Wednesday, March 17, 2010


 And He said, “Abba, Father, all things are possible for You. Take this cup away from Me; nevertheless, not what I will, but what You will.”
 Mark 14:36

 14For all who are led by the Spirit of God are sons of God.

 15For [the Spirit which] you have now received [is] not a spirit of slavery to put you once more in bondage to fear, but you have received the Spirit of adoption [the Spirit producing sonship] in [the bliss of] which we cry, Abba (Father)! Father!
    16The Spirit Himself [thus] testifies together with our own spirit, [assuring us] that we are children of God.
 17And if we are [His] children, then we are [His] heirs also: heirs of God and fellow heirs with Christ [sharing His inheritance with Him]; only we must share His suffering if we are to share His glory.
    18[But what of that?] For I consider that the sufferings of this present time (this present life) are not worth being compared with the glory that is about to be revealed to us and in us and [g]for us and [h]conferred on us!
26 So too the [Holy] Spirit comes to our aid and bears us up in our weakness; for we do not know what prayer to offer nor how to offer it worthily as we ought, but the Spirit Himself goes to meet our supplication and pleads in our behalf with unspeakable yearnings and groanings too deep for utterance.
    27And He Who searches the hearts of men knows what is in the mind of the [Holy] Spirit [what His intent is], because the Spirit intercedes and pleads [before God] in behalf of the saints according to and in harmony with God's will.(F)
    28We are assured and know that [[j]God being a partner in their labor] all things work together and are [fitting into His plan] for good to and for those who love God and are called According to [His] design and Purpose.

 As we continue on our Spiritual Journey Daily with our Lord, There Will be many moments where we shout out to God to Please Take this Cup Away from us!

It gets hard, frustrations push us to think that 'another way' will be easier....
And True, 'another way' is easier for the flesh.
But for Kingdom minded people--Jesus Is The Only Way!

So, we shout out in frustration, tears, pain, hurt, weariness to our Lord for HELP...And at this moment, we are moved out of His way-so that His Holy Spirit will be able to take over as He should have been in the first place.

As I Encourage myself, I Also Encourage you--Daily As our Lord Showers me in His Love--I pass on His Love to you my friends, my sisters & brothers.

That we Should in these times of wanting release from the responsibilities Given to us from our Father, our Mother God, Because RIGHT NOW, it all feels Too Great!

**I'm not talking about people that make their own decisions and choices, I"m talking to the people that have been given and received His Great Calling to Serve Him**

Here Is the moment Where we Need To Withdraw ourselves from all surroundings, noise, obligations, and people And Seek that Calmness and REST that Communion with Him Abundantly Provides us!

Our Lives know of No Greater Joy than we can Find by conversing in companionship and communion with Jesus!

When our souls remind us that we Are His--and our souls Go Home to Him to Rest in Him, then our Real Lives Begin....

We Are Complete In Him!

As we seek to know God, And His Son more and more Every Day that He provides to us--We continue to live Life Eternal.
We Shall grow in learning how immature and childish, how empty our so-called living was Before we began to Live each Day in our New Life Eternal.

I Encourage you all in the name of Jesus,  Not to Fear!  To do so for any reason is Foolish, like a child with a coin--holding on tightly, worrying about how the rent will be paid, or where the next meal will come from.  Foolish for this to worry a person who has a Rich Mother, A Rich Father.  Just as we have in God our Mother and Father.

This Work that we have been Given the responsibility to accomplish, (not by ourselves), Is The Work of our Lord--Not Ours!  We Need to Trust Jesus For Every Thing, Every Day!

EVERY Day, We Have to Yield to the Working of His Holy Spirit as we deal with things that each day brings to our attention to act upon.
This Is the Only Way He is able to lead us in Righteousness.  

If and When we take things into our own hands without the Holy Spirits direction and guidance, we Will Not like the outcome!
*allow the Holy Spirit to remind you of the past times where you handled a matter--how did that turn out for you?**

 Please Remember, that everything that we Build on our Foundation Must Always be through His Spirit And NOT our flesh.  Truly, if built by our flesh, none of it will endure, no one else will be helped, and we shall fall when it falls.

In Every Thing that we are Called to do, we are to do it to build and establish His Kingdom on Earth as it Is In Heaven.

I Cor 3:11-13
11For no other foundation can anyone lay than that which is [already] laid, which is Jesus Christ (the Messiah, the Anointed One).
    12But if anyone builds upon the Foundation, whether it be with gold, silver, precious stones, wood, hay, straw,
    13The work of each [one] will become [plainly, openly] known (shown for what it is); for the day [of Christ] will disclose and declare it, because it will be revealed with fire, and the fire will test and critically appraise the character and worth of the work each person has done.

That's Right, His Will and Purposes Not ours, not other peoples, not the worlds, not fate, not the enemy's....BUT the Will of our Mother/Father God in the name of Jesus have we been Called and Chosen to serve as She has Divinely pre-ordained us to be.

Remember that we Seek His Truth In Every Thing For Every Day...His Truth! 

Aren't You Glad that Jesus allowed His Spirit to control His flesh?  If He had done otherwise, there would be no need for this Encouraging Word to us...He would have Not gone to that Cross in Complete Service to God.....
Hallelujah!  Thank You Jesus, my Lord and my Good Shepherd, because of You, I Live!  Amen!

THE LORD IS MY SHEPHERD-Cissy Houston-Hezekiah Walker

On feet of Faith & Peace
Joshua 1:9/ Isaiah 52
Resting In His Faithfulness,
One Day At A Time By Faith.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Hate Has No Place In The House Of God !

 Nor does it have Any place in a Heart that Claims to Love, Serve and Live for our Lord Jesus Christ!

I have to say a few words before you read this Writing by Brother Desmond Tutu that Had to be Written by the Spirit of our Lord through him! Thank You God in the name of Jesus!

I have been saying for a while that God did not ask Any person to give any details as to How they wanted their life to be....

He never asked any one if they wanted to be = straight or lgtbq, 
 If we wanted to be male or female, if we wanted to be differently abled or not, 
He Never Asked,
if we wanted to be green, white, brown, blue, red or yellow...
if we wanted to be short or tall, in need of glasses or not, to have curly hair or straight, 
Never did God ask any one in what kind of family do they want to be born into , or what part of the world they want to be born and live in...

None of this did our God Ask any of us! He made us according to What He knows Best and Is best for us!  End of that story!

And for people that Hate God whether they be lgbtq or straight, I say that you are just as wrong as those that have mis-represented Him to you! 

Don't Hate on God, He did NOTHING to you--Go learn about Him for yourself,  then you Will have the Truth, Understanding and Knowledge to Stand on. His Truth is your Light concerning those that Have tried to use Him as a weapon against you--Those that Have Mis-represented Him to you and so many others!

Now, my friends , my sisters and brothers, Sit and Feed your soul, your heart, your Spirit With All that this writing has to offer, IJN, Amen!

In Africa, a step backward on human rights

By Desmond Tutu
Friday, March 12, 2010

Hate has no place in the house of God. No one should be excluded from our love, our compassion or our concern because of race or gender, faith or ethnicity -- or because of their sexual orientation. Nor should anyone be excluded from health care on any of these grounds. In my country of South Africa, we struggled for years against the evil system of apartheid that divided human beings, children of the same God, by racial classification and then denied many of them fundamental human rights. We knew this was wrong. Thankfully, the world supported us in our struggle for freedom and dignity.

It is time to stand up against another wrong.

Gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered people are part of so many families. They are part of the human family. They are part of God's family. And of course they are part of the African family. But a wave of hate is spreading across my beloved continent. People are again being denied their fundamental rights and freedoms. Men have been falsely charged and imprisoned in Senegal, and health services for these men and their community have suffered.

In Malawi, men have been jailed and humiliated for expressing their partnerships with other men. Just this month, mobs in Mtwapa Township, Kenya, attacked men they suspected of being gay. Kenyan religious leaders, I am ashamed to say, threatened an HIV clinic there for providing counseling services to all members of that community, because the clerics wanted gay men excluded.

Uganda's parliament is debating legislation that would make homosexuality punishable by life imprisonment, and more discriminatory legislation has been debated in Rwanda and Burundi.

These are terrible backward steps for human rights in Africa.

Our lesbian and gay brothers and sisters across Africa are living in fear.

And they are living in hiding -- away from care, away from the protection the state should offer to every citizen and away from health care in the AIDS era, when all of us, especially Africans, need access to essential HIV services. That this pandering to intolerance is being done by politicians looking for scapegoats for their failures is not surprising. But it is a great wrong. An even larger offense is that it is being done in the name of God. Show me where Christ said "Love thy fellow man, except for the gay ones." Gay people, too, are made in my God's image. I would never worship a homophobic God.

"But they are sinners," I can hear the preachers and politicians say. "They are choosing a life of sin for which they must be punished." My scientist and medical friends have shared with me a reality that so many gay people have confirmed, I now know it in my heart to be true. No one chooses to be gay. Sexual orientation, like skin color, is another feature of our diversity as a human family. Isn't it amazing that we are all made in God's image, and yet there is so much diversity among his people? Does God love his dark- or his light-skinned children less? The brave more than the timid? And does any of us know the mind of God so well that we can decide for him who is included, and who is excluded, from the circle of his love?

The wave of hate must stop. Politicians who profit from exploiting this hate, from fanning it, must not be tempted by this easy way to profit from fear and misunderstanding. And my fellow clerics, of all faiths, must stand up for the principles of universal dignity and fellowship. Exclusion is never the way forward on our shared paths to freedom and justice.

The writer is archbishop emeritus of Cape Town, South Africa. He won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1984. 


**I Praise God in the name of Jesus for Mr Tutu's Clarity and Understanding and unconditionaLove for All of God's Children.**

** Here is a comment left by a dear friend of mine on my fb posting of this Writing**

Over and over through the entirety of the Gospels, Jesus spoke of forgiveness, self-examination, and the need for understanding. To wit:

Matthew 22:34-40 (New International Version)

The Greatest Commandment
(34)Hearing that Jesus had silenced the Sadducees, the Pharisees got together. (35)One of them, an expert in the law, tested him with this question:

(36)"Teacher, which is the greatest commandment in the Law?" (37)Jesus replied: " 'Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.'[a] (38)This is the first and greatest commandment. (39)And the second is like it: 'Love your neighbor as yourself.'[b] (40)All the Law and the Prophets hang on these two commandments." (Footnotes: 1. Matthew 22:37, Deut. 6:5, 2. Matthew 22:39 Lev. 19:18)

It doesn't get any clearer than that. Those were the only two commandments Jesus ever laid flat-out. Just smoooooth out, go read the red letters and see. Jesus grew up in the synagogue and He knew the law front to back and side to side. He also knew the gentle path we should take, the hard one that put peace and forgiveness ahead of the easy road to hate and war.

Color has long been creeping into the church as a dividing line, just when we though some progress just might be happening. There's mess out there like the white people's "bible" that preaches nothing BUT hate. Such perversions will lead its followers directly to hell on a rocket, hide and watch. Read the red letters and find out.

You want some eye-openers? All the verses cherry-picked and thrown at the LGBT community were originally and in-context meant to stop the ancient practice of temple prostitution. Not a thing about homosexuality. Nothing.

Read Ezekiel 23 if you want something to shock your hind end. There's a reason they don't read that in church or Sunday school. But there are people who will twist historical fact into reasons for hatin' on other people. Know your history. Don't let hate twist your heart and don't let other people's ignorance lead you down their greased path. Keep your eyes and head up, your heart light, and your feet on a path of peace. That's the way the Master taught.

On feet of Faith & Peace
Joshua 1:9/ Isaiah 52
Resting In His Faithfulness,
One Day At A Time By Faith.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010



Stop thinking on it, STOP mulling over all the possible ways this can play out or the many ways that you can go IF you don't get the job, the money, the car, the food, the clothes, the,  pick something....that you need that is required to take care of your needs!

 He knows what Is required from you And For you also!

To Whom Much is Given--Much Is Expected!  

(Luke 12:47-49

 So He gave you all this that you have True! And you thank Him and Praise Him, and say that You trust Him by Faith. 

 He has placed you Right where you are sitting, or standing right now! 

He Is Expecting a Full Return on the Gifts and Anointing that He has given to you--Much!
So why are you concerned, worrying, fretting, thinking on 'it' too much? 

Because you don't know what is going to happen now?  Because you Know that there is Nothing Else that you Can humanly do -- you have done All And Everything that you Can Do! 

So, now because nothing is possible in your hands, by your power,  and God is Not saying anything to you right now about 'it', that you just don't know what to do.

This is what You should do...

Stop thinking on 'it',  And Start Praising Him for It Being Done His Way For YOU--Why?  Because He has unlimited UnconditionaLove for you!

Remember, that God Will Meet Our Faith!  What that means is that, if you don't Believe that He will pay the college bill this month, but Will pay the medical bill, Then that is What Your Faith will Allow Him to do for you.

If you Believe That He Will take care of ALL YOUR Spiritual & Natural NEEDS FOR EACH DAY NO MATTER WHAT!!  Then, that IS Where He Will meet YOU--And Your FAITH! At the Corner of Trust And Believing!

God Will Meet My Faith!  

Keep telling yourself this, so that you begin to think past the need, and look into what is blocking the Growth of Patience and Trust And a deeper Faith!

  “ Who delivered and saved us and called us with a calling in itself holy and leading to holiness ; not because of anything of merit that we have done, but because of and to further His own purpose and grace (unmerited favor) which was given us in Christ Jesus before the world began .” (2 Timothy 1:9


2 Cor. 13:5

5Examine and test and evaluate your own selves to see whether you are holding to your faith and showing the proper fruits of it. Test and prove yourselves [not Christ]. Do you not yourselves realize and know [thoroughly by an ever-increasing experience] that Jesus Christ is in you--unless you are [counterfeits] disapproved on trial and rejected?

 6 minutes & 45 seconds.

At some point today, You Will Be Given

6 minutes & 45 seconds To Give Back To Our Lord! 

Try Giving it back this way =

HOLY HOLY -by Richard Smallwood-Smallwood Singers-Journey Album.

On feet of Faith & Peace
Joshua 1:9/ Isaiah 52
Resting In His Faithfulness,
One Day At A Time By Faith.

Thursday, March 4, 2010


Have not I commanded you? Be strong, vigorous, and very courageous. Be not afraid, neither be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.” (Joshua 1:9)

Blessings be upon you from our Lord my sisters and brothers in Christ!

 In the name of Jesus,  
I pray that We Continue to Walk Humbly In His UnconditionaLove, Forgiveness, Understanding, Wisdom, Joy and Peace. 
 I Pray that we Continue to make the Will and Purposes of God for our lives, our will and purposes for our lives. 
I pray that we Continue to kill off 'self' allowing the Lord to Increase in us as we decrease.
 I pray That we Continue to Share Jesus with all that He sends our Way today And every day.
Always Thanking our Lord for His Abundant, Never Ending Grace an Mercy!!!
In the Name of Jesus, I Praise GOD!

Today Is Another Wonderfully Made Day given to us to Enjoy, Mature and Grow in!

We see and know the Presence of the Lord Everywhere we look!

We Continue to Dwell in All His Divine Possibilities and Opportunities!

The Results of His Blessing on&in us Are Abundant and Never Ending!

At the Edge, do we Stand,  Clothed in Obedient Faith, And we wait for Him to Part the Waters for us!

The Lions will not harm us, the Waters will not drown us, the Fire will not consume us....
Our Trust does Not falter, You Lord have brought us To the Edge And we Stand Faithful To You Lord, Knowing that You Are Faithful To Us!

The Results of Being Blessed are Endless and Abundant Every Day!  
Seek them, Enjoy everything And Count It All As Joy!

Are we In agreement and touching as we pray in Faith to our Lord?
Yes, I'm in agreement & touching and EXPECTING our Lord to reveal ALL the help we need,  His children of Faith.

Just like Moses, Mary, Deborah, and Ruth=
no matter WHAT,  I Believe! I Trust! I have and Use Obedient Faith in You!
“For My thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways My ways, says the Lord. For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are My ways higher than your ways and My thoughts than your thoughts.” (Isaiah 55:8-9)

My Faith is only Growing Stronger And Deeper and Higher! 
It is maturing so that it will Keep me as You Lord move me up higher in my Spiritual Life of Trusting You Completely And Faithfully!

According to Your Timing, Your Will and Purposes Be Done, I Expect You to do what we Need, IJN, Amen!

So Lord, Now that You have all our concerns in your Hands, What do YOU Want us to do For You?

Send Me Lord, I'll Go!

On Feet of Peace, Clothed in Forgiveness, UnconditionaLove, Grace, Mercy, Praise, Faith, Trust, Overflowing As a Blessing to all You bring my Way!

At the Edge do I Stand With You my Shepherd, Send Me Lord, I'll Go!

IJN, Amen!

On feet of Faith & Peace
Joshua 1:9/ Isaiah 52
Resting In His Faithfulness,
One Day At A Time By Faith.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


 “Whom have I in heaven but You? And I have no delight or desire on earth besides You. My flesh and my heart may fail, but God is the Rock and firm Strength of my heart and my Portion forever.” (Psalm 73:25-26)

 **our human perspective, our logical minds, if allowed, will separate us from the Will and Purposes of God**

My Friends, I pray and hope that this finds you keeping our Lord The Center of your life and thoughts.  We have to keep ourselves encouraged and in the Faith of our Lord.
I Hope that these Words help you today and for every day that you are in need of His All.  May we all continue to grow, mature and be a blessing to each other and to those that Our Lord sends our Way.  In the name of Jesus I pray, Amen.

My Lord, I know my weaknesses, I know my shortcomings, and I face them in Your truth, mercy and grace,  and I lift them up to You Lord.  For in my weaknesses and my shortcomings You Jesus,  Are allowed to be Strong, to be Seen and Known through my life.

Daily, my Lord, You Are creating in me a character that equals and matches the Gifting and Anointing that You have imputed into me, so that I will not loose hold of what You provide to me that I need to keep, grow, mature and multiply!  And what I do freely give Will be Worthy to give in the name of Jesus!
Glory be to You my God!

My Lord, Pour More of Your Grace on and in me for not just this day, but for every day that You have given to my life.

You my Lord have given to me unlimited Creativity and Love.  These Gifts are to be used in every action and word that I speak and do In Your Name.  And Yes, I Will keep them and use them in all that I do and say.  The more I use them, the more they will grow, mature and multiply.

At the start of each day, I Seek the Guidance from Your Holy Spirit.  I Yield to the leading of Your Holy Spirit as He teaches me and reveals to me More productive Ways of dealing with the challenges, problems and situations that try to cause stress in my life.

YES, my Lord, I trust that You Will open my eyes and my heart so that I SEE and Receive Your Wisdom before I respond or react. 
I stay quiet and flexible, so that I Will come through difficult situations with Greater ease because I Yield to Your Holy Spirit's Power.

Humble, yet strong do I stay,  for my success depends on the Spiritual Balance that You my Lord provide to me.

Proverbs 15:33
The fear of the LORD is the instruction of wisdom,
      And before honor
is humility.

Proverbs 15:32, 33
32He who refuses and ignores instruction and correction despises himself, but he who heeds reproof gets understanding.
    33The reverent and worshipful fear of the Lord brings instruction in Wisdom, and humility comes before honor.

Psalm 73:25-26

25Whom have I in heaven but You? And I have no delight or desire on earth besides You.
    26My flesh and my heart may fail, but God is the Rock and firm Strength of my heart and my Portion forever.

 Romans 5:1-2
 1THEREFORE, SINCE we are justified ([a]acquitted, declared righteous, and given a right standing with God) through faith, let us [grasp the fact that we] have [the peace of reconciliation to hold and to [b]enjoy] peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ (the Messiah, the Anointed One).
    2Through Him also we have [our] access (entrance, introduction) by faith into this grace (state of God's favor) in which we [firmly and safely] stand. And let us rejoice and exult in our hope of experiencing and enjoying the glory of God.

  I Peter 2:1-17

my Lord, every day I Choose Your Will and Purposes as my Daily Portion!

  I will continue to keep You Lord first every day and everything else is secondary.

Your Will and Purpose are my priority!
I grow to imitate You my God and seek more of  Your Love for Your people around the world!
I declare that Your Kingdom Come, That Your Will Be Done All over the earth as Is intended from Heaven, in the name of Jesus, Amen!

So much is happening at such a fast pace Lord, things that are not true are presented as truth.
It all swirls together to strengthen it's distance of power to affect all throw and keep us of guard, off balance, focused On All the Wrong and Easy ways and options.

Only You my Lord has All Power and we stand on Your side against the spirits that oppose Your Will and Purposes for Your Kingdom and for us.

Only You my Lord, Is Able to be our strength, our wisdom, our Saving Grace that leads to the path of victory and success.  So, On you Lord do we lean, trust in and rely on by Faith and Love!  Yes, we pray to You, worship You, Praise You, And Love You through Your Spirit connecting us and dwelling in our hearts as our Spirit!

You know that we need to remain conscious that our success and victory is based on the level of willful obedience to the degree that Your people demonstrate Faith for Kingdom Purposes. It is by keeping our daily focus centered on the leading of Your Holy Spirit to help get us there. (TYJ, for asking our Father to provide us with 'another comforter').

It is the Way we will know the difference between,  what is being presented as truth and what is Your Truth.

John 4:24
 God is a Spirit (a spiritual Being) and those who worship Him must worship Him in spirit and in truth (reality).

 We Are Complete In You Jesus.
You Are our Rock of defense, our Joy when saddened, our Place of Rest when we are weary.
You Are our Calming Balm when we are ruffled, irritated, frustrated and at a lost,
You make our Way Straight when the road is crooked and You Bring us into balance when we are Spiritually unbalanced, and attempt to Work and move through our flesh instead of Your Spirit.
You Are our Companion on the sunlit paths that you planned for us,
You Are our Guide through the deserts of our life, and our interpreter of what we experience, so that we are able to glean all learning provided, good and bad Are counted as Joy!

You Are our Good Friend, our savior, our Healer, our Teacher....
You Jesus, Are our Lord and So much more.

As I grow and mature to be the same in all ways to you I know that You were already making preparations for me to be just that and more for you.

There is never a Hearts need that You Lord are not able to Soothe and Satisfy, when called upon to do so.

You my Lord are the Only One that Can Be All To All...
In You Jesus does my Soul find it's Completion....
Thank You!

IT IS WELL WITH MY SOUL-Richard Smallwood

IT IS WELL WITH MY SOUL-reprise-Richard Smallwood


On feet of Faith & Peace
Joshua 1:9/ Isaiah 52
Resting In His Faithfulness,
One Day At A Time By Faith.

Monday, March 1, 2010


Please know that this had to be written not just for myself, but to help others that have been spoken of as a good friend but yet, not treated as one.
Thank the Lord for the Gift of Forgiveness and the Healing Power Forgiveness Posses!
Thank Our Lord for planting and growing forgiveness in you and through you.

For in our weaknesses, Our Lord Is made strong, when we recognize them all, an give them All to Him
May we All Learn and Receive the Gift of Forgiveness, And then Using it in abundance as many times as necessary!

Remember that, what every you allow to be planted in your heart and into your life, Will Grow!  The Tree is known by it's Fruit.
Much Love to you!
Oh, my,
Please know that I was not hurt or angry by your offense, but that I COVER your offense toward me With UnconditioanLove and JOY In the Name of Jesus to Honor Him.
You are forgiven from the depth of my heart....

And Yes, even when you told me what a Good friend I am to you, And that you have always thought of me as one.
And How MUCH Love you Have for me.
I believed you then, And I still do believe that you really want to feel this way for our friendship.

Even though your actions do not equal your words that you say are spoken from your heart.

And I know that you struggle with the changes to your heart Our Lord is doing in you.

AS you were speaking those words of love, and happiness for me, I heard Our Lord speak to me, to Pay Attention--That the TEST was for YOU!

And I did as Our Lord Spoke for me 2do.
I Am very sorry that you are struggling in the way you are with the changes Our Lord wants you to make.
I Will always be your friend, even more now.
Rehoboth=Space to grow.

Please know this truth from my heart and soul...No matter how long it takes you to grow and mature, to learn what you do not know from Our Lord, if you ever do.....Please Never forget this, I Do Have So Much Love for you!

You have Always been one that I considered a friend.

And, I Want you to know that When that Divine Opportunity Is Revealed by the Lord, I Will take it And I will welcome you back with the biggest hug and with the abundant out pouring of Tears of Pure Joy!

I understand that you are fighting against the Work of the Lord concerning your heart and what He wants to Change and Grow and Mature within you, so that YOUR Character will Continue to be balanced and to sustain Your Gifts, Anointing and Talent Given to you by Our Lord.

Just know, that I have Covered you with Forgiveness, Peace, Joy and UnconditionaLove in the name of our Lord, Jesus., And that I do LOVE you very much and always will My Friend!

Phil 2:13  "[Not in your own strength] for it is God Who is all the while effectually at work in you [energizing and creating in you the power and desire], both to will and to work for His good pleasure and satisfaction and delight."

Proverbs 17:9

“He who covers and forgives an offense seeks love, but he who repeats or harps on a matter separates even close friends.”

 On feet of Faith & Peace
Joshua 1:9/ Isaiah 52
Resting In His Faithfulness,
One Day At A Time By Faith.