Saturday, March 29, 2008


**Today is the 11th day of the 40 days that Jesus walked the earth before His Ascension to Our Father**

"The Lord says, I will guide you along the best pathway for your life. I will advise you and watch over you."

You cannot fix your fears until you face the truths!

By Facing the truths you are facing your fears!

Do you know the story of Queen Vashti? Her story is in the Book of Ester (1; 2:1; 4:17).

Her name means "beautiful woman." She must have been one of the most loveliest women in the land for her husband, King Ahasuerus thought so much of her physical beauty that he wanted to 'display' her during a drinking party for his friends. For she "was fair to look upon."

There is not much history about her life-she was a Persian princess, the daughter of Alyattes, King of Lydia. It would be nice to know what became of her life after she gave up her position as Queen in order to stand and keep her integrity and her goldly wisdom. Since we do not know her ending-we know the middle part of her life. Let us learn about the condition of her heart.

Even though the story of Vashti only covers a few pages in the Book of Ester, in the setting of grandeur we have the elements of God's design in her life and the life of Ester.

The main point of the story is that Queen Vashti was 'divorced' by her husband for her refusal to come out of her room and 'dance' for his drunken friends at a banquet.

She flat out refused-- AND VASHTI SAID NO!

She stood her ground and faced her fears in order that the truth would be revealed and God's divine plan would move forward.

She placed a higher value on her integrity and on wisdom than she placed on her fears of what might happen to her. For it says, that her husband, the King, "who reigned from India even unto Ethiopia, and over an hundred and seven and twenty provinces."

By this we can conclude that he was very wealthy and a very powerful King.

Rather than cater and be a slave to the vanity of lusting drunks she courageously sacrificed a kingdom. She accepted disgrace and dismissal instead of trying to please people's wicked desires for her life.

During these times the living conditions for women were not good at all, (humm, sounds like now). Women were treated pretty much as slaves in many homes with no rights, no voice, no individuality-fully ruled by men and their laws. Ahh , but what thoughts that man thinks on-God always thinks higher.

And it seems to me, that Queen Vashti was not trying to be a better slave!

Let me ask you this, what fears are you slave to? Who are you trying to please at the expense of your dignity and godly wisdom?

She was not concerned with what she was giving up, the people, the material things and the visual status-she was not concerned with being a better slave. She should have been killed-strung up for ridicule--she knew these things, but still she stood her ground and spoke her truth knowing that the consequences could lead to death.

I'm sure she was weighing the options-she was probably thinking; would it be harder to say NO and deal with the fallout-OR- would it be harder to keep quiet and just go do what he asked her to do? Obviously, for her it was much harder to bow down to the drunken lust filled requests "to shake her groove thang" for these men than to stand on solid ground and say NO!

What/Who do you need to say NO to?

What are you a slave to and are you trying to be a better slave?

By this I am asking you to think about your life, which situations are you trying to keep calm-make no waves in order to please others that are wrong? Instead of speaking the truth and standing your ground with integrity to correct what is wrong in your life-are you a slave to your fears? What ways of thinking and acting do you need to face with truth in order to correct?

Are you trying to gather more straw to make the bricks for Pharaoh instead of looking toward the freedom that has been delivered as asked for? Are you trying to be a better slave-or-a better servant for God?

Are you worrying about what you lack, what you have lost, what you have given away? What value are you placing on your life?

Where in your life have you placed the highest value? On things and status which will cause others to applaud and cheer you on? Or, are you working to hear the Lord speak, "Well done My good and faithful servant." ?

According to the Book of Proverbs, wisdom's price holds no appeal for the heart of a fool; the heart of a fool is misguided and sees little value in godly wisdom. The condition of your heart will determine the value that you place on your own life, people, objects, mans status, God, etc...

What values do you see revealed in your heart? What will you settle for or sell out too? Is your value so low that the reality it reveals scares you? Face your fears-Face your truths, and only then can things be fixed.

Look at the condition of your heart-what lives in your heart?

The end result of wisdom is honor, and the purchase of virtue will establish an entire house with a value "far above rubies"- priceless! Know that the Lord Jesus, God's Son-His value too is determined in the wise and virtuous heart: ask yourself this = What price am I willing to pay, what priority am I willing to give and what end result and true condition of life do I expect to live-really?

If you are trying to be a better slave then you have placed a very low value on your life. If you are desiring to walk in your freedom, to walk in your faith-on the promises of God--then you have accepted the Value that God divinely placed on your life through the Life, Death, and Resurrection of Jesus.

Let us confess from our hearts what we know to be the truths that feed our spirits.

Father God, I come to You in the Name of Jesus to confess that I am honored that you have included me in with the women and men I see who have paid the price for the real thing-the value of true spirituality. I see their wealth in You and I admire their courage. I desire above all things the reality--the truth of Your Son's Lordship in my life-Everyday, in every area of my life. Father, I am persuaded and determined to stay the course You have set for me this day--my priorities are divinely ordered and so is my reality. All that I am and All that I posses-my life, I bring to the One Who is Priceless. in the Name of Jesus I thank You for I know my requests have been heard by You. Yea Amen.

Know that God loves you and only wants the best for you life.

Continue to serve others using the gifts and anointing that God has placed within you. Glory Be Unto God The Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit.

Keep standing on The Rock, all other ground is sinking sand!

Here is one more confession of truth from our hearts to speak:

Lord, my God, I confess from my mouth that I will take every opportunity given to trust You for All that I need. I know that this is no time to allow circumstances to send me into a tail spin and crash. I will continue to be strong and walk in my faith not fears. For Lord I know that You see my needs and the Price has been paid on Calvary for All Answered Prayer. I Will push through the troubles and fears that roam the land seeking to devour as I Will not look at them with my natural eyes. I will rise up in Your Spirit to receive what You have already supplied for my life-Glory be to You God, in the Name of Jesus I thank you Father, Yea Amen.

Ester 1; 2:1; 4:17

Proverbs 31:8-10; 4:23

Matthew 6:6-8; 27:9

Friday, March 28, 2008


Greetings to you on this beautifully created day!

All for us to see that His promises live on. We trust it All to you Father God, Jesus died for us, we do all that you direct us to do-all that you have commanded us to do Lord. Serve others. In the name of Jesus, we thank YOU.

"Who is there to condemn us?
Will Christ Jesus (the Messiah), Who died, or rather Who was raised from the dead, Who is at the right hand of God actually pleading as He intercedes for us?
Who shall separate us fom the love of Christ; shall tribulation, or distress, or persecution, or famine, or nakedness, or peril, or sword..."
"For I am persuaded beyond doubt (am sure) that neither death nor life nor angels nor principalities, nor things impending and threatening nor things to come, nor powers, nor height, nor depth, nor anything in all creation will be able to separate us from the love of God which is in Christ Jesus our Lord."

Romans 8: 34-35, 38-39

Come and join me in praising our Lord....join me in confessing the truths that we know about God - about God your weaknesses and ask - and watch Jesus step in and Stand in your weaknesses. And by you allowing Him To, you are made whole, with righteouness, joy and peace beyond human understanding!

DON'T LET GO! DON'T LET GO! Hold on to Him people, my sisters and brothers please, don't let go of His unchanging mighty Hand!! He will hold you!

Yes He Will!

Call on Him, and let Him know what you need--You Will see Him and Know He is the Word of God made flesh! Oh Glory to You Jesus- I love you so much! Stand with me and let God see you are a witness! thank You Jesus, thank You Jesus, thank You Jesus! You have taken my hand and I know that You will never let go of me! thank You Jesus, Amen!


Kim Burrell-"I Come To You More..."


Kim Burrell -"Try Me Again" (pt. 1 & 2)


Richard Smallwood = "Hold On, Don't Let Go "


Richard Smallwood & Vision - "Nothing Without Your Love"

Continue to Walk within His Completeness- His love- His light!
may you stay with God till we meet again, I know He Will stay with you!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008


John 20:11- 18

I greet you today in the Name of Jesus. He is so worthy to be praised and worshipped. He suffered in the flesh to bring power to the Word of God spoken over His life. Amen.

**Today is day 4 of the 40 days. Sunday, March 23 was day one. Jesus walked the earth for 40 days after the resurrection-before the Ascension to the Father. Now, is the time to witness and be a witness of -- The Power of The Resurrection that is Spoken of.**

Jeremiah 23:28 "The prophet who has a dream, let him tell a dream; And he who has My Word, let him speak My word faithfully. What is the chaff to the wheat, says the Lord."

Father God in the Name of Jesus, I declare that I do have Your word within me and I ask You to help me to speak it faithfully to honor & glorify You. To be a help to those that You send to be helped. Those that desire to change by Your will. Lord let me be of service to Your wonderfully divine plan for us all. In the Name of Jesus I thank You for Your Love for us all-Yea Amen.

The power of the resurrection is not just on Sunday-the day we recognize that He rose from the dead, and it does not end when people walk out of church, or when the sun goes down on Sunday evening.

The full power of His resurrection is within the 40 days that He walked the earth continuing to do the work that He was put here to do before His Ascension to our Father--to our God. amen.

(the Ascension of Jesus itself has power also)

Let us learn what we can from those that were not just "doing witnessing," but were "being a witness."

Let us look at this strong, dedicated, determined woman named Mary Magdalene for a moment. She has many lessons to teach us from her life of faith.

Aren't you impressed by the fact that Jesus returned to see that she was waiting for His return? I am. Out of all His friends that followed Him around for 3 years, the women were the ones that fully believed and trusted in His word.

This made me remember how I have felt when the people I thought were my friends did not think enough about me to be there when I told them I would return. Let us imagine that, I may have been within a situation or within certian circumstances that took me down in a dark valley, and I knew that the only way out of this darkness-this trial, was to keep moving forward and to keep trusting in the Lord. I told my friends this and asked them to be with me as I am going through this. And if they could not walk with me (truth be told everyone cannot go with you), then to be there when I came back-came through this situation this circumstance that teaches me who I am. And lets say, only one was there waiting on me to return. Only one had the faith to trust and believe.

That is how our Lord must have felt. Have you ever thought about this? Look at your life, do you see people that are not there-they could not go into the valleys with you but want you in theirs. Do as Jesus has done = Forgive them and pray that God will continue to work in them. Amen.

His disciples forsook Him and fled, but the women that loved Him, were there in the last hours of His life as He hung on that cross for us all. They were the first ones to be at His grave--it says in John chapter 20, "Now on the first day of the week, Mary Magdalene came to the tomb early, while it was still dark, and she saw..."

What did she seek so early in the morning? So this tells us that when you seek God early in the morning you will see Him. Just as He has told us in His word.

Do As He tells us to do.

These women would not, and could not leave Him and they continued to minister to His spirit and to His flesh with all of their substance.

They remembered what He came to do for our Father God and all He had done for them (Luke 4:18). All that He was put here to do for us, they held it close and dear to their hearts and souls.

He was seeding and watering their good ground. He nurtured the seeds that had been planted. They allowed Him to be the master gardener of their gardens. They had been His friends, bringing Him much comfort and strength in His life of strenuous service for others, and they were faithful to the end of His flesh life and were first to be there to witness His Spirit life begin.

They were not just "doing witnessing" and stopped because Jesus did as He was told to do-- they were "Being Witnesses", all the way past His flesh life and death, through His resurrection and till He ascended up to the Father. They continued to do as they had been told by Him.

We have to Be a witness, We have to Be love, We have to Be faith! Not just do it for a few days/weeks or a few moments of a day and think that is all that is required of us.

As I have written and asked you in a previous post (What are you watering your garden with?) Who is your gardener? Are you allowing Him to water and use His miracle grow for your garden?

Jesus came back and appeared to be a gardener to Mary. His grave was in the midst of a garden.

Even when the angel announced to her that Jesus had risen, it was like she was in shock, that her senses may have been numbed, the Good News did not register. She was with the rest of the disciples and heard Jesus say He would die, then would rise again in 3 days. But somehow they did not understand what He meant by this. All she knew was that His body was gone and she thought someone had stolen it. Her grief was being shed for Him. Then it happened, she turned around and she saw Him, but she thought He was a gardener and she begged Him to tell her where the body of Jesus was so she could retrieve it.
Such devotion to Jesus did she have.

After questioning her motives for being there, and giving her new directions,
Jesus spoke one word-her name "Mary!" And she immediately knew - for she said with uncontrollable joy, "Rabboni!"
(which means teacher, master).

This was not an occasion for many words. There are spiritual experiences we come upon throughout our journey, that almost deprive us of the power to speak, and all we can do is, to wonder and adore Him. It was this way for Mary.

She was the witness when words were not enough! Amen

Later on, Jesus appeared to the other women (Matt. 28:9-10), but Mary was the first to see Him alive forevermore!

The love that He is spoke through His mouth that called her name--she knew that love to be only from God. This faith, this love that she was, enabled her to see the one wonder of all wonders from God.

When Mary followed the commandment given to Her by Jesus, to go and tell the disciples the Glorious News that He Lives, she became the First Herald of The Resurrection-A WOMAN! What a privilege it was for God to bestow this miracle on her for our benefit!

I see Mary as being an outstanding leader for all the women in her day and for us now.
In order for her to be chosen to be the first to proclaim "He Is Risen!", she must have been a woman of unblemished character and worthy of the honor from God.

A man once wrote, "A woman is sent to be the Apostle to the Apostles."

Within these 40 days is a wealth of wisdom, knowledge, understanding, growth, spiritual & natural maturity- a deeper more fulfilling relationship with Jesus--with God.

Walk with Him in rememberance of what He has already done for us. Walk with Him, talking to Him everyday-He will never forget you, don't forget Him!

With the Love of God do I speak over you right now, may you stay with God till we meet again-I know He Will stay with you!

Amen-It Is So!

Thursday, March 20, 2008


Greetings in the Name of Jesus-The name that has power, strength, courage, faith, trust, healing, deliverance, and the blood flowing down.

God is our creator, He is the only one that can help any of us. Jesus said, that through His name we are able to ask God our Father for what we need and it shall be done, in the Name above All others. It is very simple. Jesus did not make things confusing and full of chaos--He came to defeat all of that mess of the world. Amen. All we have to do is decide whom we shall serve.

How many of you can say, if it had not been for Jesus you don't know where you would be right now? My hand is up high on this point! My heart speaks through my mouth nothing but love and thank You Jesus! Let your heart speak what lives within it!
Have you chosen whom you shall serve? Choose Ye this day, whom you shall serve-will it be baal or will it be Jesus?

Miracles happen everyday. Some small and some large. Some come quickly, and others are longer miracles. The long miracles take time to grow which makes them the hardest to recognize.

Are you looking with eyes of flesh or eyes from your spiritman?
Are you listening with ears of flesh, or ears from your spiritman?

Everything that God has given life to is a miracle.

He is the creator and before you can change your life you have to let God change your heart. Then He will be able to change your life.

Whatever is broken and full of shame, pride, hurt and pain, whatever in your life is not working Jesus can make it right if you only allow Him to do so.

You have to call on the name of Jesus with the faith that lives within you and He will reveal that He has always been right by your side....waiting on you to get tired of trying to do it your way.

Amen thank You Jesus!

I have a prayer for you, taken from Psalm 124 and a song both have deeply touched me and inspired me. They speak the same faith confession of love from God to us - revealing so much wisdom once you have been shown how the knowledge and understanding of it go together. God will lead you if you will follow Him. Amen.
We all need to speak from our faith. No matter "how much " you have-use it. It can not grow and mature if you do not use it- by speaking it out , by trusting God to be there as He said and come through without us interferring with His plan and timing of it.
We all need to thank Him for what He has already done--We All need to serve others before serving ourselves--We All need to praise and worship Him by obeying Him. We All need to spend time everyday-thanking Him-and asking for nothing for our own lives--If you believe--then live it-walk in it-speak it - be it.
Ask God in the name of Jesus, to reduce you to Love! Amen.
I have no prayer requests--i just have thank You's, total praise and worship for Jesus for all He has done for us.
Resurrection week is coming to an end soon. What are you going to do? Are you going to let Jesus and His blood, resurrect all that you gave away--all that satan has stolen from you? Are you going to live and be refreshed by the power of His resurrection?
There IS power in His blood.

Or, are you going to let evil continue to resurrect all his works in your life?

To be delivered from all evil works of your enemies-and of your mind--to be saved this week, so that you may live forever-there is Much power in His name, Much power in the blood-Much power in your faith of Jesus. Walk and Live within His Completeness. (Gal.5)


Confess with your mouth this Praise of God in the Name of Jesus over your life and your family. And anyone else that you are led to speak over. You have this power and the authority to speak His love which is The Power of God-God is Love! Amen!

"If it had not been the Lord who was on my side, I say as Israel did in Queen Esther’s day, and as Israel continues to declare—If it had not been the LORD who was on my side, when men rose up against me, they would have swallowed me, and everything precious to me alive as their wrath kindled against me; then like flood waters they would have overwhelmed me, destruction like a flood would have gone over my soul.
But no, "Blessed be the LORD" who did not allow it, but came and stood between me and those tormentors, and has not given me or my children over to them. Instead He made a way – created a way where there was no way – and my soul and mind escaped the snare of those plotting to trick, and trap me.
Today the snare is broken and I have escaped: My help is in the name of the LORD who made heaven and earth. " ~Shirley Weaver

Amen. So be it!

Please read :
the Book of Ester
Psalm 124
Psalm 5:10
John 1:12 ; 14:15
James 1:5-8
Matt. 28:18
Phil. 2




"Lord Keep Me Day By Day"-Dorothy Norwood, Albertina Walker
& The Caravans



I thank God in the Name of Jesus for you seeking Him, for you praising and worshipping Him with me here on this site. I thank God for blessing your lives and for giving you life--a re-birthing- a renewal-a restoration-a resurrection of all things that He created for your life and all things that are dead in your life--He will breath His life into everything that you need to have returned to you.
Remember, to be faithful to Him, to trust Him no matter what, to walk in Your Faith -- to walk in love everyday.
Call on His name and He will change your heart and give you a new life! Amen.

I love you all, be well and may you stay with God till we meet again. Amen-so be it.

*(when i wrote this i was also preparing to go out of town for the weekend, and i omitted the authors name., and dropped a thought here and there within a sentence. i have corrected my mistakes. To God Be The Glory)*

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Those who went ahead and those who followed shouted, "Hosanna!" "Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord!" Mark 11:9

This was the triumphal entry on Palm Sunday. The crowd recognized Jesus' lordship by repeating a messianic psalm
(Ps. 118:25, 26). Hosanna means "save, we pray," or "save now."
Jesus' entry into Jerusalem fulfilled the prophecy of Zech. 9:9. In entering by riding on a young donkey, Jesus demonstrated the true nature of His messiahship. Rather than making a royal or military entrance (which would accord with Jewish expectation), He comes peacefully, "having salvation" (Zech. 9:9).

When Christ returns in glory to establish His kingdom, He will make a royal military entrance, riding a white horse, not a donkey's colt. (Rev. 19:11).

Greetings to you in the Name of Jesus Christ Our Saviour, our Brother. Oh I just Love Calling Your Name Jesus! The power that Lives in Your Name-Lives within us all! Amen!

The Lord IS Great!
I want to encourage you today to keep your thoughts, your mind, your words, your eyes and your ears on Jesus and All He has Already done for us!
Keep your heart protected-Use your authority and your power all day every day to walk the path that has been prepared for you.

Satan has power, but he has no authority unless you give it over to him. You have the authority and the power that Jesus left to us-Thank You Jesus. There is Power in His Name! Demons tremble at the sound of His Name! Speak the truth of God from your heart-from your mouth!

Enjoy This Day, just as it has been given.

Praise You Father God, Praise You Jesus, To God Be The Glory here on earth as IT IS in heaven.
May we all be on one accord and continue to build God's Kingdom here on earth, as IT IS in heaven. In The Name of Jesus, amen.

HOSANNA thank You for saving us!

IMMANUEL thank You for dwelling here with us at all times.
We honor You, We Love You, We Adore You-We place no one above You Lord. Amen

AMEN- Does your soul need to pray?




Patti Labelle & Edwin Hawkins- "My Soul Needs To Pray"


Andrae Crouch - "The Blood Will Never Lose It's Power"


Whitney Houston & Shirley Caesar -"He is All Over Me"


Whitney Huston-"I love The Lord"


Richard Smallwood w/ Vision - "Calvary"
I Love all Of you that visit and worship with me here at this place of Total Praise and Worship. I just want all of you to know that i appreciate you for seeking God and i so love Him for being right where you are looking for HIm! Amen.
He is So Good to us-even through our fleshy ways and by no works of our hands-He loves us!

Thank You for your support of this site!
I speak the Life of The Blood over and in Your lives-May you stay with God-because He sure Is Not going to leave you! Amen.
This is a teaching and learning place--humbly offering Him our praise and worship-
Encouragement is Contagious-Spread some!!

Monday, March 17, 2008


Greetings in the name of Jesus for He is Love and Faith. I pray that you are resting in God's unconditionaLove. You know that You are already blessed, right?
What requests do you have for our Father?

Why don't you tear that list of prayer requests up and recognize that you are already blessed...

Come with me and bow at His feet-In The Presence of The Lord...He welcomes you into His Love. He is high and lifted up--He is Holy, the Lord is Holy.

Let us come and bow before His Glory....
Just thank Him for what He has already done for you....have you done that? Keep doing it-everyday for everything, He never stops thinking about us-He is Wonderful!
In this week-Holy Week I ask, Are their any believers reading this?
Lets enter in True worship and praise, Let us enter into His Gates with thanksgiving, Let us enter into His courts with Praise. Lets just be thankful and praise His Holy Name...For He is Lord. Thank You Jesus.

Are there any witnesses out there, who are not ashamed of The Gospel Of Jesus Christ? Who are not ashamed to speak His name outloud and praise Him. Who are not ashamed to tell all about His goodness and His light. Are you all out there?
I know there are others that have given their lives over to death in order to be reborn and to Live within His completeness...come on with me and lets bow down and give thanks for all that He has already done for us all..He's Good...He's Good...Wonderful is He. All Nations Will Bow Down to His Counsel. Amen...

You have already have everything that you need from God...have you thanked Him for what you already have? Are you speaking with Him at all times, praying without ceasing? I know some of you are saying, "but you don't know what i'm going through!" I don't need to know, because I KNOW that God Knows and if you invite Him into your situation into your life He will show you the way out of this mess you are in. Yea Amen. Thank You Jesus for Your Love of us.
He loves us, We acknowlege You Father God, Your Son is King of Kings, and Lord of Lords! I don't know about you, but I have no requests for myself, I'm already blessed. I already know who I am in Christ and Who He Is in me...I am allowing Him to teach me everyday--Yea Amen.
The prayer requests I have are for those of you that do not know Him, those of you that do not have a relationship with Him, those of you that do have a relationship with Jesus, but are not obeying Him fully.....

I bow down before You Jesus, and I worship You Lord, for You are Great and Worthy to be praised!

I admire you Lord, I trust You Lord, I have faith in You Lord, I Love You Lord, I will serve You Lord.
I say again, Let us just be thankful and bless His Holy Name.

Lord we humbly bow down in Your presence....I know there are some of you out there that are not ashamed of Him and to bow down at His feet...come on, join me in Lifting up our Saviour - Let us remember what He did for us, let us obey Him and serve Him with the gifts, and anointing that He has given unto help us do what we have been called to do by God our Father. Yea

Thank you Lord, we put self-pity- we put fear- we put hate-we put selfishness, we put double mindedness to the side, our concerns our worries, we put them aside and bow before your presence...Thank You Jesus, You are Lord.
Thank You Lord, we just want to bow at Your Feet and offer our humble sacrifice...Thank You Jesus-You are Lord!

Friday, March 14, 2008


It Is A wonderful day! Thank You Jesus!
What is the devil stealing from you?
What are you handing over to him by your own power?

First things First=
In the Name of Jesus, We come to Praise You Father--We ask for nothing today-other than to ask You Father, what can we do for You today? Who can we bless in Your name Jesus?
I have decided to do right-not go by my feelings Lord.
Thank You Father for Everything You have already done!
I want for nothing, other than to do what You say I need to do today. Direct me Lord-I yield to Your Holy spirit! I recieve all that You give in the Name of Jesus! Yea Amen.

Walk by your faith and trust in God-not your feelings.
Confess all the truths about God that you know! speak them out over your life all day today! Speak them out over your family's life, your friends, your situaitons! Put everything in His hands and He will perfect every area of Your life! Amen.


Dorothy Norwood "I Believe"

Richard Smallwood - "Thank You" part 1

Richard Smallwood - "Thank You" Part 2

Thank You Jesus, Thank You Jesus, Thank You Jesus, Thank You Jesus
Thank You Jesus, thank You Jesus, Thank You Jesus....inspite of myself You still love me,,,thank You Jesus...You will use me no matter what season i am within - thank You Jesus...I thank You -I"m grateful...Thank You Jesus...thank You....

This is the season of renewal, restoration, resilience, this IS the season of New growth. God is watering His people, He is using His living waters to shower us, as a down pour and storms to bless our lives, our hearts, our bodies, our minds.
Stand , boldly, without hesitiation, and speak the Word of God.
Are you ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ? If you are not, then speak His word-bless somebody.

Below is a long soaking rain, a cleasning rain for your spirit- for your heart-for your life. His living waters, I encourage you to go and soak yourself , marinate yourself within His Love, Walk in Beauty all day today...It has already been prepared for you to do just that!
Enjoy This Day as it will not come around again.

in His name, I love all of you! May God pour down from heavens storehouse all that you need to help others. Yea Amen.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Greetings - people Who God Loves!

Know that God loves you and has ordered your steps if you are reading this! You must have called on HIM!
Please know this also,,,I am here for the believers-I am here for the people God has called to be His Leaders!
I did not choose you--God Did.
I am not bringing the 'popular' message/teachings-of the others that have not FULLY obeyed His leading. this is not milk from a bottle. I have real food for your spirit.
I can't change people, I have power to change- we all do-God's power of change is in all of us. You have to have a desire to be changed-if the desire is not there-change will not happen.
Stop making excuses-it kills the desire to change-this is proof that these people are not teachable.

Oh Glory to God! Lord I trust You
You are good- Your love is stronger than anything! Your Word Lives in Me Father so that in the midnight hour-if satan comes I am able to fight the good fight with Your Powerful Word.

How much God loves You. It just flows and everywhere His love flows things and people grow-His Kingdom grows! What are you investing your time, mind and spirit into?
Learn Who You are in God and Who He is in you.

His word is established in your life ! This means the blueprints have been drawn up and all you have to do is give the word to get started!

Please, Confess this with your heart-your mouth
I Am Walking on God's Promises - not my pride!
I am Walking ON God's Promises for my life--NOT MY PRIDE!
I Am Walking BY My Faith ON God's Promises for MY LIFE-NOT MY PRIDE!

(if you know that you are walking on His promises...then you have already stepped out on Your Faith! Amen.)

Lets keep going here-Let us water our gardens-the seeds that God has planted within our hearts and spirits, with His Love-Let us speak His Truth over our lives for this day.

What are you committed to do? Who are you trusting? What are you believing? Do you have His word on your heart-coming out of your mouth as protection?
We speak Your Love so that the angels watching over us have something to work with!
When we call You Lord - You answer!
In ALL times ! Every Time- YOU Answer! Yea Amen

Open up your mouth and confess from your heart.....Water your garden WITH God's Living Water-Not toxic waste.

LORD Of Light-LORD OF Love, May YOU Always Reign!
How we reverence Your name
All nations shall proclaim Your wonderous Name for all times.
Lord You Reign up on Your throne in Heaven.
For You Shall Forever Reign.
how we reverence Your Name!
Up on Your throne You Reign!
Lord Of Light-Lord of Love, how precious is YOUR name
How we love YOU
we adore You
we place no one and nothing above YOU
You are Holy-You are righteous You are wonderful

You are Holy, Precious, Righteous!

What kind of water are you using to Water The Garden that God planted within your heart and spirit?

I can help you stir your spirit up--but you have to learn to Stir Up your spirit so that you will obey what God has divinely ordered for your life! Make up your mind and confess with your heart - with your mouth who you are going to obey!
Let me tell you this, walking by faith does not always feel good!
Know this=it's not about how you feel! It is about obedience to God!

ONE MORE TIME=Living by the Word of God- is not based on how you feel--but by what you know, and believe in and your faith. Your mind is where satan will deposit all his lies and hatred--if you do not know how to speak the power of God Who lives in you= satan will defeat you every time.
It is about spiritual warfare-not natural warfare! Are you fighting against God's growth spurts for your heart, your mind, your wisdom? Allow Him to Grow you with His living waters! All power is already living within you-you have to call upon it and use it! Amen.
I must tell you that if you do not Walk In Your Authority, Using your Faith-On The Promises from God-You will not make it. You will always be scared and full of fear! We were not made to be vessels of fear.

When you walk in your authority, you don't need take it-you already own it.
Just the same with clothing yourself in the armor of God! Put on the Whole armor of God, is what people go around saying all the time. Why are people going around saying, I'm going put on the whole armor of God? Who told them to take it off?
If you put it on last week, last month-last year-

Why would you take it off if you have already put it on? As soon as you take off the Armor of God--beelzle will come right upon you and trick you. This is the Spiritual Armor of God that we cannot see with our eyes-but satan and God can see it on you. And if you take it off, satan can see this and will attack your mind! Are you wearing God's Whole Armor--or the armor of whinning, complaining, selfishness, jealousy, pettiness, and a contrite spirit?

Problems will always be here-waiting on you to turn the corner-Are you prepared for them? Faith is preparation in times of impossibilities and issues that seem to just pop-up.

I know that many will not be saved or become believers by the Good Word of God coming through me. I know, as much as it hurts my heart-that many of you will dismiss what comes from God.
And I pray the Lord will show His Self for their benefit. Amen

I am trying to make sure that as many of you as possible will get into the front door of heaven and that your lives will be living witnesses so that many others will get to heaven through you--AND have a great fullfilling life Through Jesus here on earth first. Amen.
Guard YOUR HEART Diligently!

Taking a 10, 15, 20 year journey trying to change God's will for your life will do nothing but make you a late bloomer-you will get there in your older age instead of your younger years. At the end of each day God's Perfect Will--will be made Full and complete! You have to have the desire to want to be changed! No one can do this for you--you have to want to do this!
You do have 'will' to do what you want-but it does not mean you should do everything you feel or will for yourself to do.
so many will dismiss His Word no matter how He sends it because they will listen to their pride, flesh and with their feelings--they will listen to their feelings and not believe and trust in the word of God!
Jesus does come knocking as He said He would. Are you going to answer the door and invite Him into your life--into your heart?

And know this also, the people that will dismiss the full Calling of God--the people that will 'poo-poo' the Word of God, you will not stop His mouthpieces from doing as we have been Called to do!
Did It stop Jesus? Did it stop His followers? NO it did not. It will only stop you from living a great life as Jesus bought for us. It will only stop You from being who you were created to be. My mind is made up! And satan cannot mess with a made up mind! That is the only way he can stop any of us -- through our minds and our feelings.

Oh that you would have the faith and belief of the Centurion! Such faith Jesus said He had not witnessed till He meet the centurion. Praise God!
Oh, that you should have the faith of Mary-of Debra-of Vashti-of Ester-of Ruth!
Encourage yourself in the truth of the Lord. Tell yourself what you know about The goodness of Jesus.

I cannot & will not lower my standards that have been set by the Divine Order of God for my life. I am not ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Nor am I afraid to speak His Word.

God does say, let the wheat and the tares grow up together and He Will Separate them when the time comes! Thank You Jesus!

People that want a Strong Relationship with God-With Jesus-Not with religion. Iron sharpens Iron. Amen.

So many people speak the power of Gods word over their lives then they turn right around and with the same mouth, they curse the blessings.
What are you thinking with Fear and pride -or- Love and Courage? This is how satan gets to you--through your mind-through your thinking! Think on what you are thinking on!
When you face what you fear--you become fearless! Amen.

People do not want to hear the Truths when God brings them-they want to give God their plans and want Him to honor those. How about you take His plans for your life and honor those First! Amen!

Remember, This is help to see your way through these storms and lies. Iron Sharpens Iron!

Speak God's truths over your life and start walking on your faith in God and let your light shine so others will see how Good our Father is! Amen!

He did not lie to you--He cannot lie. People can and will lie-but God will not and cannot lie to anyone and never will.

If you are seeking to please Him, seeking His truths, if you are answering the call that He placed on your life-then what are you waiting for?
Speak Your faith-Walk in Your faith-TRUST HIM!

Tell Him that He can depend on you--Tell Him, that You love Him and by that You will obey Him and do as He tells you, no matter how strange, crazy sounding or off the wall what He says sounds to your human ears. Listen with your spiritual ears and look with your spiritual eyes.

Even when you have made mistakes-(which we all do) and you have gotten yourself into a hot mess--CALL ON the Name of Jesus so that God can help you! Ask for forgiveness- Recieve His forgivness-His corrections and then get over it and let Him move you on where you need to be! Amen.

YES, the Word of God is a mighty Sword-but if you are not faithfully and with faith, speaking His word over your life-over your situations and issues-over the storms that life throws at us--Then The sword cannot cut anything!

I know that when I put my feet on the floor in the morning-and I start praising God and Jesus before i can fully open my eyes--satan and his demons moan and groan--and say, oh no, here she comes again! Amen!

God loves you-He knows what you can do and when you will be able to do what He has said. This is why we are tried by His fire. Many of you are going into the fire-are within the fire now, and have been moved out of His refinning fire; now what are you going to do? Talk to God, spend quality time with Him so that He Will be able to direct Your Willing heart, and spirit to accomplish all that He has spoken over your life long before you were born.

Know that God is with us--Are you with Him?

Pray-Stand up for yourself-Speak for yourself-Love God!


2 Cor. 10:4-5

Joshua 1:9
Matt. 8:5-13 ; 13
John 12:24
Isa. 55
Eph. 6:16-18
Heb. 4:12
Judges 4

Friday, March 7, 2008


Greetings to you on this beautiful day!

Are you hidden under His shadow? Are you trusting in His Word spoken over your life?

Are you ready to lift Him up and use music to praise and worhsip Him?

Real Praise and Worship is obeying God and doing as Jesus did.

Have you allowed Him to start you on your journey yet?

I have to bring back a couple of videos that i used before. We can Make It to the end!

Let us encourage ourselves-Let us Keep moving forward toward the mark and not look backwards. Let us leave what is behind in the past-IN The Past.
The refinning fire will take away all that you do not need.
How Great Our God is! What a Wonderful Counselor Jesus is!
He Lives!
Take some time out and Praise and Worship Him with me!

Richard Smallwood & Vision - "I'll Trust You"

Richard Smallwood - "Everything That Has Breath"

Richard Smallwood & Vision Featuring Kim Burrell - "Journey"

Richard Smallwood & Chaka Khan - "Precious Is Your Name"

Chaka Khan - "Secret Place"
Shirley Ceasar--"Put Your Trust In Jesus"--After 40 Years

Monday, March 3, 2008


Every time I give up more of me, I grow new roots deep within His love for me. The more of me I give up-the more Jesus lives within me.

I remind myself that the crop is worth more than the seed!

Let us keep First things First. Father God, I am neither ashamed nor afraid to Tell of Your Greatness and Your Love for me-for Your people--to tell how much I love You! I come to you in the name of Jesus, to thank You for Your UnconditionaLove that you give to us and we receive. Without You Lord we are nothing and can do nothing good. Search us Lord, for You know our hearts-Cleanse us and I thank You for keeping us worthy vessels to be used by You. For the building of Your Kingdom Here on earth as It Is in Heaven. Let Your Will be done in me and for my life as You have spoken it to be, In the Name of Jesus, Yea Amen.

Father, thank You for using me to encourage your people in Your ways and about Your Love for them all, In the name of Jesus, I pray, Yea, Amen.

Isa. 65:1-2

I Just Give Up!
Do You Feel this way sometimes? That you Just Give UP?

Let me tell you what I'm talking about---what I give up this time is...more of what I do not need and never really did. Amen.

I Give Up, worrying about ‘picking up this house’—when I know it is too small for 2 adults, 2 growing young girls and all the results of our being blessed. I Give Up trying to keep all of our clothes clean, folded and put away when we don’t have enough storage or enough places to put storage if we had the room. I understand that since God has given us so much in the natural that a larger home is on the horizon! I remind myself, that I cannot sit on the prayer request-but I’m not going to sit on frustrations either! Amen.

I Will do what I can do and truthfully Will leave the rest to God.

I Give Up, worrying about the clutter in my ‘use to be’ painting studio/bedroom—that is now filled with All of our books, clothes, shoes, dvd’s, cd’s, collectables, and some of my art materials. Because now, two women live in this room instead of one. (thank You Jesus). I Know this family is an answered prayer.

I Give Up, thinking of ways to prepare our special needs daughter For Every situation I think people will throw at her because of her skin tone, her hair texture, her developing body, her sweet and giving heart, her speech, her learning disabilities, and for Who her mother is. I Give Up trying to anticipate her reactions and actions because she ‘is sensitive to so many things’ that most of us just push right on through. I am prepared for WhatEver comes her way-God has high regard for me, to give me a special needs child as He KNOWS, it ain’t easy.

I Give Up, allowing frustrations and irritations to crawl on me when our other daughter does not understand that she needs to get rid of her desire to be perfect on her own and her slight spirit of envy when she does not receive and the other child does. That she has to want to be changed by His love. I also Give Up worrying about how she will be treated because of her skin tone, hair texture, and for who her mother is. (keeping in mind their ages--we have done all we can-the rest Lord, is between you and them).

I Will do what I can do and truthfully Will leave the rest to God.

I Give Up, letting my flesh wrestle with me about how slow my partner moves and how quickly I move when it is time to get ready-time to eat-time to leave the house, time to do whatever it is we need to do. (thank You God for being in the Center of our relationship-and that I love someone that You love).

I Give Up, allowing myself to get frustrated and irritated when interruptions and background noise bother me when I am trying to write, draw, read, or just have some quiet me time. (When I was living alone, I wanted all of these people here)

I Just Give UP!
WHEW! That feels Gooood! Thank You Jesus! I can make this journey with You Jesus by my side and the Holy Spirit leading me-I Can Make It!

And I know that Right Here is exactly where God wanted me to be in the first place. A place out in the deep where it takes time for roots to grow new shoots and to create a very strong root system that is sturdy and stable. This place that takes time for me to produce good fruit for the harvest. A place of more patience. Amen.

This is a place called surrender. As I fully know that I cannot continue living in my new life until I completely finish with my old life. He can have all that toxic garbage-rotting away in my spirit and heart!

Now, I have been here before-many times. We all have-if you have given your life into God's Hands, you have been here and will visit again. Mighty God, Holy IS Your name-Righteous IS Your name! I Will Continue to Trust You! I learned to speak out the truth that I know about God. It works, you should add it in to your daily talks with Him. Learn to encourage yourself when you can’t find anyone else to help you.

These things that I give up right now are small compared to the many other things I have given up while on this journey with God. Larger negative parts of myself have long since gone away—been burnt up in His refining fire. He lifted my burdens away and I thank You for this Father.

You know, when you first give your life to God, He comes in like a crew of cleaners-moving like a Whirl Wind and ZAP! He takes All the big things out of your being, out of your character. He removed the desire- ‘the want of’- so many things in me and about me RIGHTAWAY! They are gone and I have not had the desire to do them anymore; to speak as I use to-to think as i use to nor do I want to be around any of the people He has removed from my life. Some I know will have “to get right” before they can come back—the others may return, for a look-see but they will not stay. They will not find what they are looking for.

I changed my investments. Now my time and energy are focused on what Jesus said I should think on! The things that serve Him. Thank You Jesus.
That is the way God is….He takes care of the things we cannot do. His Love is Strong over me and in me. This is why I praise and worship Him!
And then He leaves us with the things that we can change by our will-things that have to be done by us.

I have learned DAY BY DAY that God leaves little stuff behind that we are responsible for letting go of. The things I listed at the beginning of this post are some of those. I have accepted His Will and allow
Him to cultivate my Want to Let Go of these ways that will hold me back. This is what you have to do also if you want to continue in a forward direction by His leading.

I have given up my will and taken hold of His will for my life—so if these things are not serving Him and His purposes in my life, for His ultimate plan….then I have to let them go! God has enabled us to do this and more.
What are you investing in?
What is taking up all your time, your energy, your thinking, your heart, your praise, your worship? What kind of return are you getting from your investments? Are your investments sucking you dry and returning nothing but stunted growth, pennies instead of dollars, evil instead of kindness, sickness instead of good health and selfishness instead of selflessness?

You have got to learn and to accept the fact that the more you ignore the Truth—the more you are ignoring God. For God is Truth! Whatever the Truths in your life are—you cannot run from them, you cannot hide from them; you cannot manipulate them into something else for convenient quick fixes.

The truth always comes back around for you to face.
What do you need to Give UP?

Remember that the Crop IS worth More than the seed.

We grow day by day into what He created us to be. It takes time, be paitient with yourself and with others, He is Not through with any of us Yet! May God continue to keep us all as we journey on. Yea Amen.

Matthew 5-7 The Beatitudes