Thursday, April 30, 2009


There Are some things Expected of you—can you live up to them?

Instead, speaking the truth in love, we will in all things grow up into him who is the Head, that is, Christ.”- Ephesians 4:15

Hebrews 11:8
[Urged on] by faith Abraham, when he was called, obeyed and went forth to a place which he was destined to receive as an inheritance; and he went, although he did not know or trouble his mind about where he was to go.

My beloved Jesus, You are the lover of my soul-You hold my times And seasons in Your hand-the Father has given me to you!
I Will not be concerned with the tomorrows of my life. I Will be diligent to only take care of Today’s concerns as You have equipped And empowered me to do.
The stress of life will be swallowed up by My Faith And Trust in Your ability to bring me through Every Difficulty Father. You Are With Me! Thank You Jesus!
You my LORD have not left me to my own devices-trying to overcome anything by the strength of my flesh—there is No Glory for You this way.
I seek Victory through Your Mercy, Your Grace, Your Love And Your Authority as I defer to the moving And the flow of the Most High Spirit. I put All my Trust And Faith in You Father God in the name of Jesus!
In the name of Jesus my LORD, thank You Father God I am grateful!
Matthew 6:33-34

My friends, greetings to you in the name of our LORD and Leader Jesus Christ!
We have been given Another beautifully made day to enjoy! Thank You Father!

I encourage you to take the time at every divinely given opportunity to quiet yourselves—your mind and your emotions. When you are in the midst of turmoil, daily life demands on us, and troubles –know that He Will give you the Peace you require while in your private storms.

STAY FOCUSED-don't carry yourself like a beaten down no body.
Our enemy’s plan is always to try and bury you under with issues that will tend to make you seem you are overwhelmed. He tries to make you feel everything that is going on in your life is for you to worry about and to try and 'fix'. It can't be done efficently, effectively and permanently. In other words, you can't fix anything that our enemy has thrown in your life and path.

Take care to NOT by pass the important details that you must focus your attention on. You must continue to stand strong in His assurance Given, that His strength and presence are always with you! The LORD always rescues His Children from our troubles.
Romans 15:13 / Eph. 4:15

We are His Children and we are taught to wait before Him.

Wait with rejoicing hearts, mouths speaking Praise and Thanksgiving for this day. Keep your focus on Him And your mind on helping others. There are times when His Spirit is quiet Not speaking a message or an answer to your prayer requests; this is not abandonment of you—Even in this waiting time—if we are not conscious of being taught—we Are being changed.

The eye of your soul Will be focused upon Him and the insight sought Will be gained—And will be a calming balm, strengthening and always loving in truth.

Don’t resist Him—However He comes to you-Accept what He says and does. When you feel resistance flowing in you toward Him—release it—do not give it power to move your flesh. Let It Go!

RESISTANCE to Jesus' leading will delay you—It Will harden your heart against Him-It Will steal your Joy, your Peace, your Happiness, and it Will take you back many steps from Him growing you.
Always seek Him and His purposes and you shall always find that inner knowledge that makes the problems of this life PLAIN!

As you seek Him, He Will reveal to you the Disharmony that you eat on. He Will reveal to you what you are allowing to hinder your heart and soul from growing in His Love. He Will reveal to you what is causing you to rebel against His Ways of change that are necessary for your forward movement.


Let go of the lies-let go of what is not working in your life and keep what is truth and what is working that He has placed in your path!

In each individual, the difficulties of this life are caused by disharmony. In His Kingdom Living, there Is No discord! Only things that are unconquered in His disciples. The Rule of His Kingdom is Perfect Order, Perfect Harmony, Perfect Supply, Perfect Love, And Perfect Obedience—for ALL Power, All Conquest, All Success!

Many are in the midst of the consequences of disobeying His directions—His messages that He spoke through His Spirit and through His vessels. Now, that you are in the midst of these private storms, do you call upon His name for His help? Now, do you want to hear His messages?

Unless you repent for your rebellion—the struggles will only get worse. Yes, He is always our help, but when you refuse to OBEY His messages-His directions and to do things your way; you have no choice but to fall deeper into the traps and troubles that our enemy has snagged you with.

Doubting Him causes you to think you know best over His given best for you.
So often His servants lack the power, the conquest, the success, the supply, the harmony and they think that He fails in His promises because some things have not YET been manifested in their lives. How can they continue to trust Him to rescue them after they decided to disobey Him when they would not trust in Him beforehand when He attempted to steer them Away from the troubles that were waiting for them? But were unseen by their natural eye.

So, they had to get into the unseen troubles before they believed…hummmm, how long will you allow your flesh and the enemy to continue to trick you? Aren’t you tired of this?

The outward manifestations that result from your obedience, honesty, order And love will come quickly—Not in answer to your urgent prayers but from naturally as light is the result of a lighted candle.
If only you would believe before you see!
Faith IS, trusting and believing before you see!

Luke 11:9

on feet of Faith And Peace,
Resting In His Faithfulness,
One Day At A Time By Faith.
Joshua 1:9

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Greetings my friends! Another Beautifully Made day for us to EnJoy to It's Fullest! Praise Be to God for He Is Always Good to us. Amen!

I have been writting and keeping up with the Teachings of His Spirit. So many things around here have changed, been altered, been added, been taken away in our little home life here. The fullness of His teachings given to me to feed His sheep with are so Rich and Loving-I will share them very soon!

So many times I have the heart of Mary in which I just sit at His feet and listen to His teachings and offer Him all my love and praises....but reality steps in and being the mommy that is home all day while the other mommy is at her 'mans job'; I find that my daily home Work is gaining on me when I don't stay on top of it. :D

No Worries though, the vacuming, the folding of clean clothes, the mopping of floors, washing the jeeps, starting the little garden that we would like to do, cleaning the clutter that grows as we keep making new piles, Is All on His Time--not ours! All the while I do what I can for each day--All any of us has is This Day today!

I enjoyed my birthday and I expect to recieve His Gifts each day His Love awakens me throughout this new year given to me.

Please don't go too far away, I will post a few new messages Very Soon!

All my Love, Faith, Prayers and Praise is given to the Father in the name of Jesus on your behalf! I take pleasure in taking a few mintues to write this post of updates. It allows me to spend more time with Him as I listen to His Spirit. The balance is rightly placesd in this home and our individual lives! I love the Lord!

I have to be poured into in order to be able to pour out! This is truth for anyone that belongs to and Works for Jesus! Amen!

Please take the time to go read a few older posts as His messages are always On Time, Right on time, and always have food and drink that never runs out-for all those that desire Him.

When you least expect Him-He Is Always right beside you!

Living a Life without FEAR!

For Your Encouragement I went to the Concordance and found these Scriptures--Please take time and read each one, Food And Drink of the Living Waters from my belly!

Psalm 23:4 / Isa 41:13 / Joshua 1:9 / Ex 14:13;33:14 / Deut 31:6/ 2 Tim 1:7 / Psalm 27:1/ Luke 1:30; 2:10 / Heb 13:6 / John 14:27

On my list just for today-helping a wheelchair bound 40 yr old woman with ms, getting her some fresh veggies and fruits from the Lyons Farms stand, we already pick up and drop off her daughter each day as she is the same age as our daughters; feeding and watering the dogs,(they need a bath and i also need to clean out their area), doing a few loads of laundry, paying the ins. on the jeeps, getting gas so i can finish cutting the grass (unexpectedly i got a new riding lawn mower & weed eater!);

getting ready for the field trip taking the 5th graders to visit 2 college campuses on friday, i have changes to make for our special needs daughter's IEP on monday, So that it is in place when school starts in August---

--picking up the girls (4 of them-our 2, and our goddaughter who moved in my gma's house with her mother our sister friend), after school by 2:10 - taking one to her home, and then feeding our 3 and making sure they do their homework, And we have to get ready for some type of bake-book sale that one daughter is doing this weekend with the jr. girl scouts-

And there is a list of things that i have put off doing for lack of sufficient time and supplies...And we remembered that we are the parent helpers for jr. girls scouts this month-so sunday, the dinner we planned to take together is not going to happen on Sunday
:( So we need to make other plans;

And Always Feeding His Sheep as He sends them to me--i meet people throughout the day every day in person, on the phone, via internet, some i know - some i don't know...The all get fed as He directs me to do! There is always someone who needs prayer, help praising their way through, a smile, some love, some kind gesture offered to them. I oblige in doing so.

OH, And I need to eat today! lolo - I Want some bbq ribs! uummmm

And Honetly....I really just want to sit at His feet all day and enjoy His presence! :D

on feet of faith & peace,
Resting In His Faithfulness,
One Day At A Time By Faith.
Joshua 1:9

Thursday, April 23, 2009


Today is my Birthday and I put together some songs to Highlight this occasion.

The first one was created as a "birthday song"' for me by some good friends of mine that are musicians. These 2 women are gifted with awesome talent and abilities from our Lord.

The others are songs that I EnJoy listening to.

I invite you to share in the Celebration of the Day that the Good Lord gave me that began my life here.

I will post a 'reflective birthday post' in the next few days; so please come back by to read about some things I have learned and accepted in my Life Living for Christ Jesus!

EnJoy the videos!

it'smybirthdayIt's mybirthdayItsmybirthday-CELEBRATing the Love of the Father in and over my life! AMEN!







Mahalia Jackson - "Everytime I Feel The Spirit"


Mahalia Jackson- "He knows how much we can bear"

~on feet of Faith & Peace,
Resting In His Faithfulness,
One Day At A Time By Faith.
Joshua 1:9

Monday, April 20, 2009


Isa. 55:12
"For you shall go out [from the spiritual exile caused by sin and evil into the homeland] with joy and be led forth [by your Leader, the Lord Himself, and His word] with peace; the mountains and the hills shall break forth before you into singing, and all the trees of the field shall clap their hands."

In our Journey called life—we are part of His beautifully made mosaic!

We each have a choice to make as to Who shall be our conductor.

When you do not keep His Purpose for your life in your sight, there are times in which we hear the leading of His Spirit but make a decision not to follow the directions of His Way made.

We then find ourselves looking around one day saying, “How in the world did I get here?” And 'Here' is not a place that God put us, but allowed us to put ourselves in order to teach us.

Some people want to learn the hard way, more than once. But many have too much fear in their hearts to obey His Love- to obey the Way that Jesus set for us to live in.

This would be a very good time to Stop and Pray to God asking for forgiveness and help to get you out of the mess you have gotten yourself into. He Will allow us to make up our own minds as to the best way to govern ourselves. Many times we are wrong and every time, He knows this—He is waiting for us to realize that we have made a mistake to come to Him for help getting out of what we have created.

Followig Jesus means that we are to be content within every condition of our life- to be content with the plans that the Lord has made for us. Growing and Learning through each lesson, each step is much easier than fighting your way through, which only puts you in a deeper hole of a problem than the one you started with. His loving consideration has left no small detail neither unchanged nor untouched by His Love for you — for any of us.

Trusting in His plan and His timing is what we are supposed to do. This is the power of His love—that we trust in—not human love that is filled with conditions and self-centered interests over others. So many find this hard to do-but actually it is always much harder to live without Him.

What do you have taking up room in your heart?
Have you thought about this?
If your heart of full of fears, negatives, anger, despair, regrets, and ‘your way’?
Many saved and filled people that profess to belong to Jesus, do not have His Love living fully in their heart. A lot of people are stuck, not growing, not being led by the correct person for their lives, and are not reading their Bibles, nor spending time with God and away from the things and people that He wants them cut away from.
Pray their eyes and ears that see and hear-Focus on Him. In Jesus Name.
Many people have no room to hold His Love in thei hearts. It is time to clean out your heart-to face your fears and to allow the truth that His Light provides pour into your heart All that will provide you with the Peace, Happiness, Joy, and desire to grow all from His Love.

In the absence of all that is hurting you, causing you pain, and lack—He Will fill in that space with HIMSELF!
To recieve A desire to Love and to Live for Him.

In The absence of fear you will know that your life is being Truly God-Conducted! This will bring you the greatest happiness and success possible.

In the absence of fear you will not ‘over think’ every point and direction—but will accept what He says to do by faith.

IN The absence of fear, His love will fill you up and flow from you all day every day-no matter what conditions that your life in within. Trust will grow and bear fruit for you in the absence of fear in your heart.

Do you find yourself looking around at the people that you have allowed to be in your life wondering, “What are you doing here? You are not adding to my life but always only taking!” Are you that type of friend to others in your life?

These may be friends, or intimate partners that we chose to bring into our lives, either way there is no balance involved – not being evenly yoked as we should be. IN any kind of relationship, we are to help each other grow, mature, love unconditionally, always with the focus of living for Jesus.
Do any of you see yourself in a situation like this? Or have you ever been?

It may be family members that we need to be separated from, it may be a job that God told you to leave in order to have a better one, it may be a life partner that you think you can change. We cannot change a person into who we want them to be. How many years have you prayed and waited for this person to change?

Has it occurred to you that you may be the one that God is trying to change? We have been chosen to be His-not the other way around. He made the decision as to who He wants to be in His family.

Many times God will direct us to make a move in order to prevent us from going through terrible messes and mazes that either we create or that evil has created. Have you gone against what He told you to do, and now find yourself in a jacked-up predicament?

To be able to obey Him is to love Him. Fear will make you do foolish things and along with fear is his partner pride; the both of them will put you in a place of hardship that Only the forgiveness and Love of God can get you out of. Fear will make you only follow Jesus when things are easy—in the absence of fear you Will be content to follow Jesus No matter what condition your life is in.

Many people chose to be with a person-(whether it be friends, family members, or an intimate partner)- for the wrong motives and feel they are trapped with this person. No one is ever trapped when you have all the power to leave in the name of Jesus.

Some people are too afraid of change, too afraid of being alone or so they think they will be, afraid of differences, in order to move past their current situation. Opting to stay in it hoping that it will change by itself for the Good when in fact it will not.

Living in this Journey called Life, many carry within their hearts misery, unhappiness, sadness and fear that will only waste their life and time that we have been given.

Whatever the situation you find yourself in, know that you are unevenly yoked, and nothing that you can do on our own will change the unevenness in order to create a balance that is healthy for all involved. You have to allow Jesus to take care of the messes and mazes—He is the Only One that can lead you out and into Freedom.

Prayer Works! Use IT Often! Praise Works! Use It Often!

He has taught us to bring everything to Him And He means EVERYTHING!

You will have to make up your mind and accept that only In The Absence of Fear will you be able to grow and live an abundant life as God has Spoken for us all through the Life of Jesus.

That absence allows Everything that Jesus has from God our Father, to be poured into you, to saturate your body, mind, heart, spirit and soul.

The Power of His Spirit cannot fail His Commands—Only we can stop His Spirit from Working on our behalf.

In the Absence of fear You Will be able to Keep His Purpose in your sight. By doing this you will not waiver, nor be able to allow anything else to be in your view or way. You will be dedicated to Him-you will show it by the way that you live, speak and think.

Remember, keep His Purpose in your sight No matter what is going on around you-no matter what other people say to you or do to you Or don't do, OR don't say-Keep His Purpose in your sight!

Another thing that fear does is make you think too much--Please, Stop 'over thinking' everything and Get out of His Way and Rest, in Peace with Joy and Obedience to His Will And His Purpose for Your life.
"Then Shall we KNOW, If we Follow on to know the LORD; His going Forth Is Prepared as the Morning..." Hosea 6:3
"I Have Set the LORD Always Before me; Because He Is At my right hand, I Shall Not be Moved!"- Psalm 16:8

Who shall be the conductor of your life? Who gave you the seeds that you carry to plant? If it was God, then Are you hoarding them, are you sowing them in bad ground and wasting them? Are you planting these seeds of His Love and then interfering with them, stunting their growth and ability to produce the Fruits of your labor?

We have been changed by the One Who watches All—it is not about a myopic, self-centered focus catered by fear and pride that keeps us in our own grief-focused on our own circumstances.

We are to look to His Spirit and be effective and efficient—to be prayerful and filled with And expressing a faith that always pleases Him—to always express our trust in Jesus, for all issues and concerns about life situations.

Have you not discovered that His Spirit is always with you to stand with you and is always More than those that stand against you?
Our Lord God is Always with those that are aligned with Him to fight our battles. His power that was given to us through our accepting Jesus is stunning to our foes, and will always last the length of the ordeal we face.

Strength to Strength, Faith to Faith, Glory to Glory! Hallelujah! 2 Chr 32:7

Many of you have made a choice to allow your life to be placed in the Wise Hands of God. Your relationship is growing and is making fruit that will be pleasing to Him as your fruit will feed His sheep. In order to carry out this command from Jesus, we have to allow Him to feed us. We have to allow Him to
Tend to us so that we are able to tend to those He sends our way.

In the absence of fear you will be given knowledge of His mysterious plans and will walk with the Truth of His love as you live, believe and receive all that He desires to give you in order to pour out what others will need.

Feed His Sheep! That is our order from our brother Jesus.
To feed His sheep in any way He directs us to do.

Putting your own issues and concerns of self in His hands so that you have free hands to help those that He will send to you is the order of the day-Everyday!

When we frustrate His plans made for our comfort and happiness because ‘we think we know what is best for us’; we spoil our Journey with Jesus. It has been detoured because of fear and pride. Arrogance and disobedience will always cause more fear, pride, and unhappiness to grow.

When you feel yourself starting to 'over think' everything, Stop! Doing this disconnects you from the intimacy with our Lord-it disconnects you from The Power Source that we all need for Each Day—Every Day! You will find that He will remove His Hands and let you follow your own lead—and He is long-suffering and patient so as to allow us the time we need to realize that we have made a mistake.

But be aware, that every mistake does not come with a “do-over”. You can be forgiven, but to be able to correct the domino effect that many mistakes create will not always be possible. And again, your life changes because of fear, no faith, disobedience, and pride. Because you are not connected to the Power that Jesus died to give us. No relationship-no connection to Him-no Power Source.

Be careful that satan does not convince you to try and do the right thing the wrong way! Satan has no new tricks and that is an old one. You will be denied every time you try to do this. he will always try to trick you into taking what God has told you to do and then doing it your way instead of His way.

Think about your motives and the means and ways that you have done what He has directed you to do—have you followed His directions completely or have you added in your own thinking? Many times God will direct us to do things that seem to be so silly, or out of orde, or will really just make no sense to us—But when you follow His directions to the ‘T’—they Will Always Work!

Do you not see that we are all a part of God’s Mosaic for this world to witness His glory through? Are you one that always professes “that you know Jesus loves you”—but the question is, do you love Jesus? And if you say that you do, then why do you not obey Him? Every time?

Do your actions equal and reflect your love for Him?
Has God changed your heart? I think the real question is, do you want Him to change your heart? Or do you consider yourself a Christian only when it fits your need and motive?

Do you only call on Him and obey Him when you find yourself in a tangled mess –but not spending time with Him daily?

Are you sure you want to belong to His family? If so, then move out of the way and give Him full reign over and in Your life.

So many that belong to Him still live daily by “trying to figure things out” when troubles arise. Instead of praying it into His hands, using His Word to speak to their situation and to their flesh—they 'try to figure out' what they should do.

And when what we ‘feel’ we need to do is done and does not work—then some people actually get mad at God because they messed up. You know what I’m talking about?

You cannot be independent, relying on your own little intellect, your own little worldly achievements and material gain for your strength and power. Using these fleshy and worldly ways will not supply your every need. I wonder how long it will take some people to fully surrender to His Purpose and Will for their lives?

I am grateful that He is ever patient and long-suffering with us all. Amen.

There is no love of Him in a heart that is independent of Him. I have heard people say they belong to Him, that they love Jesus but they do not obey Him. They are not connected to Him through His Spirit that lives in Him. They may be tricksters, double-minded, or, want to belong without belonging-or, they truly have just been taught wrong about Who His is to them.

When God is the conductor of your life you are dependent on Him for everything. The greater your trust in Him the wider His scope will be for the plans He has made for your life.

In The Absence of Fear, you will see how your life is a part of the Mosaic planned and created by God through the access that Jesus granted us. Because Jesus was substituted for each of us we have been granted access to Heaven and to heaven here on earth=His Kingdom purposes.

We all have a part in the big plans of our Father. There is no small life or big life as far as He is concerned. We all play a pivotal role in His desire to share everything with us that He gave to Jesus. Every God-directed thought, impulse and action through you is necessary to the carrying out of His perfect design for all of our lives—our Journeys. God’s design of exquisite workmanship needs no correction by us—His creations.

I know I heard a few people confess that they belong to Jesus—they invited Him into their lives to fully be Lord over them. That they want Jesus to live in their hearts and want everything that He came to provide for us all; To dwell with Him and He with them. If this is so, then He has the authority over you and in you to use you as He sees fit to do so. Where love and truth lives in us we are to carry it everywhere we go—use them in everything that we do every day.

We are His vessels that carry Faith, Trust, Forgiveness, Growth, Maturity, Surrender to Him, Obedience, Beauty, Power, etc…
We have been called and told to live in His Love—to Be His Love-to Love Him no matter what the situations say to us.

To be effective and of permanent value in our service to Him and all that He sends our way. For where they is love, self cannot hold power to sway your way. And serving self will be no good in Service to Him.

We need Him and He needs us. Though we may travel all over in search of-to find what is beautiful and loving, unless we carry love and beauty with us we will never find it anywhere else.

He is our lover, our friend, our mother and father, sister and brother, aunt and uncle—He is the Lover of our Soul and Heart! We can never make too many demands on Him- nor put too great a strain upon His love and forbearance for us—He Is our Supply—for all we require we have to claim His Love, His Joy, His Power, claim our obedience, claim His healing and His direction.

He created us from Him—He Is Love—and He created us In Love!
In The Absence Of Fear, You will allow the seeds that He planted in You to grow, mature and to bear much fruit for His Kingdom be done here on earth as it Is In Heaven.

In the Absence Of Fear….the seeds that He has given to you to sow-plant, Will grow and bear much fruit. Glory be to God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, Amen!

When the darkness of fear and dismay comes your way-endure Through it until the Fire of His Love re-kindles your heart—spreading through your body and soul—then you shall know that out of it will come that Unspeakable Joy because you follow Jesus no matter what! Your Expression of Faith and Trust in Jesus is All that God needs to manifest His Power for you—Faith and Trust are the keys that allow you to Expect Him! Rise up in your faith and trust—You Will Not be denied! Deut 31:6

I know of many that are taking care of a sick, or elderly loved one. This can be difficult at times. These are not the situations that I speak of- these will require you to move closer to dwell closer to Jesus so that He will be able to dwell and move closer to you. Those of you that are the care takers of the sick and elderly in your lives, you have been given an assignment that will change your lives for the Good- forever!
There is no other friend than one who will lay their life down for you! And if you have laid your life down for a sick or elderly relative, friend or even a stranger, then you are more like Him today than at any other part of your life!

Love, even when you are tired and need a break-be compassionate to help the person enjoy the days left in their life.
Grow, even when you are tired of all the changes and transitions that God can and sometimes will put in your life-back to back. Ever the Father to Always Want His children to be the best that He created them to be. A lot of times God's opportunities don't always start out looking like Divine Opportunities--But they Are!
Serve them as You also serve Him—and You will find that He is with you at every turn providing all that you need-His Love!
I John 4:8; Col 3:13

~on feet of Faith and Peace,
Resting In His Faithfulness,
One Day At A Time By Faith.
Joshua 1:9

Monday, April 6, 2009


Jesus said to her, “Did I not tell you that if you believed, you would see the glory of God?” John 11:40

John 20: 15 "Jesus said to her, Woman, why are you crying [so]? For Whom are you looking? Supposing that it was the gardener, she replied, Sir, if you carried Him away from here, tell me where you have put Him and I will take Him away."
Galatians 2:20 Amp “I have been crucified with Christ [in Him I have shared His crucifixion]; it is no longer I who live, but Christ (the Messiah) lives in me; and the life I now live in the body I live by faith in (by adherence to and reliance on and complete trust in) the Son of God, Who loved me and gave Himself up for me.”

Minister to me Jesus-Minister to my body Jesus! To my mind, my soul, my heart-Minister To Me Jesus!

Luke 24:32 Amp “And they said to one another, Were not our hearts greatly moved and burning within us while He was talking with us on the road and as He opened and explained to us [the sense of] the Scriptures?”

My God, My Lord, my sweet Jesus, I am not my own anymore, I belong to you! The price that you paid to Redeem us—Only You can know the level of Agony and Heartache, Pain and Loneliness –so Huge an amount—that none of us has ever known nor will we ever know!

The Price of my Redemption is so enormous—that I can never wrap my smallness around it to be able to ever say, that I fully understand it! NO! All I am able to speak in truth is that I understand that the Price is so enormous that I am not able to have full comprehension of it.

Minister to my Spirit-my body-as I am knitted with You Jesus
Ev’ry time Lord, I feel Your Spirit move in me-I Will Pray!

And even though knowing all that He has done for me –as I within my natural limits-somehow I have a deep enough understanding to know that I love Him more than I love myself.

That space, that place deep within me (deep within each of us) was put there when God created us—and no matter how much natural stuff-(people, material gain)- we try to use to fill it—Nothing Will Ever fit that is from the world, because it is The place, The space set aside for the Spiritual—The Holy Spirit to dwell within us. I know, I tried for years to fill it with things and people that could never fill it. Do you know what I am talking about? I know you do.

I am not my own-Jesus bought me-(And you also).
I belong to Him-I am His to Use, to Love, to Provide for. He is Responsible for me. So Many others do not understand, or do not want to understand the infinite Love of The Divine!

It is and has been taught that Jesus bought us, so we have to serve, obey and live for Him; they fail to teach And learn the Rest of His Message-that because He has bought us that it Is His Responsibility to Supply my every need. (All that belongs to Him).
Our part in each of our personal relationship with Jesus-as we are Partners-Partakers of what God has given Him—because He has obeyed And Included us—Invited us to share in Full what He has been given from God, our Father; our part is to Realize His Ownership
And that we claim His Love And His Power!
Increasing me Jesus with the Increase of Father God-Nourishment Provided from Your ministering to me.

As we remember the Truth from this Resurrection Season; that we are learning, Now, that in Eternal life there are no time-limits. So the willing Sacrifice Jesus gave for us, is also for us today-Right Now!

And the veil of the Temple was rent in twain, from the top to the bottom. The veil that had for too long separated God from mans sight and knowledge is At Last Removed! God Through His Son-His Child Jesus, tore away the veil so that He revealed His Father God to us-His people. So that we shall know that He LIVES, forever Lives, to make intercession to the Father for us-His people-His sheep. He Is The Great Mediator between God and us-He Is the Living Savoir, The Christ Lord Jesus!

This hour is no different than when those that have come before us who actually saw –watched Him on Calvary—so do we witness His Divine Love for the Father and for us.

He Is The Changeless One. He is the same Today as He was two thousand years ago. Once we accept His invitation to become part of His family, to Embrace Eternal Life-we enter into His Suffering and we help Him to carry His Cross. Just as surely as if we have walked beside Him to Calvary.

1 John 4:7 Amp “Beloved, let us love one another, for love is (springs) from God; and he who loves [his fellowmen] is begotten (born) of God and is coming [progressively] to know and understand God [to perceive and recognize and get a better and clearer knowledge of Him].” 1 John 4

God Is Increase.
For those of us that follow His Spirit-Lead, who allow Him to change us from the inside out—We Are Increased in every way that we acknowledge the Lord to be able to do. Are you thinking that you are 'bothering God?" Do you think He is not able to do as He has promised to do?

Today my focus (And hopefully yours)-is on all the Ways the Lord desires to Increase my Whole Life. I don’t want to miss out on Any Divine Positive Increases that my Father wants me to have.

I speak out His promises and His truth over my life. Amen.
Increased so that I will be moved into a Brighter and Larger Tomorrow!

We are The Body of He Who Is the Head. I am connected to the Head-the LORD Jesus Christ. I hold tightly to the Head, “…from which all the body by joints and bands having nourishment ministered, and knit together, increaseth with the increase of God.” Col.2:19 KJV

"If then you have died with Christ to material ways of looking at things and have escaped from the world's crude and elemental notions and teachings of externalism, why do you live as if you still belong to the world? [Why do you submit to rules and regulations?--such as]" Colossians 2:20 Amp

We are Framed by the words we speak, our lives are an offering to Him. We declare what we believe; (Proverbs 18:20) - What are we satisfying- our doubts, our fears, our flesh-or our heart, our soul and our Spirit?

You can’t feed the Spirit with the natural foods and material things of this world. The Spirit must be nourished with what is from God. When we call on Him to Minister to us He immediately pours His Living Water and Spiritual Food right to where they are needed, deep in our soul—He Ministers to us!

Ev’ry time I feel Your Spirit moving in my heart-I Will Praise You!

The words that you carry with you through each day—you speak some out loud—some you speak to yourself- (transform deception into Truth-Psalm 25:10)-

Are these words that you speak from one day to the next words of Truth or those that have been born from lies so long ago that now you think them to be your truth? Are you speaking Life or dread? Every time you speak dread, you will face dread. Words have Power to bring life or bring death and trouble.

Every time you speak a confidence—that will determine and reveal where you stand and in whom do you trust with your life- Your natural life and your Eternal Life.

Examine your thoughts, your ways, your heart, I encourage you to check your motives and motivations-think about what are you thinking about.

Listen to yourself think, as you speak to yourself and to others throughout your day. You may need to change how you look at life, the world, other people, yourself, God Jesus and His Holy Spirit. Who are you aligned with in all areas of your being?

Are you calling on Jesus – trusting Him to pay your bills and not heal your heart?
Are you trusting and believing Him to help your child, but not help your relationship with your life partner?
Are you calling on Him to help you at your job, but not trusting and asking for Him to work on you so you are easier to work with?
Are you praying for Him to help another mother/father raise their children right, but not asking for correction concerning your own children?
Are you praying that a friend or relative will be changed/prepared in time to receive the life partner He has chosen to bring them, while not asking for Him to prepare you for the one you are waiting for?
Do you think you need no corrections and changes made?
Are you more concerned with image more than reality?
Have you spent your time enlarging your intelligent and natural lives and leaving your Spiritual and Emotional lives to grow wild and stunted?
For example; are you older then say 25, yet still view your heart people and yourself with the emotional immaturity of a high schooler? Do you still get angry and pout when things don't go your way? Do you still get bent out of shape when 'outta-the-blue' -unexpected news comes your way? Do you still compare yourself with everyone that you meet? You know, looking them up and down? Do you still equate your growth by what you have bought, and accomplished based on the world's standards?
Think about what you are thinking about!
To allow His Spirit to un-learn in us all that the world has taught us, And then, to re-teach us so that we –All of our being is aligned in agreement with His Holy Spirit-leading, is our part in this Relationship with Jesus.

EveryDay, we are to examine ourselves, to make sure that we are Living In The Spirit's Standards And not by the world's standards.

Many inheritances that your family wants to bestow upon you are filled with curses. Many that no one has in many years denounced, rebuked, or prayed the Jesus would take them and turn them into Blessings. And people wonder why all the women in the family have "female issues". Why all the men beat the females in the family or their girlfriends. Why there are so many cons, liars or thieves from one family. Curses that have been passed down through generaltional inheritances.
We each-You have the authority to reject what will stop you, slow you down, alter your path or make you leave your ‘right mind’. Many of the inheritances that come through family blood lines will limit you in this life—which will limit you in obtaining your Eternal Life.

Some of this inheritance may include-sicknesses, diseases, faults, wrong beliefs, selfish motives And motivations, physical defects, emotional problems, poverty And the list goes on. Be careful about receiving your natural family’s inheritance—you may just be killing yourself day by day.

We are called to Seek the Inheritance that is the Fullness of God’s Wealth And Increase! We are part of the family of the Living God through the King of KINGS!

Minister to me Jesus-to my mind, my body, my Calling, my heart! So as You Are my LORD-so am I—Increasingly!


Minister to me Jesus-I am knitted with You-I am Yours-I allow you to Minister to me in all that I am And do!

~on feet of Faith and Peace,
Resting In His Faithfulness,
One Day At A Time By Faith.
Joshua 1:9

Sunday, April 5, 2009


Minister to me Lord, Minister to my Body, to My Soul, to my Heart, to my SPIRIT!

I was awaken this Morning by His Love, with a song in my heart-coming across my lips before i could open my eyes good.

Ev'ry Time I Feel The Spirit Moving in my Heart,
I Will Pray!

It's an Old Negro Spiritual that has been transformed into gospel.

I have been singing this song all day uplifting my Spirit tremendously!

The lyrics to both versions are below, And I have included several videos of different groups singing the song.

Old Negro Spiritual (version)

Ev'ry time I feel the Spirit moving in my heart,
I will pray.
Ev'ry time I feel the Spirit moving in my heart,
I Will pray.
Up on the mountain my Lord Spoke,
our of His mouth came fire and smoke,
Ev'ry time I feel the Spirit moving in my heart,
I Will Pray!

"Ev'ry Time I Feel the Spirit"
(Traditional African-American Tune)

"And because you are sons, God has sent the Spirit of his Son into our hearts....Galations 4:6

Moving in my heart, moving in my heart, moving in my heart
Moving in my heart, upon the mountain,
I will pray.
Ev'ry time I, feel the spirit, moving in my heart, I will pray;
Ev'ry time I, feel the spirit, moving in my heart, I will pray.
Upon the mountain, my Lord spoke,
Out of His mouth came, fire and smoke
Looked all around me,
it looked so fine,
Till I asked my Lord if all was mine.

Ev'ry time I, feel the spirit, moving in my heart, I will pray;
Ev'ry time I, feel the spirit, moving in my heart, I will pray.

Jordan river,
is chilly an' cold,
It chills the body but not the soul
There ain't but one train,
upon this track,
It runs to heaven, an' right back.
Ev'ry time I feel the spirit, ev'ry time I feel the spirit
Moving in my heart, I will pray,
oh Lord,Yes, ev'ry time I, feel the spirit moving in my heart,
yes, I will pray.

VERSE 3 (Text by L. Scharpf, Jr.)
Down in the valley, when I feel weak,
It's when the devil, use'ly speaks.
Because he's crafty, and full of lies,
I need the Spirit to keep me wise.


(women)Ev'ry time I__,
(men)Down in the valley,
(women)Feel the spirit__,
(men)Upon the mountain,

Moving in my heart, I will pray,
(women)Yes, ev'ry time I__,
(men)Upon the mountain,
Feel the spirit, moving in my heart I'll pray.
(basses)Down in the valley__,
(Tenors)Beside the Jordan__,
(altos)Upon the mountain__,
(sopranos)I feel the spirit__,

Moving in my heart, moving in my heart, moving in my heart,I'll pray, yes I will pray!


Mahalia Jackson - 'Everytime I Feel The Spirit'

PSM UNDIP - ''everytime i feel the spirit'

'Everytime I Feel The Spirit'- 2 15 09-
Dr. Charles Hayes-Cosmopolitan Church of Prayer
Choir Chicago

'Everytime I Feel The Spirit' (Men of Grace on TCT)

~on feet of faith and peace,
Resting In His Faithfulness,
One Day At A Time By Faith.
Joshua 1:9

Friday, April 3, 2009


John 3:30
“He Must increase, but I Must decrease. [He Must Grow more prominent; I Must Grow less so]

"Gather together to Me My saints [those who have found grace in My sight], those who have made a covenant with Me by sacrifice.

My sisters and brothers who Journey with The Lord Jesus, we Are the Chosen bride of Christ Jesus. We Are the Church of our Lord Jesus Christ. We Are the vessels that allow His Light to shine for those that seek Him. There are no small moments in our lives. No matter what you do- you are Important to God. We can do great things for the Lord if we are willing to do little things for others.

The Word of God has the Power of life and death-The Power of breakthrough-of Deliverance, when spoken with faith, trust and an honest heart. He wants us to learn that the language of Prayer should be our first language, along with the language of Praise and Worship. This is what we were created for. It is the Way we communicate with our Father through the Life And Name of our Savior Jesus the Christ. The Spirit of our LORD Speaks to us and for us. Amen.

Deliverance is here for each of us, thankfulness and Joy are the keys that open the door to it. No matter what is going on in each of our lives, we have to learn to vent it up to God and let Jesus keep His watch over us. It is joyful acceptance and anticipation-expecting Him is what pours forth His blessing. Remembering the many situations that He has already brought us through is what builds and strengthens a person’s faith.

Everyone is going through ‘some thing’; whether it be old wounds, new wounds, consequences of mistakes made, rejection, lack and doubt, a job loss, the loss of a home, the loss of a loved one, a medical/health issue, the need for meds and not enough cash because there is no health insurance-And, the list goes on.

And at times it can feel as though Jesus is not near you and that no one around you can even image what you are going through.

Some people (Christians) cannot empathize with you because they have not gone through enough trials and troubles to have the compassion you may need to receive. They have not ‘suffered enough for Jesus’ to have the depth of understanding concerning your situations and issues. They have not allowed themselves to Grow in His grace, to Grow in their faith and trust of our Lord Jesus Christ! They have no grown into the depths of the Gifts of the Spirit. It is work to do this—They really do not have the godly wisdom And understanding that one needs to offer you anything that would help you. A person has to Want to grow into the depths of all these Spiritual Gifts into maturity.

But Jesus will Always know who will allow Him to work through them to be your help here. Tell Him what is troubling you-what is heavy on your heart—what you are struggling with- Seeking deliverance from or into. Speak out your faith and trust to Him-To keep you on His mind—Remember me Lord, Remember me! And then Wait On The Lord to Speak to you—To come and see about you.

I have a burden for God’s people in my heart. Praying for you is what I do. It is one of the many things that God uses me to do for His Children. He has come to me and directed me to Pray for you. His Spirit has put you on my mind, in my Spirit on my heart.

I have asked His Spirit, what do I need to Speak to our Father in Jesus’ name concerning them-Your Sheep my Lord?
His answer was multiple-But the main Word I heard was DELIVERANCE out from And Into!

And, many need to allow Him to work on them concerning their immature emotional lives. This lack of maturity in your emotional lives is a hindrance and a cancer eating away at your growth in your Spiritual And your natural lives.

In the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ,
I pray Deliverance for your life. Deliverance from all that is trying to eat your blessings and promises from God; and Deliverance of All that will nourish your growth of His divine fruit.

I pray to our Father for you to be up and out of where you Are, And Delivered right into the next divinely chosen place.

I pray for God’s divine appointments to VISIT you and Move you Forward into His Divine plans and Not ‘the man-plan.’ (anything done not in order with God’s Will).

I pray that The Spirit’s Power Come And that the Mind of His Spirit be done concerning you. That you are in agreement with the Spirit of Jesus.

I pray that you are Moved Away from destructive influences and fleshy thinking and actions.

I pray that Your Pass-Over is upon you-with All that Passing over means concerning your life lived for Jesus.

I pray that a transformation is begun and completed concerning your maturity in every area of your life-which you allow His Spirit to mature you in areas that you have neglected to work on.

I pray that you are complete in your knowing of who you are in Christ-that you represent the Lord Jesus—that you represent the Lord God.

I pray that the Inspiration of the Holy One is upon you today and All your days-that all shackles of indecision and anything you are trying to do half-hearted Will fall off and for anything child-like to be discarded. The only childlike way we are to have is concerning our faith in our Father and our Brother.

I pray against family lines that corrupt and spew curses-And I declare instead that you are established in the family of The Most High God; “Separate unto ME those I have called, unto the purpose for which I called them!”

I pray for every person that humbles themselves and calls on the name of the Lord Jesus that you Do hear the Spirit’s call and invoke the Spirit’s presence.

I pray that you continue to Stand on the truth of His Word without allowing religious concepts based on sentimentality to pervert its purity.

I pray that you are open And willing to See, Hear And Walk in the Spirit of our Lord-And to see that He reveals false concepts and to establish you on a new level of Spiritual actuality.

I pray that you will know this will release you to demonstrate His Kingdom in greater power, purpose And Freedom.

I pray that you are delivered to be loose from all that has brought confusion, And to allow Him to bring you clarity as He transports you out of darkness into the Light of His Truth.

I pray that you GET UP! GET Up in the High places of His presences and inquire of the Lord God what He is purposing you to do for His name sake.

I pray that you GET UP and Worship the Father in the name of Jesus!

Worship the Son of God-Worship the Holy Spirit-be in agreement with His Holy Spirit-stay in the flow of the Power of the Holy Spirit…Do you hear the Wind behind you directing you which way to go?
Listen Actively, and Obey the urging of the Spirit. Ride the Wind!

2 Timothy 4:3-4 For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine, but according to their own desires, because they have itching ears, they will heap up for themselves teachers; and they will turn their ears away from the truth, and be turned aside to fables.

I encourage you, To not put your faith on a shelf or allow Anything-or-Anybody to dilute your faith and trust in God. Remember, please, that Jesus has Already paid the price of salvation-for your Freedom. Whatever you are facing from the cultural changes, the economic changes, the falling of All that was built by greed and evil, It shall not fall on you. This means, even if it falls in your life-it will not take you out. What is 'falling' may affect your life-but the matters of this world the Lord uses to teach us with.

This is a time-a Season of growth-The Season of re-birth of what is dead and dormant The Season of Resurrection– your faith and trust in Jesus should be growing during these times—not giving up on God. He watches over every soul, every person that belongs to Him.

Leviticus 20:26 "And you shall be holy to Me; for I the Lord am holy, and have separated you from the peoples, that you should be Mine."

Many do not know how to call upon the Lord in good times, to offer praise, thanksgiving And to Worship Him for All that He has already done for them. They only Call on Him in rough and bumpy times, like we are in now-and then many will give up waiting and growing because they think God is some drive-thru servant. And when He does not come right away, many go on and do whatever little they can to help themselves. This action will only create a deeper hole that you will fall into.

He will separate the tares from the wheat. Those that have a relationship with Him will stand with Him trusting by their faith-those that do not have a relationship with Jesus will fall by the wayside-deeper into the confusion that is birthed and grown from this worlds ways.
We have to suffer unto the Lord in Jesus’ name in order to walk His Way. The Ways in which we suffer for Jesus, Is Nothing at All equal to what He did for us.

ON This day there Will be good and bad, when we do not know what to do—God knows just what to do. Everything is Always under His Watch. And as you grow in His love, learning each day, one day at a time, you will grow in your trust and faith in Him Who IS the Great I AM!

It Is Time for fear to die in your life! Have no fear of bad news that finds its way to you. That is a given for us living here in this world. Always expect that The Lord is watching out for us and waiting for us to call upon Him for help, to call upon Him to offer our praises and thanksgiving.

That It is Well with your soul. Worrying about an issue will not make it go away, nor will doing that help you find the answer; only by calling on Him for His desire for you; as you cannot do anything by yourself that will work to correct the problem, the issues or the circumstances.

He will use your circumstances to grow your faith and trust in Him. That is the classroom of the Holy Spirit that you are enrolled in when you answered His call to be His Worker.

Learning His ways is a process of un-learning what the world has taught us and re-learning what is actually the truth-His Way.

HE Is HERE! Here as truly as He was with His disciples of old—He Is Here for us-His disciples-His Sheep of today.
We have been called and set apart for His Purposes—not our own.

John 15:16 "You have not chosen Me, but I have chosen you and I have appointed you [I have planted you], that you might go and bear fruit and keep on bearing, and that your fruit may be lasting [that it may remain, abide], so that whatever you ask the Father in My Name [as [a]presenting all that I AM], He may give it to you."

Get out of the way and Let God be God. Emmanuel, God IS With Us!

As I grow deeper into the understanding, the wisdom, and the knowledge given me from The Teacher, I see that more often than not, that I have the Heart of Mary and the daily schedule of Martha. Knowing when you are full with ‘stuff’ from your day is to hear His call to you, to come and rest. ‘You Time’ is what I am speaking about. ‘You time’ spent with The Lord will restore and comfort you.

Jesus Is the Master of the universe.
He calls His followers to accept His Ordered Word. When we do this in Joyful sincerity, we are linked with His All creative Force.

His Spirit can then be operative, first in us And then Through us.
He Is Here to help and Bless us.

He Is Here to accompany with us as we walk in His Way.
If you do not know this –please learn it –that this is the Priceless Blessing of our lives. Amen.

Know that He forgives us as we have prayed Him to do, for All the neglecting of His commands, in order to Start anew from today.

He continues to urge us to study His words And to carry them out unflinchingly, unafraid. As we do this, we will find that we are miracle-workers, workers together with Him and for Him.

He Is beside us-He Is with us in All that we do.

He controls our thoughts; He inspires us and guides our footsteps. If He Is Lord over and in your life.

He Strengthens us-body, mind And Spirit.

He Is the link between us and those who are in the Unseen.

He Is the Love of our lives. (if not, He should be first)

He Is the Controller of our destinies.

He Is the Guardian, the Advocate, the Provider and the Friend to each that listens, hears, and obeys His commands.

We to love Him more And more. So that we will not only enjoy to the fullest the treasures and pleasures of His Kingdom, but also increasingly those of Nature, His gift to His world.

Believe in the Unseen to be the true reality-that which is seen is not real.

He wants to See You Free!

Joel 2:32 "And whoever shall call on the name of the Lord shall be delivered and saved, for in Mount Zion and in Jerusalem there shall be those who escape, as the Lord has said, and among the remnant [of survivors] shall be those whom the Lord calls."(A)

~on feet of faith, trust, And Peace,
Resting In His Faithfulness,
One Day At A Time By Faith.
Joshua 1:9