Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Father, I want to come and tell you that I know that in the midst of every storm You are in it.
To tell you Thank You for the stability that You have brought into my life. The balance and stability that You bring every day. Thank You for the abundance of Wisdom and Knowledge that You have given to me.

Your Love has lifted me up! Your Love has changed me! Your love has empowered me to Do today by Your design.
You are the center of my Joy and the Joy of my Strength!
Our Father, I treasure YOU! (adapted from Isaiah 33:6)
Isaiah 33- 35

I ask the Holy Spirit to do Thy Will in my life and through my life—to be Increased and that I am decreased.
So that I am able to fully obey His leading and that God’s Power is total and whole through my life and in my life. I ask that You Spread Your Wisdom and Directions forth-Do Your Will Holy Spirit—Create for me a Centering Moment when I am in need of it.

I look up to Heaven and speak EPHPHATHA!
In Jesus’ name, Thank You, Amen.

When unfounded fears pop their little heads up in my life—I have learned to quickly stomp them down with the truth of God’s love—that He Is The Supplier of everything in my life and for my life!

We are to pray with faith and with power. We are to Praise Him and enter each day with Joy, Thanksgiving, Triumph, and Humbleness. That is the Power of Our Praise when we keep God first.
We, the children of God, are connected to a power source like nothing on earth can give us. Yet, many do not use this Power and Wisdom to help our hearts, our lives be spiritually aligned with The Plans of God by standing on His Word.

We are to keep God at the center of all things concerning our lives. This allows us to be pro-active so that we do not respond to the challenges of life in an emotional reaction. Through our feelings which will keep us off center from God’s desire for us.

Courage and Joy Will conquer all troubles. These gifts from God’s Spirit Will, if you use them--lift you above your weariness, and chase away all fear—they Will give you a view into His deep unconditional Love for us, they Will drape you and keep you protected by His unconditionaLove. Just to give you a few examples of what God’s Courage and Joy Will do for each of us when we use them.

This difficult way is nearly over-with each new spiritual level that He brings us to there is a refining fire to burn off what cannot go with us.
God says for us to, Hold on in His Strength and when we confess our weaknesses and our shortcomings (which He already knows about) Jesus Will be able to step in and stand in the gaps that are within our lives. We are mere humans—He is God!

He is waiting for each of us to recognize that we are not able to do anything by our self to correct situations and issues. Letting go of prideful thinking and actions and humbling ourselves is the power that will help us.

I encourage you to Stand strong in the face of all adversity. To remember that God Is in the midst of Every Storm!

Remember that satan is the accuser of the sisters and brothers of Christ Jesus.
Forgiveness is a free gift from Our Father. Through Jesus we are able to forgive ourselves and not throw a pity party. Being arrogant and prideful and oppressive over others is not good either.
Trying to prove yourself all the time and demand respect because of some title or position that people have lifted you into is not good.
Proverbs 11:2 “ When pride come, then comes disgrace; but with humility comes wisdom.”

You have not accomplished anything good by your own power. Forgetting Who put you there is tantamount to self destruction.

And, getting mad and staying mad at those that have done you wrong will not work. People will use you and lie on you to get what they want and have to have.

People that you considered friends and family can be the ones that do you wrong also. The hardest thing is to be rejected by people that you have helped when they were in need but yet, when you are in need, they reject you, avoid you and act like they do not know you. We are to pray for them in the times they have done us wrong. When Job’s friends did him wrong He prayed for them and God gave Job double what he lost. Stop concentrating on how you feel—and do what is right no matter how you feel.

God says that when they reap what they have sown, we are to not be joyful—but to pray for them. If we are joyful because they fall then that is a bigger sin to God then the sin they committed.

It says in Proverb 24:16-20 “ For a righteous man falls seven times and rises again, but the wicked are overthrown by calamity. Rejoice not when your enemy falls, and let not your heart be glad when he stumbles or is overthrown, Lest the Lord see it and it be evil in His eyes and displease Him, and He turn away His wrath from him [to expend it upon you, the worse offender]. Fret not because of evildoers, neither be envious of the wicked. For there shall be no reward for the evil man; the lamp of the wicked shall be put out.”

I have had to go to God in prayer, very humble to repent for the times I found joy in the falling of certain people that had done me or a friend wrong. That weight and sin has been lifted off of me. I do so love the correction of the Lord! To remember to forgive myself when I do wrong—not to hold on to that mess. I want to keep my heart pure to God.

Jesus has given us a Full and Whole Salvation-- satan wants us to not forgive ourselves—he will constantly throw old mistakes and wrong thinking back in your face to give you guilt. Some of it is false guilt. And some is truly based on our actions and thinking. Either way, keeping it on your mind and in your heart is nothing but feeding a disease that is slowly killing your life.

God does not give guilt but forgiveness and wholeness. This does you no good if you do not receive it. Do yourself a great justice and forgive yourself and forgive others. It is not worth the time and energy to hang on to all that mess. You will look up and see that you are trapped within a maze of guilt and unforgiveness.

We are told to take our hands off the issues and situation-- which means to stop thinking on it –stop going over the details of the situation every chance that you have.

We are to Be still and know that He Is God. Once you give God the thing—leave it all with Him. Wait and be patient.

Many times people want from God- gimme, gimme, gimme. And sometimes God will allow us to get what we so desperately want- (The prodigal son). He allows us to get what we just have to have-- In order to teach us lessons—to break us from thinking of only things.
To see that we have manipulated the situation to make it be as we wanted it to be – to show us that when we are waiting for an Isaac from God as He promised – An Ishmael will always come forth and that is really not what we wanted. We just think that it will work and that it is what we want. Not hardly.
We cannot take what God starts in our lives and add our own middle and ending and think that it will be as we want it!
NO, that will not work. We will fall further from Him each time we do so.

How many people got what they wanted so badly and it was not what God had planned to give them and now they are stuck with what they got? And how many people got what they wanted so badly and it jacked them up? How many of you are in a job that you had to have, how many of you are in a relationship with a person that you just had to have? Is that job Now the best for you? Have you moved up to higher positions?
Is that person you had to have treating you right—are you growing with that person? Or it could be a material thing that you jsut had to have. But once you go it - it gave you no long lasting happiness, nothing that is permanent.

Have these things that you just had to have serving you and helping you serve God?

Or did they bring on more sadness, more hardships for you to deal with? Are these things that you just had to have hindering you in your growth and maturity-spiritually, emotionally, and in the natural?
But after a trip to the pig sty of gimme’s, of selfishness we come back to Him asking forgiveness and broken –so now after we see that what we wanted so badly was not for us to have—hopefully, we will wait and listen to His way and timing.

God has better for you!
It is time to see, know and understand that God wants to work in us to change us so that He will be able to work through us and at this point of being willing and yielding to His Holy Spirit – then we will be ready to receive the things that we want.

There are times in which we think that what we see in the natural, the timing and the circumstances are just right for God to give us what we have asked for. What we desire to do. When in actuality, the timing is Not correct for us to receive what He is going to do for us and through us.

God says, “READY, SET………”
But He has not said GO! Yet.

And many people hear- “Ready, Set” — and they take off before the starter’s pistol has been fired. They are moving before God. This is a sign of immaturity–spiritually and emotionally.

Then many will wait too long and after the Go! And the sound of the starter’s pistol has been heard…..they do not move. They are behind God. Same kind of sign as I stated above.

He is our God, Our Father and He will bring you through every challenge if you will only believe. We are to boldly approach our Father through our faith in Jesus our brother. (Eph 3:12)
It is Simple.

It’s really not about What happens to us on a daily basis—BUT, How we respond to what happens to us on a daily basis.
Look at your daily challenges as opportunities for God to step in and Show Himself through your life. Neither you nor I can do anything about the majority of things that come our way. What we can do is Praise Him more than asking—we can allow His glory to shine through us more than seeking self-glory.
We can make Him and keep Him the center of our relationships and humbly sit at His feet, which is the highest place we can put ourselves in Him.

The facts of Faith super cede the facts of life!
We can work on Refusing to wallow in the depths of despair or stand shaking in your boots about what the future may hold. People do drown in shallow waters. Worries, anger, unforgiveness, selfishness, self centeredness, hatred, jealousy, are shallow waters. And Fear is the deepest of the shallow waters. People do drown in shallow waters. But you do not have to.

Seek Father in the early morning, in the noonday in the evening hours for strength and guidance.
Take one day at a time and take one step at a time in the power of your faith in God.
Knowing that God is the center of balance, a balancing moment is how we can make it through each day – one day at a time.

Luke 17:6 So the Lord said, "If you have faith as a mustard seed, you can say to this mulberry tree, 'Be pulled up by the roots and be planted in the sea,' and it would obey you."

Receive His love and Thank Him for increasing your power of self-control and then all the other gifts of the Spirit will begin to mature quickly. (Gal. 5)

Remember to offer To Him at all times, a sacrifice of Praise and He Will honor your obedience and love for Him.
Every day-Every Day-Right Now-Right Now!!

Psalm 116
Psalm 100
1 Peter 2:5-9

Stop being concerned with what you don’t have and be appreciative for what you do have.
The things that you have lost, or satan stole from you or you gave away and should not have….Sow all that stuff, all that anger, sadness and worry unto God. Then satan has not stolen anything from you as you have given it all to God in the name of Jesus.
God has better for you!

We are encouraged to take every opportunity to count our blessings and give thanks unto God. I and my partner have just these kinds of blessings. The kind that money cannot buy and no person or demon can take from us!
We have a love that was given to us from Jesus. We have a relationship in which God is the center of always-everyday!
We have His Holy Spirit Increasing in our lives as we are decreased—so that every day we say –Holy Spirit Have Thy Will in our lives for this day and all days to come.

Neither Satan nor any human can take any of This JOY from us!
It all lives within our hearts.
A pure heart will obey God’s Spirit.

Stop yourself from fretting, worrying, and complaining as often as possible to enjoy the good things in your life. The more you concentrate on your thinking and your speaking the easier it gets to catch yourself when how you feel starts talking to you. Listen for the Spirit instead of your flesh—how you feel.

The tendency at this juncture of your journey is to look at all the negatives and to complain about everything that seems to cause your misery, which will only result in more unhappiness, distress and suffering.
This is a trick of satan. To bring in fear and have you act on your unfounded fears—forgetting that OUR Father is the Source of All Supply for our lives! Amen!

However, you can make choices that will enhance your life instead of creating more misfortune, God tells us this-His Holy Spirit when allowed by you to Increase in Your life and you to decrease will confirm, protect, guide and advise you as to what you need to do for each and every issue, situation, trouble, etc…that comes you way.
Remember, it’s not about the things that happen to us every day—But, How we Will respond to each and every thing that happens.
Confront each wrong, each bad situation, each lie; each worry With The Joy of The LORD Which is Our Strength and WATCH God step into each thing because you responded with His tools and power. Amen! Glory Be To God Our Father in Jesus’ name!

A pure heart waits and trusts in God’s timing and love for us.

1 Thessalonians 5:15-18 “See that no one renders evil for evil to anyone, but always pursue what is good both for yourselves and for all. Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, in everything give thanks; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.”

“And this I pray: that your love may abound yet more and more and extend to its fullest development in knowledge and all keen insight , So that you may surely learn to sense what is vital, and approve and prize what is excellent and of real value , and that you may be untainted and pure and unerring and blameless the day of Christ .” (Philippians 1:9-10)

I pray also that you not get lost on your way to the Miracle!

Once we tell ourselves Who we are not-then it is time to learn who we are!

You have to trust God to take you to places that you are afriad to go! Especially those places that within our own minds and hearts!

Thursday, September 25, 2008


Today is a new day—God has presented all of us with all the opportunities for this day—to be received by us and to use for our gain and to give All Glory unto God in Jesus’ name!
Today is a New Day-God has provided Equally, EVERY OPPORTUNITY for all of us to reach out and grab His Mighty Right Hand and be pulled along by His Love to keep us from harm-to complete His Will for our lives-and in all things we bring Glory to Him Our Father Who Has Already provided All that We need! Lord thank You for Your continued Mercy and Grace for our lives. In Our Brothers name We come to You, Amen.

11"I pray that you may be invigorated and strengthened with All power according to the Might of His glory, [to exercise] Every kind of endurance and patience (perseverance and forbearance) With JOY, 12Giving thanks to The Father, Who has qualified and made us fit to Share the Portion which Is the inheritance of the Saints (God's holy people) in The Light!"
Colossians 1:11-12

My friends, I come to you in the name of Jesus to bring encouragement as we continue to walk by Faith the Will of God as He has set forth by His love for us.

Let us Confess our faith in God in the name of Jesus! This will release all power from the Law of Faith through the action of confessing. Please know that confession will only work if we use it and believe it—Walking in the truth of what we say that we believe by Faith!
(Romans 10:3)

It is time to join together and with the Authority we have possesion of speaking from our hearts we give praise and thanksgiving unto God in the name of Jesus! There is power in our praise and thanksgiving--There is power and strength when we join together 2 or more in His name -- He is with us!

In these times which are getting worse (
what are you waiting for Christmas?), we need every person that has been called by God to speak His truth in order to stand up and put an end to the negative forces that have been sent to stop us from finishing this Journey!

As we move further in His grace and mercy, from one glory to the next glory--satan will do everything possible to stop us, to kill us off, to hinder us. He will try to use everything from our past lives to trick us. Now you know That is not who we are anymore! AMEN!

Our enemy is trying to get at the Saints of God through the worldly messes. Look at what greed and selfishness has done to the world. What is falling apart is falling on many of us that had nothing to do with greedy gain.

Satan cannot trick me--I am in too deep with God to turn back--turning back or giving up is not an option!! He will try to wear us out. Do not give in to his tricks and mazes. I have never seen the righteous of God forsaken!

Let me tell the enemy of God that My name

I am faithful to You Father, I will endure and do the extra miles, I willingly do more than is required Father! I will complete this course with JOY that comes from You Father! I know that trials and tribulations will come--but I will go through it All with a Joyful Heart speaking truth and praises to You God- my Father with every step! In the natural I will be with You Jesus--so that I will be rewarded with all the Spiritual need that I require and have been promised by our Father.

No matter what happens -- no matter what I have or don't have-
I will be faithful to God and trust Him to do as He has said.
Luke 16:10-13

Please ask yourself, what lives in my heart?
Whatever lives in your heart, That is what will feed you, strengthen you, prepare you, carry you further, protect you!
What lives in your heart is what will hinder you or help you!! Amen!

We will not give the devil our JOY!
Our JOY in the LORD is our Strength! Neh. 8:10

35-36 “Do not, therefore, fling away your fearless confidence, for it carries a great and glorious compensation of reward. For you have need of steadfast patience and endurance, so that you may perform and fully accomplish the will of God, and thus receive and carry away what is promised.” (
Hebrews 10:32-39)

I hear YOU LORD!! Thank YOU I will carry these in my heart all day and every day!!!

We will be patient and endure through till YOU Provide in fullness every natural and spiritual need that We Have use of!

I have called it down from Heaven that YOUR power and LOVE for us has released EVERYTHING that we are in need of. As it All will be used to bring Glory to you in the name of Jesus! Amen!

We worry NOT!
What do we need to be concerned with for this day as all our needs have been met by YOUR Faithful Right Hand!

We hear YOU Father and we give honor, praise and thanksgiving unto YOU in The Name Of Jesus!! Thank YOU Father!!


"Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of sympathy (pity and mercy) and the God [Who is the Source] of Every Comfort (consolation and encouragement), 4Who comforts (consoles and encourages) us in EVERY Trouble (calamity and affliction), so that we may also be able to comfort (console and encourage) those who are in any kind of trouble or distress, with the comfort with which we ourselves are comforted by God."

As we yield to Our Fathers righteous authority, He will establish us and cause us to walk in divine integrity and abundance in every area of our lives. But, we must surrender ourselves completely in order to be led by His Spirit. If we will allow it, He will reveal to our heart every place of rebellion that will keep us from receiving the results of being blessed. When conviction comes, we need change our mind quickly and line up with the truth of His Word - His promises are for all that do so. Correction is a loving gift of His mercy and grace for us—Today IS A NEW DAY!

Psalms 37:25 "I have been young, and now am old; yet I have not seen the righteous forsaken, nor his descendants begging bread."

And We speak out in the name of Jesus that no matter what happens or does not happen we thank our Father for protecting us from All the things that were sent to kill us off that we had no idea was on the way!

“Grace (favor and spiritual blessing) to you and [heart] peace from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ (the Messiah, the Anointed One).” II Cor. 1:2

My we continue to learn and use what we have in our possesion to bring glory to God. May we continue to know our Father as He has given us everything we need. Let us not waste what He has given to us through unfaithfulness.
May we continue to pray for one another and may Our Father continue to smile on us, In the name of Jesus do I say it is done!
Matthew 25:14-29

Proverbs 24:10
Luke 16:10-13
Acts 20:24

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


“Sing Joyfully to the LORD you righteous; it is fitting for the upright to praise Him! Sing to HIM a new song, play skillfully and shout for Joy!”
Psalm 33:1-5

“Create in me a Pure heart, O God, and renew a steadfast Spirit within me. Restore to me the Joy of YOUR salvation and grant me a Willing Spirit, to sustain me.”
Psalm 51:10-12

GREETINGS to you my friends. Isn't it a beautiful day today? I love the season of Autumn! Let us prepare for the Winter months that are quickly approaching! Here are a few topics that will help keep you encouraged and moving within His will for your life that have helped me. Thank you for giving up some of your time to fellowship with me and all the others, to learn in the name of Jesus! Amen.

There is so much going on in the world—stuff is just falling apart as the truth is revealed. So much of it is falling on people that had nothing to do with the problem existing from the beginning. Most of it is falling on those that created the lies and manipulation. God’s truth has revealed so much all over the world. Praise You Jesus for being the Light that reveals all places of darkness and replaces darkness with Your Light! Amen.

Remember that the people God has called by His name are under His protection and guidance.

We all make mistakes. I have truly made my share of them. And as long as I am human—I’ll probably make some more. I know that Going to God asking for forgiveness and also asking Him to help me be the best He has designed me to be is the way to stay humble and teachable. I have learned that, This is the way to mature and grow as I was created to do. I had to get over myself first! So I say to you--Please, get over yourself! Pride will kill you! Learn from your mistakes, and better yourself by seeking God and learning what Jesus came here and did for us. We are to be doing all that He did and more!

The enemy comes to steal our Joy, our zest for life through Jesus. He does not come to steal our stuff=our homes, cars, jobs and clothes, our material possesions. But if you have put all your trust, faith into material possessions and if you think these things make you secure--then when they are gone--I guess your Joy for life will go with them also.
John 12:26; 14:12; 15:13-15, 17-27

Allowing Him to work with me and break me in the places that I need to be broken in, will help my growth in this life that He has given me. I want to be the best that He has created me to be—not the best by my own little thinking and little wisdom and knowledge.

This is for everyone—He said, Who-So-Ever believes in Him believes in the Father that sent Him, and Who-So-Ever obeys, will reap the harvest of God’s Kingdom and the Promises of God will flow to them that do so.

We have all gone through things that hurt us and pain us. We have all made bad choices and wrong decisions that have jacked up our lives in more ways than one. Knowing that the hurt and pain-that the bad choices and wrong actions can be used by God to change me and enlighten me - is such a Joy to my heart. I just gotta praise Him!

Joyful, Joyful, LORD we adore YOU!
God of Heaven, LORD of Light!

Healing only works when you clean away everything that is diseased and damaged!
So when God comes to clean your wounds with His salve—Let Him do so. The healing process will only work if you are cleaned out! No one puts a band aid on a cut without first cleaning out the bacteria and adding some anti-biotic.
God is the same way. He is the Master Healer!

In Romans 12:3 Paul tells us that we all have room to grow, and places that need to be broken. May The Wisdom of God be with me as I carry out His assignments given to me to do. May the Wisdom of God guide you and direct you to complete all the assignments that God will give to you.

I know what I know by the grace and mercy of God and by the leading of His Holy Spirit. Not that I am better than anyone else as I also fall short and have weaknesses every day. I give to Jesus all my weaknesses and shortcomings so that He is made strong within me and for me.

We are to encourage each other through the Love that Jesus has for us. And by His love I do what I do. I gifted myself with none of the talents and abilities that I posses. None of us can claim glory for what we know and what we are able to do. It is all because of God and what He has planted in us that we do what we do as well as we do it! Amen.

When we allow God to water, nurture the seeds and weed the gardens that He has planted within us then we are teachable; then we see so much more than we could have imagined. We know who we are and who we belong to. We are able to break our selfishness and pride and allow Him to lead us and do for us as He longs to do.

To be joined with others that have other gifts and talents and abilities is the point of His plan. We all have differences that we should celebrate and rejoice in!
We are not to be jealous of each other because of our differences of gifts, talents and abilities. But we are to encourage each other, to help each other and to fellowship together. All the while doing so with meekness, humbleness, compassion and understanding for one another.

Meekness is strength under control! Yes, I could put people in their places and tell them off when they are wrong and act like fools, but I don’t. They are reacting through emotions and feelings. They speak what their hearts love; from the pride, the hurt the pain, the selfishness, and the coldness. Many people speak and act from the darkness of the fears that live in them.

I will not feed my flesh when it raises up hurt and wanting me to get bak at someone who said or did something to me that was totally wrong.
Remaining in His Spirit while i take care of the situation is the best way.

Many Believers/ Christians love to play show and tell. They tell a lot but show none of the gifts of the Spirit. The fruit of the Spirit will have to mature from it's seeds and grow into fruit. But if people keep feeding their flesh--always being governed by their emotions and feelings, then the fruit will grow some and then rot. And it is no good to anyone let alone God. He will not use rotten fruit to feed any of His people. Or to do any of the work that He has deemed necessary.

Some people know they do negative things on purpose and some people have also been more negatively conditioned, but are not able to see it so clearly. To actually check themselves on a consistant basis is not happening.

Many people have taken their pain and turned it into a lifestyle.
And the way they treat themselves and others in their daily lives is a result of living in the hurt and pain and disappointment since the 'thing' happened.

But let me tell you--there is always HOPE! Wanting to be changed is the beginning. And the Love of God has a way of being moved into place by one of many catalysts that He may chose to use in your life.

Changes come in stages of a person's spiritual life. Maturity and growth take place within the correct timing. Everything may not change right away. Much of the timing of change is rooted in us. How teachable we become speaks on how quickly changes are accepted and applied in our daily lives.

You have to Want to change. And also have to stick with it. It does take time. It happens in phases on different levels within many areas of our personality, our thinking, in our spiritual and our physical being.

No matter how long you have been with God-no matter how much you know or don't know about Him; growing in humbleness is what is pleasing to Him. This will breate in you a heart that wants to hear from Him. It opens the way for you to hear and not be offended by Him when He comes to corect you.

His correction is His love for us--like a parent for their child. when we say to our children- "No, no, no--don't do that now!" or, " do it this way, it's best for you"

That is how He is with us. If we listen to Him when He speaks. If we take our daily things to Him and ask what does He say about the matter. We are delighting ourselves in Him and His ways.

Even seasoned saints of God have trouble waiting sometimes.
We are all human and we will be given the opportunity to react by feelings and emotions or by the Spirit.

Those of us that truly believe Jesus--speak and act from the faith and love that lives within us. And we are all at different places of growth, maturity and learning. Different places of obedience. There is Much Hope for all that persevere.

I chose to re-act to people like that from what lives in my heart. To name a few; forgiveness, compassion, understanding, meekness, mercy and grace and faith and trust in Jesus and God.

Is it always easy to re-act this way? No, it is not. But I break my pride and flesh everyday in order to do as we have been instrcted to do. Love unconditionally. And I stay away from people like that as much as possible. Usually these are opportunities to offer prayer to God on their behalf. Which is what I do.

Are you stored up on your praises and obedience to His leading on a daily basis? Do you owe God any praise and thanksgiving for anything He has done for you in your past?
Have you been spending time with Jesus – strengthening your relationship with God so that you will be under His reign?

Have you been humbly and willingly allowing His Love to change you without being rebellious?
Have you heeded His warnings and messages when He sends them to you?

Are you looking at every challenge that you come upon or that just appears
outtatheblue, to be His Opportunity to Step Into your issues and situations so that He will divinely restore everything to help everyone?

We all have the possibility to rise to an higher level of His calling on our lives-(and this is for who-so-ever will believe and obey Him)- We all have to "check in " with ourselves daily to make sure our motives are inline with God's motives.

The more that happens from this world-from satan, from the evil that lives in people’s hearts, to undermine my ability to live life abundantly with joy till it overflows-as He said we are to do-the more I go to God in Jesus' name.

The more I go to God, the more I expect Jesus to show up.

The more I expect Him to show up, the more He Does.

The more I go to Him, spending time with Him-the stronger I become.
Stronger in faith, trust, and unconditionaLove, etc...

We all have our fears to face and kill off. Consistent spiritual growth and maturity will become evident if we allow Him to do what He can and will do.

Every month since I gave my life to God in march of 2002, and totally “stepped out of the boat” on Sept. 21 2006 when I left my teaching career; God Has to come through for me and mine-as there is no one else to help us.

That is what we expect from Him and He does provide every day-every month.
I stopped worrying and fretting over how much we have and how much we need.
Spending my time praising and expecting Him is a better use of it.

I thank Jesus that I don't fear money-neither the lack of nor the abundance of it.
I and my family have stored up praises and obedience in order to reap from that harvest. We Give mercy and grace as we never know when we may need mercy and grace. There is no particular check list to go by, it is in our hearts that we love Jesus and want to serve Him. God has given us hearts that love Him and seek Him to feed the hunger and the thirst that gathers up in our souls. Thank You Jesus!

Learning to live only by His hand is not always comfortable-but we are very glad that we have gone through that refining fire.
With each day that arrives we must go through some type of refining fire to be prepared for the rest of the journey. Can't take old stuff with us where we are going. To be tried and tested to be true for Him is what trouble is about.
I don't want to carry any burdens that God says I don't need to carry. I give God all the challenges that come cross our paths each day—I see them as opportunities for God to be able to step in and correct the situations and issues that try to take us down and out.

Our spiritual savings account that God oversees will never run empty. We add to that account Every day!

We all are to have a spiritual savings account with God- and Jesus sits at the head of that board & table.

Psalm 68:19 says that God carries our burdens every day, if we give them to Him.
I praise our creator for encouraging all of you in your time of need or using you in another's time of need.
So many people are afraid to help another in need because of the fears and darkness that live within them. They listen to the darkness instead of the Light that has been given to us.

They sow nothing in Jesus' name Unless it is comfortable for them.
Unless it is not a burden for them, Unless it is convenient for them to do.
So many feel they have to have much in order to help another with their needs.
They are mistaken. God gives all of us many opportunities in one day to bear witness to Him in Jesus’ name. We already have the abilities and tools to help others, with a kind word, a prayer and/or praise on another’s behalf. Offering a ride or ‘a piece of change’, as my grandmother used to call it- would do a person a great service of peace.

God will provide opportunities for us to help others even when a person may need a bit more than a ‘piece of change’. But so many are more concerned for their needs and what they will not have if they help another. That is a lack of trust in God. I am speaking on the times that the Holy Spirit will speak to you and direct you to do something right at this moment-or that moment. But you think on it a bit too long and the opportunity passes many by.
They missed the chance to be obedient, to work-reap and help, all in one. It is selfishness rooted in a ball of fears given by darkness.

In the midst of a drought which created a famine, the woman with the oil had just enough flour to cook for her sons and herself-she turned around upon seeing and hearing Elisha, and cooked what she had then gave it all to him. Because she trusted the Lord and the Word from Elisha, suddenly, God showed up and her oil did not run dry again. 2 Kings 4:1

God does not honor fear, pride, nor listening to the direction of the darkness that lives in some hearts and spirits.
May we all continue to be a blessing to one another.

In order to receive blessings we need to be a blessing. The woman who cracked open the alabaster jar and poured the precious and expensive oil on Jesus, was verbally attacked by the disciples for doing so. And Jesus hushed them up and taught them from their mistakes what the Kingdom of God is all about. Luke 7:46

I come to tell you to Rejoice in the opportunities that God presents to us. To come face to face with our attitudes and motives. With His teaching and changing us, we will be able to deliberately choose our responses, rather than re-act instinctively to them, which usually ends up being a bad situation for us to deal with.
We need to be able to experience the expressed difference between walking in the Spirit and yielding to the lusts of the flesh. Our decisions will result in either the spectacular or the disastrous—there will be no middle ground.

Some who are new and at the beginning of Knowing His Spirit, lack maturity and a full understanding. Some that have been with God for many years also fit into this place. This is not a judgment I make –but an observation of the truth of the matter. 1 Cor. 13:11.

If we will listen to His voice and obey His leading every time, and not harden our hearts toward Him in rebellion, He will take us through the mazes and messes right to the victory over the enemy of our souls.
But if we insist on doing things our own way, we will have to pay the costs; and will suffer the unpleasant consequences of the choices and actions we decided to make.

Doing the right thing but through the wrong ways is not going to help you. That is trying to put your ending on what God has started for you. You also cannot put your middle in place of God's divine plans for your life.
Interferring and changing any part of what God has given you will delete His plan for you. We cannot add flesh with His divineness and think all will come out as He planned.

I don’t know about you—but I have had enough of that way—my way. I stopped relying on my own little understanding and let my pride be broken everyday in order to stay humble lifted high as I stay low, praising Him at His feet.

To know that the gifts of the Spirit are not play things but tools for ministry as God leads us forth into our callings is the important point to know. To move forth into growth and strength each day is our part of this assignment. To learn to step out on faith and trust in God is not happening for each Believer each day. That creates strongholds to growth through disobedience.

There are believers who have trusted God and have grown in their trust so that when they hear the Voice of God leading them and guiding them they , without hesitation move right away.

This is the kind of faith that God honors- obedient faith-radical faith and trust in Him. This is what brings Him glory from our lives.
This is what makes God Smile on us and Sing about us. This is why He blesses and establishes us in our going out and coming in; in our rising up and sitting down. He will bring you up higher in your gifting and calling- trusting you with larger works as you have pleased Him in the smaller works that He presented you with.

Psalms 121:8 “The LORD shall preserve your going out and your coming in from this time forth and even forevermore.”

Numbers 6:24-26 “The LORD bless you and keep you; the LORD make His face shine upon you, and be gracious to you ; the LORD lift up His countenance upon you, and give you peace.”

“May the Grace (favor and spiritual blessing) of the LORD Jesus Christ and the Love of God and the presence and fellowship (the communion and sharing together and participation) in the Holy Spirit be with you all!” AMEN! (So be it).
2 Corinthians 13:14

God is in the ordinary moments of our daily lives—ready to be called upon to help us in every one of the daily details that apply to us. If you let Him—God Will turn all of your challenges into His opportunities to show His Divine Love for you—And this will move you further along within His Will for your life!

He said for us to Enter His Gates with Praise and Thanksgiving on our lips! Not somber, sad, depressed faces and hearts. No matter what the case is—Know that the Joy of the LORD IS YOUR Strength!

Psalms 100:4
Matthew 25:23
Habakkuk 3:1, 17-19

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


"and His name Shall be called... EMMANUEL!"

Greetings to you my friends in the name of Jesus.

I have some things, many things to ask you and to tell you. Lord Have Mercy and Holy Spirit help me do what the Lord God Himself has directed me to say to the people! Thank You Jesus, Thank You Holy Ghost Thank YOU God!

For those of you already strong in the Lord and that have a relationship with Him, this is encouragement for your spirit and reminders of what you already know. Give yourself a break and come let us Praise The Greatness of God our Father.
For those of you that are not sure, not convinced and/or converted, this is some food for your spirit to eat on and be nourished by. Some encouragement for you and some reading and studying of His Word that will help you to grow and mature in your spiritual walk with Jesus. Amen.

I wanna know, Who will stand when He comes back? Who?
You got to stand up—Stand Up for Our Lord!

He is a refiner who puts us in His refining fire, why are so many running away from Him, but yet trying to offer Him sacrifices and empty words instead? TOTAL Obedience is the only way—Faith is the only way. Malachi 2 &3; Psalm 24

Put the 2 together and you have His Hand holding on to your life all the time! You will have the full anointing that He has placed on you and in you working at full power!! Thank You Jesus-for I know that YOU, my redeemer lives!

My friends let me tell you this; God wants to talk with you. He wants to ask you this; “What are you waiting for, Christmas?”

Today is here RIGHT NOW! Make up your mind Today. So many of us will not make it to Christmas. What are you waiting for-why have so many not started right now--this morning to start offering their hearts to be corrected, to ask for forgiveness and to recieve it. To be tilled and re-seeded with good seeds and to have the seeds of weeds and destruction pulled out of them. There is always a planting Season from God. Amen. We need to thank Him right now for His unconditionaLove! Thank You Father.

Burned off. That is what a farmer does to his fields every so often. He sets them on fire to rejuvenate the soil, to kill off what will harm the crop—the harvest of plenty! The burning does a few things at one time. Bring forth nutrients that the soil needs. Fire Kills off vermin, rodents and weeds. Kills them off from their rootball.

Provide just the right amount of Everything in order to grow forth all the opportunities that God will sow and has sown within each of us.

God wants to burn your dross off in the refiner’s fire-but many of you are waiting for Christmas before you start to speak to Him. So many are waiting for those few weeks in December before they think about Jesus and God and the Holy Spirit. With every advancement to a higher Glory, we have to go through another refining fire. Things must be burned off in order to walk into the new land of blessings and work.

Let me ask you this, do you think God can me mocked? Gal. 6:7 Do you think that you can ignore Him and His ways all year and then all of a sudden put up some shiny decorations, some trees, go shopping spending money you do not have and will not have then, fussing the whole way because you have to make the time to think about someone other than yourself?

Do you think God is pleased when people go about His days complaining about having to do something to honor Him and celebrate Him and His gifts given freely to us? Treating people with impatiance, anger, selfishness, me, me, me--I, I, I?

Is this what some of you think pleases God? Lord Teach us what to learn and how to use everything that you teach us. Thank You in Jesus' name. Amen.

Some people really think all they have to do is put up decorations, sing some pretty songs only at Christmas and whine about having to buy gifts for people in the name of Jesus?
What in the world is going on?

God wants to know Who Will Stand up for Jesus? Who will abide?

Who will be able to stand when the day arrives and He returns?

He wants all of us to know, that He is not pleased by many hearts, by the motives of many of the people that say He has called them by His name and instructs them. He wants you to think about your motives, and why do you think He is impressed by your calling on Him and offering Him empty shallow praise and worship once or twice a year and think that is all that is required of us?
If my daughter only called on me for help once or twice a year or only offered thanks to me when I do for her do you think I’ll keep doing for her? NO,. I would not. i need to talk with her everyday.

He wants to hear from us every day! EVERY-DAY!
Putting up some decorations, saying merry Christmas, complaining because YOU have reduced the ‘Miracle Season’ down to material things and shallowness and impressing people Is Your Problem to correct. Change your way of thinking from shallow to deep. Go deeper--deep calleth to deep. Amen
Shallow praises at any time does not please God nor does it impress Him.

The Miracle Season of the Birth of Jesus Christ is not cut on and off because mans season is passed or not yet upon us. The Spirit and Power from His birth is to be used and honored all day every day.

Again, think about it, what are you waiting for? Why have you not started to call on the name of Jesus daily? Why have you not begun to obey Him completely and fully each day? When are you going to start trusting Him and exercising your faith in Him in order to grow? That is why many of you have not received your answers yet, that is why many of you are still talking about your problems and situations that you have been walking around with for years. That is why you keep talking about what you are doing, I’m waiting on God, but then you kill time by speaking against Him and what He needs to do to help you.

Stop talking about killing time. Use it to learn from while you are waiting. Praise Him and speak life to your life from your mouth. Stop telling everybody your problems—when you do that you water the weeds and thrill the devil! Jesus is the Redeemer of Everything! Time included. So if you jacked up some opportunities that God brought your way, ask forgiveness of those bad choices and ask God to redeem it all and give you another chance to get it right. That is all you have to do.
OH, and make sure this time that you listen to all the directions and then when He says to do--DO it at the time He tells you to do it!

Don’t you know that God has spent time watching us, listening to us, all the good we do- all the bad we do, all the mistakes that we have created all by ourselves? God is waiting for you to call upon His name for hlep whether you got yourself in the messes or if someone else got you involved in some messes and mazes.

Don’t you know that people are blaming God for their stupid mistakes and shallow human wisdom? God is here to help us. He has given us Sisiter Wisdom (Pro. 4-9) to help us each day with each and every thing. We are human, we will act like humans, some of it is good, a lot of it is not good. That is why we need His help and the help of every thing He has created to be a support for us. Along with all the ways God has provided, His forgiveness is a healing grace. Use it!

Yes, there will be times when things are difficult. But you can’t build a new building on the rubble of the old one that has been torn down. You have to allow Him to break down the temporary buildings and the shanty houses that you have built—and that others have built for you to live in. Then they use the machines to move the rubble and debris out of the way. He has to make the land level and add balance to it; He has to build on a good foundation.

God is not going to build anything for you or anyone else on a bad jacked up foundation! Not the God I am speaking about.
Not the God who speaks through me. Amen.

That is the part when people start to run. Some of these runners should have never been allowed to be with you this long anyway—others are the ones that God is calling by His name. They are scared. They think it will cost them too much to hand their lives over to God. They would rather keep their stuff and lose their lives.

God will also have to evict some tenants that you allowed to move into your life and have not paid a dime of RENT to you!
They are like vermin, eating away at the structure that you call home. Tearing your heart and soul apart as you allow them to do so!

God wants to know- WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR, Christmas? All need to go to Him and offer praise and thanksgiving right now for His goodness never fails. The fact that He loves all of you so much to have me sending out this warning and invitation means He is still working on your life and is not finished with you yet. He has His messengers placed all over the world doing the same thing--talking to the people He has called by His name.

The Power of the Birth of Jesus is to be soaked up, called upon, and used to its fullest daily all year!

Not just to impress others and to make yourself feel good for a little while. It is to be blessed and shared with others daily. God is not to be mocked. You cannot fool God by decorating your house, singing songs about Him and Baby Jesus, and the faith that Mother Mary had and used to Honor the Will of God and think that you have done God some great favor? Those shallow actions do not help your life not one bit.

In fact it moves you further and further from the Grace of God. It tells God that you are not interested in a Relationship with Him Through Christ Jesus. It tells God that you are more interested in the religion of man more than a relationship with Him.

I am here to tell you to examine your ways, your motives, and your hearts. To seek time at the altar of God in Jesus’ name and stand to be corrected and set on the right path. Or back on it, as the case may be for many of you reading this.
Too many people are taking the new beginnings that God has created for them and pushing Him out of the way in order to add their own endings to the opportunities.

That is a sure way to trouble, destruction and death for your life.
We are to enter into His Beautiful Gates WITH Joy, Thanksgiving, with a triumphant Spirit and disposition—not dragging ourselves in with bags worry, doubt, and shallowness and complaining. That will not get you into His presence. We all have joy, love, and some triumph somewhere in us--find it and use it to seek His face and stand in His presence. Lord help us all.

I would think that those of you that are waiting for Christmas to get here so that you can Start to praise and thank God for Jesus- are also waiting for Thanksgiving to come upon us in order that you will then and only then begin to show gratitude and thanksgiving for all He Has Done for you and how you can do for others.Instead of doing these things daily at all times. And including others in – not doing it just for you.

Job 4:8 “Even as I have seen, those who plow iniquity and sow trouble reap the same”.
Galatians 6:7 “Do not be deceived, God is not mocked; for whatever a man sows, that he will also reap.”

2 Corinthians 12:9-10 "But he said to me, "My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness. Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ's power may rest on me. That is why, for Christ's sake, I delight in weaknesses, in insults, in hardships, in persecutions, in difficulties. For when I am weak, then I am strong."

Those that run from God, from Jesus, from the refiners’ fire are running from their blessings!

Who will abide on the day of His coming? I ask you this.

Now, here are some ways to learn how to praise God in the name of Jesus on a daily basis.

We are to go to God on the behalf of others and praise God for loving them and healing them. We are to love them as God loves us. Unconditionally!

There is an altar in each of our hearts and no one or nothing, can sit there-can occupy that space at God’s altar but God.
That is His place for praise and thanksgiving within each of us. And when you allow people and things to sit there, when you say I can’t live without her or him or my car or my house or my hair, my clothes, my job…..God will evict what has squatted in His House! It is in His way.

We are to have a relationship with God in the name of Jesus; spending time with Him is larger than going to church and sitting on different visible committees!

I am speaking about spiritual sacrifices to God – not to people.

1 Pet. 2:9; Heb 13:13-21

I am not here to entertain anyone and that is not the reason we are to be gathered in His name. This is about being teachable and learning to rely on Him. He will put a stop to all of that. It is already happening. Open your eyes and look good at what is going on. The building of all these human altars for human gain has been stopped. Things are falling apart and being destroyed by the hand and will of God. The way people are treating each other, the way people are treating the earth—He is not pleased with all of this. He has put an end to it.

But for those that are called by His name, His Spiritual Priests, He is using us to help all His children get to the hiding places within His love. He is trying to save all that want to be saved, but you have to do it the best way—His way is best as He already knows everything about each of us. Don’t you want to know God as well as He knows you?

Praise is a way to instruct us ‘How To.’ Praise is always visible and verbal. You can worship God quietly—but we are to praise Him with hands held high, voices full of His glory and lives that honor Him. Sing praises with hands lifted up – no matter what your situation is.

Psalms 67:3; Psalms 107; Psalms 42:4; Psalms 134:2; Neh. 28:6

It’s personal, we each can come together and praise Him-but you have to learn to praise God for yourself. Each of us has a unique praise and no one can praise God for me. I have to do that for myself. Just like each of you—to use what He has put into us to honor Him and praise Him—Now, that pleases God, that brings Him glory—Not a bunch of decorations and gifts that you cannot afford once a year.

What God has for you – is for you. You can’t praise God by copying what you see others doing. That is counterfeit. It’s like forging my name on a check made out to me--but you are not me. And I am not you. God will not give me what is for you and He will not give you what is for me. Satan tricks people with their eyes and flesh. Their pride and ego listen to his lies about God.

And people see what God is doing for another that has been obedient and has praised their way through and offered the correct sacrifices as told too and they get jealous and want what they see. Satan also rewards his minions with stuff. People also have the means to obtain much stuff without the help of God. We have been given these ways by God.

The problem is that people are not turning around and thanking God for what He has done for them. Many are saying they have done so on their own, by their own thinking, their own plans and power. No true.

They are fools that think this way. They will fall in their own messes.

God said that praise is inclusive. For everyone to do-To include everything from each day in our praises of Him. Psalm 67:3

The beauty that God gives me will not vanish! The beauty that God gives each of you will not vanish.

Someone that does not understand our God cannot help us along our way.

I do not have all the answers, but I run to the one that does! God’s Holy Spirit will teach us all if only you make yourself willing to be taught.

Do not be like the people in Haggai 1 and 2. Who received the message—and still waited through 18 years and had to be brought to correction again by God when they had not built the Temple – the House of God that He instructed them to build through His prophet Cyrus. So here He sends another of His Prophets, Haggai to say the same message once again. Go read that and gain the Wisdom of God from His Word that feeds our spirit.

God wants you to learn to walk in the spirit and not be distracted by the negative and self-defeating thoughts that satan will throw at you in your mind. 2 Cor. 10:4

Our enemy will always try, but God has given us ways out of temptation. Learn them! You will need them to live abundantly, not just surviving. The saints of God do not just survive, They are to live to the fullest of His abundance with joy, thanksgiving, compassion, humbled each day—no matter what.

Will it get difficult at times? YES, it will. Can we do this? YES, we are able through Jesus all things are possible. You cannot receive God’s blessings until you are a blessing! Amen.

“No one can serve two masters; for either he will hate the one and love the other, or he will stand by and be devoted to the one and despise and be against the other. You cannot serve God and mammon (deceitful riches, money, possessions, or whatever is trusted in). Therefore I tell you, STOP being perpetually uneasy (anxious and worried) about your life, what you shall eat or what you shall drink; or about your body, what you shall put on. Is not life greater [in quality] than food, and the body [far above and more excellent] than clothing?”
Matthew 6:24

Ask yourself are you going to abide--will you be able to stand? Are you about shallow self glorifying religious rituals or about making sure that you have a relationship with God and that it is growing and producing fruit? If we are going to be traditional then let us do it God’s way for HIS glory, not by mans way for self glory. Amen.

The Spirit and Power of The birth of Jesus is not for a Season for 2 weeks—but for EVERY DAY—EVERYDAY!

The worries and troubles of this world will increase each day….what are you waiting for, Christmas?

Always, In the Love of God I leave you for now. Amen.

"But Who Will Abide On The Day..."--Handels Messiah
Quincy Jones-Patti Austin


"OH COME ALL YE FAITHFUL"--Luther Vandross

"AVE MARIA"-Gladys Knight & the Pips-Schubert arrangement


"AVE MARIA"- Gladys Knight & the Pips-Bach arrangement


"HALLELUJAH" - Handels Messiah-Quincy Jones

May we continue to be a blessing to one another in all times in the name of Jesus, Amen.

Monday, September 8, 2008


In Jesus name, Let us seek His Face in order to be filled with Righteousness.

Lord, I will not drown in shallow waters, not when I can reach out and touch – grab your love! My Father, I have not come this far to falter—and LORD, I Will Not rest until I am fully free by Your grace!
You and I are One now and forever. You keep my soul safe from the enemy and from myself. In YOU Lord, I found the love within myself! Thank You Jesus—
Through Your love Father my eyes are now open—and I have learned to see.
In You Father, I found the love in me—and I break my bread in Your name! Through Your strength I am powerful and able to stand through any storm or attack!
I shall not drown in shallow waters Lord—thank You Jesus!

Eph. 6:18-20
“Pray at all times (on every occasion, in every season) in the Spirit, with all [manner of] prayer and entreaty. To that end keep alert and watch with strong purpose and perseverance, interceding in behalf of all the saints (God’s consecrated people). And pray also for me, that [freedom of] utterance may be given me, that I may open my mouth to proclaim boldly the mystery of the good news (the Gospel). For which I am an ambassador in a coupling chain. Pray that I may declare it boldly and courageously, as I ought to do.”

“Thus says the Lord: Let not the wise and skillful person glory and boast in his wisdom and skill; let not the mighty and powerful person glory and boast in his strength and power; let not the person who is rich [in physical gratification and earthly wealth] glory and boast in his [temporal satisfactions and earthly] riches; But let him who glories glory in this; that he understands and knows Me [personally and practically, directly discerning and recognizing My character], that I am the LORD, Who practices loving-kindness, judgment, and righteousness in the earth, for in these things I delight, says the Lord.”

The people, with whom Jeremiah had to face and was sent to help, were depending on their own capabilities rather than on God. He came, just as those messengers sent by God today come to warn and offer God’s correction in order to help those that want to— continue to walk the narrow walk through the gate.

In Jeremiahs time, Just as God’s messengers are sent today to speak a word that gives us great expectations for our futures, many ignore the message and the messenger. This saddens the heart of God. His plan for us all is to always be filled with joy, peace, trust and faith in Him. It is a process that is ongoing everyday. This journey/walk that each of us wakes up to daily, is about spiritual growth, mental growth, and emtional growth.
Growing up to a level of maturity that offers no room for doubt and disobediance. No room for hesitation.
Growing in our relationship with God through Jesus Christ.
How many will ignore God, and do what they want- when they want and how they want? Will you drown in shallow waters?

Relying on one’s own self is always a hindrance which is from pride, fears and immature faith. To leave God out of situations that we face will make us drown in shallow waters. To focus on the worldly issues more than the Power of God is a slow death through drowning.

We have no power to overcome what is spiritual warfare, through natural forces. In these times, with so much being allowed by God that we have to learn to accept--Wisdom is the Key to live with joy each day. Not man's wisdom, but God's Wisdom. And only God can supply His Wisdom.

Instead of going to God after you have tried everything-talked about the situation to everyone you know in order to hear yourself talk—You should go to God in the beginning of the thing! Go to God at the very moment a problem arises and He will lift the thing from your hands and take care of it. He delights in our obedience to His love for us.

Glory of self may also be translated as boasting, meaning "to praise oneself."
The idea is that people should find their real meaning and true worth in the fact that they know God and may celebrate His attributes. True knowledge of God resulting from an intimate relationship with Him through Jesus Christ will be demonstrated in a person's character.

Three attributes of God that He demands of people called by His Name are: loving-kindness, meaning "loyal love"; judgment, meaning "justice"; and righteousness, meaning "uprightness." Many humans strive for wisdom, might, and riches, while God delights in loving-kindness, judgment (justice), and righteousness.

By doing so through human power, they are fighting the water instead of using the water to lift them up higher with God.
To be Blessed and envied, are those who understand the Lord so as to delight in what He delights in.

God said in Joshua 1:9 that we are to have courage, faith, and to trust that He is with us as He was with Moses. He tells us to keep going, that we Will Not Drown In Shallow Waters!

So many people give up and go back to their old ways of thinking when God does not show up when they think He should. He said –in fact God commanded us to be strong, to not be discouraged! He IS in the midst of all things that we hand over to Him in prayer and as we continue to give Him praise for the thing being completed divinely – He reveals what He has done on our behalf. God is not going to work for anyone that is not going to give Him the full glory.

Many people do not wait on Him and have misunderstandings about Who God is to us. He is not some genie in a bottle that hands out stuff. You cannot do for God for a while and then get mad and frustrated when He has not revealed to you what He is working on to bring you through to victory. You have to keep doing what He has instructed us to do—regardless of what you see or don’t see.

Many people think they have done all that is required—but they keep going around that mountain, as they have not allowed Him to fully clean them out of selfish wants and desires To do things their way!

The yoke of Jesus is a light burden in the heart that loves the Lord! It gets hard at times, to follow God to higher levels, but it is not impossible to complete this walk. Changes do not always come with conveniences. If you want to be a better artist, then you must practice. Thinking about it will not make it so. If you want to be a better track runner, then you must practice-thinking about it will not make it so.

Too many people give ‘thinking about the thing’ too much power—they need to believe more than they think.

So many are convinced but not fully converted!

The enemy will always work to undermine your confidence by bringing to your mind past details that you have labeled to be failures. I speak Life and strength to you to Rise Up! and refuse to accept these lies which will open doors for him to beat you down.

Know that God sees you as a work in progress. But that you have to do your part also. You have to want to change and to be changed by God’s love. You have to speak it out to Him in praises and thanksgiving-SPEAK IT OUT TO God through your obedience to what He says you must do. There will not always be proof –you have to trust and have faith That you know He has not given up on you and that you will not give up on God through Jesus in your life.

Yes, at times it seems that we may have fallen down—but falling is not failing!

Seek God for His Truth and for His Wisdom and then Rise Up in The Spirit to resist and destroy the enemies work in your life and heart! Praise Jesus that He came to give us back the Keys to the Kingdom! HALLELUJHA!!!

I make a prophetic declaration right now concerning the Lord’s leading for your life and the righteous eye He has given to all that want it will help you discern the right path.
I have a righteous eye which has been given to me. I consistently have a righteous interpretation—blindness has been lifted off and put away from me and from all for which God has called me to watch.

I have righteous vision and my strength for righteousness is increasing. Every portion that is mine is coming from every direction to aid me as I proceed. No matter where I walk whether it be in familiar places or unfamiliar places, unexpected portions from God that belong to me according to the wisdom and grace of God has been placed in my hands. Amen! Thank You Jesus.

I Will not drown in shallow Waters! God has placed His Peace in me and my portion is His strength. And where there is strength from God there is increase in my portion.

Oh My LORD, YOU are the strength of my life and my portion forever! My expectation in You refuses me to limit My Father! Yes LORD! My trust stretches me in order to grow in my life into the container—the vessel that YOU have called for and that stretching will not distract me- I am tightly held and protected by YOU LORD God Almighty! For by YOUR hand YOU hold me close to YOU and lift me up! In the name of Jesus I proclaim this to be the Gospel Truth! Amen.

How long will you ignore what the Lord has said to you-that you must do?

How long will you contend with the sufferings by your own hand? By the hand of other people-by the hand of the enemy?

Haggai 2:8,9
Psalms 73:26,28


When you begin to come up higher in your spiritual progression, do not be surprised when God sends corrections. In order to lighten your load and to kill off all things that are in His way which at onetime or another lives in each of us—He shows us what needs to removed from our hearts, our character and our minds.

Do not ignore the Lords teachings; many people do this in order to justify their process and their purposes. They are feeding their flesh and not their Spirit.

This will create in you a harden heart and God’s Spirit will not be able to penetrate your heart. Your eyes and ears will become dull so that you can neither see nor hear the work of His Spirit in your life. You will be left to swim or drown by the work of your own pride and ignorance.

Acts 28:37
“For the hearts of this people have grown dull. Their ears are hard of hearing, and their eyes they have closed, lest they should see with their eyes and hear with their ears, lest they should understand with their hearts and turn, so that I should heal them.”

Please, do not be careless with your time and actions. Remember that your words and the most powerful force in the universe. God said, and it is! Our words will either advance His wisdom or our drowning. There are times when we cross the line of mature, thoughtful behavior into foolishness.

Many people fall into this train of thought. Many use the age of their lives to boast about and to hold as power over others. Many use education and money- the accumulations of things to be lord over those that do not have. God will set His record down and everyone will either be in line or fall out of His line.
So many lives are defined as that of a fool—the absence of Wisdom-godly Wisdom.

When you walk on the wrong side of God’s line-you open invisible doors that allow you to be attracted to words and to join in with people that are also without Wisdom. Aligning yourself with those that follow their own ideas, plans and pride will bring you to places that you never expected. Places in which God is not helping you to succeed. He will be there watching you fall with each step—but He will not reach in to help until you are broken from your own ways and pride.

The mark of God’s Wisdom is a powerful tool, a great help from the Woman of Wisdom! Our Sister! She will keep you and protect you—She Will guide you with every step-every decision you need to take. She will comfort you and encourage you to keep on the path no matter what you eyes or ears see and hear. Praise God and accept Our Sister Wisdom, for God made Her before He created the world as we know it. Pro. 4-9

We are to watch, and listen-and then imitate with we hear and see from the Life of Jesus. The Spirit of God will teach those that are willing and teachable. The wise person builds on a rock-Not sand. Build on a consistent performance, not on foolish impulse guided by feelings and emotions.

Take personal responsibility and set your emotions under the control of the Spirit that lives in your heart!

God has given us His watchers, His vessels full of His Wisdom. These watchers and vessels always obey Him, without hesitation. No matter how many times I am rejected by the evil, the fears, the pain, the hurt, the jealousy, and the cowardice that lives within the hearts of people—I will always live in His true freedom and always press everyday to do as He directs me to do. For I do for His glory through my life—not for people praise!
Who do you live for?

I chose not to be blinded and deceived by fears and lies. So many have sight but are blinded to the truth of their lives. God has given us watchers who posses His Wisdom to hold onto-to encourage each of us-to confront where we are twisted in lies, not for a day or two—with sporadic accountability—BUT to press forward every day until the Lord uses us all by His Spirit to place His finger on the source of our sadness.

Freedom is the reward—TRUE FREEDOM and I want you to know how wonderful this can be. That’s His plan for us! AMEN!

Matt. 26
Matt. 7:24-26

When things seem to be down to the eleventh hour and human help has failed, know that God's hand is pressing yours, filling you with more of His love and strength. God is our help.