Monday, December 28, 2015


Once a deeper understanding is given to us, there will also and always be a deeper level of trust that we must grab hold of and live. The challenges we face become more difficult for us to grow through by our spirit and not our senses. That is a daily struggle for most of us to release reacting through our senses and allowing ourselves to trust by His spirit. 
I call it a stretching time. Where God is stretching my understanding, my love, my faith and trust, among so many other things. It is not always enjoyable, so be ready to be uncomfortable until the fire has burned off what is not pure. 
In the Potters shop.  
Being remolded so I continue to fit into God's plans. Then being purified in the fire of the kiln, so I can and will grow through this transition I am within. 
Clarity is sought, gained and allowed to open my sight wider.  

These below are simply notes, reminders for my thinking to focus on. Remembering that I seek the knowledge, understanding, the wisdom and clarity of what is under the surface. In balance with the type of relationship I have been given to love and nurture with the Lord.
To think on what is Good and Pure and Truthful.... My Joy speaks! As I am encouraged, because I am Expecting God. 
May God quicken those He sends to be my help. May God quicken my step toward those I am sent to help. In the name of Jesus, so be it. 
Because of how You Love me Lord! 

Don't listen to your lack, it lies and it's mission is to make you try to 'fix' what is wrong instead of trusting that God has already turned things around for your good.  
Listen to Patience and Wisdom....they will keep you...

because of how You Love me Lord

When your Need calls out, what impetus lifts it to the Lord's ears? Faith does.
What impetus empowers you to wait on God's outcome? Trust does.
What impetus helps you obey? Wisdom does.
* open my ears and eyes Lord
* my God knows what I need spiritually & in the natural before my mouth speaks it.

 because of how You Love me Lord

When truth comes, it shines a light. 
A lot of people ask for the truth in their lives, but run when it shines it's light to reveal what it's sent to reveal.
If they run from the truth, they also run from wisdom.
They both go hand in hand --where there is wisdom there is truth. where there is truth there is wisdom.
This happens when people call on Jesus.
He is the Truth, and with Him comes wisdom and a light that shines to reveal all that it's sent to reveal.
But, you have to have an ear that hears and obeys, or you will ignore what He says as He guides you away from the trouble.
Many don't hear because their loyalty is not with Him. They have made a plan and are loyal to the voices of that plan.
Still calling for His help, blind to the truth that He's already with them providing.
But because it doesn't look like what they want it to be and look like, they are closed from hearing.
And so, Wisdom asks, whose voice are you loyal to?

* beneath the surface teachings
* you can't be a leader of God's work if you won't be opened to listen and obey
* your plan is not going to work as you think it is

 because of how You Love me Lord!

As you read this Promise from God, as you hold on to it, sharing this to encourage the other whosoever's....using This to stand your spiritual ground...
"For I know the plans and thoughts that I have for you,’ says the Lord, ‘plans for peace and well-being and not for disaster to give you a future and a hope."

Make SURE you Read All of the Promise God said!

"I know What I’m doing. I Have it all planned out—plans to take care of you, not abandon you, plans to give you the future you hope for.
WHEN you Call On Me,
WHEN you come and pray to Me, I’ll listen.
WHEN you come looking for Me, you’ll find Me.
Yes, WHEN you get Serious About Finding Me and want it More than Anything Else, I’ll Make Sure you won’t be disappointed. I'll turn things around for you."
Jer 29:11-14

*teachings beneath the surface

 because of how You Love me Lord,

Even when your situation has not changed, the wise know that patience and wisdom will help them to Keep trusting in God's timing.
There are no unexpected blessings when you are always expecting God.
Praise Your way through, like the wise do.

 because of how You Love Me Lord

On feet of Faith & Peace Resting In His Peace & Faithfulness,
 One Day At A Time By Radical Faith.
 Isaiah 50:4 / Isaiah 52 / Jer 20:9-13 /Joshua 1:9 / Luke 6:38
 ©2007--2016 WisdomTeachesme

Saturday, December 26, 2015


Because of How You Love me!
I am so ready my Lord, for the New that You have for me.
I answer Your Call to continue this journey of Knowing True freedom in You. 

As best I can be, I am opened, willing and teachable so I can achieve this by releasing all guile, attempting to control and manipulate, 
releasing all unreasonable expectations I've placed in other people, and allowing You to spiritually declutter me. I know where there are any places in me in need of clarity and Your love You will provide what I need.

 I am grateful and expect Your Holy Spirit to help me become better today than I was yesterday. You know it's a challenge to live by Your Spirit and not our senses. I am grateful to be of constant importance to You my Mother God. 

I understand that You want me to be unencumbered and free enough to trust You completely for this new part of this journey.
With every new layer of You I learn, there will be a new level of trusting I must take hold of.
You are bringing me into and through the beginning of a new place of righteousness and purity. 
Purify me Lord, so that I am made ready for what You have made ready for me.
You have re-ordered me, bringing every part of me into alignment with You.  All distractions that kept me off track are gone. My ears know Your voice, as I silence all noise in order to hear You.

I answer Your call to continue to grow and mature in my connection with You. Seeking to be one in Spirit, mind and action with You. Your empowerment is made Right by purifying me in every way possible. 
I surrender completely to You my Beloved, in Your name does Mother God continue to Bless me and use me. 
My complete expectation is in You my Lord. 
Thank You my God Jehovah, in the name of Jesus for the Ways You love me

John 16:1-3
John 16:23-28
John 17

On feet of Faith & Peace Resting In His Peace & Faithfulness,
One Day At A Time By Radical Faith.
 Isaiah 50:4 / Isaiah 52 / Jer 20:9-13 /Joshua 1:9 / Luke 6:38

©2007--2015 WisdomTeachesme

Monday, December 7, 2015


Our Source is never empty and never stingy, always Faithful to His Promises......this we know, 
and the miracle was given to us.....and with faithful praise, gratefulness, and love, we await the rest of it to unfold....the Lord knows where He has placed us....the Lord knows what we need spiritually and naturally....the Lord has provided supply, Yes Lord, Yes!  I am grateful for those who hear and because of Love, obey the Leading of the Lord. Yes Lord Jesus, Yes! 
My soul and
 spirit await what our Needs spoke to myLord. My heart shall not go heavy, but continue to praise myLord for my memory is Long, concerning All that He has done for us! We are not forgotten!
We will wait on You myLord, for the Supply we need is on the Way!

The Lord has not forgotten you either, stay faithful!
# this divine rhythm
# my faith praises Him
# we are not forgotten 

In this time of spiritual shifting, challenges are being used to stretch your faith and trust, to make them stronger and mature. 
Correction is being done by the Lord. 
Re-directing our hearts, feet, minds and thoughts have to be done every day.
Re-directing your feet from standing on sinking ground to standing on the solid Rock. 

It is imperative that you stay obedient and do exactly what the Lord says to do, And do it When the Lord tells you to do it.
Temptation hits your ego and pride and will have you Playing around with God's timing, as in ignoring it, listening to your timing, putting off til another day, 
all of that will jack you up! Take you further off course, and into frustration.

No doubt that temptations will come around every time God is doing a serious work in us. It will do it's best to seduce you into making a bad decision. 
Obedience is the key and power to help you get through this part of the journey. 

The noise of temptation will try to be louder than the sound of God's Love. 
What are you going to listen to? Many have a narrow understanding and definition of what is temptation. By having a narrow understanding they miss it and fall into it more than they should. 

We all know about the temptations to cheat, steal, lie, be phony and fake, to eat and drink to much, etc.... 

No actual material thing or person has to tempt you. There are other kinds of temptations that will arrive dressed in your thoughts.  There are places in us in need of healing and deliverance. Those places in you will speak lies to you and have you ignore the directions the Lord sends.
There is the temptation to disagree with the one the Lord sends to speak truth and clarity to you. There is the temptation to ignore what the person sent by the Lord to speak to you. To say, oh I know that.  No, you don't know that, if you did then why have you not done what you needed to do? You know it, but have not accepted it by faith and trust in the Lord.

All of that kind of disobedience is from the ego and pride.
 Those places do not want to be taken out of us, we feed them and they work against what the Lord wants to work for us. That is why you buck up against the truth and correction when the Lord sends it to you.

 Worry is a temptation. Doubt, fear and being disobedient are all temptations. Being contrary to what you have believed God for and for Who God is to you, is a temptation. 
 Temptations will have you comparing your life to others. This is Always a bad thing to do. 

Temptations will come when you need $. The opportunity to take $ from the wrong source, to take $ that will bring bad consequences with it will call your name and say, "here is your help."  But be careful, what are the details concerning this?
Temptations will come when you need a job and one is offered, but is that something God sent? Or where you answering the call of being desperate? 
Temptations will come when you are single, but are ready to be in a committed relationship. Is this the person God sent or did I go and allow this person to come into my life?
When ever the Lord is maturing and stretching us, temptations will always strike at your fears, your doubts, your weakness, it will try to stir up desperation in you. It will try to keep you from growing, maturing and from drawing Near to the Lord. It will try to occupy your mind and heart so that you are not focused on the Lord's Faithfulness and Goodness and Promises, but are entertaining and investing into worry, doubt, fears, and the material world.
Frustration sets in and your focus is on what is making you frustrated, instead of Who is your Help.  If you invest into frustration, then you are not able to do the Work the Lord directs for the day. 

We need the Lord to save us from ourselves every day. Don't allow these temptations to have you battling yourself, call on His name and be re-focused so that Obedience and Peace allows you to not only walk on water, but that your steps on solid ground are within Peace also. 

We have been given every tool and power to turn away from temptation of any kind. 
When you see and recognize it for what it is, disassociate yourself from it! 

When you told the Lord Yes, that is when you became a threat to the enemy. 
Temptations come to prevent us from being available and willing to the Lord. Big or small, when you recognize one, be confident that you have the power to turn away from it. That you will not be used to Stop the Work of the Lord through you.
We have been given a good measure of Grace, Peace, Joy, Truth and Love to help us be obedient to the Lord's Will.
In the name of Jesus, be It done here on earth, as It Is In Heaven, For Yours is the Kingdom, and the Power, and the Glory for ever and ever, Amen. 

Matthew 6:5-10
Matthew 6:20-28
John 6:1-14
John 17

1 Kings 17:8-24Luke 4:2526

On feet of Faith & Peace Resting In His Peace & Faithfulness,
 One Day At A Time By Radical Faith.
Isaiah 50:4 / Isaiah 52 / Jer 20:9-13 /Joshua 1:9 / Luke 6:38
©2007--2015 WisdomTeachesme

Tuesday, December 1, 2015


Jesus looked up and saw that a large crowd was coming toward Him, and He said to Philip,“Where will we buy bread for these people to eat?”  But He said this to test Philip, because He knew what He was about to do. 

So grateful for Today....

--Today brings to me an opening for a few second chances = to refocus, to be restored and refreshed, to be delivered, to step further out in the deep by faith, to be healed, to do over what I didn't do right. 
To have my perspective changed so I can see everything from the Best vantage point.
To make sure I stay within the Divine Rhythm of the HS....
--Today is complete with every thing I will need. 
I don't even really know What I need, but I know and trust that God does, and will reveal to me and give to me what I need for today.

--Today is another day to release what and who needs to go, and to allow who and what is suppose to be within my life!

--Today is another day opened for me to surrender my love, my struggles, my problems, myself, my thoughts, my lack, my gifts, abilities and talents unto God IJN....To step completely into obedience as the HS directs. 
Handing them over to God, leaving them at the foot of the cross where the ground is equal....To have my desires aligned with God's desires for me. To be opened and willing to Hear and See Her directions and leading.
To be focused on me Being/Becoming, rather than focusing on Having from the world. 
--Today is another day opened to do for others what I am led to do. To praise them through, to listen, to give messages, to correct, to love, to encourage All the Lord sends my way.
--Today is another day opened for me to forgive myself, to forgive others, to speak out any cares, confusion, doubt, and unbelief that may be hiding in my heart. 
The Work of Love that God is daily doing in me, for me and through me continues Today!
--Today is another day to laugh, and enjoy the beauty of the Lord! 
To allow Peace & Joy to fully saturate my whole self

Stop and give Praise to God for this day, Rejoice in the Keeping power of God's love in your life! Let your faith and trust speak out loud so that your light is stronger and brighter. Share your faith and love, stand in the power of your gifts, abilities and talents, Using them for Glory to God IJN....

Be humble, obedient and Stay Faithful, 
Today is another Opportunity for God's Second Chances in Your life! 
This Time, Do what Ever God tells You to Do!
Do it without hesitation, without mumbling and grumbling, Do it because you know God's outcome is the Best outcome!

Much Love to you all!

Matthew 6:24: Matthew 6:34; John 6:1-14: John 17

On feet of Faith & Peace Resting In His Peace & Faithfulness,
One Day At A Time By Radical Faith.
 Isaiah 50:4 / Isaiah 52 / Jer 20:9-13 /Joshua 1:9 / Luke 6:38
 ©2007--2015 WisdomTeachesme

Friday, November 6, 2015


thoughts that come to my mind early in the morning, before the sun rises...

--I don't like the time change, it's stupid--I dislike it getting so dark before 6pm.

--When burdens become heavy, and seems like they are stronger than I am....I know they are nothing but shallow waters, and I need to sit down and let go of them, and remember to stay within today. Knowing that I expect God to bring me into Her best outcome concerning them all. I will Not Drown in Shallow Waters! Esp After All the Times I've Walked on water and Been out in the Deep following the Lord! *Chile Bye*

--I've been through worse, though I was younger, is what i tell myself when there are overlapping challenges upon us... but I know We've actually "got it Good" and that, things Could be worse. I could actually have no faith at all!
-- I'm Glad and Grateful that things are Not worse!

--I have a good measure of Righteousness to handle Today's issues, challenges, problems, lack, etc... There is no room in me for unbelief and little faith. Can't Live wasting my Good time and energy within a fear-based lie.

--When I met her, I didn't know she was the one. It was seamless, a drawing to, a deep, safe place for me, so I allowed myself to be the same for her... effortlessly the Love pulled us together, light getting brighter and brighter, darkness ran away quickly, I almost didn't recognize This kind of was what I always asked for, sought after and wanted to be changed into....and without any fan fare, no fireworks to announce it was done, God did that. That is when the fireworks and celebration began. And since that first day 11 yrs ago, we've been changed hundreds of times over, every detail attended to, every hurt healed, every brokenness repaired, every second providing more reason to Praise Love for Loving us.

--Allowing God to stretch my Trust and Faith in Jesus, is a Work! It's a Good Work! It's a Challenging Work! I've learned to Not mess with-not to interfere with This Work, that only makes it more difficult for Me to have done, what God knows needs to Be done. This is Daily Work that God does...I am Grateful and Thankful for that!

-- Daily Mission to Complete = Allow myself to Surrender, to be Accepting, to be Willing, to continue Seeking, to have the same Desires God does, to stay in a spirit of Expecting, to keep Going Deeper, to keep Getting Wider,

--Even Jesus shut down shenanigans, liars, fakers, the jealous and envious, the cruel and mean spirited, the users and naysayers...but, I have Yet to see or hear where Jesus ran after any person who walked away=Even those who He helped. He was clear, precise, and never moved from what He knew to be the truth, no matter How many others said He was wrong. I believe many were a disappointment to Him....though He didn't stay with them hindered by their Lack!

--More of You Lord, Less of me!

--They hated Jesus because He came with Truth, part of His Mission was to free them from being held captive to evil. He wanted them to love the poor, the homeless, the widowed and orphaned, He wanted them to understand the Good in doing these things. He wanted them to accept women as equals, to get rid of class levels, to let go of dead traditions that don't work, to stop following human made rules and misconceptions that keeps us from following God's rule of Love and clarity. He wanted them to stop focusing on material wealth as they were dead and poor in spiritual wealth. He wanted them to grow and mature, and treat even those who do them wrong, with Love. He wanted them to be selfless, to be healed and made into bridges to be the Help others need. He came to take all our care and difficulties, and Trust God to bring about the Best outcome and to supply Every need that concerns Gods Work. For those who didn't want His Truth to reveal their evil motives and mess, I believe many of them just stayed that way and even got worse.
He Still wants All that and More for us today...all of us...
--More of You Lord, Less of me....

--My obedience, devotion and dedication to my Lord is deliberate and is my desire. I want to become His reflection of Love and to have my character corrected in all places that are not aligned with this purpose.

--More of you my Lord, less of me...Fills my spiritual storehouse and brings glory to God IJN....

--And Then, Suddenly....things changed for the better... 

On feet of Faith & Peace Resting In His Peace & Faithfulness,
One Day At A Time By Radical Faith.
Isaiah 50:4 / Isaiah 52 / Jer 20:9-13 /Joshua 1:9 / Luke 6:38
 ©2007--2015 WisdomTeachesme

Friday, October 30, 2015


" Every branch in Me that does not bear fruit, He takes away; and every branch that continues to bear fruit, He [repeatedly] prunes, so that it will bear more fruit [even richer and finer fruit]. You are already clean because of the word which I have given you [the teachings which I have discussed with you]. Remain in Me, and I[will remain] in you. Just as no branch can bear fruit by itself without remaining in the vine, neither can you [bear fruit, producing evidence of your faith] unless you remain in Me." 
John 15:1-11

I receive  so much from the Lord's Spirit when i am tending to the flowers.
It's interesting to see the things that are drawn to what is dying and decaying and already dead.
With certain kinds of flowers, it's best to dead head them, because it encourages growth of the new blooms.
As I dead headed the mums a little while ago, I noticed how the blooms that are completely dead lose strength and literally fall onto the blooms around it. Covering the existing blooms, weighing them down, choking them, blocking the sun from getting through and inviting bugs to come eat on them.
I thought about how it may be this way with How God cleans the dead, toxic, non useful stuff from inside of our hearts, character and minds. Carefully separating what needs to be taken out from existing around what is good and is still useful.

I have to be careful and aware so not to snap off a good, still alive bloom when i am removing the dying or dead ones.
As I finished removing what is dying and dead in each pot, I could see the new buds/blooms already formed down within the branches.

I can see how, what is dying, decaying and dead within us will draw to us, what eats on dead, decaying stuff.
When we allow God to change us, we can stay healthy even though we some times attract what feeds off dead and dying stuff.  It may come to us, but, we'll be better equipped to see who is who and protect ourselves from being caught up in mess.

*you know I"m talking about people, negative speaking & thinking, self defeating actions, right?*

 it's beneficial for us to allow God to remove these toxic dead things so that we will stop feeding on them.  Thinking they have power to give us, all the while we are feeding something dead that cannot give us a good return. No blooms, no fruit, no good. All that toxic and dead stuff can do is block the new growth from growing and maturing.

All that is dying, decaying, and dead in us, weighs us down, sucks up valuable precious resources, covers what is good so the Light cannot get in, and invites what eats on dead, decaying stuff to come into our lives.

It's Time for Healing! Whole Healing!
Not just a "fix" for your current issues, problems and situations so that you can go back to your old life.....not realizing that you are within a life stealing cycle of never ending bad circumstances.

Are you going to be one of the nine, or the one that wanted More than his current situation fixed, he wanted a whole new life! 
 Luke 17:11-19

just some things that come to me as I'm tending to the flowers...

On feet of Faith & Peace Resting In His Peace & Faithfulness,
One Day At A Time By Radical Faith.
 Isaiah 50:4 / Isaiah 52 / Jer 20:9-13 /Joshua 1:9 / Luke 6:38
 ©2007--2015 WisdomTeachesme

Sunday, October 25, 2015


My Right Now is temporal,

My current situation has an end time attached to it & is not forever,

let me Look for God's Best in It

No matter What my current situation Is,

let me look for God's Best in It!

I Praise You Lord!

Today is a day I have Never experienced before,
I expect It to Be full of everything I will need.

In my midnight, Peace came to me,
pouring into me all It's Rich with.
as i rise into the gift of a new day,

Some times I rise into a new day, and my view is the same mountain/valley of joy, of peace, of love, of difficulty, of challenges,
what ever the name of the mountain/valley is,
 i know God's Best Way Through awaits to Lead me.

I Praise You Lord!
i know, yes, i know....
Grace is Mine 

"Give, and it will be given to you. They will pour into your lap a good measure—pressed down, shaken together, and running over [with no space left for more]. For with the standard of measurement you use [when you do good to others], it will be measured to you in return.”
Luke 6:38

On feet of Faith & Peace Resting In His Peace & Faithfulness,
One Day At A Time By Radical Faith.
 Isaiah 50:4 / Isaiah 52 / Jer 20:9-13 /Joshua 1:9 / Luke 6:38
 ©2007--2015 WisdomTeachesme


Thank You Lord for sending the Right Person(s) At the Right Time. For every situation, occasion, event, opportunity, problem and set of circumstances. No matter the name of the Need, 
I Praise You for sending the Right Person(s) At the Right Time!
I Thank You for making sure We know who You sent so that we are not tricked with smoke and mirrors.
IJN, I Praise You!

We are Continuing to encourage our girls with the knowledge that God has given them- their lives Great Purpose.....Making sure they know to go to God and Ask, who they are, and, what is their Life's purpose... And that God will Guide them on the Path of their Life Purpose.
This way, they will not waste their days living a life trying to fulfill the expectations that other's place on them. 
Those kind of expectations that limit a person, that hinder a person, that does Nothing to further that person's self growth, self love, and maturity.
They will know not to allow others to box them into their insecurities and dysfunctions--stopping them from Believing that God Has given them Great Purpose.
And that they are Uniquely and Wonderfully Made to fulfill God's Purpose...rejecting the shallow mess that some people will try to trap you within...
this way, they won't go asking other people these questions.
it's not like other people would know the Correct answers Any way.

the birds begin singing Before the sun rises...they Know it's on the way..their confidence is encouraging...
this reminds me to Stay Faithful, to Always Praise my Way Through with a Joyful, Expectant Heart, Knowing that God's Way Through will be revealed at the Right moment.....
I love the Lord....He is Always sending me, "forgetMenots"....
# my faith Speaks out in Praise! 


Some times folk expect God to use someone who is well known, high on the list, someone "who has arrived".... to be their help.... to be the help for your org, to be the help for your= what ever you are doing.
So many run to the entertainers, run to those well known people regardless of field whose names are well known, seeking help to become well known- So many want to rub shoulders with those who sit in high places, they run to those who blow their own horn, many of these Speak about God, but actually do Not Live for's just a show. 

But, God does Not always use those people to be our help...
Be careful Only seeking those you Think can help you, while you Reject those who are small in your eyes.
The very person you reject, ignore and cast off, Is usually the one God sent to be your help.
It's by God's Will Be Done, not our will be done.

IJN, Ask to be Aligned With God's Will, Then make Sure you Open yourself Up to Rec' God's Will.
Many times, God's Will Is Revealed, but folk reject it, because it's Not what they Think they want....It's Not part of the details They have decided to be a part of their plan....LEAVE The DETAILS To GOD!

"Take a good look, friends, at who you were when you got called into this life. I don’t see many of “the brightest and the best” among you, not many influential, not many from high-society families. Isn’t it obvious that God deliberately chose men and women that the culture overlooks and exploits and abuses, chose these “nobodies” to expose the hollow pretensions of the “somebodies”? That makes it quite clear that none of you can get by with blowing your own horn before God. Everything that we have—right thinking and right living, a clean slate and a fresh start—comes from God by way of Jesus Christ. That’s why we have the saying, “If you’re going to blow a horn, blow a trumpet for God.” 1 Corinthians 1:26-31 The Message (MSG)

"Just look at your own calling, believers; not many [of you were considered] wise according to human standards, not many powerful or influential, not many of high and noble birth. But God has selected [for His purpose] the foolish things of the world to shame the wise [revealing their ignorance], and God has selected [for His purpose] the weak things of the world to shame the things which are strong [revealing their frailty]. God has selected [for His purpose] the insignificant (base) things of the world, and the things that are despised and treated with contempt, [even] the things that are nothing, so that He might reduce to nothing the things that are, so that no one may [be able to] boast in the presence of God. But it is from Him that you are in Christ Jesus, who became to us wisdom from God [revealing His plan of salvation], and righteousness [making us acceptable to God], and sanctification [making us holy and setting us apart for God], and redemption [providing our ransom from the penalty for sin]," 1 Corinthians 1:26-30 Amplified Bible (AMP)

The blessing Will come....but if you don't allow the Lord to change you and heal your broken places, your hurt and pain, if you don't allow the Lord to mature your immaturity, and correct your character, if you don't allow the Lord to strengthen your faith and trust and your relationship with Him, 
.When the blessing will Not be ready to do any more than take hold of will Not be able to sustain it...It will not bear the fruit the Lord wants it to bear.
The blessing has been prepared for you, but have you allowed yourself to Be Prepared For the Blessing?!

Many times, when we refuse to listen to the Lord and Be changed, and Be healed, and Be made better, when we refuse to Be reconciled with ourselves, to face ourselves and examine ourselves.....we stay within the consequences of our bad choices.
We stay in a shallow place of re-acting through our emotions only-not pushing them down under our self control so that our Spirit can help us handle things. We stay within the double-mindedness of fence sitting.
Many Try to fit their Old life into the New Life Jesus brings, but that is never going to work....but, folks keep trying to force it to work because they are in their ego and pride. 
And when people and challenges come against us....we will blame them and don't look at our selves. We think, because we have the blessing, we must be Right-Nope, not necessarily.
When we are not prepared and have decided to do things our way, in the beginning of receiving the blessing....things may "look" like they are working but in due time, things will begin to crumble and not work. Storms will come and if you are not prepared to handle these storms, what you have will fall apart....

Do yourself a Great favor, Allow the Lord To Prepare You For The Blessing that God has Prepared For You! 
This preparation that the Lord does, never's an ongoing, daily process for our entire time here....Once you allow This preparation to will be taken into a place of Being the next you, of transformation.... by the Grace of God IJN, God will take you from one Glory to the next and so on...

Remember, there were 10, but only one came back to get the Rest of His new life. He wanted more than to heal his situation and go back to his old life. 

On feet of Faith & Peace Resting In His Peace & Faithfulness,
 One Day At A Time By Radical Faith.
 Isaiah 50:4 / Isaiah 52 / Jer 20:9-13 /Joshua 1:9 / Luke 6:38
 ©2007--2015 WisdomTeachesme

Wednesday, October 21, 2015


When the challenges say, "give up! you can't do this!" 
My Praise In Jesus' Name begins to Move from my soul, spirit and heart ready to break Free!

When the $ troubles, health troubles, and the 'don't know what to do With this' troubles Tell me, "Give UP! You Can't Do This!"

My Praise Breaks FREE from my mouth in the Name of Jesus!

When the attacks of mistreatment by others joins in with All the other things the enemy has sent to Try & make me curse God and Give up, Speaks in chorus chanting negative encouragement...Doing all it can to Rock me!
My PRAISE In the Name of Jesus to God Transforms into A Full Song of Joy and Remembrance Of All that God Is to me and has done for me!
Which makes my Light Shine Brighter, it makes my Faith and Trust Stand up and Push Back the darkness that is Tryin' to make me get stupid!

And my Faith Speaks Out To Me, and Says, 

And, My Praise to my Mother God In Jesus' Name is filled with Grace, and I am refocused and alert! My Sister Patience, in all Her Glory and Strength Holds me Tightly! 
Rock me Jesus, Rock Me! 
it is well..... with my Soul, It Is Well!.....

When God leads us through the storms, we won't be the same person we were when the storm began. 
We are Not suppose to stay the same. 
That's how God uses all these storms, to Change us. God makes them Give us Good!  Keep Staying Faithful IJN, and You Will Know this! 
I encourage you Not to fight to hold onto what is old, but to work with the Lord as He is building The New in you and for you.

John 6:1-14 ;James 4:6; I Cor 1:26-29
James 1:2-8; Matthew 13: 1 Peter 1:3-10

"So we’re not giving up. How could we! Even though on the outside it often looks like things are falling apart on us, on the inside, where God is making new life, not a day goes by without His unfolding grace. These hard times are small potatoes compared to the coming good times, the lavish celebration prepared for us. There’s far more here than meets the eye. The things we see now are here today, gone tomorrow. But the things we can’t see now will last forever."
2 Cor 4:17-18  The Message
They jumped at that: “Master, give us this bread, now and forever!”
 Jesus said, “I Am the Bread of Life. The person who aligns with Me hungers no more and thirsts no more, ever. I have told you this explicitly because even though you have seen Me in action, you don’t really believe Me. Every person the Father gives Me eventually comes running to Me. And once that person is with Me, I hold on and don’t let go. I came down from heaven not to follow My own whim but to accomplish the Will of the One who sent Me.
 “This, in a nutshell, is that Will: that everything handed over to Me by the Father be completed—not a single detail missed—and at the wrap-up of time I have everything and everyone put together, upright and whole. This is what My Father wants: that anyone who sees the Son and trusts who He is and what He does and then aligns with Him will enter real life, eternal life. My part is to put them on their feet alive and whole at the completion of time.”
John 6:34-40  The Message

On feet of Faith & Peace Resting In His Peace & Faithfulness,
One Day At A Time By Radical Faith.
Isaiah 50:4 / Isaiah 52 / Jer 20:9-13 /Joshua 1:9 / Luke 6:38

Saturday, October 17, 2015

DAILY PORTION--TRANSITIONS, TRANSFORMATIONS the time when Every New morning and day Gives me a New painting to observe and be awed by.As nature responds to the changing of the seasons.....following the cycles of change nature has been given....not complaining, not moaning, not trying to stop them, or run from the changes. Simply accepting the changes and allowing them to Take Nature to the next place it should be....
i am encouraged and filled with life....and love of the changing seasons and what they bring into our lives....

i sometimes sit under the canopy of these divine colors....allowing quiet to surround me....the sunlight trickles in through the negative spaces the limbs and leaves is Joyful, to watch the leaves do their dances before they hit the me more of what i need.... 


When i bought this mum, it was completely white. a calming shade of white. After I re-potted it, it's growth took off and soon had the most inviting blooms. As i saw the need to start dead heading, I realized that the new buds were not white, but a shade of lavender.
What a wonderful surprise!

The plant is transforming into it's next self after what Has bloomed, is dying and dead and removed The new is able to grow and bloom, revealing an entirely different color.....
From the inside first, then seen on the outside......cycles, seasons, changes, allow, transformations, death, removal, new fruit..... rejoicing.... 

On feet of Faith & Peace Resting In His Peace & Faithfulness,
 One Day At A Time By Radical Faith.
Isaiah 50:4 / Isaiah 52 / Jer 20:9-13 /Joshua 1:9 / Luke 6:38
 ©2007--2015 WisdomTeachesme

Wednesday, October 14, 2015


*Join me in Praising our Lord*

I Praise my Lord Jesus, for Bringing us Through the consequences of our Choices. For bringing us Through the consequences of other peoples choices that we are indirectly or directly connected to.

I Praise my Lord Jesus for pulling out the Lessons from our mistakes and making them clear to us, For Turning our mistakes Around for the better of All involved.

I Praise my Lord Jesus, for Being With us in the Valley of the shadow of death, for Being With us in the midst of each storm, for Being With us when the Waters get rough, and the Fire burns Hot!

I Praise my Lord Jesus for Keeping us focused on what Is our Purpose from God. 
I Praise my Lord Jesus for freeing us from the things that hold us earth bound, and entangled.
I Praise my Lord Jesus Changing us each day into Love. 

I Praise my Lord Jesus for Being With us Reminding us that He has supplied Every Spiritual Gift we Need and every material thing we need.
I Praise my Lord Jesus for Taking us Deeper in God's Love. 

I Praise my Lord Jesus for Wholeness. 
I Praise God in the Name of Jesus for Who God Is.....

I Praise my Lord Jesus for helping us reconcile with ourselves, what is not.
I Praise my Lord Jesus for bringing things Full Circle.

All Is Well With My I surrender to God Everything that I have no human power over as I stand on Common Ground, in Her midst. 
I hope that you get to the Common Ground and Surrender Everything that is necessary so that you will also be Well in your soul.

For those who Seek the Kingdom of God Here On earth As it Is in Heaven, I thank my Lord Jesus for you and I encourage you to Praise your way through. We are Not alone. 

I hope that you Will Turn, and See The Lord is Guiding you, Is your strength, Is your way maker, Is your, what ever You need at this time.

I Love you, and I hope you enjoy the Blessings this day Will unfold for you!

To God be the Glory Alone, in the Name of Jesus. 

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# From the Mountain top

On feet of Faith & Peace Resting In His Peace & Faithfulness,
One Day At A Time By Radical Faith.
Isaiah 50:4 / Isaiah 52 / Jer 20:9-13 /Joshua 1:9 / Luke 6:38
 ©2007--2015 WisdomTeachesme