Friday, November 6, 2015


thoughts that come to my mind early in the morning, before the sun rises...

--I don't like the time change, it's stupid--I dislike it getting so dark before 6pm.

--When burdens become heavy, and seems like they are stronger than I am....I know they are nothing but shallow waters, and I need to sit down and let go of them, and remember to stay within today. Knowing that I expect God to bring me into Her best outcome concerning them all. I will Not Drown in Shallow Waters! Esp After All the Times I've Walked on water and Been out in the Deep following the Lord! *Chile Bye*

--I've been through worse, though I was younger, is what i tell myself when there are overlapping challenges upon us... but I know We've actually "got it Good" and that, things Could be worse. I could actually have no faith at all!
-- I'm Glad and Grateful that things are Not worse!

--I have a good measure of Righteousness to handle Today's issues, challenges, problems, lack, etc... There is no room in me for unbelief and little faith. Can't Live wasting my Good time and energy within a fear-based lie.

--When I met her, I didn't know she was the one. It was seamless, a drawing to, a deep, safe place for me, so I allowed myself to be the same for her... effortlessly the Love pulled us together, light getting brighter and brighter, darkness ran away quickly, I almost didn't recognize This kind of was what I always asked for, sought after and wanted to be changed into....and without any fan fare, no fireworks to announce it was done, God did that. That is when the fireworks and celebration began. And since that first day 11 yrs ago, we've been changed hundreds of times over, every detail attended to, every hurt healed, every brokenness repaired, every second providing more reason to Praise Love for Loving us.

--Allowing God to stretch my Trust and Faith in Jesus, is a Work! It's a Good Work! It's a Challenging Work! I've learned to Not mess with-not to interfere with This Work, that only makes it more difficult for Me to have done, what God knows needs to Be done. This is Daily Work that God does...I am Grateful and Thankful for that!

-- Daily Mission to Complete = Allow myself to Surrender, to be Accepting, to be Willing, to continue Seeking, to have the same Desires God does, to stay in a spirit of Expecting, to keep Going Deeper, to keep Getting Wider,

--Even Jesus shut down shenanigans, liars, fakers, the jealous and envious, the cruel and mean spirited, the users and naysayers...but, I have Yet to see or hear where Jesus ran after any person who walked away=Even those who He helped. He was clear, precise, and never moved from what He knew to be the truth, no matter How many others said He was wrong. I believe many were a disappointment to Him....though He didn't stay with them hindered by their Lack!

--More of You Lord, Less of me!

--They hated Jesus because He came with Truth, part of His Mission was to free them from being held captive to evil. He wanted them to love the poor, the homeless, the widowed and orphaned, He wanted them to understand the Good in doing these things. He wanted them to accept women as equals, to get rid of class levels, to let go of dead traditions that don't work, to stop following human made rules and misconceptions that keeps us from following God's rule of Love and clarity. He wanted them to stop focusing on material wealth as they were dead and poor in spiritual wealth. He wanted them to grow and mature, and treat even those who do them wrong, with Love. He wanted them to be selfless, to be healed and made into bridges to be the Help others need. He came to take all our care and difficulties, and Trust God to bring about the Best outcome and to supply Every need that concerns Gods Work. For those who didn't want His Truth to reveal their evil motives and mess, I believe many of them just stayed that way and even got worse.
He Still wants All that and More for us today...all of us...
--More of You Lord, Less of me....

--My obedience, devotion and dedication to my Lord is deliberate and is my desire. I want to become His reflection of Love and to have my character corrected in all places that are not aligned with this purpose.

--More of you my Lord, less of me...Fills my spiritual storehouse and brings glory to God IJN....

--And Then, Suddenly....things changed for the better... 

On feet of Faith & Peace Resting In His Peace & Faithfulness,
One Day At A Time By Radical Faith.
Isaiah 50:4 / Isaiah 52 / Jer 20:9-13 /Joshua 1:9 / Luke 6:38
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