Monday, June 8, 2009


I Trust God! I KNOW He LOVES me!
To seek no more my own ways….to know Him through my heart and not my mind!

You see, I heard the Lord tell me to Let Love And Faithfulness Never leave me; to Bind them around my neck, and write them on the tablet of my heart! (Pro 3:3).

And I have done so, And I check myself everyday to make sure that I have Kept Love And Faithfulness bound around my neck And that my heart is keeping them also. my Faith To His Power--I TRUST GOD (Rom 4:13; Gal 3:12)

Then He taught me and I know that, He Causes me to hear His LovingKindness in the morning, And In Him Do I Trust, And He causes me to Know The Way In which I Should Walk, For I always lift my soul Up To Him! (Psalm 143:8)

The Character of God always permeates the Life of Faith—I TRUST GOD

Then, I heard the Lord Speak TRUTH to me, that He Is my GOD, And that He Will Hold my right hand, always Saying to me, “FEAR NOT, I WILL HELP YOU!”(Isa 41:13)

I know that what I see Is Not All there Is!—I TRUST GOD

When God speaks to His people, and directs us to carry out His Will; there are those that doubt And those that Do! I thank God that He has separated me; and I pray for them=the doubters; and I keep Trusting God. (Heb 11:8; Num 6:24)

Even when I do not know What He is doing, when He speaks to me, I obey, because I Trust God. (Heb 11:4)

When people I have known for many years, avoid me, deny me and reject me, I Trust God.

When the check bounces, I Trust God.

When concern for our girls at school, at summer girl scout camp, any where we are not, begins to settle in my mind and speak it's story; I go into praise unto God-He Will keep our children safe and from harm. I am learning to leave them in His Hands.


When I am physically tired, run down, I Rest in Him and I Trust God.

When my body and mind begins to turn on me and attack me through sickness, pain, by stealing my mobility and creating a disability--I TRUST GOD.

When our Every temporal supply is low in our home—We Trust God.

When I have to be around unsaved people, immature saved people And unbelievers, I trust God.

When my friends are going through trials and troubles (yeah, some of the same ones I spoke about above); I pray in the name of Jesus to the Father on their behalf, and because I Trust Him, I hear Him reply, It’s already done! I thank Him. (Pro 3:27-28)

When the frustrations, the hatred, the sadness, the evil, and the meanness of this world gets under my skin and hits my last nerve; Resting, I continue to Trust God and continue to put my Faith to His Power. Resting. (Psalm 90:12; Gal 5:22)

When I don’t know what to do at any given time and any given situation, I remember that my first language is Prayer and Praise; and I get quiet so that I am able to hear the song that His Spirit is singing to my heart And soul, and I begin to sing the song that the Lord has given to me.

When every which way I turn, another ‘issue’ has risen it’s head, I Remember that His Power alone has kept millions of souls strong, brave And true, Lord how many more could have fallen by the way had they not Trusted in You? And His Spirit begins to lift me up in strength, in power, in truth and I am gladly reminded that I have Faith in Him, that I have spoken His grace to come see about me and His help is always working for us, Jesus!

Just His name spoken alone Will bring His Strength to my aid.

I Remember that the Faith has been kept alive and handed down to me by those followers who have struggled and suffered and died for Him; not by the dwellers in ease.

He has taught me, and His Spirit reminds me that, this Life, my life is not for my body but for my soul. As I sit and watch those that so often chose the way of life that best comforts the body and not the way that best grows the soul, I remember that He permits Only What is Best for the Soul And I continue to Trust God.

I remind myself to keep growing in this Truth so that His wonderful molding will Always be the result in my life. I tell others that want to hear and know and to grow in His Love. The others that also Trust God in the name of Jesus.

I have been taught that if I reject His Way, the best Way for my soul, then His Purpose in And for my life will become frustrated, that my best prayer will go unanswered, that my Spiritual Progress And my natural progress will be delayed, And that trouble and grief will store themselves up in my heart; creating a larger disconnect to my Life Line!

As He helps me to train my soul, I will be strengthened in my sharing, I will be able to rejoice fully in the Sharing of the discipline and the training that His Love molds me with.

I will stand with Him apart from my soul and welcome His training and I shall Shout and Rejoice at the Progress that He provides!

I ask Him, Lord, what are you doing in my life for today? And if His answer is that He is still working on the same circumstances from yesterday, I Smile, and Praise Him for my attitude has been changed; for I know that His illumination and revelation always help me to see the same situations differently.

And I boldly Shout and give to Him His Praise that by my Faith I will continue to TRUST In Him, God, my Lord!

"And the very God of peace sanctify you wholly; and I pray God your whole spirit and soul and body be preserved blameless unto the coming of your Lord Jesus Christ." 1 Thessalonians 5:23

I Trust God!

To seek no more my own ways….

Mahalia Jackson - Everytime I Feel The Spirit


TESTIFY TO GOD'S LOVE-Psalm 151- Wynonna Judd


THE LORD IS MY SHEPHERD-Cissy Houston-Hezekiah Walker


always seeking to encourage

Resting In His Faithfulness,
One Day At A Time By Faith.
Joshua 1:9

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