Saturday, May 3, 2008


Greetings to you in the name of Jesus Christ.

This is such a wonderful day, Amen. Thank YOU Jesus.

I am led to give you a list of supplies that will help you in case of natural storms/disasters, that may hit your area. People in America need to prepare better--it seems that too many do not because they feel "it'll never happen here".

I would not be foolish if I were you--You think the people in Atlanta ever thought a Tornado would come through downtown?!

We do not control this earth nor the weather!! Always be prepared!! This is not a JOKE!! Being arrogant will not save your life!

I have been through enough storms to know that the city govt will not help you the way you think. Most city services are at max capacity Now, in normal daily activities. When these storms hit, the city govt will be going to help the hospitals, nursing homes, and such first--they will be limited themselves at such a time.
We are able to help ourselves until they can get to us--if only you prepare for yourself and family ahead of time. We all have to help each other not just during the aftermath of a natural storm--but Daily when we are only dealing with the 'storms of life'.
**Remember Noah told the people for many years what was to come and that they needed to prepare themselves.
They poo-poohed him. You know the rest of that story**
During these times we have seen how People will lie and steal. hurt, and harm others--people will say they are coming to help but will not -- You will be on your own at times-and cash is the way to go. Even if you can only put away a small amount--it will believe me, it will be very helpful.

***Please go through your house--look in drawers and cabinets--you may have a lot of these items already. The main thing is to have them all in one place for easy access.**


**You cannot pump gas into your car when there is no electricity--unless the gas station has a generator. You cannot use the ATM card either. Keep some cash on hand always just for these purposes!!

**Keep you car tank at 1/2 full--if possible.

The list may be long to some--you need to buy what ever you can and know that God will take care of the rest. Amen

Always remember--try to buy extra- as God always sends people that have nothing!!
And they have no means to stock up!!
You may be called to help others with some of what you have!
PLEASE Do Not Be Selfish!!
Do not add to the drama and confusion that will be present in times of disaster!
Keep yourself calm and your children calm-if you have any. Think about the elderly that live near you--that you may know of.
Check in on them!
The single mother or father that has nothing but her/his baby--the sick, and crippled...Check In On Them.
Praise God.

I have found these items to be valuable to me in the past and we keep them stocked up for future use. Some we have never had to use (thank God) but we have them in case we do need them.

I have a honda generator. One large enough to power the home we live in. I also had the electrician put a 'box' on the outside of my home so i could plug the main cord of the generator into it and not have to run electrical cords throughout the house.

If you do not have the outside 'box' to plug your generator into your HOMES circut box--that is ok, please buy heavy duty outdoor electrical cords at least 100 ft long to run from your generator to different appliances in your home. Do not plug in the washer-(if there is water)- and dryer unless you are using them--and if you need too--use one at a time!!
Whatever you plug into the generator--that is sucking up the gas that runs it--Use only what you need at the moment!!!

When I cut my generator on--through my circut box--the main power to the house is CUT OFF!! This prevents FIRES!! I do not use the generator for things that we are not in need of at that moment. I run the fridge, the hot water heater -(if there is water)- a few lights and wall outlets so that we can use one tv and anything else that will keep the children occupied and calm. This is important, as they do not need to be running under your feet as you are taking care of things!!

If you are buying or have a generator--having at least 5 - five-gal gas containers is a good number.
My generator will run from a full tank of gas for 17 hours.
These are the things you should be thinking of when buying one. Know the size of your home--look at your electrical bill to see how much power you pull--this will help when at the store buying one.

You will also need to buy a heavy duty chain and lock--as people will try to steal your generator! When using the generator you need to keep it off the wet ground if possible--this will keep moisture from getting into the engine. I bought a round/square heavy duty hard molded plastic "thing"--but a good-thick tarp will do also. Sit the generator on top of the tarp.
Most generators wil need to be put together in some way--mine has wheels and oil has to be added--open the box when you get home and do whatever you need to do to have it prepared! test it out so you know how it sounds and what is what--it has a few knobs and switches--learn them!

Read the operational directions way beforehand as when you are in need of it you will not have time to stand in the rain or in the cold and read the directions. Know all about it before hand.

**This is just a small list of a few things-it is not an entire list**

Now, you will need to buy and store : **I would go to the camping stores for most of these--Wal mart has a camping section or REI or any store like that--Army surplus stores have many of these items also**
**if you have a fire place--stock up on wood and in the camping sections of stores you can find pots, pans a other items that can be used over an open fire. Be Careful and pay attention--the cooking time is different over an open flame!
** a kerosene heater and extra kerosene--we have one that can heat a large room--one room-not the entire house! We also buy our kerosene at wallyworld or some place like it, the smell is not strong and it burns cleaner.

**RUBBER GLOVES - different sizes--think about every member of your household. find out if you are allergic to talc power as some of the gloves are latex and have power on them. Read the boxes-don't just grab a box and find out later that you are allegeric to them.

**an old fashioned hand can opener-and can foods. Look for foods that do not need to be cold to last--long shelf life.

**rain ponchos

**Bottled water

**Water Purification tablets = if the fresh water supply runs out and the city has not corrected the water supply. If you have children--buy extra tablets. Buy the whole water purication system if you are able. It is a small device--read the directions beforehand and know how it works.

** charcoal for your grill or extra fuel if your grill is gas. You will need to cook the food in your fridge before it goes bad--if the grocery store is open but there is still no electricity, you can buy and throw on the grill so you can eat and feed your family.
Don't cook too much food at one time--you have no way to keep it cold enough to stop spoilage.

**clorox-liquid and the wipes

**tarps, duct tape, buckets, tools-=hammer, screw drivers, a battery operated drill, nails. scissors, an all purpose knife. a compas.

**army-navy MRE's-these can last for years, corn starch,

**if you have pets--stock up on extra food--you do not want to HAVE to give them people food because you have none for them. Also--when buying drinking water--buy enough for your pets.

**Make sure you do not let your animals run around loose--they will go into survival mode and may injure themselves or others.

**Watch out for other peoples pets that may be running loose! These animals will be scared and operating in a survival mode!!
Keep your children away from them!! They will be looking for food and water and comfort--if you do not know the animal--stay away from them--let the trained people pick them up and care for them--they will also be out looking for animals in the aftermath of a storm!!

**buy backpacks--your childs bookbag will be good for their body will need to be able to carry stuff with you and still have your hands free!

** if any of you still have those "fannypacks" from years ago--keep them handy--they will be great to have--as you will need to keep your hands free--you may not have on pants that have pockets!

**Batteries--all sizes

**cordless phones will not work when the power is out!! i use only cordless phones in my house--but i bought a corded phone just to use in these times.

**if the phone service is out--your home alarm system will not work--if you have cable phone--it will not work if the cable is off!

**A hand crank flashlight and weather radio--no batteries needed.

** a weather radio with batteries

**a battery operated cell phone charger--i saw them at cvs--but i'm sure wallyworld carries them also.

**candles and appropiate containers to put the candles in when lit!

**water-proof matches and lighters

**baby wipes--these will come in very handy for everyone.

** Zip-lock baggies to keep things water tight-different sizes.

** coolers for food storage and to keep others things dry also.

**outdoor cooking supplies--again--these can be found in the camping sections of stores or at REI or any outdoor store. Start at these stores first!!

**sanitizer--germs will be rampant!! Keep infections away!

**stock medical supplies--all can be found over the counter=Benedryl, band-aids, poly-sporin-cough syrup, allergy med--anti-bacterial creams and sprays, Sun-block, hats, Ace bandages, medical tape--though i have found that duct tape does good also!

** towels and blankets, trash bags-all sizes.

**also think about having to use the bathroom--keep everything as clean as possible--germs and diseases will be having a field day.
In the camping sections you will find items for this purpose.

**Now i also prepare for flooding--we have several floatation devices esp. for the children. life vests-portable blow up small boats--we have two. you pull a cord it inflates.
you may also want to buy inflatable matresses.
we have 2 tents also...the pop-up kind--very easy to set up-the kind that have their own bottom surfaces as you do not want to be on the ground.

** if you are on meds--keep the number of your doctor and pharmacy on hand as you may need to call them. keep all your meds together in a zip-lock baggie.


I'll be back to tweak this list throughout the day!
We need each other--stay prepared for yourself and any people that God sends to you!

JOSHUA 1:8-9

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