Monday, February 8, 2016


I know without doubt, my Lord has straightened every crooked road that we travel and has  poured water in our dry places!

See, this is what I Do know.....God knew this would happen Before it happened...being that I know that is the truth, I know God created a plan Then, for us to follow Now....
So, we're sticking with that! 
In the Name of Jesus, By FAITH it has already been worked out for our Good! In the name of Jesus, yes it has! 
Glory to God be it!
# FAITH, It's The Evidence of.....

There are times when in the midst of challenges that are new, never before been through, you can't tell just any person about it. 
It is a good thing for us to Witness while in the Middle of something, but you have to be ready if you don't discern who to talk to and who not to talk to. 
I can't have folks with shallow, immature, weak faith and trust getting in my way during these times.

Folk like that will slow you up and create unnecessary mess....that's why you can't tell them about the challenges going on in your life, they can't help-- because they worry instead of Praise! They try to figure things out on their own instead of going directly to the Lord looking for God's plans concerning this..
I need Praising folks, to Join their faith and trust with mine, to lift their Voices up with mine in Total Praise, letting God know-- We know, You have Already taken care of us-made a way through and have put us on the path of that way made through, And we Expect You God! iJN! So Be It!

I need folk who Know there's No Need to Ask God for anything, because we already Know, it's already Done! I am expecting the Lord's outcome concerning Everything in my daily life! I dont want my outcome, nope! that won't work for me! I need folks around me who desire the Lord's outcome, not some manipulated jacked up shallow thing we humans can do.
So, be careful when you tell others about the natural and/or spiritual challenges you are within = that are being used by God to stretch your spiritual gifts and treasure. If they are shallow, immature and weak in their faith, they will worry instead of Praise. And worrying, getting upset, getting all emotional, will not help anyone in these kinds of challenges!

Go to those you Know who have deep, steady, established faith and trust in the Lord, they are the ones who can help praise you through!


after this....we'll be Better coming out of it, than we were going into it....Yes Lord, staying Faithful, Trusting, and Obedient.....Yes Lord..

Those of us who have been Called and answered Yes....we must be prepared when challenging times press us, knowing that Divine Patience is ours. Providing the Help we need to Grow through the challenges we have to face....knowing that God has already placed us within His Plan for the situation to have the Outcome God has prepared for us. We'll be better at the end of a thing, than we were when it began. 
Faith is not always about understanding at the moment, sometimes understanding will not be given until the end of the thing
IJN, Stay Faithful and allow this new level of Trust that we must take hold of to carry us where God is leading us to. 
heart emoticon

As many times as it's happened in my life...i am still a little takenaback, at How facing a challenge or two will Always clean house! 
You can set your watch to this truth, your circle will get smaller when you face a challenge or two...
Folk won't text, call, email, drop by to check on you..offer No encouragement, prayers, praises, help of any kind....smh...
But, wait till they hit a challenge in their lives...
True character will always be revealed when there is a challenge to face....
Nope, not mad...just more aware because Clarity has shinned on the situation...Grateful that God knew this and sent some who have checked in, texted, emailed, etc...helped how ever we needed it... I see this opportunity to praise the Lord for being their help.
Grateful to know what I cannot expect from those who gave the impression that I could.  
# We Good Tho, 
# God will use your challenge to clean your House! 
# Good to Know who needs to literally Go, or be moved back from the front row to the back.
# Naww, no need to come around After we make it Through, and are Better than we were when we went in
We can either become bitter or we can become better. 
It's not complicated. 
No matter what situations, challenges, changes, or troubles that come into our lives, we can either By Faith Expect God to use them for our Good and better us, Or we can sit around in Pity and Blame allowing them to make us bitter. Which will have you drowning in shallow waters. 
It's Our choice and the consequences of our choices will either Lift us up, or tear us down, again, drowning us in shallow waters... 
I know this for Sure, that the bank won't take our Faith as collateral, the tax office won't take it as a payment, neither will the electric, gas or oil companies. The grocery stores, doctors and lawyers offices, Nope, they won't take it either.....
But what I Also know that Trumps all of that, is This, God Will Take our Faith All Day Long-Every Day and And Turn it into The Ways Made Through for us!
I Praise and Give Glory to Her, IJN!
# Stay Faithful=Keep Trusting!
# Thank You Lord For My Faith!
# See, I can drink from my Own Well & Encourage myself--and any other WhoSoEver's

John 17

On feet of Faith & Peace Resting In His Peace & Faithfulness,
One Day At A Time By Radical Faith.
Isaiah 50:4 / Isaiah 52 / Jer 20:9-13 /Joshua 1:9 / Luke 6:38
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