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10:21 "The lips of the [uncompromisingly] righteous feed and guide many, but fools die for want of understanding and heart."

Through my Faith in Jesus Christ, The Father has accepted me into His Family. (not through some human approval, but by The Father!)
I don't know about any of you, but I am Extremely Glad that my acceptance into His Family has nothing to do with human approval!
None of us would get in if that were the case.

When His planned timing has arrived, the Lord will bless you with so much of what you have asked for. Daily, I ask for His Truth to be told to me and to allow His Truth to be spoken through me as I live to serve Him. And He does.

I have learned to block the noise of this world out And to Rest in Him and to always choose Patience over anxiety, and I am rewarded every time. I have gotten to a certain point of growth and preparedness, which intersects with His Timing, He releases so much. There is no other way for me to sum it up, other than He gives So Much!

When you Dwell with Him and you have reached a point of growth and preparedness, and this place for you intersects His Timing, then He will also release unto you, So Much! The Wisdom of the Holy Spirit, is the Lord’s and will be a Flood Gate opening up and a Rush of Him falls on me and I absorb Him. But, how it happens is from the inside out, not from outside of us inward.

When you stop living by your desires and live by His desires for you-you have within you the Spirit of His Wisdom. This is the result of Living with and for Him.

(Isaiah 11:2). His Spiritual Wisdom is the ability to use His Knowledge correctly. Jesus made unto each of us His Wisdom
(1 Corinthians 1:30) and we are growing daily in it and in revelation ("For I always pray...that He may grant you a spirit of wisdom and revelation [of insight into mysteries and secrets] in the [deep and intimate] knowledge of Him..." Ephesians 1:17 AMP.

So, I can't find where we are to serve Him by being hate filled and oppressive and withholding of human equality to people as so many people who claim to belong to Jesus are doing. Some do it outloud, others do it quietly behind closed doors. Rejection is Rejection, hate is hate, and sooner or later it will be revealed where it lives.

I Pray all the time-not just for myself and my family—but for His Family-And I praise Him all the time. No matter what the problem, what war, what disagreement, No matter What - This is the way I am able to be Still and allow God to be God. (Psalm 46)

One way that I serve God is by being a Praying Activist. To live my life unafraid even amongst the wolves dressed up as His children, (identity theft ) and to Know that by Faith I am part of His family(Gal.3:26)-no matter what Any hate filled person says or does toward any of us lgbtq believers or non-believers. They have nothing to do with my relationship with Jesus-that decision was mine to make and mine to Keep-my mind is Made Up and Nothing and No One can move my Love from Him-nor His love away from me.

I stand with Him even beside the suspicious, hurting, pain filled, rejected, and oppressed lgbtq hearts that Jesus is seeking to bring Home to Him-those that have been turned off from God because the way they have been shown God, Jesus and His Holy Spirit is through actions of hatred, oppression, and violence. Not through the expression of His Love. But really now, can a person show you what does not live in their hearts? No they cannot. What you see and experience, are the truths of What Does live in their hearts.

So much of this ‘fight’ we lgbtq’s believers And non-believers are within now; reminds me of how the blacks had to fight (And Still have to), for their freedom from the white slave owners, and those that created Jim Crow. Fighting to be counted And recognized And respected as God Made human beings, not to be owned by any other human. This also reminds me of the Equality fights that all women went through in order to be treated as human beings owned by no one.

And please, spare me the “ you can’t use the black civil rights fight in comparison with what the lgbtq community wants”
Why not? I’m a black women—it’s a big part of my history-my ancestor's went through, died for, and lived to tell just like yours.
It’s mine to use, as it belongs to all blacks and All people if it will encourage them to fight for their freedom from oppression and modern day slavery!
When Love is Scarce in people’s hearts and lives: there is no personal relationship with God Through Jesus to be seen.
In order to ‘bring’ people to God, Love has to be shown- expressed at all times; In our homes, to our children, to our partners, in our Houses of Worship, toward those that have and don’t have, toward strangers, toward loved ones, toward co-workers, and toward the earth.

Non-believers will not see God through us-if people don’t have a personal relationship with Him, in which they learn Him below the surface of spouting off Scripture out of context at people they do not understand which makes them fear what they do not understand. (Doesn’t that sound just like the people that just didn’t understand that God created black people and we have more In common than not? Isn’t that what a lot of blacks kept saying and still do to this day?)

It is something else to me to see all these black people spewing so much hatred and misrepresenting Jesus as they are doing. All the people they are hurting and causing so much pain. How can so many people lose sight of their recent past-how can any of us forget such a painfilled past I ask myself?

Us, that have been so violently oppressed and we STILL are in many cases today under some form of oppression as black people in America- We All should be living to kill off every injustice we witness!

What I have learned about God, is that living with fear, with doubt, and without love, no one will be able to express the Gospel of Jesus Christ Truthfully and Wholly to anyone; they will only turn away those that He is seeking after to save and welcome into His Family.

I understand that where I stand is in between 'those' that say we have chosen to be this way-that we are living in sin and God hates us-- And 'those' that are born as I have been born, (Given life by God), but have closed ears to what He speaks through me and others because of How they were taught Who He Is.

And I have no doubt that by His timing the Truth that He speaks will gather unto Him those lost sheep that He seeks.

When Love is Scarce in people’s heart and life, it shows. No matter what they call themselves, their actions will always speak louder than their words, and in the end they will have to see that they have fooled no one but themselves.

I am not here to force Jesus on anyone—lgbtq or straight, believers and non-believers. Everyone will come to know Him one way or another through His Truth and His Light. But I will continue to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ; to pray for all that He seeks to come unto Him, to allow myself to be His vessel of Truth and to Serve Him as He directs me to. And sometimes I will use words! Amen!

I will continue to pray for His Strength and Justice to be with all that are fighting against Injustice, I will not argue and fight with anyone about how God made me, nor will I argue with anyone about His Words that He inspired people to write down. I and a few others like me are taught to listen and be guided by His Holy Spirit, along with reading the Word and living what He said to live to the best of my ability.

We all make mistakes-the difference is learning from them, and forgiving yourself for making the ones that you have.

I must have missed the memo in which God set about to ask each of us what we wanted to be before He put us in our mother’s wombs. When did God ask anyone if they wanted to be Black, White, Asian, Spanish, Greek, Jewish, male or female, straight, lesbian, gay, transgendered, or queer? Did He take a poll and ask if we wanted to be born on a certain socio-economic level, in a certain state or country, with certain types of parents? No, He did not and He does not to that.
He chose who we are to be in the physical and in the Spiritual - not us.

When Love is Scarce in people’s hearts and lives: there is no personal relationship with God and Jesus being fostered.

My heart becomes heavy at times. When I take in too much of the worlds information-my heart becomes burdened, tears begin to fall, and the aching starts to expose itself. The hatred that is preached (by some so called Christians-it's like identity theft ) as His Gospel is appalling to my Spirit and saddens my heart. The spewing of such oppressive, hate filled words, purposefully creating divisions and the emotional, Spiritual, Religious and intellectual abuse that happens in Some black and white churches, is an injustice to His Gospel. Living by fear is not of God nor is that the Way lead by His Spirit.

And all the while crime is rising, violence against women is rampant, child abuse is outrageous! People are really being tested because of who, what and why they have put their trust in material things and people.

And, the lack by this country to recognize that the constitution speaks to ALL American Citizens is baffling to me. I am really glad that Obama is President, but Obama really needs to do the right thing and reveal all this injustice that is served to us as truth for what it is-Oppression backed And kept alive, by the lack of the U.S Gov. to Speak up for the truth and make the laws in support of full equality for lgbtq’s. Like the moves they made here.

I can't say that my partner and I want to get married right now, but if we decide to--then it does not have to be in any church--but if the magistrate an marry straight people by law--then he/she should be able to marry my partner and me.

Just as past presidents have had to speak up for blacks and women (and others), as American Citizens of this Country who were prohibited from enjoying the Pursuit of Happiness and Freedom because of random ignorant people that joined together in all their wrongness to increase their numbers against Justice for All.

And the First Nations peoples are still waiting for their Justice to be revealed.

These people have chosen to focus their time, energy, works, thinking, speaking and prayers to further push so many away from God-while the whole time saying they are doing God’s work. I did not read any of their actions and words in the Gospel of Jesus Christ, as the Work that He told us to do in His name. I must have missed that memo also.

When Love is Scarce in people’s lives, I cannot find it in my heart to hate those that hate me.

I could not find it in my heart to hate the white people that have done me wrong years ago, nor last week. I cannot find it in my heart to hate the people that treat our special needs daughter like trash because of her differences. Not just the adults who jack up the ‘system’ created to help handicapped/disabled people, but Also their children. The children who have either, never been shown any, or shown too little of God’s Love to learn from It and live It.

They Are living what they have been taught at home= to make fun of differences and find all wrong in them, to laugh at and fear what they don’t understand and then, not to learn about what they don’t understand. To sum it all up—if you have not been brought up in a foundation of positive nurturing and whole Love, then you will hate. I understand how people are taught to hate-the lack of love, selflessness, and truth in their lives makes room for so much hate.

Nor can I find it in my heart to hate some black people that have treated me terrible years ago, and last week; because I happened to be born a lesbian who is a light-skinned black woman and they have been taught to hate what is not like them.

I will stand on God’s side every time, seeking Justice for all that are oppressed. I will speak up, stand up, pray and praise Him – whatever His Spirit leads me to do—I will do.

It's a Very Good thing, that our Home Trusts In and has Faith In The Lord God Almighty- I understand why Jesus said, that He would not turn Himself over to His disciples.

on feet of Faith and Peace,
Resting In His Faithfulness,
One Day At A Time By Faith.
Joshua 1:9

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