Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Praise Be To God With My Whole Heart!
I greet you in the name of Jesus.

The end of His bringing things to their endings is upon us and the beginning of the new beginnings that have been brought forth from His hand, is also upon us.

Have you gone to God and received your complete healing yet?

If not click here and read this first.

This is so your understanding from Him will be by His divine order and in line with what His divine order has planned for you. Then come back and read this message.

If you have gone and Sat with God and claimed your newest level of Peace and Freedom-created by His healing of what is sick and broken---and you have stepped into the new possibilities that He has in the making for your life -- Then let us join in agreement together by speaking this Praise out to our Father God in the name of Jesus as the Healing that His Holy Spirit has blessed us with continues to grow and perform the miraculous cleansing of our hearts, spirits, soul and body. Allow Him to completely heal you entirely.

When you have a need, no matter how great or small and when God meets your need through another person that 'sowed' into your need---think about this; It really wasn't about your need--it was more important for that person to have an opportunity to be able to sow in the name of Jesus.

God has your need met--how He meets it is none of our concern.

So when you look at it like that--you can see that He is using your need - He maybe even allowed your need to manifest all for the purpose to create an opportunity for someone else to 'sow' into your life. As we are all at different places within our journey with Jesus and God-we still all go through the same kinds of tests.

Maybe the one who needs to sow is learning how to be a willing giver. So when God leads you to sow your time, your money, your shoulder, your whatever He says He is need of--Give It to Him.
AND when God tells you to be a receiver of a gift, the same points apply also. Receive in the name of Jesus. Give in the name of Jesus.

I encourage you to do so because, This is a test --> in order to Pass the test--> the answer is = to fully Obey.

With radical faith Let us Give Glory and Praise to the Only One that is deserving of it. Let Us open our mouths and declare with our hearts The Truth about God that We know. amen.

WE WILL praise You O Lord, with Our whole heart , We Will show by Our living and speak from our mouths the truths of ALL Your marvelous works and wonderful deeds that WE have been witness to!

We Will rejoice in You and be in high spirits; We Will sing praise to your name, O Most High!

Lord, When Our enemies turned back they stumbled and perished before You. Thank You Jesus.

You have always maintained Our right and Our cause Lord, You Who has always and do continually sit on Your throne judging righteously. Thank You.

You Lord, have rebuked the nations, You have destroyed the wicked; You have blotted out their name forever and ever.

The enemy Has Been cut off and has vanished in everlasting ruins. You have plucked up and overthrown their cities; the very memory of them has perished and vanished. You have kept your word and it Shall return to You full of harvest.

And Lord WE give Praise to You for You Shall remain and continue forever; You have prepared and established Your throne for judgment.
And You will continue to judge the world in righteousness; You Lord Will continue to minister justice to the peoples in uprightness. Thank You Jesus.

God, You Will also continue to be a refuge And a high tower for the oppressed And a refuge And a stronghold in times of trouble –just as now Lord with high costs rising, destitution growing and desperation controlling the hearts of people. Thank You Jesus!

And those that know Your name Lord, those who have experienced and have acquaintance with Your mercy and grace—We Will continue to lean on and confidently put our trust in You. For You Are Our God-Our Father Who never loses sight of us. You have never and never will you forsake us. We continue to seek You and on the Authority of Your Word Lord we have right to seek You.

Lord We sing Praises to You Our Lord, Who dwells in Zion! We declare among the peoples All of Your doings! For You Who avenge the blood of Your people which was shed unjustly—Lord You remember Us all and You will not forget Our cry. The cry of the afflicted Your poor and humbled people, Father thank You for continuing to show Your mercy and grace to Your people.
Thank You Father for always considering how We are afflicted by those that hate us. You Lord Who lift Us up from the gates of death- We Praise You!

We Will always speak out loud All that Your love has done for Us! Praises be unto You in the gates of the Daughters of Zion and We Will always rejoice in Your salvation and Your saving Help.

We look and We are witness to the nations that have sunk down in the pits that they made to snare all of Us, We look and We see the net which they hid has now caught their own foot. You Lord have made Yourself known; You have executed judgment; and the wicked are snared in the work of their own hands.
Higgaion [meditation]. Selah [pause, and calmly think of that]!

Headlong into a premature death Will the wicked Always fall to their appointed place Sheol (the place of the departed spirits of the wicked), And Lord, All the nations that have forgotten you And are willfully forgetting of You Shall face the same end.

Lord You have sent Your love spreading a covering of the oil of grace and mercy over Your needy people. Proving that You Will never forget Us. You fill Our hearts with Your hope and We are quickened to hold on to Our Faith in Truth, that We should not perish, ever.

ARISE O Lord! Let not man prevail; let the nations be judged before You!
Thank You Father God for the fear of You Will make them realize their frail nature is just as Ours is. O Lord that the nations may know themselves to be but men.

Selah [pause, and calmly think of that]!

In the name of Jesus Thank You God for Covering Us with Your Complete Healing in and over Our lives, Amen.

*inspired from Pslam 9

Monday, July 28, 2008


As I continue to mature in the Teachings of Jesus, I am accepting of the knowledge and wisdom that there are many things that I have done that I will never be able to reverse. The surrender of my limited power was my claiming of the Freedom that was given to me by my faith that Jesus earned.

I was immediately filled with an abundance of His Love that brought with it such A Joy and such A Peace as I had never experienced before. Glory to God.

So many things are out of my control and the only cure or remedy for past wrongs on my part is the Saving Grace of God through my relationship with Jesus. Did I mention that all this that I received is FREE TO ALL that ASK for it?

This is one of the first healings that God’s love covers us with at the time of surrendering your life to God in the name of Jesus. Sadly, many do not receive this healing of His forgiveness for the wrongs from our past lives. He gives it-but we must go get it and receive it. Amen.

No more being haunted by the echoes of old, lost memories filled with pain, hurt and brokenness tempting me to start on a “whyme-whenGod“ cycle.
These past wrongs are used by satan as tools of his destructive purposes in our lives. God has taken all that away and has taught me an understanding of His knowledge as to why He took them. They were interfering with what He has planned for my life. So they had to go. Simple enough for me to understand and release my mental hold on them.

The Oil of Grace is a most powerful gift to receive from Jesus. And I tell you-The Oil of His Grace works in all of Its power and glory to God.

To reach a place of deep fulfillment of a quality life with Christ is the yearning of true believers in Christ. To move into this place of Freedom and then begin to grow while there throughout the days we have been given is what our Spirits sing out for. To Be At Home In Christ Jesus.

A deepness within your heart and soul that gives Him total control over and in your life—gives you a great Peace of heart, spirit and mind—calming you as you settle within a place you have searched to find. And He found me. Has He found you yet? Have you answered His call yet?

There is no angel that is truthfully able to say that “once they were lost, but now they are found-that once they were blind, but now they see”. But I can—you can and when we do speak those words aloud they carry with them The Power of Gods Love=as speaking these words gives glory to God through our lives.

When you allow Jesus total control over and in your life, He takes these negative memories that are used as tools of destruction in the hand of satan-and He uses them to remind us of our human frailty, of where He has brought us from, and to also keep us humble and submissive to the guiding of His powerful influence. Which means that we did not get to NOW without His help!

The more we grow in our spiritual maturity we move into a deeper realm of reconciliation with God through Christ. This growing and moving is how He shows us His power that transforms our lives and our environment. All this is achieved by spending quality time with God.

I hope and pray that others will recognize His quality of character and be challenged to respect and appreciate the difference that God has done in my life. Hopefully they will not reject what is also available for them in their lives. A great peace of mind, spirit and heart from God’s grace through Jesus Christ. In His name Amen.

God wants you to grow into this place--to Rest in this place of His Peace--He wants For you to be able to say whole heartedly, just as I am able to speak; that I am connected to God through my relationship with Christ Jesus. I experience God because I have invested more than just time to gain and maintain this connection. I am never at the mercy of another person who wants to argue and reason the experience that I have gone through and continually enjoy.

He wants you to be able to say = I am one of many that have been called and chosen. I am one of the few that answered Him YES!

So far away from the rejection when it is used as a weapon of satan through another—that the pain and hurt that is inflicted when someone pulls the trigger of rejection-do I stand—so far away do I stand from those who spend time arguing with their demons and their fears through contradictions--far do I stand from those who are only passing by, and I stand beyond the arguments from the ridged, legalistic religious crew. Who knows nothing of the Spirit because they are following people praise and not the Spirit of The Lord.

I stand with those that have a genuine connection with God—Alone with Him I receive His complete healing in every area of my life so that I am a worthy vessel of His.

A dirty glass cannot provide living waters to the thirsty.

“And when they were alone, He explained all things to His disciples.”

Those people that do not have teachable hearts because they have too many agreeable fears that govern them. These remain on the outside of what God has for them to be and do. So through pure ignorance and through a willingness to ignore Him, they do not understand or experience Him in His completeness of healing and deliverance.

Jesus taught God’s word in parables to those who where able to hear, those that stopped to listen, to those who were willing to hear—For those that needed the help of simple stories that enabled them to grab hold of His truths that are so awesome that open the flood gates of His possibilities that He has turned into our opportunities!

So passionately did Jesus teach them; “But without a parable He did not speak to them.”

For you to be able to stand and truthfully say that you truly know God and that His method and level of the connection is vital to your life—to our lives is what He wants you to come to know, come to understand and come to accept for your life.

Jesus explained “all things” to “His disciples” –Apart from crowds who stopped to listen only to return to their routines and familiar things. Listening to their fears instead of the Savior.

Being patient is not our ability to wait-but is our ability to keep a good attitude while we wait. Satan knows that he cannot convince many of us to stop waiting on God. We are too strong—but he knows he can mess with “How You Wait” on God.

Don’t listen to your fears—they will always lead you into a consuming fire.
Mark 4
Col 3:12-16

Saturday, July 26, 2008


“He who hears and heeds you [disciples] hears and heeds Me; and he who slights and rejects you slights and rejects Me; and he who slights and rejects Me slights and rejects Him who sent Me.”
Luke 10:16

I have learned to Look on every fear that peaks out, not as a weakness, but as a real temptation to be attacked and killed by the Truth of The Lord. Overcoming fears is a victory as I live the life that I have been given me by faith that Jesus earned.

The middle is often a place of testing.

I do not testify in my own behalf- but in the name of Jesus do I come and testify to you about what the Love that God Is- has done for me. Hoping that you also will allow Him to completely heal you—which will carry you into the next level of Freedom from His peace being abundantly alive in your house in order to make it a home of Gods. In Jesus name I greet you on this day amen.

When I am tempted to be afraid, I remember the word of Jesus when He said in Mark 5:36 – “Do not be seized with alarm and struck with fear; only keep on believing.”

In Luke chapter 10 Jesus is teaching about having and holding onto His Peace. He sent the disciples out looking for a place of peace in order to preach the Gospel.

If your Peace settles there-stay there. There is a lot of wisdom in His Word. He said in verse 5 – “Whatever house you enter, first say, Peace be to this household!”

The Peace Jesus speaks of is a house free from all distresses that result from sin that may be with the family.
And then He goes on to say, “And if anyone [worthy] of peace and blessedness is there, the peace and blessedness that you speak shall come upon him; but if not, it shall come back to you.”

As I prayed for a complete healing for my home, family and myself- praying for the Holy Spirit of the Lord to also completely heal all of you—my sisters and brothers some of whom I know and some I do not; the understanding came to me that in order to heal myself I needed to let go of a fear that has lived in me a long time.
A fear that I had learned to live around and not go near even when it raised its ugly head up and tempted me to be fearful of moving forward past it.
And I know that many of you reading this also have this fear living within you—trying to jack up your life and purpose.
I am speaking of the fear of Rejection.

First let me go into the scripture above as it means 2 different things in this message.
I took this message to be important concerning my home-my immediate family that lives with me in this home. This is my home base, and Jesus was telling the disciples that in order to find a base to live from, to set out from in the mornings and to return to in the evenings after your daily work of spreading the Gospel, make sure that you find one that is filled with Receiving of the Peace that you speak over the home.

He said to go from house to house speaking peace over it and if it is received, then go in and stay, and when the people offer you food and drink- eat, for you as disciples are worthy to be paid for your work. As we are laborers of God and deemed right to receive wages.

Now they were going door to door seeking shelter as they had left their own homes in order to follow Jesus. Seeking a home base to work out of as they were purposed to teach and preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
One way that I was being shown this is to keep my own home and family living within His peace –living within His Freedom—freedom from sin attacking and moving into our home through family members. So I speak it out over this home of mine to always be aware of the Peace – the Freedom that Jesus said erases sin. That as long as I shall live this home-this family, shall follow Jesus. (Joshua 24:15)

When fears and the temptations of sin try to come into my home I am to do everything through God’s power to gain and maintain a peaceful atmosphere because strife and confusion adversely affect the anointing and power of God that rests on my life and the lives of my family.

I then had a stronger understanding of Why for the past 2 weeks, I had been praying for God’s healing for all of us. That when we do all that we can to ensure that God’s Peace is alive and free to do as it was purposed to do by God, everyone who lives and works from that home will do so in God’s power and with His anointing and all shall have success from the Freedom given.

But as The Spirit of the Lord kept pulling me to show me more – to give me a deeper understanding of what all this means, I soon discovered that the houses that Jesus spoke of that the disciples should go door to door to—were not just dwelling structures—but also the people themselves. As a dwelling structure of wood and nails cannot reject you—only people can.
We are the houses—the homes, the temples of God- Our Flesh is a temple to the Spirit of God that lives in us. And when we go house to house- saying as Jesus instructed us to do- if the people do not receive you-- leave.

Remember, He said, “Whatever house you enter, first say, Peace be to this household! [Freedom from all the distresses that result from sin be with this family!]. And if anyone [worthy] of peace and blessedness is there, the peace and blessedness you speak shall come upon him; but if not, it shall come back to you.”

Let me tell you this before I go further: We have to love Jesus enough to do what He asks of us. There are many that whole-heartedly join with and follow Jesus. They pray to and wait on the Spirit of the Lord to teach them and lead them. Not making a move before hearing what The Lord has to say about a matter. Not everyone is willing to obey God and pay the price required to be close to Him. Intimacy with God requires of us to invest our time and not everyone is willing to invest the amount of time that they are called to give. God does not ask for All of our time, but He does ask to be kept in first place at all times (1 John 5:21).

How we prioritize our time is what really is important. There are many people that think the only way to be close to God is to do nothing but spiritual things. If we keep God first, then everything we do with body, soul, and spirit will be spiritual. Everything you do from cleaning to cooking a meal can be an act of worship if we do it unto the Lord for His glory.

We must sow to reap—and what we sow—what we invest is what we get in return.

It all started to click together for me—that He was teaching me about rejection and what to do about it when it is used as a weapon in the hand of satan through people. People that God has sent me to deliver His messages to. Some of these people reject the Word-and reject me as His messenger. Now the “why fors” of their rejection are another topic that I have touched on in the posts below this one-so I will not delve into that right now. How we relate to this rejection and throw it right off is what is more important to know.

He is saying, when you go to a person with the purpose of teaching/preaching His Gospel, and when you come in Peace with blessings to speak for the person(s)—if they do not rec’ what you are giving—then turn around and shake the dust from your feet and go to the next person. But when you find a home base—a person that accepts you—stay there a while and teach and preach to their spirit to enlighten them- to help them understand what the Love of God means to their lives.

That you have come offering the Freedom that Jesus lived and died for to give us. You are giving them a healing, a deliverance from all strongholds that may be living in that home—that persons heart.

As I sat with tears rolling down my face because the Love I felt was so intense and complete I understood what He was doing for me and my family. I was given a complete understanding of what He was speaking to me-showing me about my own life and those around me. All the years I had endured rejection from people and places-the pain and hurt inflicted by that rejection had been growing in me and grew to be a stronghold in my life as I was fearful of being rejected. It was buried so deep that I did not know it was working against all that I have been purposed to do by God.
Because I had decided long ago to Rest In My Fathers Love-I Am Healed!

And here Jesus is showing me what is holding me back and telling me it is time to have complete healing and peace in my heart and spirit. And I without hesitation-I REACHED for what He was giving me. Another level of FREEDOM in Him. Thank You Jesus.

The tool in God’s hand that I am is being prepared to work on the broken houses that He says are in need of repair. I have been used by Him to help repair many houses up to this point - but I am given the understanding that my work will increase and my strength as one of His tools had to be increased and made pure. So as not be buried under the results of further rejection…which is sure to come.

But first I had to be completely healed from past pain and hurt. Now let me say this, rejection will continue to come-it will continue to be used as a negative weapon in the hands of satan. I am ready for that-but now that Jesus has taken the ‘root ball’ out of me, that grew from as a result of years of rejection – so now when others reject me—as they will—the results of being rejected will not bother me because it has no root ball to grab hold of to settle in and grow from.

Also, I am fully aware and have accepted that it is not I that is being rejected—that is the excuse people use to willfully ignore what God is saying to them.
There is a Balm In Gilead! HALLELUJHA!!

To be prepared by the Love of God in order to completely accomplish the purposes that He sends us to fulfill is a healing….a completeness of His love for us and in us. Amen.

Rejection is such a powerful tool of the enemy—and until I started living for Jesus every day, I often wondered why I never fit in as a child and throughout growing up. No place I went—no group of people I was around—I never felt like I fit in with them or that place. Never sat right—uknow what I mean? I know you do. And the many reasons that I was rejected are so shallow that it shows me the truth about people and their hearts clearly. I can see it all now that they were also full of fears. And people still are. And these fears are demons that speak in place of the truth from their mouths.

I was set apart long ago by God—I was not suppose to fit in as I was never a part of this group or that group. I was not to live over there or out there. I was taught what it meant to be rejected on so many levels in order to prepare me for right now! The day is here that I understand why I had to endure all of the pain and hurt and brokenness from being rejected for no apparent good reasons or fault of my own.

I also understand that if God has said that Now is the time to be healed from this pain and hurt—that He is now preparing me to do something greater for Him—Something on a larger level than what I am doing now then Now is the time!
And I am excited by this revelation of His knowledge, wisdom, and understanding of the new level of Freedom that I now live within. Thank You Jesus for Your Holy Spirit dwells in and guides my life! Amen.

There is a Balm in Gilead!

Healing Simply put = In John 5:30, Jesus needed Power—God sent it down! When you need power- ask in Jesus’ name and God will send it to you through His Spirit that lives within us. (John 14:26)

And God’s Spirit blows and breathes where It Will! Listen to His Spirit and not the fears that live within people. (Joel 2:28-Luke 4-Romans 2:14-15)

When I am sent to speak to people - At times I am rejected. I know it is God and Jesus they are really rejecting-but being human with a heart and feelings – I thought I was ‘pushing past it’. But I really was not. It hurts to be rejected. But now when it occurs, it shall be as water off a ducks back---run right off of me-as I am completely healed from the pain and hurt and the brokenness that rejection inflicts by satan through people. Will I feel sad and somewhat hurt? Yes, I probably will. Will the results burrow down into my heart and hinder me again? NO- they will not. Gathering up the Peace they reject and moving on to the next house that I'm sent to.
Jesus spoke to a man that day in Mark 5:1-20=He asked the man his name and the man’s fears and demons answered Jesus with “Legions”. Jesus was speaking to the man—but the demons had control of him and spoke for him. Jesus was sent to a house greatly in need of repairs --a healing.
A tool in the hand of God.

Your fears will speak and decide things for you-if you have given them that much power and control over your life. When you listen to the advice that your fears give you- you will always miss the mark that Jesus set forth for us to obtain. He wants all of us to learn to see through this shallow trick. Just as He did with His friend Peter.
In Mark 8:33 Jesus had to speak to the fears in Peter-actually I think satan was standing in between Jesus and peter and spoke in Peters place. Jesus turned and said = “Get Thee Behind Me satan!”

This is what I say to them that allow their fears to speak for them. Maybe not out loud every time rejection raises its ugly head—but without doubt I say it every time in my spirit. And this is what you must do when you are rejected-shake the dust off your feet-receive the Peace that you tried to give in the name of Jesus back into yourself and go to the next house that God leads you to work on. As you are a tool in His hand and there are many, many houses that are in need of repair and upkeep. amen.

I am connected to God through my relationship with Christ Jesus. I experience God because I have invested more than just time to gain and maintain this connection.
I pray that you reach out and receive the connection that Jesus is offering to you for your life depends upon it.

Prayer has purpose. Do you believe in the Power of Prayer? Prayer is part of Gods purpose—It is how we approach God in the name of Jesus to ask for His completeness to rain down and in our lives.

Go to God—He is waiting for you to come and sit and sup with Him. Jesus is leading you to sit at the table to be feed. Amen.

Hosea 4:6-Mark 6:26-Luke 17:25-Gal 4:14-Heb 6:8; 12:17 – John 12:48-50

Thursday, July 24, 2008


Today i am so humbled and filled with such A Joy from the Lord that tears are just flowing down my face!

Today as everyday of my new life, I have been speaking with the Lord and just thanking Him for things I have no idea in detail what they are, because these prayers and thanksgivings are for you! Prayers of healing! (Jer 32:27)

Thanks giving to our Lord for all He has done--He has answered my prayers concerning YOUR LIFE!! I thank you Jesus- I Praise You Jesus. I am so filled with Your love that I can't keep all of this! I have to give it to those it belongs to! Thank You Jesus..

I am here today to let you know--God has answered my prayers concerning your life and that the orders have been filled! Please go directly to the Lord and receive your answered prayers!
I added my faith with your faith--I added my trust with your trust--I added my love with your love.


My sisters and brothers who followed His light to this place of encouragement, open your ears and eyes and see the Glory of the Lord shinning down on you! See His greatness standing here just for you! He has come to help "Even you" ! GLORY BE TO GOD THROUGH YOUR LIFE!

My friends, I asked the Lord to inspire me. I have been speaking that from my heart as only God would know the exact details of ALL of what my need is. To be inspired directly from His Spirit-how could we go wrong? Right-we can't! amen.

To Inspire me Again- Please Lord. And I humbly thank You Father for the gifts that you have placed inside me, planted by Your loving hand and i thank You for watering me, tending to me, making sure I have everything that I need to grow, sprout, and bloom. Everything that I need to Produce the Fruit that is part of Your Harvest Lord. Thank You Jesus.
You enabled me to make it through the wind storms, the floods, the hot hot sun, making sure that the weeds that came to kill me died before they harmed me in any way--Yes Jesus thank You that you made sure that the insects, and ground animals did not pull me out of the ground and never ate my body for their meals.
I was never given as food to the birds ..HALLELUJAH--THANK YOU GOD-The tears of Joy that are FLOWING ARE WORDS that I do not know yet--I have no way to speak them, so I must let all this happiness out using what i have...my praise, my worship, my obedience, my love, my smile, my heart, my tears, my song and my art.

My Friends, those of you that have listened for the Word of the Lord, that Voice that will always Be Heard-you who have followed the light that He put before you know that this place is one of your stops as you go about your journey....I encourage you to go to God and sit with Him and Jesus will be right there as He is your door.
God is waiting for you to come RIGHTNOW!

He has heard my love for you, He has watched me as I gave up my time to come to Him, bringing all your stuff with me to the Altar of the Lord.....He knows what His Spirit spoke to me to say on your behalf.....mercy, grace, unconditionaLove, forgiveness--
Though I cannot repent for anyone other than myself--I am able to go to God in the name of Jesus on your behalf. amen.
and now....
I have come to tell you to right now, Go To God--
He Wants To Talk To YOU......

I thank the Lord that you followed the light that He casts to help you continue to find your way along the path that He Divinely set forth that you are to walk and as yo go along- you will be helping to build His Kingdom.....there in your heart, in your soul, in your mind and body- a home for your spirit...Here On Earth As It IS In Heaven...

Oh How I Love The Lord!! He heard my cry....and He came down here to see about "Even me" and ...Even you....Even them....and Even those over there.....I Love The Lord...

Be well my friends, grow as He is watering you with His miracle Grow...spraying you so the bugs will not eat you up, you are sweet and not for the hands of those not given permission to touch. To give God the praise and worship He deserves is what we have been made for....

If you have truely loved somebody...anybody here during your life time....then you have made the greatest mark ever here on earth. Leaving the Legacy of 'Love Spread' is the greatest legacy anyone could ever leave.


To know that we are at the "end" of many things. The beginnings are upon us ready to be revealed to us. Are you ready? Have you let go of everything old and dead?

Many things are coming or have come to an ending. Let them go so that you are able to pick up the beginning!

The more that God reveals to us as we spend time with Him, the more we gain revelation and we begin to have an understanding of what is going on around us.

Don't you love it when you realize that what was hidden has been revealed?!

God's timing says that everything is subject to revelation! EVERYTHING around us is in a process of being uncovered.
Now this also means many negative things that have the possiblity of harming us. These also must be revealed as you cannot take the negative with you into the positive beginnings. Let Us Have Faith to face the negatives in our lives and in us so that they will be transformed into positive truths.
Faith that leads you to call on Jesus for strength to get rid of the negatives and the lies that you have turned into truths and believed for far too long now.
Glory to God!

But also and specifically the Lord's positive plans and designs that have been set forth, prepared with His grace and the oil that goes ahead of us to make the Way right for us.
He is connecting our Now with our Future.

The end of a thing, is always better as it prepares the way for a beginning thing.

And we are at the 'ending' of many things. Isn't God just the Greatest as He is continually bringing Himself to our spirits-revealing what He is doing for us and for others, as we continually wait on Him and praise Him for all that He has done.

He is bringing what He has placed in our hearts to pass.

Oh How I Love The Lord!


"I LOVE THE LORD" sung by Whitney Houston-
written and composed by Richard Smallwood

performed by Richard Smallwood

I Thank you for being a witness to what God's Love in the name of Jesus has done!
It Is Well With My Soul!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Lord God, I thank You that You have chosen me to be holy, set apart and special to You. In the name of Jesus, Father I know and I recognize and I understand that You are The Faithful God Who keeps Your covenant with a steadfast love and mercy for those who fear You and keep Your commandments. In the name of Jesus my brother, I thank You, amen.(Adapted from Deuteronomy 7:6 & 7:9)

My friends in Christ, I greet you in the name of our Brother Jesus Christ. I heard of your faith in the Lord Jesus and the love you have shown to the Saints (the people of God) and I pray that God will continue to teach you, to defend you, to use you as the tool that you have been created to be. I pray for you and give thanks for you in Jesus’ name to God. He has flooded the eyes of your heart with His light so that you will know and understand the hope and grace to which He has called you. You have been set apart because He has called you. To learn and know how rich is His glorious inheritance in the saints (His set-apart ones).

To include you in knowing and understanding what is the immeasurable and unlimited and surpassing greatness of His power in and for us who believe. In His name and strength do I come to spread what the Lord has placed in my heart. Amen.(Adapted from Eph 1:14-19)

Preparations may look foolish to a person who depends on her/himself. (Proverbs 14)

In order to walk the steps that have been predestined for us to walk, there are times in which God will lead His children into and if they are willing and teachable, through a wilderness.

I am convinced and I am a witness to the truth that God will set His called and chosen people apart from the masses in order to teach them. If they will go and stay apart- He will totally re-shape their hearts and lives. There are times in our lives when God will remove from us our routine way of living.

I am not talking about those people that run from God and then say He put them somewhere. That is not the same thing as God setting you aside. Many run from God or from their problems and situations. I am talking about knowing that God has put you in a secluded place--not by your fears and flesh. And my friends, let me say this- that if you ARE in a self directed wilderness because of wrong choices, Please Call On The Name Of Jesus to Help Light your Way Out. amen.

I know that He Will separate us from people, places, and things in order to prepare us for our next step. God will separate us from all this everyday stuff in order to Spend Time with us, without the distractions of life to delay and are a hinderance to us. Because these places of separation are usually uncomfortable and may be dry places—some of us will resist them. Some people may even think that He is punishing them. That is Far from the truth.

We are set apart many times throughout our journey by God. This is necessary that we are put into these dry sequestered places in which no one else can help us – including ourselves so that we may discover that God almighty Is our Only source of life. He is our defender, our healer, and our protector. He has supplied all our need.

Many of us that have fully surrendered to His leading also find out that our jobs, our education, our families and our friends are not able to fuel us with spiritual enlightenment and spiritual revelation at these times. God will cut everything off except what He sends directly from His Spirit. He wants to be the Only source for all our resources. He wants us to grow deeper into who He Is. To know a deeper wisdom about ourselves also. He wants us to know what we need to know.

To sit and bask in His closeness and His teaching is thrilling to me at this place of my life. I do not resist entering the dry places-the places of seclusion anymore. In fact I welcome them as I am able to rest physically, mentally, and spiritually while I am sequestered with Him. To be set apart in order to be trained and taught new ways and to discover new abilities and confidences in myself is a humbling gift from Him. To sit with Him and sup with Him at His table is a honor I would not reject, resist or be moved from for any reason.

To sit in His hands and be re-molded and forged into the shape and vessel that He knows is best for my life is something I learned is important to be able to take the next steps in my journey. This is quality time that I speak of when God calls to us to sit with Him. I can tell you this, when God calls if you ignore Him, after a while He will create a situation in which you have to come to Him in order to sit and be refreshed and renewed. To be allowed to see and know below His surface into the depths if His love is an honor and a gift that He does not offer to many.


God will separate you from being yoked with the wrong people, places and things. He will provide the correct people that you are to be yoked with. Joined with those that have the same points of agreement within their hearts as you do is the power He wants us to know. The Power Of Unconditional Love!

For every assignment He will send forth those that will and can help you before you begin. How many of you have turned away – rejected those that God has sent to help you based on what your heart loves? Have you walked away from help because of your fears, the way they looked – dressed, the way they spoke, because you were jealous of their gifts….or maybe because they spoke the truth and it scared you because you see you cannot ‘play’ with God with them around?

Ask yourself these questions and see what your heart reveals to you. The Spirit of God will show you what you need to confront within yourself. There is nothing to be afraid of. You won't fall apart by facing the truths that you need to. I encourage you to Stop running and face the truths that you need to accept.

What does your heart treasure? What you love will mold and shape you.

Who you are yoked together with factors heavily into whether you will be able to stay the course with the strength needed to complete the work given to you. Strength and wisdom, truth and confidence should increasingly grow as the assignment progresses. Sufficient strength mixed with the right talents are to be added as you go along the way—propelling you toward His glory.

As you continue to spend quality time with God and with Jesus, He will reveal to you the Spiritually Undisciplined people you will need to avoid and be separated from. Some of these people were put with you in order to learn and grow. But when they rebel and resist the leading of His spirit-they are a danger to you and the assignment God has given to you.

They may also begin to try and manipulate the anointing on you in order to have it serve them the way they want it—not the way they need it. What I mean by this is, God will if allowed by you-He will finely craft you by His refinning fire and His re-molding of your inner self - your thinking, your speaking, your all--and when He does this you are a tool in His hands to be used for the specific purposes that He designed you for.

He also decides Who you shall be helping. As every house that is in need of repairs, you will not be a worker to help that person. We are not to help everyone that crosses our path. Some in need have been sent to stop, slow, or flat out erase you from your work for God. Having a strong discerning spirit is what helps you know who everyone is. And how you should go about interacting with them.

So when people come along and try to use you--what they plan will not last long--He will cut them off. After a given time has passed--He will reveal their true motives to your spirit. You will know. Also, for people to try and manipulate one of God's tools - will not work for them and it is dangerous to mess with the work of God.

These “sometimes convinced but never converted” people maintain a stay-at-home mentality and do not know when God has opened a window of opportunity because the timing is right. And if some of them are aware that God has provided the right opportunity—they will not move forward walking into it by faith because the undisciplined attitude is dull and reluctant.

These peoples focus is not on Jesus but turns inward. They take no risks because they cannot risk all they think they are as they have placed their value and their validation to be proved by things and other people. They seek people praise and do not see the strength and power of their praise to God. Approval by people is nothing like God's Approval. One hinders and stagnants and the other waters with miracle grow and loves.

Anybody or anything yoked to these spiritually undisciplined will become stuck in the mire with them-broke down. Take a moment and think about the people that you touch base with on a daily, weekly basis. The people that you go out with, call and talk to , do favors for, help out. Can you really trust them? Or can you only trust them at certain times with specific incentives for them to help you out? Think - are they living their lives for God by following Jesus? My point is not to treat anyone with negatives, or rudely, my point is this, we have to put people in their proper places as our friends or we are living with the wrong motives. All your friends do not have to be with God to be your friends. They all do not have to be saved.

But if they are going to help you with the work God has given you and you consider them very close friends, then there should be a unity - a strong agreement between you that says we love God we work for God and we live for God.
When we are around those that are not giving praise to God in the name of Jesus--things will not go right-as we all are to represent God as Jesus and the disciples did. (but that is another message).

God will teach you while you are sequestered with Him how to know and choose the disciples who know to Pray First—those who run ahead of the rest—applying their God given supernatural wisdom in the Spirit first. These are the people who treasure in their hearts a deep love and dedication to God. Nothing could keep them from obeying Him.

These people of God are the ones that you want to be yoked with; theirs is the truth, and confidence, trust, faith and the strength that you will need to complete the work given. They will always be guided by the Holy Spirit and will always be there for you as God has sent them to be.

Preparations may look foolish to a person who depends on her/himself. (Proverbs 14)

There are things that God wants to reveal to you- His wisdom, His knowledge and the uncovering of His mysteries —All this is part of His preparation and discovery process. He cannot and will not reveal all this to you if you refuse to be set apart from the others in and around your life.

He has to move all the things, people and places that you have put in His place in your heart.
The things that you have given power to and importance to in and over your life must go if they are in His way.

Why you ask—because you can't take a shower with one leg in and one leg out of the tub. Because the temptation to give away to the wrong people what you need to keep is there—the chances of these people stealing what has been given to you is abundantly possible. The distraction of them telling you not to do that or this is in front of you as you hold their opinions about your life up high in the place that is reserved for God and God only! We many times create idols out of things and ourselves and other people and we place them in the place reserved for God in our hearts.

The truth is, you don’t really know the hearts of many of the people that you have allowed into your life. You may be lying to yourself about what you really see and know about them. You may be seeing them in the way they want you to see them and not the truth about them. They also may be keeping you from growing as jealousy will manipulate you out of blessings and create strongholds in your life because of what your hearts loves.

What are your motives and what are their motives? If your motives are to be true and dedicated to God in the name of Jesus—then I assure you that many of the people in your life will have to go.They are ‘playing ‘ with God—they are not serious about their spiritual life nor about doing what is right even when they don’t want to. These people feed their flesh and live by their emotions. Some of them may be saved—but they are stuck at being saved. No growth has taken place emotionally, spiritually and mentally.
Look closely at your heart and your motives. Are you more like the people that you need to cut loose from--or are you more like the person God wants you to be? As Jesus said, The Truth Will set you free--and if you allow It to--The Truth Will Keep you free! amen.

Discovery and acceptance of this God knowledge and wisdom concerning ourselves is the only way to proceed by His will toward the next glory. From Glory to Glory-exchanging your sack of ashes for His beauty is what He is telling us we have to do.

There are many places in the Bible where God sequestered His called and chosen people. He led them into dry places in order that they will get to know Him better and to have their undivided attention on what He is saying and teaching.

Many will not surrender and refuse to see the great wealth of treasure that He is giving them in these times and they never leave the wilderness.
He removes our bodies from slavery—but many do not bring their minds and hearts with them into the free land, So they are doomed to repeat the same lessons and hardships over and over again.
You cannot take what God gives you from the Promised Land back into the wilderness. It will fall apart. So many people are given gifts and blessings from the hand of God-from His love He bestows to His children all they need—but so many think they can manipulate these blessings and use them with the wrong mind, heart and motives. God will shut this down!

He wants to teach you about Himself in order to develop in you a discipline, a dedication, a strength that nothing and no one can bring down or separate you from. To be prepared by the Master Creator Himself is to be tested by His refining fire till His reflection is seen in you.

It is not totally about what you accomplish by reaching your destination—but the important focus is on What you Become by reaching your destination.
In Mark 8:28 Jesus lead the blind man apart from the others in order to heal him.
Deut 7:6; 8:2-3
Num 16:9
Matt 6:33
Acts 19:9
Rom 1:1
Eph 1:16
Psalm 34

Friday, July 18, 2008


For she said to herself, " If only I may touch His garment, I SHALL be made well. " Matthew 9:19-22; 14:36

Greetings to you my sisters and brothers in Christ- I have come to Praise Him, and Honor Him. Glory, Glory, Glorify Him!
My friends.

With the increase of confusion and chaos that seems to be growing larger and larger from this world, it is a great comfort to live by the Law of The Spirit.

To know that actively listening increases active faith and together with all the other gifts of the Spirit wrapped in God's Love--we are strengthened to trust the leading of His Spirit when we call upon the Wisdom of God to help us. EXPECT HIM! and He Will Show Up!

To Come to Him when He beckons and stretches out His hand -- with the offer for complete healing--LOOK it is right in front of each of us.
With Confidence we must trust that when God maps out our steps, divinely placing them in His Order--we must not hesitate to move or stay.

God loves our sacrifices, but to obey is better.

To be healed of all our wounds, the confidence to know that when you reach and grab His garment you will be healed, is of such a great faith which is always pleasing to our Father and our Brother.

Confidence that Everything that the Holy Spirit IS--IS for us if we just seek Him and allow Him to live completely within us.
How many of you have all that you need to do what God has called you to do--except the confidence that you need to propel you?

You need to ask The Holy Spirit to rain down the latter rain on your life and in your spirit.

I spent my early years living as i chose. And it amounted to some good things, but not Great things. I was unhappy, frustrated and did not like my life much. Things I thought would be here for ever, works that i had done--it all just seemed to always fall apart--dust in the wind. Things had to CHANGE!

I had an issue that needed to be Healed!

I decided to allow God through Jesus to change my heart and mind.
I was given great enlightenment and revelation about God through my brother Jesus and I had to step out of the boat. Walking on the deep waters with my focus on King Jesus! Amen.

I decided not to spend my latter years living by my own wisdom--not to waste the latter part of my life-it was in March of 2002 as I was 39 when I fully gave my life over to God in the name of Jesus. It was a few weeks shy of my 40th birthday.

The Hand of God had already closed every door and window that brought the Oil of His Grace that made my work seamless. My work was hard and frustrating like it had never been.
I stayed at my career of teaching for 4 more years, then in 2006 on a friday the 22 of September - The Spirit of The Lord told me it was time to go home and rest in Him on a different level.

And so I did. To Follow Jesus as He beckoned to me To Come To Him!
To have the confidence to know that God would supply All my need and that of my family.
I Gave it all up for Jesus.

I love that woman with the blood issue. So Great Was Her Faith!
I love all the stories in which the women of God stepped up and took a stand by faith that God would do what He said that He would do. All the teachings of the Bible that tell us about the people (the centurion) with Great Faith are such a balm to my spirit and my soul. Thank You Jesus.

Jesus is a tool in the hand of God. He cannot perform any task or work that He was not designed to perform. He is in God's hand. A hammer cannot jump out of your hand and pound a nail by it's own power. You must hold it and guide it. It cannot hold and guide your hand--it is a tool.

That is How we are in God's hands. Those that stay there long enough are used in a magnificent way. Helping to Build His Kingdom Here on earth as it is in Heaven. amen.

I am a tool in the Hand of God. I will be used for the purposes that He made me for. If I try not to do what I have been purposed to do by God's Will, things fall apart. If I try to do something that God has not purposed, things fall apart.
Truth is Sweet Bread!

We are all tools in the Hand of God-The Master Builder. But some of us are trying to tell God how to use us and when to use us and for how long.

If you are a saw, you cannot hammer a nail!

The lack of confidence is a large gap that can only be filled by The Spirit of God in us. Confidence in God and in yourself is vital to obedience and growth in your relationship through Jesus. The confidence in ourselves that I speak of is not that we can do it alone, but that we can do Everything Through Jesus.
We have got to press through the thoughts that hinder and obscure the Healing that the Holy Spirit has sent to you. EVERYTHING that we each need is already with in us! None of the gifts will work if you do not use them.

We all go through periods of mental confusion and doubts concerning which way our life should go. We are not able to guide ourselves by guessing. When we tire ourselves out from running in place or in circles--tired of going through the same issues and problems over and over---then Will God step in and ask once again, 'Are you ready to give ME everything?'
He is asking us if we have learned our lesson yet.

We should Allow the Holy Spirit of God to heal the confusion, and the chaos in our lives- in our thoughts, in our relationships,and in our heart. We should allow Him to work on some changes in progress, to start some new changes, to complete those changes that we have adapted to and made our own. And then to start some new changes.

Thoughts of fear, guilt, doubt and unbelief will try to convince you that God has not heard your prayers and is not going to help you.
We all have to exercise our Faith with Great Confidence--Actively using EVERYTHING that we have in us to Step when He leads.

I encourage you to REACH and GRAB teh hem of His garment and with thy great faith KNOW that all your issues will be healed. If only you will believe.

Exercise your faith to know that the Great 'I AM' heard you and has answered your prayers. He is our Father--Our God who sees and hears and knows our need. He is not beyond our reach, nor is He unavailable. Reach for Him.
God encourages us to diligently seek Him and He will be found by those who are expecting to see His face.

We all have our specialties and no one should be wasted.

Father in the name of Jesus I offer this humble praise and worship to You, I ask that You let me continue to be a light in a dark night--Lord, Let me continue tospeak of Hope in a hopeless life--May i continue to breath Your praise throughout my days--Let me continue to be that Love that erases fear--Please Lord Let me continue to Live the Faith that pleases You--Lord let me continue to share You everywhere and Father Let me continue to Worship You FOR ALL YOU ARE AND ALL YOU HAVE DONE HALLELUJAH!!

LORD i continually submit my life to You in the name of Jesus....thank You Father for all that You have done in me and for me. I will always be a living witness to what Your Love has done in the name of Jesus, Amen!

"However, we possess this precious treasure [the divine Light of the Gospel] in {frail, human} vessels of earth, that the grandeur and exceeding greatness of the power may be shown to be from God and not from ourselves."
2 Cor 4:7

Yokes Will Be Broken when You call on the Healing of the Holy Spirit!
I know this is true--I've tried Him!

that's what she told herself....

"COME HOLY SPIRIT" - Tramaine Hawkins

Richard Smallwood - "Healing"

"SACRIFICE OF PRAISE" - by Dorothy Norwood

Wednesday, July 9, 2008



Love is that condition in which The happiness of another person Is essential to your own.

Greetings to you my sisters and brothers. In the name of Jesus wrapped in The Love Of God do I come.

I pray in the name of Jesus, that the Lord God opens your ears and eyes so that you shall grow in spiritual maturity and that His Love shall cover you in all areas of your life. I thank The Lord for strengthening you in every area of your being so that you are fully surrendered to His Will for your life. That you will walk in His love - that you will live within His love and that you will allow His love to come forth from you at every opportunity avaliable. That you will always be a witness to what His Love has done.

In the name of Jesus, Amen.

My sisters and brothers in Christ-- I daily dwell with The One who speaks softly what His people need to hear and to know. I daily Praise God for helping your way through in the name of Jesus. I allow His Will to change me, to correct me, to show me how He has ordered my steps. I sit and actively listen to all that He whispers into my spirit, filling me up till I overflow in His grace and goodness. I ask of nothing from Him, merely sitting and listening....learning All that I am able to. After I have been filled with His thoughts and purposes, I lean over and pour out what your spirits crave. His Love, and everything that IS His love. Why do I do this, because as a sister of mine in Christ once said, which I agree with = "because when Jesus said He came to Proclaim Release to the captives and to let the Oppressed go free....I believed Him!" amen. ~closeted pastor

16"For if I [merely] preach the Gospel, that gives me no reason to boast, for I feel compelled of necessity to do it. Woe is me if I do not preach the glad tidings (the Gospel) !

18What then is the [actual] reward that I get? Just this: that in my preaching the good news (the Gospel), I may offer it [absolutely] free of expense [to anybody], not taking advantage of my rights and privileges [as a preacher] of the Gospel.
19For although I am free in every way from anyone's control, I have made myself a bond servant to everyone, so that I might gain the more [for Christ]."

I Cor 9:16, 18, 19 (Amp)

In The New Testament we will read over and over how the apostle Paul, often refers to himself as a slave for Christ and that he was called to teach and preach the Gospel. Now, I know that all Christians are not called to full-time ministry, but our very lives should reflect the Gospel of Jesus Christ to those around us.

Indeed, "woe to us" if we do not!

The Love of God and our Love For God in the name of Jesus.

3"And this is how we may discern [daily, by experience] that we are coming to know Him [to perceive, recognize, understand, and become better acquainted with Him]: if we keep (bear in mind, observe, pratice) His teachings (precepts, commandments).
4Whoever says, I know Him [I perceive, recognize, understand and am acquainted with Him] but fails to keep and obey His commandments (teachings) is a liar and the Truth of the Gospel is not in him.
5But he who keeps (treasures) His Word [who observes His message in it's entirety], truely in him has the love of and for God been perfected (completed, reached maturity). By this we may perceive and recognize and be sure that we are in Him." 1 John 2:3-6

Are you actively listening to God when His Spirit speaks to you?
We pray to God and ask for directions/guidance and answers all the time. But are you really going to do what He tells you to do?

Mother Mary told the servants at the wedding- To Do everything He tells you to do! That is for all of us to know and follow.

I know of many that do not obey His detailed guidance that is poured out of His Love and perfected by His grace.
Because it is not what they have told themselves they want to do.
Many people create excuses and start changing the subject, starting projects, anything to keep their minds and hearts away from what God is calling them to do. Or they try and do what God said needs to be done, but try and do it the way they want it done--not God's way. Some even go so far as to try and say, why it must not be God. None of those ways of reasoning will change the truth about what God wants you to do.

You can not create your own plan and give it to God and expect Him to carry that out.
You are to let go of your will completely and to step into His Will for your life. Your steps will be so easy to walk in when you know that God is taking care of everything. And that no matter what happens, or does not happen, It Is Well With Your soul.

Jesus said, if you love me you will obey my teachings, And you will feed my sheep.

So many people are trying to love God with human love. They are trying to love themselves and others with human love.
They have not learned or accepted God's love.
God's love is unconditional. It is so much more higher than human love, it is deeper than human love. It has no faults as human love does. It has no conditions as human love does.

Many people can quote 1 Cor 13, and tell all day long that Love is this and that based on that teaching. But they do not have it in their hearts, they do not live His Love all day everyday. amen.
They have merely memorized the Word of God just as satan has done.
They will not bring anyone to Jesus for salvation by preaching memorized words that do not live in their hearts. And they may fool some people that are either very new in Jesus, or some people that are immature Christians stuck at being saved, but are not active listeners and doers to His Teachings. They have not grown in the Love of God. They are saved, and filled but they are not strong in their faith and trust in God. They are not dwelling with Him. Those that teach the Word without IT living in them will not provide a solid foundation for the newly saved in Jesus and the seed will not take root. And therefore, will produce no fruit from that branch. God will prune what does not bloom.

Sometimes, The only way to find out--Is to step out!

We are to live by grace through faith. By the grace of God we are able to do what He tells us to do. Thank You Father.
To abide in Jesus-this is what He has taught us to do.
To abide in Him. To dwell with Him.

Where are you dwelling? In Whose tent do you visit and dwell in?
Abiding means to be in a constant state of remaining, continuing.

Learning how to abide in Jesus (John 15:5,7,11), is what teaches us how to Actively Listen to Him. This is the foundation of His love for us and in us. If you love him you will obey Him.
Yopu Will Do what He tells you to do! And everytime He tells you to do something--do it every time! Not some times, partially done.
But Every time- Completely Do what He tells You to do!

And I hear many people saying right now, but I do love Jesus and God the Father. And yet these very people are struggling daily wih their flesh and their need to feed the flesh and not the spirit. Daily prayer, praise, and fellowship with God should not be a struggle. It should be first on your 'to-do' list everyday. People will go to church and of course people seek God when a crisis comes along-but to live without Joy daily means you are not spending enough time dwelling with--abiding in Jesus.

By grace we are able to do what He tells us to do.
With His love we are the most powerful people living.
By Grace through Faith with His love!

Trying to do 'works' of the flesh that God did not ordain for you to do is like trying to teach a pig to fly. The energy you expell and waste trying to do what God did not tell you to do is a burden you take on that will crush you and keep you off balance. We can not go out and do things we want to do and expect God to bless it.

Remember=By Grace-Through Faith!

But in order to know what it is you are to do-you must be an active Listener. And in order to be an Active Listener, You must spend time dwelling with God and abiding in Jesus.
Now, this is the important part, you must also WAIT for Him to tell you when, how, what time, with whom, and you must wait for Him Patiently!
Do not fret over what you do not know right now.
You don't need to know it right now--that is active faith. Those that have a mature faith will not be concerned with the whens and hows and what fors. They know God said He is going to do it, and that is all they need to know. amen.

You may not know How, You may not know when-But God Will do it again!

If you are not obeying God then you will struggle daily with everything in your life. People struggle for years because they have not rec'd God's love for them and they have no joy, no peace, no faith. They tell others that they have God's love--but they do not live like it.

We are to Rest In God--all day, everyday. In all things we are to rest in God-not to struggle with things, but to do them with ease, effortlessly...because God's grace has gone ahead and created a way for the work that He told us to do in the name of Jesus.

When you pray to God speak this over your life=Ephphatha!

Actively Listening

Isaiah 50:4

We can prepare ourselves to be ready for many things. And God does lead us to get prepared. But let me tell you this, unless The Holy Spirit of God is allowed by you to Prepare you--you will struggle with the smallest of work.

When God's Spirit is sent to prepare you, you are to be an Active Listener, and because It is God's Will guiding you, then His Grace will go ahead of you in order to oil the way for you to walk. Then will you be able to do the work that God sent you to do.

Grace comes from God's love. Grace is the Power of God coming to us to help us do the Will of God. Which we do for the glory be unto God. (Col. 2:6)

Having entered the Rest of God we can begin to live in His love and spread His love and to enjoy everyday that He has given to us. (Eph 3:19-21)

LOVE is not a line that you draw in the sand and dare someone to step over it. LOVE IS A CHOICE--It does not appear today and then is gone tomorrow. Once you choose Love God never leaves you! (Eph.3:20)

God gives us plenty of Gifts, the first of these is His Love Unconditionally

He promised and I believe Him. God said to me, "I am The LORD, The God of all mankind. Is There Anything too hard for me?" (Jer.32:27)

I answered Him, No Lord, there is nothing too hard for you. I shall rest in Your Love, and I will receive Your miraculous deliverance and YOUR help in every issue and situation that comes through my life. Thank You in the name of Jesus thank YOU.

Now, I ask you.....Are you an Active Listener and a Doer of the Word Jesus taught us?

Have you chosen Love?

In the name of Jesus I thank Him for Your life, I thank The LORD for opening up your ears and eyes so that you will see and rec' the Promise of His UnconditonaLove and this will give you expectance of a new life to to be free in. Fully Free is a gift from the Life of Jesus Christ. In the name above ALL names, amen.


IT IS WELL WITH MY SOUL-Richard Smallwood


"It Is Well With My Soul" By Wintley Phipps


Richard Smallwood - Healing

Richard Smallwood - Angels Watching Over Me (with Vision)

Saturday, July 5, 2008


For Gospel Praise Friday, I decided to 'stir the gifts up' a bit.....

Freedom Always begins and ends from within.....

RENEE MARIE this woman of honor, and integrity stood up IN FRONT OF ALL these people and sang .....
My sisters and brothers, this is freedom...

This blew me away. Absolutely MAGNIFICENT!
I am going to have to learn this New and Improved version of both these wonderful songs. Also to look and see if she or someone has actually recorded her singing it.
And people say they don't see miracles everyday.
HUmmmmm, guess they are not looking for them.....

What do you think about this?