will Never work and/or, that we should Not be doing, thinking or speaking, And we will not be able to Do what He guides us to do.  Then we have stepped into some sin.

We All Must Seek Daily Clarity from The Source, throughout Each day, or else we will be like mice stuck in a maze, running circles around ourselves, following other lost and confused people, never accomplishing God's Will, His Plans and His Purposes for each day.

 Without Oil, Being a Light/Lamp will not do us any Good.  We will not be able to help anyone that the Lord sends our way. When our Well runs dry, we are not even able to drink from our own Wells, let alone allow others to be refreshed by the Living Waters His spirit has supplied to our Well.  We Are The Wells And Lights of the Lord. Amen!
Have you checked the quality and condition of The Water that you hold in your well? Is it sweet, full of enlightenment, love, forgiveness, faith, compassion, care,  encouragement and Life giving Power? 

Or is your water tainted in some way, nasty, toxic, and foul smelling?

Have you checked the amount of Oil in your Lamp? Do you have a surplus of Oil from our Lord on hand?
 Do you have a supply that will never run out?
Are you connected to the Source Who Supplies the Oil to us?

Check your connection--how long has it been since you Sat with our Lord not to ask for anything?  Think about it, have you COME every time He has called you to Come?  Or have you said, I'll do that God when I finish this?

Sift your motives, get down to the Root ball of what Is growing in and from your heart--Pruning is Always a good thing that He does, But sometimes what is wrong will only grow back--He has to dig it out of us from the root ball. Let Him!

We have to Be aware and sensitive to our environment, making Sure that we are following Jesus, Following the Spirit of God in being appropriate in our actions, speaking, and thinking.
Making sure for Each Day that we are In our Faith by Walking In and Through our Faith in Him, Staying In the Flow of His Holy Spirit. Staying Willing, Teachable and Obedient to His guidance, instruction and correction.

Satan comes to us early in the morning, trying to steal our day, our gifts, our Work, and whispering lies, touching on our ego, our pride filled thinking and fleshy motives in us before we even get out of bed.
What is the First thing you think of before you get out of bed in the morning? The enemy comes early to try and get us off course from the Will of God so that we do Not accomplish God's Will, Plans and Purposes spoken by Him for us to Do For EACH Day!

Our enemy tries to dominate and slip into our Spiritual atmosphere his plans, chaos, confusion trying to get us to serve him instead of our Lord.

"Do Not Be Overcome by evil, But Overcome evil With Good."
Romans 12:21


I encourage you to Maintain Your Peace that Jesus has given and supplied to each of us--therein lies our Power--To stay focused, on task, and Able to do what God has instructed you to do.  This Is a Perfect Peace, a Growing Peace, that must have Humbleness to feed it.
Do Not allow frustration or irritation to be your guide as things in this world get worse...those are fueled by emotions and will have you living each day by your flesh. 

Stay in the Spirit realm of His Perfect Peace, and push down your emotions to be controlled by your Faith and Trust in our Lord.
He will lead us on paths through wilderness, valley's, through mud and mire, through lush, beautiful paths...Where Ever He leads us we must follow, for He Is With Us for the entire journey providing Every Thing that we will need to accomplish the Work we are sent to do in His Name!

Daily We Must Humble ourselves before Him and Keep His Love, Peace, Joy, Strength and His Laws-this is to Keep Us focused on and within His Perfect Peace.  Search yourself and ask Him to reveal to you any place, time or moment that you were Not in line with His Will, ask Him for forgiveness And for Correction.
Remember that our Lord Is With Us At All times!  He promised this and He never lies. He Is Our Strength At All Times! There is no reason ever to be afraid concerning any place that He leads us to go, to do, to say or think.

 It may not make human sense to us, it's Not suppose too, but we have to Trust that He would Never lead us wrong and that He has taken care of all details and the outcome will Be better than anything we could ever accomplish without Him!
If He were to lead us wrong, That would not be beneficial to the Building of His Kingdom here through us! We have the Kingdom of God in our heart, We have to every day Sift Our Motives and allow Him to give us More of His knowledge, more of His understanding, more of His wisdom, more of His Love--to make All the Corrections that He knows we Are in need of, for each day!

Grow in His Grace my sisters and brothers, Grow and mature in the Knowledge of Him, our King, Our Shepherd, our Friend, our Brother!
 Do you really think that all the leaning of the wisest on earth without Him as their Center and Focus is able to be compared to the Wisdom that He, our Lord provides to us?  No, not possible to even compare the two. What we are being taught is not from this world, it is Spiritual and from God, to help us be Perfect in His eye--and being perfect to God is to obey Him, to Trust Him by complete radical Faith, and to Do What Ever He tells us to do!
We are to Learn, to Love, to Forgive freely as we Have been forgiven Freely by Him.
He desires us to do for His Kingdom--Sift your motives to make sure that You are aligned with His Will, Plans, and Purpose--providing All Glory and Honor to God in the name of Jesus!

All that is in us that is unworthy to Him, He will dig out from the Root ball and cut us free from what is dead, stunted in growth, useless, intertwined with weeds of self promotion, self importance, rebellion, ego, and pride!

And Please remember that through our vulnerabilities, is How God Will use us mightily to accomplish His Plans.  It is about character
--our character and His motives that God uses to stand us on when we need to Take a Stand in His Truth, Justice and Love. We are uniquely marked by God's word, work, and Love in the presence of our enemies--and He will put us on display for all to witness that We Belong to and Work for Him-the Lord Seeks to Correct every injustice here and He Is Using us to do that.  Don't Back UP! 
When we are focused, willing, teachable and obedient to His Will, The Lord will send us to where He needs us to be, in order to Speak His Truth and spread His Love and to correct Injustices in His name.

In our daily lives, there are times when satan may seem to have the upper hand concerning the situation or problem we face.  Through our faith in God in the name of Jesus, any and every threat sent by satan Is Met by the Lord's Strong Righteous Hand, which Is Always extended to be our guide getting us out of every confined place And assuring us that His Strength is Precisely what we need.
 Don't Back Up!  Don't listen to fear, doubt or allow confusion or Not knowing the details of His Outcome to be our guide.  We do Not follow emotions, threats or non-believers in our journey--we Are following our Lord Jesus.

Our Lord sows His All in our vulnerable places, these are the areas in us where He seeks a Harvest for the Building Up of His Kingdom. Whatever He sows in you, let Him Be the Master Gardner that He Is, To water, feed, weed, and tend to the Garden of your heart, which Is the Ground that Holds the seeds that our Father God has planted! Remember, that every seed God sows in us, satan immediately comes to try and kill it, steal it, and pervert it!  You will be tested!

  God seeks the Harvest from each of us that He has already prepared and expects us to allow Him to Grow and Mature!
Be patient, we are in a sowing and growing season...Expect the Harvest of the Lord through and from your Heart=His Garden! And Every thing that He plants in you and grows and matures in and through you--You Are To Share with Every one He directs you to share with For His Namesake!

In the name of Jesus, Amen!

Psalm 23

Matthew 25
On feet of Faith & Peace
Isaiah 50:4/Isaiah 52/Jer 20:9-10,11-13/Joshua 1:9 
Resting In His Faithfulness, 
One Day At A Time By Radical Faith.
©2010,2011 WisdomTeachesme

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