Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Having Spiritual Clarity RIGHT Now is Very IMPORTANT for the People of our Lord!

As always, many run in fear Calling to the Lord for His Help, when the difficulties become mountains in front of them, When they tire from 'trying to figure out something'- Running they come.  Never do they realize The Value and Worth of Seeking Him Every Day for Spiritual Growth, Maturity and Clarity, Wanting His Companionship and Guidance, Doing this Daily Would Keep Many of the Insurmountable problems from even existing in their lives.

Ezekiel finally figured out that God isn't in the earthquake, the storms or lightening or the mighty wind.  It is in the Still Small Voice that He speaks to us with, Which Helps us GET Through the earthquakes, the storms and lightening, And the mighty winds of change! 

Heb 7:25

Obedience is What our Lord Requires from us.  This is what Grows our Faith and Trust In Him and allows Us to Spiritually SEE & Know His Faithfulness to us. 
If you spend all your time Talking to God, IJN, and Talking about Him, you will not be able to talk and Listen at the same time!

Too many 'say' they believe, and 'say' they have Faith and Trust in Him and His Will and Purposes, But then their actions don't EQUAL their words.  They jump in and out of His Will when His Will and Purposes do Not equal what they want to do, Because truly they are Double-Minded and oppose the Will and Purposes of God in their and others lives!

  People like this are hypocrites, and are ONLY fooling themselves And are NOT with our Lord as they always say they are! 

 These are the ones that always pray in public, are seen in public venues where other 'christians' gather, and in front of Others will agree and speak about God, will Pray To God, BUT do Not Spend any Daily Quality Time Actively LISTENING, to what God has to say to them...And when He Does Speak His Love., Directions and Truth to them, they reject it if it Does not fit what they have made up their minds to Already do!

Then I ask, why do they pray to Him for help, guidance, etc... If they are NOT going to OBEY what He says they need to do?  HYPOCRITES!  They are Self-Led, and NOT filled with the Holy Spirit of our Lord, so they are liars, and play-playing. 


 OUR FAITH allows us to REST in Him 

Assured Resting In Gods Purpose, Will and Faithfulness To Us means that Your Faith is Active, Is Obedient, Is Keeping You Calm and Patient For Every Day. No matter what you see or don't see With your natural sight. Faith that is Able to Keep you at REST, means that you do not worry, fret, complain, mumble, become impatient or TRY to "figure something out' on your own.

Your Active, Obedient Faith Allows you to REST in His Will, Purpose, and Faithfulness = Because YOU KNOW THAT GOD Is MORE THAN ABLE To COMPLETE Every Purpose that He has Written for your Life For His Glory and for The Building of His Kingdom!

*think on these things*
Are you Sure that You Completely Believe?

Are you Allowing Him to GROW and Stretch Your Faith and Trust In His Faithfulness for your life?

The Way that He is Growing & Stretching your Faith and Trust in Him is By Putting you into situations in Which You Will have to depend on Him Only!

Are you going to have the Courage to Begin, but give up in the middle?

I Encourage you to Just think on these things and allow His Truth and Love to Grow and Stretch Your Heart. By doing so, you are Knocking, You Are Seeking His Heart and Face...And whatever He tells you do it! How ever He speaks to you, LISTEN!

Matthew 19:26

When God puts you in situations in which you Have To Depend on God ONLY IJN, does Not mean that He will not send you help through other people-- It Means that You do Not try to "figure something out' through your own thinking, through what you think you should do, through the power of human manipulation.

Many people get scared that God Is Not going to Come Through for them On Time, becasue He does things at the 11th Hour!

Because they don't 'see' or 'feel' the Help when they Want to. Then they turn back to their old life of being self-led Instead of Holy Spirit Led.
When our Lord says TO WAIT on HIM, that means to TRUST in Him by Obedient Faith!

Remember That He Is preparing you to be the Person that He created you to be...not based on who you think you should be. 

His Is preparing you to be ready to do what He has purposed for your Life to do, (not to do what you want to do),  and also He Is preparing your Character to match, (be established - rooted in Him and His Righteousness), the Gifts and Anointing that He has provided to you, so that You do not give away your Gifts, or allow satan to steal them and pervert them tricking you to use them to serve him!

Nothing much, Nothing of Worth and Value will grow in Takes Soil to Grow the Roots Deep so that When the Storms arrive in your life, and the Winds of Change blow upon your heart, if all you have in your heart is may just get blown away....Examine your ground--your heart, is it more dirt than soil, or more soil than dirt?

On feet of Faith &
Peace Joshua 1:9/ Isaiah 52 
Resting In His Faithfulness, 
One Day At A Time By Faith.

Saturday, April 24, 2010


The condition of our heart is what we see, speak, and act through.  It is the power that governs us.  It is How we each see the Lord.

Seek the Motives of your heart, and Ask forgiveness from our Lord this day, if you have done or said anything that increased the pain & hurt of another. Ask to See where you spoke an unkind word or made an impatient gesture. Where you did a selfish deed, acted out of fear and pride, Ask forgiveness for your failure to sincerely show sympathy and kindly help When you were Given the Opportunity, But Missed it because of the condition of your heart.

Ask for forgiveness and correction-to Be enabled to Live Each Day where you do something to lessen the flow of human sorrow and sadness and Instead of adding to the pain & hurt to others lives, You Begin to On Purpose Add Joy, UnconditionaLove, Peace, Happiness, Hope, Grace, Mercy, and Encouragement to another's life!

 Too many people think they can act and live one way in public, then hide away behind closed doors and allow Who they Really are to  live.  They run when Truth enters the room, or their lives, they fight against Truth because they know it will call them out for who they really are, so they attack it first.  Not realizing that Truth and Love go together, Working On Purpose what God sent them here to do...correct our hearts, our minds, and to remove the wrong spirits and Replace all that with His Holy Spirit.  

Many ask for the Truth, especially when looking at others, but for them, they hide from it, fight against it's power, and are afraid of the amount of darkness that Truth reveals them to actually live in.  
For Many do not realize that When Truth and Love come into the picture LIGHT is always with them!

These many, have double, pride filled selfish standards, based on the ways of this world....but When they Call upon our Lord to save them, to help them, to do this and that for them, to become part of His Family, they miss the Truth that God will begin a Good Work IN Them As He does Good Things for them.

When Jesus gets a hold of a heart And His Holy Spirit begins to Dwell in us in our hearts, He Begins to change our mindset that has been formed and corrupted by the ways of this world.
God holds on to our heart and begins to pull out and kill off from the Root everything that is In Opposition to His Will and Purposes by His Timing that Lives in our heart.

 His Truth, Love and Light corrects The Way we look at everything, from our self image, to how we see others. He corrects the mis-representation of Him by others to us, His Truth changes how we see our surroundings, how we think, how we react, how we speak and how we treat others on a whole.

Once God gets a hold of each heart that desires to now Live with and For Him, that heart will be shown the Truth through the Work of our Christ, through the  enlightenment of His mission and purpose.

He strips out of our hearts, the wrong and evil and pours in the Right and Good from His heart so that His Will and Purpose are now our Will and Purpose.  If we do Not fight against His changes, If we do Not hinder His Work in us and For us, then we will be able to See His Love for us.  But too many are fearful to face the wrongs in their hearts, so they return to what they knew before He entered their hearts.
 And we are then made into a People of and for God In the name of Jesus, and not a people of this world serving self, and His enemy.

When we cry out to ask our Lord to show Himself to us, we also need to remember to ask Him to show Us to ourselves! 

The Cry of our Heart to our Savior, "Lord, show me Thyself!"  Is a cry that comes from seeking His Face, His Heart And Is one that does not go unanswered.
This is When His Truth Arrives always accompanied by His Love and Light.

This Is Not a call for natural things, but of Spiritual insight and Truth, His Love, a desire to be more aware of His Power and the Many wonders of His Character and Heart.
To Learn Him, His Humility, His Majesty, His Tenderness, His Sternness His Justice, His Mercy, His Grace, His Whole Healing of all our hurts, pains and open sores.  To be put through His Refiners Fire in order to be more like Him. 

In order that He continue the Good Work that He started in our hearts to have them changed, to have our heart and character equal and balanced to match our Divine Gifts and Anointing.

But, too many people turn to books, they go in search of God and His Truth through theology, they seek what other people think about the questions of life and love...Sadly, many people do not come to Him for all of this.  And then they worry about solutions to their problems that they think they can resolve and make right through human ways, thinking and power.

I encourage you my friends to Seek Him, Talk with Him, Spend much time with Him, daily, every hour give to Him what troubles you, what you cannot fix, what you are not able to see through, and then Wait on Him to answer you, to guide you in the Way Made, Wait and sing to Him the Truth of your heart.

He will change the condition of your heart, day by day, wrong by wrong, until you have a changed heart that reflects His Truth, His Love, His Light, His Will, His Purpose, His Life.

 "Serve the Lord with gladness! Come before His presence with singing!"

Search your Heart, the motives of your heart, Search the thing you Call Love...and

If the 'love' you give (or rec') to/from another= is selfish in always wanting to be right and be catered to, has a double standard, gets angry when it does not get it's way, yells instead of talking things out, never apologizes, seeks human approval, reacts from past hurt, pain, and jealousy, is CONTROLLING of you or, the one you are giving it to Then you are still full of human conditional love, Not God's unconditionaLove.

I Encourage you to keep seeking His Face, seeking His Changes in your heart. Don't resist Him and what He knows needs to be changed in your heart. Face whatever He reveals to you, forgive yourself, let down the walls that you have built that you think protect you.

If you are adding pain, sorrow, hurt, and anger to anothers life, seek our Lord's Forgiveness and Allow His changes to work in your heart. .
We have to work at it and desire Him to live within us. We have to face the lies that we have turned into false truths, Every Day this has to be worked on by us and Him.

UnconditionaLove has to be accepted by us first from God and Given to ourselves as His Gift, then we can give it to others.
You cannot Love the new person in your life, If you are still trying to love them in Your old human conditional love ways from your past!
God will desire to Make your character and your heart Right before you receive His results of Being Blessed, So that you do not mess them up and allow His enemy to Steal these Gifts of His Love From you!  Once the enemy steals the Gifts that God gave you, he will manipulate you into using them to serve him.

Allow our Mother-Father God In Jesus' name to correct your definition of Love, to pour into you the Power of His Whole healing, so that you do not give away or allow His Gifts and Anointing given to you to be stolen and misused.

On feet of Faith & Peace 
Joshua 1:9/ Isaiah 52 
Resting In His Faithfulness, 
One Day At A Time By Faith.

Monday, April 19, 2010


  (Isa. 61)

Think about this Truth and allow it to Grow your Faith and Trust in our Lord Jesus!

Because we are In His Hands, & He Has Ordered our Steps, He makes Sure that Everything Works out as His Best for us, All we have to do is Obey His Leading, Grow & Mature His Fruits of His Spirit in our Hearts, Give Him the Honor, the Glory and the Praise! 

There Are No reasons to worry, be concerned, or get stuck in frustrations or disappointments...we just need to Follow His Ordered Way & His Best for us Is Already Done! 

Yes Lord, Thank YOU! I Am Holy Spirit Led Every Day!

  One of my Brothers In Christ spoke this truth and I share it with you; "If we allow His Will to work, He will keep our hands busy enough. Walk with me Lord and I can walk with You anywhere."

 Are you at The Table of The Feast of Our Lord? 
Glory be to God that He has a Table, A FEAST Laid out for us!
What EVER YOU NEED, It's AT the Table!

And today as Every Day in This HOME Filled with His LOVE, Truth, Mercy And Grace....We are Busy with Our Fathers Work, and We definitely Shall Be Walking with our Lord as He IS Always Walking with us!

What EVER Any of YOU Needs, Is here! Forgiveness, Love, Strength, Healing, A Way Made, The tangle road made Flat and Sure, Righteousness, Humbleness, Spiritual Wealth. Come and Sit and Dine on the FEAST of our LORD, our Friend Jesus! 

 What EVER You Need Is Here AT The Table of The Feast of our Lord Jesus!

Are you going to sit as a Beggar at the Gates of Beauty All Your Life? Hoping that some soul poorer than you will drop some crumbs into your hands? 

Are you going to Stay in those death clothes this world has dressed you in, begging at the Gates Of Beauty for another day? Feeling sorry for yourself, only Seeing Yourself as a Victim, defiled and cast aside by those who are Important Only in their Own minds?


There Is Glory for your Life--There Is Healing and Love and Righteousness for you Life to behold!
Step out of those Death clothes and PUT on the New Clothes that come with this New Day Yes, YOU!

His Clothes that Will Dress YOU in Truth, UnconditionaLove,
Faith, Peace, Joy, Mercy, Grace, Trust and Righteousness!

I Know you got Your Invitation to Attend the FEAST of OUR LORD--Have You RSVP'd? 

Or are YOU miserably content being a beggar sitting at the Gates of Beauty Hoping that some soul poorer than you will drop you some crumbs?
Why beg for the crumbs of people when You can be Given the Whole Cake from Our Lord?
 All the material things and money in the world Will Not help me if they do Not have the Lords Blessing on it all!!

Spiritual Wealth Shall Always Grow, Mature, Produce the Fruit that is Acceptable to HIM as a Offering of Praise, Honor and Glory through our lives.
Once you Realize that The Fruits of His Spirit, His Presence, His Mercy, Grace and His Work Are Some of the Best gifts from Him, No material wealth or people praise will Every Satisfy your soul, your heart Or amount to anything Worthy to Him.

How is What you are doing Giving Gory and Honor to HIM? What are Your motives--the motives of Why you are doing what you are doing daily?

The motives that Govern your heart?
What you got? Fake Joy, or Real Joy? Fake faith, or Obedient Faith? Fake Peace, or Peace that withstands the trials, troubles & the winds of change, the rising waters of the storms?

Or does your Faith, Joy & Peace In Him, Run when troubles, trials and storms approach you?

There Is NO GOOD in any of us Apart from our Lord!
Are you thinking that you are doing 'good for goodness sake?"
Or are you doing Good in the name of His Son for Honor & Glory to Him?
Go Head, Tell Yourself the Truth--And then shall you be Able to Walk, Live and Work In complete FREEDOM!

Psalm 31

On feet of Faith & Peace
Joshua 1:9/ Isaiah 52
Resting In His Faithfulness,
One Day At A Time By Faith.

Friday, April 16, 2010


 What you think about most often is what Forms your mind and Lives in your heart.

If you seem to always keep your "Lack of ___" on your mind and in your speaking, then that is what you End up Worshiping, Not Our Lord. 

How can you learn God, and be changed by Him, and See All that He Is in you and you in Him...if All you keep focused on, is what you don't have=your lack of___?

Or What you Will have left after you give away what He has placed in your heart to do for Him? 

His Work In us, Through us and For us Is a Work Of LOVE!  

So when we disobey Him, we reject His Love for us and for the others that He wants to bless us by being a blessing!  

When we reject His Love, we also reject His Truth! So you will be living an unloved truth-less life!

When You reject His Work of Love, You end up worshiping what you Lack in your life, you end of worshiping what you 'will have left' after you give what He has directed you to give in His name!

You will not be able to see what you already have-- How Spiritually Wealthy You Are--If you only can see the wealth that this world has to offer.  If the wealth of this world is All that you seek, then I pray the Lord's mercy and grace cover you as you continue to Walk and Live outside of His Will and Purposes for you.  
You are in the hands of fate, the enemy and this world...

If you keep talking about what you need and what you will not have if you give,  and if you keep allowing worry to control your heart and tongue, then that is what you are worshiping, not Jesus. You are seeking people praise for what you are able to do, which my friends will be very little and never amounting to much at all! 
I do not want the crumbs of this world...I desire the Greatness of our Lord that He has Already Promised me, That He has Already Planned to provide for me In Jesus' name, Amen!

If you are more concerned with How others see you and how others think of you, instead of How our Lord sees you and what He thinks of you...then you are serving pride and ego and flesh...not God! You are seeking People Praise and not a life that is pleasing to the Lord.

Check your motives for Why you are doing what you are doing....without will Find that it was Not God that told you to do abc, but it was You who told YOU to do abc!

Now, if you Are Not Led by His Holy Spirit, then I'm not talking to you--you are self-led.

Without God's Spirit Leading you and Guiding you, Teaching and correcting you, Filling you with Growing and maturing Spiritual Gifts and Power you are in need of...then what you are Trying to do will be full of frustrations, doubt, problems, and will fail= fall apart...And provides No Honor And Glory to our Lord!

His Grace Will go before you and your Way Will be seamless!
Stop trying to make things happen that are not Yet in His Timing to happen!

My Lord, May I continue to Serve Love Today!  I ask that YOU Remove from my heart, what Is Not love and Please Cast it into the Fires of Transformation, Your Refiners Fire to make me Pure as Gold! Thank You Jesus for The complete Freedom and Liberty to be a Better me Through You.  

Your transformation of our heart is Your Work Of Love to us and In us and Through us Jesus, and I am Where You Are, and I Want You to Continue to Be Where I am Guiding me At ALL TIMES- EVERY DAY I SEEK Your Will and Purpose for my life!

I thank YOU for the continued Work Of Love that You are doing in my heart, for Complete Honor and Total Glory Be To Our Mother Father God In Your Name, my Friend Jesus!

Today is the 13th day of the 40 days between His Resurrection and His Ascension! 
May you REJOICE EVERY DAY for the POWER of His BLOOD is Always AT Work doing what God planned for it to do--A Work Of Love!

 On feet of Faith & Peace
Joshua 1:9/ Isaiah 52
Resting In His Faithfulness,
One Day At A Time By Faith.

Thursday, April 15, 2010


 My Friends, I hope that you are Well, and Living Through your Faith, Led by His Holy Spirit Every Day In the name of Jesus, Amen!
I AM Glad to see you at His Table!

He Speaks and I listen and I Share All that He tells me to Share with ALL who have ears to hear with.

I Love my Friend so much! Thank You my Friend....You Will Never forsake me, reject me, lie to me, hide from me, use me nor abuse me, Never judge me or be jealous or envious toward me....

 I KNOW that You Will ALWAYS Help me, Listen to me, Hold me, share everything You have with me, wait with me and for me, walk beside me through all storms, over every type of ground, Believe in me, Correct me when I'm wrong, Teach me, Lead me, Guide me, PROVIDE FOR ME, Protect me, And LOVE ME!

Thank YOU my FRIEND! 

You are my BROTHER Also and I AM Your SISTER! You ARE NOT envious nor jealous of the LOVE Our FATHER has for me--and I am Not that way with His LOVE for you My Brother! 

You do not give me 'the silent treatment' when He BLESSES ME ABUNDANTLY! You my brother and beloved Friend, REJOICE for His Love shown to me every second of my life!

You Don't get mad when I Obey Him and Grow and Show my FAITH & TRUST IN HIM that we all should desire to do.  You are thrilled and pleased when I Do what He tells me to do.

 YOU REJOICE FOR ME When I Grow in the Gifts of His Spirit of TRUTH--YOU Share With me EVERYTHING that He has PROVIDED to YOU-And I Share With YOU EVERYTHING that He gives to me! I LOVE YOU my BROTHER--MY FRIEND!

I LIVE to Help YOU in the Work OUR FATHER Gave YOU to do!
 I love YOU for YOU!

 Are you Able to REJOICE when the Lord Blesses others-when their Door is OPENED and What they envisioned Comes to Pass? 

Or Do You resent them and offer jealous, backhanded compliments, or nasty gossip? 

Do you know that when you resent them, you Are resenting our Lord Who is the One Who Blessed them- And this may be Why you Have Not received the Blessing you desire?

Because you do Not REJOICE in His Love for your sisters & brothers-you Offer resentment Which Does Not Honor & Glorify our Lord!

Be Careful allowing envy and jealousy to Rule Your Heart, Those 2 sisters will make you blind to the Goodness of our Lord in your life. They Will have you always wanting what you see others have and Never understanding What these People Went Through To Get to that OPEN DOOR that Lord Gave them!

We ARE Suppose TO REJOICE in the BLESSINGS and BREAKTHROUGHS that OUR LORD Provides to our sister & brothers in Christ--NOT Resent them!

Those 2 evil sisters will trick you into serving Resentment to God Who gave the Breakthroughs & Blessings!

 Resentment always follows his 2 sisters - envy and jealousy!
They then bring in their friend Comparison to make it a full plate of self hatred!
Now, How Can LOVE be alive in the heart with these opposites living there? It Can't be!

How can one say they Love the Lord and All that He is and does for us all, but Yet be envious and jealous and compare what our Father has done/is doing for our sisters and brothers?

We have the Same Father who offers the Same Love to us all, in equal amounts!
But too many of His children are Immature Spiritually and emotionally!
And they become blind to His Love for them!

This is not an Acceptable Offering to Him--and it Will Be rejected by Him!

These people move themselves Further away from Have Real Love! 
For He Said, where there Is LOVE, So Am I There Also!
What we do to one, we do to Him!
It's very clear and simple!

Look at the Fruit that they bear, is what I do, and Daily I examine the Fruit that I bear also. 
 Many people say So Much with their words, but their actions Do NOT say the same things...the Heart is KNOWN to our Father In the name of Jesus, and I continue to Pray for these selfish, immature sisters and brothers of ours...And I do not let them offend me...I pity them. And I Know that our Brother and
 Friend will gather all of us that He came here to get.

  On feet of Faith & Peace
Joshua 1:9/ Isaiah 52
Resting In His Faithfulness,
One Day At A Time By Faith.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


 I am Always Expecting Nothing But my Lords Best in me and for me!

Early do I rise to Seek the Lords Face! To make sure that I  & my family are within His Will & Purposes for us this day called Today!
I simply LOVE the Peace and Quiet of the Mornings here! The POWER of our Lords Presence that I feel Is Soothing, Encouraging, Enlightening, and Restores and Renews my Heart, Soul, and Mind... in the Quiet of the Mornings.....His Spirit of Truth & UnconditionaLove Sit with me, Pouring into and on me All that I will need for this Day, called Today!
  If you have Eyes and Ears, I pray you able to Hear and See what the Lord our God reveals and speaks to you!
I know that no one Should  underestimate The POWER of our Father's GRACE, FAVOR and PURPOSE IN & THROUGH MY LIFE IJN! 

You Should REJOICE & CELEBRATE When HE REVEALS His Love for Any of His Children! Yes LORD--Thank You Jesus!

Yes He Can and Will if you EXPECT Him, If YOU TRUST HIM - If YOU have FAITH IN HIM! 

Yes He WILL Bless YOU!

From the Inside out is How He does it!
Glory to God IJN!
I Encourage YOU IJN, To Never Underestimate the POWER OF GODS GRACE, MERCY, FAVOR and LOVE For your life!

 He left us His Peace, His Holy Spirit Lives in our hearts, to guide us and correct us, to comfort us so that we know how to comfort others.

Being 'self-led' always leads one away from the Purposes and Will of God, of our Lord, being Spirit-Led all day every day, moves you Closer into His bosom, able to Obey and Love Him, Always allowing His Love to Weed, Feed & Grow us In Him.


 All one has to do to keep God's enemy away is to Obey what God tells you to do IJN, through His Holy Spirit....

if the enemy of God had Any actual Power at all he would use it....but he does not have any actual power.....instead, all he has are lies, manipulations, smoke & mirrors, suggestions, that all tempt our emotional buttons, and once you allow the Love of Jesus to mature and grow you emotionally, and Spiritually, even the tools the enemy does have use of, Don't Work.

Just Praise and Obey...let the Lord Weed, Feed and Grow His Love in your heart...Strengthening your Faith and Trust in Him.

 Our Lord sits Nearby waiting for us to call upon Him for Help, for us to call on Him to praise Him, to thank Him,...with each Need that we have that Calls to Him for Help, that Is His Golden Opportunity to Be seen in and through our lives.
Though It would Do His Children Good to Sit with Him learning All and Everything He Desires to teach us, to build us up--Before Storms and Trouble arise in our lives!

It would do His Children GOOD To Give Him Their Time willingly Every Day so that their FAITH & TRUST Increase Every Day, so that their Faith is High enough, Strong Enough and Long enough -- to Carry them where His Spirit Leads them to go, as He has ordered the Steps of their Feet!

As The Water rages high, and the Winds of Change seek to tear them down, and the Way is longer than expected...Their Faith which Is their Bridge Will Be High enough, Strong enough and LONG Enough to provide obedience to His leading!

Our Faith is our Bridge that Carries us to the places that He has Ordered our Feet to Be!  Examine your bridge Every day to make sure that it is Strong enough, that it is High Enough and Long enough to carry you where He has Ordered your steps to go!

It Would Do His Children GOOD to do these things, to obey completely Every Day, Just as the flower obeys the Sun and Grows, And turns toward the Sun as it Moves around the sky during it's time of being seen!

It Would Do His Children Good, to willingly, and lovingly Accept Jesus as their Lord, Their Shepherd, Their Friend, Their King and their Prince of Peace....this way they Desire To Spend Time with Him--This Way they WANT His Love to Change them completely into His LOVE!

  His Children Never reject An Opportunity, Divinely Provided to Allow His Full Honor and Glory to be Seen through their Hearts, And their Lives...Every day..
He is right beside you waiting for your Love to call to Him, Your need to call to Him, waiting for you to by Faith and Trust Walk with Him..there is Much Work to do..

  His Banner of LOVE is Always over me!

On feet of Faith & Peace
Joshua 1:9/ Isaiah 52
Resting In His Faithfulness,
One Day At A Time By Faith.

Sunday, April 4, 2010


Love is more than a good sounding sentiment; it's putting anothers needs ahead of your own.
Make your activities, your thoughts, your words, your actions and re-actions;  be an outpouring of your love for God in His Son's name.  This Is possible when His Love lives in you and through you. Glory be to God our Father in the Name of His Son Jesus Christ! Amen!

The stone has been rolled Away!

Faithfully, The Women Stayed with Jesus Through out His Entire Walk to the Cross, To the Grave, and at the Time and Day He Said He would return, ONLY the Faith filled Women where There to Greet Him!  They Believed Him Whole Heartedly! 

All the others (the men) went back to what they knew Before He Chose And Called them to Be With Him.

One Woman in particular was there with a Faith so deep and true and strong, that He could Not resist meeting her Faith....
He revealed Himself to her first.  Sent her to Proclaim the Truth to the others that He Had Risen!  And she did exactly what He told her to do! Boldly, Unashamed, in Truth and Love, she obeyed Him.
 She and the other women were His Witnesses, along with the men who had been with Him up to the point of the Cross.  They knew the truth, but did not have the Faith to fully believe it.

 John 15: 27But you also will testify and be My witnesses, because you have been with Me from the beginning.

 I believe that whenever And where ever His True Followers go in Full desire to do Him Loving service--Full of His Grace, Mercy and all the mature Gifts of the His Spirit-that when any  opposition arises, Because of our Confident Faith and Trust in Him, We Shall find that the stones of difficulty, of obstruction have been rolled Away! 
Just as it was with those loving, faith filled women. When they went to His grave and found the unmovable stone already pushed away from the mouth of His grave. He met their Faith and they Knew, they Knew the Truth!  He had defeated death!

With spices and ointments they had prepared His body for death, And now they came- these faith filled women to Watch over the Body of their Messiah with their Love.

We are All called to Come with our spices, our Gifts of Love to do Him service and we too will find what we have been anticipating—that He is Ever Eager In Love to do us Service!  Together with Him do His Work--not by our selves.

He will tell us who to help, when to help them and How to help them!  We do not make these decisions on our own, through ego, pride, and a heart filled with the wrong motives!  
Looking for people-praise, to stand out as one higher than the others...that is not of God--people that do so, are trying to do the Lord's work without Him by their side! 
That is not the type of Evidence that you really want--as it will Prove that You are NOT a true Servant of our Lord.

I have learned that no gift is poor if it expresses the true love of the giver to Him that died for us. To Jesus our heart’s gifts are Rich and Precious And we are to rejoice in His glad acceptance as we bring Him our Easter offerings and claim the Love and the Power of His Resurrection.

We are Called by Him every day, to Remember Him and what He has done for us. WE have been chosen and called by Him, invited and have accepted to be a part of His family.  The Power of His Blood shed for us, the Power of His Resurrection,   is still able, is still all powerful and is still working right now today for us! 
As we Remember and Share our Faith - He shall remember us and speak to our Father on our behalf.

Every day to Remember Him, Not JUST at a certain time of a calendar...BUT, Everyday, unless you are only a SOC.  (special occasion christian).  
Which means you really are Not a true believer in Him, you only use His name and say you are when it provides some earthly gain for you. You do not serve Him daily, you are not suffering for Him, you are not a receiver of His Blessings you do not call on Him to spend time with Him when things are going smoothly in your life.  
Only when the many others gather at some church building, or when you face troubles, or when it's convenient for you to be one...are you a christian in name only!  

He knows your heart, you may fool some people, but not our Lord, not God, and not the Spirit of Truth-His Holy Spirit!

For us who have made up our minds, and have taken a stand on the side of God in the name of Jesus In Life and Work, In Love And Service; We His Children must be outstanding. He has called us a Peculiar people to make known His Name. Not to go out and scream at others, to curse them and point out the faults of the hurt and damaged ones in a hate filled, incorrect voice. 

That is not what He said we are to do.
Respect of all that God has created is what He said-even though we have been separated doesn’t mean we are to treat people with hate, disdain or with an outright stank attitude.
To be able to Spiritually discern by the power of the Holy Spirit that lives in our hearts is very important to the Calling And the Direction that God has placed on each of us. Without His Holy Spirit of Truth guiding us, correcting us and growing us in His Love, we are nothing but impostors, trying to steal, cheat, manipulate and lie our way through to heaven!

To be able to Stand on God’s side along with our Messiah the Christ, is What He has asked us to do in the highest and best way possible. What Do You Believe? Do you know? If so, do you declare it daily? Are you paying attention to what you are declaring?

Truly knowing and adhering to what we believe is How we counter every report of evil. One day at a time! God declares that darkness Cannot overtake Light; We should Always let our light shine before all people that they will see the light evidenced in our lives. Put there by our acceptance of His invitation to become and belong to His Family through Jesus Christ. 

His Spirit of Truth lives in us, corrects us and pours forth through us all the time!

So many people want a 'man-made messiah'-they just cannot wrap their heart and faith around the Spiritual, God Sent Messiah- Jesus Christ. And that is sad for them.
No one can keep God small and ‘in a box’ and ever see and know the Fullness of His Presence.

 We are To Be The Evidence of His LOVE!  Then we will have the Evidence of His Love Speak for us, through us and be seen by All that can see and hear it!
If you say that you  are truly His Follower, There will be Evidence to prove this claim!
The fruit of your tree shall identify you and speak forth the Truth No matter what you say!
If you have been Charged as being a Christian, a True Believer, what is the Evidence they will bring against you to Prove that you are one?  
What Will The Evidence Prove about your life?

 Does His Spirit of His Truth Live in your heart?  
Faith must grow in you, must be allowed to grow by your desiring it to Do So!
You have to Want to be changed, you have to desire His UnconditionaLove to Live in your heart.

Don't keep making excuses, Face your faithlessness so that You will be able to be changed into complete Faith and trust in Him. 
God Wants to Talk to YOU!

On feet of Faith & Peace
Joshua 1:9/ Isaiah 52
Resting In His Faithfulness,
One Day At A Time By Faith.

Friday, April 2, 2010