Thursday, February 24, 2011


 My Sisters and Brothers, For today And Every day, Think On These things that are Truth, Light and from Above.  Hold them-store them in your heart.
In the name of Jesus, Allow the Spirit of God to Occupy your mind at all Times, Not just in the Good times, or just in the bad times, But At All Times! Amen.

I Hope and Pray in the name of Jesus, that you have the patience to Learn, to Grow and to Mature in His Love for you; and if you do not Have enough patience, I pray you ask Him to increase your self-control and self-discipline.

As the world changes as it always does, some will be able to modify themselves, and stay above the flood waters. They will come to realize that if they do not change their thinking, their speaking, their action and re-actions, then they will drown in shallow waters.

The people of God also witness the ever changing ways of this world, but have Confidence, Trust and Faith in our Lord Jesus to Continue to be the same today as He was to all that came before us. This Is the Time for all dead things in our heart, character, thinking, speaking, actions, and re-actions to be Cleaned out! It Takes His Spirit to help us do this, as we will either miss many of these things dead relationships, and places Or, we just do not want to face and deal with them.  But God knows when we are ready To Face And Deal with all that is dead in our lives.  Those things and people that have no usefulness to us or Him.  He Prunes what is not needed.

Many of us are being tested, in order to produce maturity and growth in our Spiritual life.  Tested to be shown what is Spiritually lacking that we are in need of from Him. Tested in order to be prepared for the next level we are already Lifted up to, and the next assignment of our Calling. Tested in order to be corrected and re-organized, cleaned out and then added too.  His Love is Full of His Presence, And His Presence Is Love, Is Power!

This is a time to Stop, Listen And Heed His pulling of your heart To Come To Him and Sit, learn, enjoy His presence.  Come and Be Loved! Now is the time to Stop allowing the Work He has given you to do in His name, to be your focus.  Many turn His Work into their idol, and allow it to occupy their thinking instead of His Holy Spirit. 

How much longer will His people ignore His guiding, His directions, His Law?  Always in a state of holding themselves back by the hands of pride, ego, and he desires of this world. This Is the Time for you to Listen to and heed the Truth spoken through His Prophets, His Wise people, His Teachers, who have been sent into your life to be your Help!  

We Are to study with the teacher He sends our way, to align ourselves with counsel of the wise people and to heed the prophet that God sends to you—Bringing to you His prophetic insight, warning and correction, before you step the wrong way, before you make a decision based on your wants pride, ego and lack. In many cases, He will also send these people into our lives After we have made mistakes and bad decisions to Help Correct us. But too many times, many reject and ignore the Truth that is sent to them through these prophets, wise people and teachers.

So many of us are caught up in the changes of this world, thinking that they have the power all alone to correct and fix what is happening in their life. They are Not consulting our Lord about Everything.  God Is Not their All In All! They are caught in the ways of this world, thinking they can make things go the way they Think they should go.
  Some have been promoted in the natural realm, and then got too relaxed in thinking that, "whew, that was rough but I am here!"  

And by letting down their Spiritual guard, forgot that once God promotes us in the natural, A Whole new set of stairs are there for us to climb, and that the REAL work is ahead. 

We Are to Let Him Clean out of our lives all the Dead Things-the Useless things that are in His Way, which means, they are in our Way. As Our Way is His Way, or should be.

We know that God has 'done so many things for us, Had it Not been for the Lord, where would we be?'  Amen!

We know this truth, but we at times get caught up in our 'lack of', and instead of growing and maturating in our lacks, we just sit there in them, trying to do things on our own. Which never works and will only bring the wrong outcomes to us.

Let Jesus Do It! 
This should be your Prayer, Your Truth, Your Power, Your Immediate Thought and Action when faced with riding the Waves of changes this world is governed by.
Let Jesus Do It!

It is easy for many (who remember) To praise God when He provides the breakthroughs, the promotions, the necessary need for the moment, and to Focus on Him when everything is falling apart. These are the things that He is watching about us. He is watching and waiting on us to See when we are going to consult Him bfore making decisions concerning His plans and purposes for our lives.
These are the times when we should STOP and seek His Face and Righteousness to SEE if it is God that is tearing things down and allowing things to Fall apart in our life.
Many of us Need To Learn How to recognize, to Discern, that It is Not always the enemy in the midst of your challenges, but Many Times it Is God Who Is tearing away from us what is NOT Aligned with His Will, Plans and Purposes.

 There are those who do Not see, or do Not want to see, Where their desires are Not aligned with God's desires.
There are those who are so focused on the outcome They Want concerning everything in their life, that they Do Not recognize It is God's Outcome they should be Expecting and Praising forth.  In Truth to always make Sure that we have surrendered our need to have the outcomes be the way we think they should be, or want them to be, and Expect and Desire the outcomes that God Has Already Planned To Be! This is how we Ripen as His Fruit.

 So when God begins to re-order our steps, when God begins to tear down in our life what is In His Way, When God begins to re-organize, When He gets rid of what Needs to go, digging out of us All That Is No longer Useful for us
, When God begins to Reveal to us the decisions that we have made that are Mistakes and many times these mistakes Will do us more harm then Good; and then REPLACES all that mess with what Is Now Needed,  many of us get bent out of shape. He is revealing to us the wrong things we have Sowed, and correcting us to Sow what is needed in the Way He knows best. 

When He reveals to us all these things, we at times decide to become sad, and disappointed and some stay this way for days!
Some of us quickly begin to fuss at satan, and give him the credit for doing all the stuff going on. 

Let me tell you this, by the time God steps in and begins to tear down and remove what is wrong, the work of satan has already been done. We have already been tricked, fooled, and blinded into altering the Vision--That is Why God Is tearing down and re-organizing our steps.  Are you able to get this understanding yet?

Examine your heart, your motives, have you allowed your lacks to guide you instead of your Trust and Faith?
Where have you stepped off Gods path and made a decision that was contrary to His plans?  Where have you allowed others to come into your life and create confusion and you did not stand against it? Where has your flesh and ego Pushed you to compromise your integrity and the Plans of God for your life?  Where have you allowed the immature and green places in others hearts to be your guide because they are your friends?

Where have you allowed yourself to follow Your desires that were not aligned with His desires for you? Where have you tried to mix in your flesh with His Spirit?  Where have you ignored the little things thinking them unimportant?
Where have you altered His Vision for your life instead of Following His directions to accomplish this Vision?
Where are you following little faith and weak trust that lives in your heart, instead of seeing the truth about your little faith and trust and Asking Him to Help you in your unbelief?

These are the lacks that trip us up many times. The places within our heart, character, and our Spiritual Gifts, where we are still green fruit on the Vine, Still in need of Pruning, Ripening, Maturing and Growth!

Where have we forgotten to Remember that our Praise is necessary at All Times? That His JOY Is our Strength! That His Peace He gave us Is our Power!
Where have we forgotten to Remember that our situations and circumstances do Not dictate our Praise, or control our Everlasting Joy and Expectation in His faithfulness?

God provides the Seeds to the Sower with the directions to Plant them as He knows best. He is Not going to continue to provide the Seeds that we need to sow, if we are Not going to completely Obey Him and follow His directions to the 'T'.

God will always test our hearts, and purify our motives, breaking down what we have built up without His go ahead.  Re-organizing our steps from the places and paths that we have wrongly taken. He wants our purpose to Be His Purpose-He wants to be the focus, not the Vision, the Blessing, the outcome we want, or our flesh and ego. 

 He wants us to be diligent in doing What He has called us to do, but we also  have to continue to Ripen on The Vine, so that when the enemy Does come bringing insecurity and self-focus into our minds, to trick us and undermine our Confidence and Trust in our Lord, we are able to recognize him and his nasty tricks, and Stand against him speaking the Truth, Love and Promises Jesus taught us, Before he can do any damage.

We look too often at ourselves to measure our successes and failures.  We too often forget to stop using the worlds standards as our measurement and Seek counsel of the Holy Spirit for this truth. It is not our responsibility But His to determine if we have failed or succeeded, as we do not know all the steps, the outcomes and the purposes that He has divinely planned for us. And if we Are Doing our part, He Is able to do His Part. 

We Are to seek Him concerning Everything concerning our personal lives, concerning the Vision He has placed in our hearts to accomplish for His Glory. 
We Are to allow Him to mature, grow and ripen us in All our Spiritual and natural gifts--The Fruit of His Love.
We are Not to try and add up the impact of our efforts, comparing our movements to those of others or with the worlds ways. 

We Are to make The decision every day, who we Are going to Serve, Who have we given our lives over to Control. Are you aligned and dedicated to Him--are you allowing Him to Divinely Order and Direct and Correct your every step and action? 

I encourage you to Stop, to Focus on Him, and to Daily Seek His Presence so that you have the Clarity that is required to Continue to Serve our Lord God in the Name of Jesus.

 Glory Be To God In the Name of Jesus, Amen.

 John 14
James 5:16

On feet of Faith & Peace
Isaiah 50:4/Isaiah 52/Jer 20:9-10,11-13/Joshua 1:9
Resting In His Faithfulness,
One Day At A Time By Radical Faith.
©2010,2011 WisdomTeachesme

Monday, February 21, 2011


Dead, Dead, out All The Dead 'stuff'!
 It's usefulness is gone and it provides No Help, Beauty or Strength. Grateful for What it Did provide, Thankful that I know when the usefulness of things is gone!
Time to make Room for what Is Useful for Now, for them all to Move into their appointed  anointed places spaces! He has set us apart for His purposes.

"Know that the LORD Has Set Apart His Faithful servant For Himself;
   the LORD Hears when I call to Him.
Psalm 4:3

I asked the Lord to reveal to me what is Not useful concerning
 Every Area of my Spiritual and natural life!  I know that I am able to go through our home and see what needs to go, but I asked Him for His Eye to tell me, instead of relying upon my own eye and wisdom, as I may attempt to hold onto some things, thinking I will have use for them one day. I also know some places in my heart that need to be cleaned out, but there are also places that Only His Spirit is able to see, that are dead and useless to Him.
I want to Know what is in my life-is in my family's life that is Not useful to Him!

I am Ever ready to Continue to Be Moved Further Into His Freedom!
To be delivered from everything that is in His Way, which means it will be in my way. Learning more and more every day How To Number my Days!

"Lord, make me To Know my end And To Appreciate The Measure of my days--What it is; Let me Know And Realize How Frail I am, How transient is my stay here"  Psalm 39:4 

We get attached to material things, to people, jobs, ways of thinking, speaking and acting, That At One Time did have Good purpose in our life.

 Or, maybe some of these things and people Never Did have any Good purpose in our life, but we brought them into our space anyway. These are tricks and traps that have no good purpose other than to keep us off balance and walking on the wrong paths.

And my friends, remember that other people have either tried or succeeded in giving us their dead stuff also.  Get rid of that crap too!
Some people who think the gifts they bring to you are things that you need, or would be delighted to have--but they were not.
  They were things they didn't want, and/or where cheaply made, and some folk will clean out their lives and homes and give you things that will do you no good at all.
  Some folk with wrong motives and a smile on their face will always come around with crappy gifts to bestow upon you. Get (ask God for ), wisdom, understanding and a strong Spirit of discernment so that you are quite aware of what is going on.

 Have you ever had anyone with the Means to buy you quality gifts, instead selfishly bought you cheap, toxic useless stuff?
Look at their faces-they are so pleased with themselves, and feel we should be so grateful to receive these cheap, crappy, useless gifts from them.

These same kinds of people also bring their dead stuff into our lives, trying to plant them in our ground, leave them in our hearts and minds to clutter us up. They lack integrity, righteousness, honesty, self love, appreciation, the ability to Stop pleasing their flesh, they lack the ability to stop living in their past, to stop talking about their problems, issues, situations, and challenges in a defeated tone, with no motive of wanting to correct these things in their life.

  They want us to agree to help them continue to lie to themselves, to help them keep making excuses, and not be responsible for their decisions and actions made.  They refuse to leave the darkness they have made their home, and walk into His Light.
Dead, Dead, Dead!

I Know He Knows without Doubt what is not useful in our life concerning His Will, Plans, and Purposes spoken for us.

What is dead in our Yard, is raked up, pruned off, cut back, that which cannot be used in mulch is Gone!
What is dead in our Thinking, Speaking and Doing, that which only has purpose to keep us stagnant, in lack, unproductive and disobedient is Gone!
Time for New Beginnings to begin bringing with them, Everything we are Expecting from God, His Best!

There Is Always His Divine Redirecting! He Orders our steps and our stops!
Stop and give yourself the time necessary to Hear which Way He is saying to Go, what He is saying you need to do and say, and if He is saying to you Be still, Stop and REST with Him, then do that.

Sometimes the answers we have prayed for Are so obviously visible.
Trust that God's whisper to your spirit is His Best for you.

I have learned that Many people refuse to let go of what is dead and that is why even though they do see the New beginnings of Life, Growth, Maturity and Opportunities  purposed for them, they continue to walk by rejecting them, trying to get life out of what is dead and useless.
Pride and ego will kill His opportunities and possibilities sent to move us in the direction He Knows is best for us. They need His Help with their unbelief.

Do Not allow what you do not have in your hand, or do not know concerning His plans for you to Stop you from believing and trusting Him by complete faith.
Do not be so rigid and blind in expecting Only what you want the outcome to be concerning the problems, challenges, situations and the way you should move, that you reject or miss His Decided outcomes for each thing in your life.

New Beginnings are available Every Day.  He provides to All Divine Opportunities related to where their Spiritual And natural Lives Are Now.

 It is the Season of New Beginnings, get prepared and stay prepared To Be Moved into them!

 John 15
 Mark 9
Joshua 24:15

On feet of Faith & Peace
Isaiah 50:4/Isaiah 52/Jer 20:9-10,11-13/Joshua 1:9
Resting In His Faithfulness,
One Day At A Time By Radical Faith.
©2010,2011 WisdomTeachesme

Saturday, February 19, 2011


 OH Yes!! In the Name of Jesus, Thank You God! Here we are still in the month of Feb, and you have this Preview for us of what is to come. The Temps are Good, the Sun is Bright, and not hot, the Wind is a bit Strong All put together with the Joy I woke up within and Your Love-Yes Lord It Is Another Wonderfully made day Father!
The wind is Blowing in what needs to be, and blowing out what needs to go. 

I made a list a few days ago with what needed to be done to the home and the yard.  In preparation for Spring.
I planned to do some needed yard work today. Some raking, picking up trash that was blown into our yard, gathering up our pots to wash them-to prepare them for this season of planting.

Raking was truly exercise today as the wind wanted to play with me.  I Saw bugs, I decided to go to the store to pick up some things on my list. Grateful, Grateful, Grateful 
I Got some bug spray, new hedge clipping tools, some other things, and some Kites! We always fly kites this time of year! It is a bit too windy today, but Ohhh there will be Some Great Kite flying days approaching!
But The Best Thing that I Got at WallyWorld today Is, that a parent of a former student of mine, saw me, recognized me and came up to me. He said with excitement in his voice,  "Art Teacher!?" "Art Teacher!?" Aren't you the Art Teacher!!??"
 I Knew that he was talking to me even though he was behind me and the store was packed with people.

I turned around as he was walking around me to see me, with a Huge smile on his face and the words, "I can't believe I am seeing you here!" I said "yes, I used to be the art teacher at _ _ high school." 
And before I could say anything else, he began to pour out, he said that his son is discouraged, nothing he tried was working, and that he just sits at home growing in the ground of pity, frustration, confusion, and anger. He told me a few things his son had done since graduating high school, but none was a "good fit" for him and ended in failure.
He told me with tears in his eyes that his son told him, "I prayed that I could talk with Ms E again, she will know how to help me, I don't know what to do!"
(that is what the students called me)
Oh my Lord Jesus, it took All My little strength to hold back the tears from flowing! I listened to what he had to say, as he wiped tear after tear away, talking about his son and how he also felt frustrated as he didn't know How to help him.....He told me they prayed to God and asked God to help them find me...
Oh my Lord...I didn't know I made that much of an impression on this child...

I gave him my # and told him to tell his son to Call me as soon as he is able and that I will listen and see what is the Best plan for him to get with to help him do what he would like to do.

And the thing about all this is.....I WAS going to Go to Lowes home improvement, but decided as I was driving out of the driveway to go to WallyWorld instead....(I do Love WallyWorld) 
Thank You Jesus for Loving on this child of Yours and for connecting them to me again, I know You Will tell me what He needs to know...You Always tell what the person needs that you directed my way and me their way...Praise God in the name of Jesus!
This experience may be small or nothing to most people...but not to me. I know the Blessings present in them. These experiences concerning the small lives of people unknown to most of the world, the community, the city and state, are some of the most important people to God. This happens to me Often.  It may not be a former student or one of their parents, but the Good Shepherd Always guides me to be at the right place at the right time no matter who is in need of Him.

 "You Are a Hiding Place For me; You, Lord, Preserve me From trouble, You Surround me With Songs And Shouts of Deliverance. 
Selah [Pause, And Calmly Think of That!]

   I The Lord Will Instruct you And Teach you In The Way you Should Go; I Will Counsel you With My eye Upon you.
    Be Not like the horse or the mule, which lack understanding, which must have their mouths held firm with bit and bridle, or Else they Will Not come with you."   Psalm 32

  I John 4:11-12
Psalm 62
Psalm 37

Ezra 5:2
Ezra 6:14
I Corinthians 14:22b

On feet of Faith & Peace
Isaiah 50:4/Isaiah 52/Jer 20:9-10,11-13/Joshua 1:9
Resting In His Faithfulness,
One Day At A Time By Radical Faith.
©2010,2011 WisdomTeachesme

Thursday, February 17, 2011


"Then Miriam the prophetess… took a tambourine in her hand, and all the women went out after her with tambourines and dancing. And Miriam sang to them, “Sing to the Lord, for He has triumphed gloriously and is highly exalted…”  Exodus 15:20,21

(A friend said "can you Imagine The Praise Break That Day?")

 Yes I Can!  Such an outpour of Appreciation to our Lord!
So much Joy and Expectation, Praise, Gratefulness, Love and Fullness of His Presence do I feel every day His love awakens me!

 I have Nothing but Praise and Worship flowing out from my heart and soul for my Lord Jesus!  I am So Grateful!

I Want To Thank You my Lord, For You Are my Loving Shepherd,
I Lack And Want for Nothing, for You have provided every need and desire that I have.

You Give me green pastures To Rest in, You Provide quiet, still Life Giving waters And Lead me to them, I drink and Calmness is my pillow,

You Restore And Refresh my Soul, I Follow You And You Guide me on All The Right Paths for Your Namesake.

When I have to go through the dark valley's with the shadow of death lurking, I Will Fear No Evil, For You Are Always With me, And You Promised me that I am protected against evil Ever harming me. I Believe You my Lord,

You Rod And Your Staff Always Comfort me, the Knowing they Are there instills Strength into my whole self,

I Sit At The Table You have Prepared For me in the presence of my enemies, for All to See how You Bless me,

 You Anoint my head With Your Holy Oil til my Cup overflows with Blessings,

I Know And Completely Believe That Your Goodness, Beauty And Love Will Follow me All the Days of my life,

And I Know in Complete Confidence that I Will Dwell in Your House, back to my Home Forever, I Believe this deep down in my Soul, Forever!

Psalm 23

In the Name of Jesus, Amen!

Nehemiah 8:10
Isaiah 42:10
Psalm 16:6
Psalm 30:4
Psalm 33:3
Psalm 96:1

On feet of Faith & Peace
Isaiah 50:4/Isaiah 52/Jer 20:9-10,11-13/Joshua 1:9
Resting In His Faithfulness, 
One Day At A Time By Radical Faith. 
©2010,2011 WisdomTeachesme

Monday, February 14, 2011


   "Restore to me The Joy Of Your Salvation, And Uphold me By Your Generous Spirit." ("And Uphold me With A Willing Spirit.") Psalms 51:12
Resting in His Truths, There Is Praise In My Heart!

My dearest Friend, Every time I think about the Day I opened All the doors of my heart to You. I Will always smile and my soul Will always Shout, "At Last At Last, The Day I let You completely into my heart, You Saved and Delivered me from myself and this world!"

  You Gave me Joy Inside my tears!
I am Forever Grateful and will Forever Follow You!
Your Love Will Make It last Forever.

My God, In the name of my sweet Jesus;
I Thank You for All the things You have withheld from me,
 As well as All the Things you have Given me.

I Thank You for Being the Same to my sisters and brothers in Christ,
and to all my other family members, That You Are To me.

 I Thank You for Creating in me A Clean heart, And A Willing, Renewed, Right, And Steadfast Spirit in me.

I Thank You for never giving up on me--Standing there with
Your hand stretched out to me--Beckoning me to COME to You and Be Loved!

I Thank You for The Sunshine And the Rain.

I Thank You for Touching my heart and pouring in the Love I never knew and yet I had longed for. For seeing in my eyes how Much I needed You!
 "At Last At Last", my Soul And Spirit Shouted when You Came for me, that one mo' time; and that Time,  I knew I could not last another day without You in a more intimate Relationship.  Thank You Jesus!

I Thank You for teaching me all the lessons I need to learn from all my mistakes; and for revealing to me all the blessings that were within my mistakes, and in the wrongs done to me.
I Thank You for teaching me How Not to make many mistakes.
 I move to the side as You Continue To take things sent for bad, And turn them Around for Good!

 "Behold, You Desire Truth In the inner being; Make me therefore To Know Wisdom In my inmost Heart."  Psalm 51:6

Your Wisdom told me=
"I Love those who Love Me, And those who Seek Me Find Me."
 And I believe Her.

I Thank You for teaching me all about Your Divine Forgiveness, and how to Give it.
I Thank You for the times of drought And the Springs of Life Refreshing Water.

I Thank You for standing in the gap, in between me and every place and person that would have done me harm.  Especially when I didn't Even know their hearts wanted to harm me.

I Thank You for showing me who I am to You, Who You Are to me.
I Thank You for revealing, maturing, growing in me All the Spiritual and natural Gifts that You Put into me--I shall use them to Serve You.

I Thank You for Restful Sleep and the times when Your Love Awakens me.
I Thank You for Sharing in my Joyous Times and my sad times.

I Thank You for All Gain and Loss.
I Thank YOU For Every Spiritual And Natural Thing That You Have
 Divinely Spoken to Be in my life!

I Thank You for Your
Grace And Mercy New Every Day .
I KNOW without doubt or Fear, That ALL Is Well with Me,
 as long as I Stay And Abide With You!

I Shall Always Cling to You in every Moment of weakness-For You Are My ONLY Help!

I Shall Always Cling to You-Praising You in All Moments of Strength, Knowing that I am never able to be self-sufficient. I am Dependent upon You Completely, I have learned what happens when I attempt to do anything without your Wisdom and help. 
*Ain't going over there any more! *smiling*

I Believe You when You tell me, that No evil Shall ever befall my life--I have seen it come close many times, but never did it hit it's target! Amen!

I Am Able to REST In This Divine Knowledge--To use Your Truth and Love as my Pillow.
Thank You for A New Life Filled with Your New Beginnings pouring Forth Every day!  

You brought Joy Inside My Tears! My Forever Came the Day I Let You Into my heart--The Day I began to Allow You To completely Love me! You looked into my eyes and saw how Much I Needed And Wanted You! At Last-At Last!

I pray and hope that the Spiritual growth and maturity needed by so many others is done by Your love for them As they Open the doors and locks to their hearts completely To You.
I Want them to know and to 'get there', To the point of realizing and understanding that, we will break down in so many unnecessary ways, under the weight of our worries, concerns, problems and circumstances if Not for the Time spent with You dear Lord.
You Give Generously to us Daily Times of restoration, REST, renewing, healing, preparation, correction, All provided by Your Love for us.  Thank You Jesus!

It is really not about what He says, truth be told, it is about Him, His Presence Is the strength that pours out the Power to cure, heal, draw to, draw away from, etc...
I encourage you to Spend as much of Your time with Him--In His presence, so that you are prepared Rightly, and completely anointed to do the work that He is sending you out to do, in His name.

Wait before the Lord, Wait On the Lord!  Keep your time for Him apart from everything else in your life.  Hold it precious and love it!  Don't always go to talk either, more than talking, Go To Sit, Quietly and if He speaks, then You Listen.  If He does not, then you be quiet and Sit And Rest in His Presence.
He came back to lead us into Spiritual contact & conversation with our Father.

"Blessed Are those who Listen to Me,
   Watching Daily At My doors,
   Waiting At My doorway."

Proverbs 8:34

 Psalms 51
John 13:34-35

On feet of Faith & Peace
Isaiah 50:4/Isaiah 52/Jer 20:9-10,11-13/Joshua 1:9 
Resting In His Faithfulness, 
One Day At A Time By Radical Faith.
©2010,2011 WisdomTeachesme

Sunday, February 13, 2011


"My soul Yearns for You O Lord in the night, yes, my Spirit within me Seeks You Earnestly; for Only when Your judgments Are In the earth Will the inhabitants of the world Learn Righteousness uprightness And right standing with God."  Isaiah 26:9

"You Follow Me"

Keep in mind my friends, And Never Forget, that He desires us to abide in His Friendship.  He Is The Friend that knows us through and through.

 He Already knows everything about each of us and Still Knows the best place for us Is within His Friendship.
He knows all about the times some have pitifully attempted to live for Him, all about how some have tragic failures, how many have allowed childish misunderstandings of Him and What He Will do for them to trap them in unbelief and disobedience.

He knows all about our desire to serve Him and how many times we cling to Him in the darkness when helplessness dangles us over the pit of self-help.
He witnesses the stumbling confidence in the efforts of many when they think they can walk alone without His wisdom and direction.  He Knows It All!

In these times He is aware of how many stay true to the persistent willing blindness, rejecting His Guidance, in favor of what others think they should do, how they should speak, and what is important based on the worlds ways and not His.
In these times He sits and watches as many obstruct the deliverance of the very answers requested to their prayers by allowing double-mindedness, pride, and ego to be their guide.

He has taken note of how easy many align themselves with the very forces that Oppose His Loving Purposes. Plans and Will.  The fruit they shall produce will be bitter, small and stunted in size, rotten and foul tasting.

He Knows All This, And Still, He says Come to Him, turn around your life, and Abide with Him in the security of His Friendship!

The more we surrender from the need to have a Specific outcome concerning anything and everything, the More we will See, Know and Behold His Truth, Will and Glory!
The More we Seek to embrace His Divine Timing and Order, The More we Will Know Him and live abundantly within This Good, Great Life that He has purposed for us to Live within!

In our hands He has Placed a wonderful, powerful force against all evil. Many Still do Not accept, believe and recognize it as the mighty weapon that it is.
The Power of Prayer in His name!
This is A force that wields miracle-working power and change, A Force that when used often in full trust and faith Is united with His Will that seeks to bring about the Divine plans and purposes that He has Already spoken to be.

The more we are Able to surrender our Need to have specific outcomes that we want, And Begin to Always Expect His Divine Timing and Order for each outcome, we Are Moving further into The Freedom that He has given to us as partakers Through Jesus.

All that is His is ours when we have and invest in A friendship with Him that calms, enables, and enriches all who give their heart, spirit and soul in it.
And what, who can withstand this Power He has made to be? 

He is always about the Work of rescue, deliverance and establishing. It All begins in the Spiritual realm then is revealed in the natural realm.
Every thing begins in the Spiritual realm, then manifests itself into the natural world.
There is nothing typical about His Ways and Work, when He moves in to Free those held captive for so very long, and they are Suddenly released!
We are always in a season of Rescue if we are aligned with His Will every day.

  The Mercy of our Lord Jesus is everlasting, All He does is through the Power of His UnconditionaLove for us.
 Providing a Way Out--Deliverance! And He always adds in the Abundance of every supply necessary! 

The Power of Prayer in His name, Gives to Him what we cannot do, and He gives to us what we need.

Iif only many more would obey because they Believe!  If Only many more would Believe then they would desire to Obey.

When we give to Him our whole self to guide and take care of,
God Will intervene, into every situation, every set of circumstances, every trouble, and attack that we face. He requires us to Follow Him no matter what!
No matter What we understand and know, or don't know and don't understand, We Are To Follow Him!

He is in control of only What we give to Him to control.
Remember that truth.
He opens all doors and holds them open for a Time, He floods our hearts and souls with Hope, Truth, Love and Direction--And pours forth His Wisdom that directs every Spiritual gift that He has blessed us with. For He knows that knowledge without Wisdom is useless.

 He will Change 'the thing' so that All know It is Him, our Lord who defends, protects, guides and provides to us At All Times! 
Do Not be concerned or worried about those who do not have His Wisdom, His guidance, His knowledge, who speak against What His Spirit is leading you to do in His name....You Follow Him!

“And they Will Dwell Safely There, Build houses, And Plant vineyards; Yes, they Will Dwell Securely, When I execute judgments On those around them who despise them. Then they Shall Know that I AM The Lord their God.”

   He provides to us the Courage we need to not just Start the Work, the plan, the purpose, the business, the ministry, the giving, But to also Finish what He has directed us to begin.

The time spent moving within the plans and purposes He has directed us to do, takes a tole on our nerves, our heart, our courage, strength, faith, trust, and our bodies.  We Will be stretched and strained many times beyond our human ability to endure.  Those who do Not call upon Him, those who move away from obeying Him completely, shall reach the breaking point of their little human power and fail, never accomplishing the Goal set forth.

It is when the End of a thing, the end of our race to finish is in sight when we get tired, when we can feel the power and strength begin to leave our bodies, our hearts, and our souls beg to stop and rest.  This is the time in which those that finish do so, because they are Not relying on themselves, they are Leaning on and Relying on the Love and Power of Jesus!

Call upon Him to Pour into you More Courage, Heed His voice of Encouragement in these times where we are Still in the midst of bringing our part to pass.

  Remember my friends, that He Is On our side and Is by our side with every step and breath pushing us on to Victory so that the Writings done in Heaven Will record this thing you have accomplished in His name!  Glory, Glory, Glory to God do the Hosts of Heaven Sing!

Make sure that you are not part of  the group whose stories shall speak that they ran well in the beginning, that their hearts were brave, but when the goal was in sight and the Victory almost in hand, they gave out of courage and gave up hope, and sought their own ending, as they did not rely on the Power of our Lord, but on themselves did they depend.

Somewhere Along the way to Victory they changed course, and what they did not allow themselves to be delivered from- kept them trapped in Spiritual slavery serving flesh and not Faith.

This is what happens when we do not Seek and Expect His divine Order and Timing to bring forth His Divine Outcome for everything concerning our lives.

Oh would they have only listened to Him believing all the way, with obedient listening ears and a heart Ready to act, full of Love and Desire for His Divine Way.

 They Are like trees planted by streams of water, Which yield their fruit in its season.--Psalm 1:3

Psalm 119:156
Isaiah 26:9  

 On feet of Faith & Peace 
Isaiah 50:4/Isaiah 52/Jer 20:9-10,11-13/Joshua 1:9 
Resting In His Faithfulness, 
One Day At A Time By Radical Faith. 
©2010,2011 WisdomTeachesme

Saturday, February 12, 2011


 My Forever Came the Day I Met You Lord.  How grateful I am that You Never gave up on me, that You kept following me, knocking on the door of my heart seeking a way into my life! My life is now Part of Your Forever, when You touched me I found the Love I had been searching for and now I am in Paradise inside Your Love, Grace, and Life!  My Forever Came the Day I met You, The Day that I HAD to let You Walk Into my life, My Lord, my Beloved Friend, my Savior, My All! You came and Saved Me from Myself!
My second Forever came the day you put me and sweetbaby together, blending our two families into one with You in the center of it and in the center of our hearts! 

"When you pass through the waters, I Will Be With you, And through the rivers, they Will Not overwhelm you. When you walk through the fire, you Will Not Be burned or scorched, Nor Will the flame kindle upon you.
 "Because You Are Very Precious in My Sight, and Honored, And because I Love you!  Fear Not, for I Am With you,"  Isa. 43:2,4,5

"You Follow Me!"

He is constantly, consistently, with loving care and concern, leading from one great Spiritual shift to the next. He will Lead us further into the unfolding of His Will for us, and His Glory.

 Doing our best to stay within this Spiritual shifting, always within the impetus of His Spirit.

I am amazed and Jubilant at the unfolding of His plans, purposes and will for our day to day living. 

And so many times I am given a front row seat into the lives of others as He touches and changes them and their lives, pouring forth into them All that He is for them!  Amazing how Faith and Trust Always allow us to see "His end of a thing" for us.
Thank You My sweet Jesus, my Lord of my life!

  I hear this in my Spirit.  "No matter What, It is Me your Lord leading you, No matter what daughter continue to Follow Me."

 Every time a new thing from Him that requires my attention has been born and is growing, I know I am about to experience more of Him.  Which lets me know that I have matured and grown even more in Him. He Is our Greatest encourager! 
I began to think about the timing of Him speaking to me, encouraging me to continue to follow Him, that no matter what, It is my Lord who is leading me.
I know He wants to make sure that I am very aware so that I do not huff and moan, hesitate, or try on my own to find a way to move around what is unknown to me, of what I am not sure of. This is how He is with all that Love Him.  He leads us in new Spiritual places, Higher Spiritual places, Deeper Spiritual places, and will remind us To Follow Him, because some may try and fight against going with Him into these New places. All the while He continues to work in, for and through each of us.
All that we need He brings, all that we do not need, He cuts away!

With each action of Love by Him more fleshy ways are cut away and replaced with more of Him, more trust, more faith, more wisdom, more understand more confidence, more knowledge and more Power in His name.....Increasing our spiritual and emotional growth and maturity.

He also continues to separate us from the things/people that will always try to bring fear and confusion into our thinking and life. He is encouraging us to refuse to allow Anything to undermine His Peace and Stability that lives within our heart, soul and Spirit.  It is always better to be able to see quite clearly any attack of the enemy against yourself and those you are concerned about.  My sweet Jesus has positioned me in a High Places!

  Be Sober, be Vigilant; because your adversary the devil walks about like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour. Resist him, steadfast in the Faith, knowing that the same sufferings are experienced by your brotherhood in the world.   1 Peter 5:8-9

  There are times where He leads us through difficult paths, through calm and beautiful paths, through muddy, stinky, thorn filled paths, through evil paths, All to better us While we do His Work.


 As we Follow Him Along these paths these are not the times to allow double-mindedness, indecision, fearfulness, and unbelief to control you. Knowing that what we sow into each step, situation, set of circumstances, is what we will get in return. It is always best to sow, truth, confidence, wisdom, clarity, faith, trust into each step, situation, and set of circumstances.

He will use each challenge and trouble to reveal to us the places in our character, thinking, hearts, speaking, and believing that are apt to provoke confusion, negativity, hesitation, indecision and will stop us from making the Faith powered decisions that we have to make as we Follow Him.

When others can not see and hear what you can concerning the Lord, remember, You Follow Him.  When you know deep in your heart and soul, that Your Spirit yearns for Him, desires to sing praises to Him for His Miracle working touch, it doesn't matter one bit what others say and think, whether they believe or not.  Many make decisions based on flesh, fears, pain, hurt, jealousy, etc...Remember, you Follow Him, Sing to Him the praises of your heart, He has never let you down.

"Wait On the Lord, And Keep His way." Psalm 37:34
Sometimes He allows peoples petty opposition to stand in our way to prevent us from going any further After something that is not good, something that may be a huge mistake for us, may hold us back for years, may harm us, may even kill us.
For Sure, if we go toward that direction after it, it is going to take us from the Path that He is leading us by. 
So when peoples pettiness opposes what He told you to do, to think, to live for, remember to Go straight to Him for Wisdom and direction.
He is in control of your life as you put your life in His hands.
He knows that opposition is there challenging you, He allowed it to be.

The Way that I see this, is since I have no idea where we are going, as He did Not show me His map, I am going to continue to Follow Him Knowing that He Is In control of my life, and that is the Best for me.

 "Be not afraid, only believe." Mark 5:36

 John 6:40-70

John 21 
John 21:18-25

On feet of Faith & Peace
Isaiah 50:4/Isaiah 52/Jer 20:9-10,11-13/Joshua 1:9
Resting In His Faithfulness, 
One Day At A Time By Radical Faith.
©2010,2011 WisdomTeachesme

Thursday, February 10, 2011


 My sweet beloved Shepherd, my dearest friend, walks with me, laughs with me, cries with me, comforts me, sit still with me, prays for me, and takes the Best Care of me that God gives. And I expect Him with all the faith I have been given.

He whispers in my ear, his truths and wisdom, guiding me with every breath and step that I take.  He stops me and corrects me when I am wrong in my thinking, or actions.
He shows me a clear sky when all i am able to see sometimes is clouds and storms.
And I believe Him.

He assures me that even though I may see trouble and a problem, He is already moving me into His Ways Made through what I am able to see in the natural, and I trust Him.  And at the same time He is Calming and strengthening my Spirit and heart to be able to last through each storm and trouble.

I give to Him completely my life to be in total control over!
For what is Not given to Him He is Not in control of.

He removes all the hurt, pain, rejection, and mess out of my heart, and replenishes me with all His Love and His love grows and grows in me till it Must over flow into the lives of others. 

He speaks lovingly to me letting me know that I am His and He is mine, and as long as I continue to invite Him into, to give to Him every part of my natural and spiritual life, He Will Be In Control of It all.

That what comes my way, this thing is from Him!

So fret and worry do not come close to me, for I am assured that He has already taken care of every thing, so that I am completely able to accomplish every detail of His Work for Each day of my life!

His love has saturated every part of my entire being, down to the innermost part of my soul.  His Love is as a soft pillow that I lay my head on and rest when i am weary.

I know that everything that concerns me, concerns Him also.

 His Truth and Spirit are Alive within me and He speaks to my heart in complete love and truth all that I am to Him And All that I will become in Him!

"he that touches you, touches the apple of Mine Eye" (Zech. 2:8).

You Are Very Precious in My Sight. (Isa. 43:4)

He Is Delighted to teach, to educate me, for I stay hungry and thirsty for His all. My Spirit is always seeking the Bread and Drink that Only He can offer to me.

He wants us to learn from Him all that He came here to say and do. He went to our Father and asked Him to give to us His Holy Spirit to be Another Comforter, Guide and Host. That we Should always call upon the Power and Unction of the Holy Spirit to being forth into us what He wants us to know.  Revelation is from Him! To be taken Higher in our Spiritual life so that we are always in the Flow of His Holy Spirit.  Living by His Spirit not by flesh.

 To know that when temptations come against us, and when the enemy comes in our lives like flood waters, it is our weakness that needs His Might, these things are allowed by Him to better us.
And my safety always lies in my letting Him fight for me! Thank You Jesus!

The More I am around those that do not understand the Ways I live, speak, pray and act, who reject Him in me, who try to shut down His Truth and Love flowing through me for others because when I come around I reveal just How Much in Darkness their lives are in, who never consult me and always want to put me in the background, who only seek what material things I have to give, who always think that their human intelligence and knowledge is greater than the Wisdom He has poured into me, when I am facing difficult or painful circumstances;

I know these things are from Him!
He is the God of circumstances, and I have not come to these places by mistake or accident, He has meant for me to be in these places, to better me in His Love.

 Oh Yes, I did ask Him to keep me humble, to increase Himself in me and decrease my flesh. And the school of learning that He has placed me is Right Where I will be taught
as my surroundings and other people are tools used by Him to work out His Will in my life.

So many He has cut away out of my life, and some surprised me as I thought they claimed and loved Him as I do, but He showed me they do not.

He has Spiritually and emotionally grown and matured me so very much, and I look forward to each days lessons from Him.

When it is impossible for us to make end meet, I know this Thing Is from Him. And we depend completely on Him, as He told me,

My supplies are limitless (Phil.4:19).

I shall Not be one to hear a voice say to me, that in this thing I did Not believe my Lord God in the name of Jesus!

"In this thing you Did Not Believe the Lord your God" (Deut. 1:32).

When days and nights of sorrow pour through my heart, I know It is from Him
I ask myself, Is He Not the Man of Sorrow and is very much in touch with all grief?
He allows other humans to fail me so that I will in those time Turn to Him to take hold of His Everlasting consolation.

When I long to do the great and mighty Work for Him, and realize that I have been set aside sometimes on my bed in pain and weakness, I know this thing is from Him. Sometimes He simply stays me so that I am on the side, watching. praying and praising Him for doing what needs to be done.

Some times He is not able to get our attention when we fill our days with human useless busyness, so in some lives, He allows sickness to take hold in order to speak to us uninterrupted.
I have learned from Him that those who serve Him must learn to Stand in Wait until His divine order and timing move us into action.  Deep calls to Deep!

I have learned from Him that many of His Greatest workers are those He shuts out of active service from the sight of others for periods of time. Never forgotten at all, but to be prepared to accomplish through Him the great work that is approaching.

He has placed in my hand a container of Holy Oil, to use it freely in every circumstance that appears, every word, action and rejection that brings pain and hurt to my heart and soul, every interruption that seeks to being me to impatience, every revelations of my weakness I am to Anoint with this Holy Oil so that the stinging will go as I learn to See Jesus in all things--to See and know His Grace and Mercy in all things pertaining to my life.

You know what is Best for me Lord, and I continue to accept Your Best in all areas of my Spiritual and natural life, even when I think I have missed out, I am assured that Your Best has not arrived yet. You know what I need, and I am completely dependent upon you as my children are on us in this home, this family you put together to live for You and to serve You all day every day.  Thank You for teaching us how to raise the children you blessed us with.

I have learned that it is best to Rest, quietly in His Love and allow His Patience to Have Her complete Work in me and mine.

In the Name of my Beloved Jesus, Glory be to my Father God, Amen!

On feet of Faith & Peace 
Isaiah 50:4/Isaiah 52/Jer 20:9-10,11-13/Joshua 1:9
Resting In His Faithfulness,
One Day At A Time By Radical Faith.
©2010,2011 WisdomTeachesme

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


 "This Thing Is From Me" 1 Kings 12:24

He Will have us To prove His Promises. Let it never be said of you, that in spite of His Word given,

"In This Thing you Did Not Believe The Lord your God" 

 "...Let It Be To me According To Your Word."  Luke 1:38

 "Be Not afraid, Only Believe." Mark 5:36

 Greetings to you my sisters and brothers in the Love and Presence of our Lord Jesus!
I hope that you are doing Well, Living through His indwelling Spirit, in Good health and in your Right mind!

There is Progress when we Share our Joy with Jesus and with all others we cross paths with. We get double Joy.
When we share our sorrow with Him, it is half a sorrow.

This Is His Will for us, to Share Everything with Him.

  We are encouraged by Him to freely share and give of our Spiritual Fruit to anyone that will benefit.

Many people try to do things in their daily lives alone. By this I mean, every decision you need to make, every problem that arises, every time you are enveloped by Joy and Happiness,  He wants us to SHARE EVERYTHING with Him, All the Time! 

To do so will allow us to gain His Wisdom concerning every area of our lives. His Wisdom directs the Knowledge we have gained.  Knowledge without Wisdom is useless!
And you know that God is the Only One who Gives Wisdom!

This brings us the Progress that He has set forth for us. Strengthening our relationship with Jesus, allowing Him to be free to change us and mold us as He knows Best for us. By sharing everything with Him is how all this is accomplished.

The faster you 'get this' the better your life will become.
He requires Complete surrender, complete dependency on Him in order that we Are Partakers of All that He has been given to Share with us by our Father God. 

*YES Lord Your Will Be Done in and for and through my life*

He is desiring to Grow us with His Love. That Is what His Love does, Grows things!

This will give us the progress that we seek and desire in every area of our natural and Spiritual lives.

Please my sisters and brothers, Do not get caught up in petty messes and the manipulations from the fears of others.

This Spiritual Journey Is Not about a New religion, Nor the Right religion, It's About His Will--Seek His Will all day every day, then All Will Be Well and our Growth Will happen!
Always Seek His Will for your steps concerning each day and all the happenings of Each day, how else shall we make it through the ways of this rebellious world?

Follow Jesus, He Will always lead you on the path that our Father has Divinely Spoken for your life. His Spirit is indwelling in those that have asked for Him, This Is His Will for all who claim Him as their Lord.

Listen to His Spirit, Follow the Ways His Spirit Leads you on, no matter what other people are doing or saying, You Follow Him!  

Confess out loud that You Are Expecting our Lord to Be your Help in all ways you encounter.

God Is ONLY in control of what concerns us, When we Give Him full control of our lives.
If you do not tell Him, "Lord, I cannot handle this without Your help, I give this thing to you so that You Will guide me"; then you are Not expecting His Will to be done concerning that thing you face.

If you hold onto a challenge, a situation, a set of circumstances to try and 'fix it' yourself, then the consequences of your decision will be what you get.

If you Give to Him what you are Not able to do, then the consequences of your decision to Give it to Jesus to have complete control over what concerns your life, is what you will get.

He will respect our decision to use our gift of free will to try and help ourselves. Our Lord will Not interfere in our daily human life unless we Give To Him what we are Not able to do at all times. Seek His intervention in all things concerning your natural and Spiritual life.
Invite Him--Share With Him All things that are a part of your life!
God is about Freedom, He is listening and waiting for us to Speak out our need for Him, to be willing and teachable to His Will, Plans and Purposes for our lives.

Look through His Word, Listen to His Holy Spirit, the word 'If' is bold and present. 
Jesus Is Only in control of what we willingly Give to Him, the moment we put our hands into the problem, or make a decision to do something contrary to His directions, He has taken His hands off of the thing we need corrected.

We are Not able to find solutions on our own concerning the challenges and problems that we face.  We will not be partakers of His Best for us concerning correcting the issues and the progress that is needed to be made if we do not give it all to Him or if we make up our minds to do things our way. For a lack of Faith, Trust and Belief we shall perish!

KNOWING His Word and Promises, And BELIEVING His Word and Promises Are two different things.

Relax, don't be afraid to take a Spiritual and natural break.  Allow Quiet REST to benefit your life. If you Rest in His presence and are believing and trusting Him to Give to you all the necessary Wisdom, Knowledge and provisions that Will bring forth the breakthroughs that you require for this season of your life, He Will do so.

Don't confuse human religious busyness with our Fathers Work! Learn and study what Jesus said And did!

We do not have the strength in our souls, heart, and body to make a way through no way, So Recognize when It Is the Time to exercise Complete Faith and trust in His Ability and His willingness to Bring you through Every problem, test, trial, and challenge in the fullness of Victory and provide Glory to Him because you Believe!
  "Then they cry out to the LORD in their trouble, And He Brings them Out of their distresses. He Calms the storm, So that its waves are still. Then they are glad because they are quiet; so He Guides them to their desired haven. Oh, that men would give thanks to the LORD for His goodness, And for His wonderful works to the children of men!"
 Psalm 107:28-31

 Psalm 111

On feet of Faith & Peace 
Isaiah 50:4/Isaiah 52/Jer 20:9-10,11-13/Joshua 1:9 
Resting In His Faithfulness,
One Day At A Time By Radical Faith.
©2010,2011 WisdomTeachesme