Thursday, January 29, 2009


My friends, my sisters and brothers, please Listen to me!
Now no one can stop you from worrying--If you insist on doing so-you will-then go ahead.
BUT, if you are tired of feeding worry, then read on.

I have been seeking the Lord about many things, some which specifically pertain to me and some that concern your lives. And some that involve us as a community of Faith in Jesus Christ.

I have been having a feeling of uneasiness – of not knowing what is about to happen. I know that the Lord told me to be ready for anything to happen-and that I am prepared—so I tell you this in order that you are prepared also.

I know the weather is going to play a huge part in what is to happen in the coming days. It will get worse before it gets better. The sorrow of the world will get worse before it gets better.

The rebuilding by the hand of God is slowed—as many things that have been planned by God to be tested by His fire are trying to run and hide—to cover-to change its appearance in order to fool the Lord.

That will not be successful at all. The fire of the Lord will seek out and find all things it is sent to test.

I had some thoughts pop into my mind-some doubt tried to trip me up concerning actions that we took last week. My flesh tried to make me question the following of His Spirit on matters.

But The Lord is so good and full of care and concern for me and for my community of faith, that He spoke to my heart and said , “Fear not my Beloved daughter, you have made no mistake , what you feel is not for wrong to step in but for MY Will to continue to supply you and yours. I have made you an empty vessel in many temporal and some spiritual things. The spiritual things are growing and being changed-transformed into larger, higher levels--the temporal things are being replenished in an abundant amount--Hold on to the truths that you know-look and see that you are filled with the faith that pleases Me. There are spiritual gifts that never go away-they are just lessened as you use them to serve Me with. The same is true for the temporal things. You have used them to serve Me with.”

So, I come to share with all of you that receive this message the same comfort that He has spoken over and in me. The LORD loves you and so do I.

As we wait on the LORD for the directions for this day-until He speaks new-we are to keep doing what He last spoke to each of us. With Joy, Love, Faith and Trust in Him.

Yes, there is a lull in the realm of the Spirit—there is a sense of watching, waiting, and uncertainty. In the Spirit I see empty containers waiting patiently to be filled. These empty vessels would be us.

This emptiness creates in us a void or vacancy that causes us to be uncomfortable And the workers of iniquity will jump at any and every chance to trick us into moving out of the flow of the river of His Spirit so that we are not in place at the appropriate time.

This uneasiness in which the greatest foe of all Fear, tries to return to a place it was evicted from within our hearts by the fire and love of Jesus must not happen!

It tries to return because we don’t have a strong sense of what’s ahead for us. In that space open up to what does live within you—Faith and Trust and the warmth of His Love for us. Jesus cannot lie and will fulfill His Promise to Father God for us.

All of this causes us to become more introspective—and our enemy will take this time of self-reflection, which is a positive action, and attempt to have us question and doubt our following Jesus as He leads us.

The Lord has said for us NOT to make mountains out of molehills. To guard against such actions by our flesh. Don’t allow worry to occupy that empty space that He created in us.

We Are To Keep Trusting in Him and His Promises to God concerning us. TYJ!

To keep trusting Him with what we cannot see or discern for this moment!

Silence is in heaven, see we must also silence our flesh so that we Can Stay in The WILL of GOD.

My Lord, I know that anyone who comes against me comes against the apple of Your Eye! In Jesus’ name I thank You and Praise You for this filling truth about You. Amen. (Zech 2:8)

Zech. 2:13 “ Be still (silent), All flesh before the LORD, for He is aroused and risen from His Holy habitation.” [Hab 2:20; Zeph. 1:7]

My friends Please Listen to me.
He has sent me to remind you that Whatever He lifts up-cuts away from you to be tested by His refiners fire-you do not need And these ‘things’ are standing, blocking, hindering your movement forward in His Will and Purpose.

Let them go through His fire to be tested—if you need them they will make it through the fire.

He has cleared the Path for us to walk by Faith on. Many of you are full of fear which blocks you from trusting His Promise.
Never Fear, Whatever may happen! We are being led!

I heard another prophet of the Lord say—
“WAIT ON THE LORD!” (Psalm 27:14; Isa. 40:28-31)

He Is our Shield-our Help! We Can have No Fear my sisters and brothers! We Must know that All Is Well!

He Will NEVER let anyone do to us, other than His Will For Us! TYJ!
Our LORD, Who Is LORD over our lives (if you have made Him so), Can see the future—He Can read all hearts-He knows better than us What we need!

We have to TRUST Him Absolutely!

He has not left us at the mercy of Fate, or to be buffeted about at the hands and will of others who do not serve Him for our purposes. He is Moving All of that earthly mess off the Path we are to travel!

We Are To FEAR NOT Whatever may happen because we Are Being Led!

Do Not Try to plan-He has made PLANS for us. We are not the architects—but we Are the Builders.

Rest in His Silence—quietness is provided comfort for us to gently rest within—KNOWING that All is for the very best for us!
Know, that our very extremity will ensure His actions for us—We Are to Fully And Completely Trust Him For ALL!

We, having our foundations on The Rock-Christ, Faith in Him and that we are “Being Rooted and Grounded in Him”, And having Belief In His Divinity as our Corner Stone, it is ours to build, KNOWING that All Is WELL!

Listen to me my friends, Literally we have to depend on Jesus for Everything—EVERYTHING!

Remember, David cried out to Him for Help, Ester cried out to Him for Help, Ruth, Hannah, Debra, Job and Daniel All cried out to Him for Help from the depths of their uncertain natural situations; AND He heard them All AND His Voice spoke over them—IT IS ALL WELL!

“The steps of a good man ARE ordered by the LORD.” Psalm 37:23

Please Don’t Allow desperation to bring fear—which Will strongly tempt you to align yourself with the workers of iniquity—these are those that He has cleared Off our Path!

God Loves You, So does Jesus, which flows down to and through me, as I love you all also-I desire that none shall perish-but that All shall be made Whole by completely And willingly joining the Family of The Lord!

In His name, Amen!

your sister in Christ Jesus.

THE LORD IS MY SHEPHERD-Cissy Houston-Hezekiah Walker

Resting In His Faithfulness,
One Day At A Time By Faith.
Joshua 1:9


Sue said...

Thank you.

wisdomteachesme said...

hello epiphany,
it is good to hear from you.
You are welcome.

your thank you has shined so much light on my Way-i also thank you. :D

~on feet of peace,