Friday, May 9, 2008


Greetings to you in the name of The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit.

I come bearing love and forgiveness in Jesus' name.

Today, i have no music for you to listen to-that will help you soothe your spirit, your heart.
The brokeness of your heart of your body, of your mind- you can either continue to hold on to and allow it to fester within you-leaving it trapped in the prison of the reality that you
created-OR-you can open your mouth and Sing praises to God-To Jesus, for the lives of others.

The song that you need to hear is already within you.
The healing that you need is already within you.
The encouragement that you need is already within you.
The love that you need and want is already within you.

Can't you feel it? Why do you hide from the truth? Do you really think it will hurt so badly as you will not live anymore?
That type of thinking is part of the lies that you allowed to build an altered reality around your life.

Today as every other day, I greet you without hesitation, without apology, and Not Ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, to ask you, is there just one that believes? Just one that loves God enough to obey Him fully?

Just one that receives His word and His way?

Do not fret, do not give up hope, do not stop singing the song that Jesus has put into your heart--in your spirit to sing.

That is your song - just for you. We each have been given this gift of a song to sing from the depths of the love in our hearts. The love that is our Spirit.

Sing it as you go through the brokeness, as you go through the pain, as you go through the hurt, and through the disappointment.

Sing with all your faith and trust that you have in Jesus, that He is the Way to God our Father-our Mother--Our Creator.

Sing to Him your praises, release the pain and hurt through each note. Let your voice be as loud as the noise that tries to drown out His Message and His love. SING!!

Sing, for you have nothing to complain about--to worry about--to fret over. You have nothing to be ashamed of.

Sing your song to break yourself free from the reality that you or another has built around your eyes and ears. A reality that hides the truth and takes lies and speaks them as if they were the truth.

What do you have to see before you are not afraid?

The truth is the difference.

And every time you speak the truth--everytime you live in the truth, everytime you admit to the truth and let it be your ground...The Truth will shatter the reality that you have built around your eyes, around your ears and what you hide behind.

God said that they won't listen to you for they do not listen to Me.
Jesus said the same thing. But He did not give up. He did not hide within a reality based on lies and deceit. He boldly, radically, spoke the Truth of God as He was instructed to.

Just to save one person, just one who will believe that He is God made into flesh.

Just one person that will believe.

How long will you live in this altered truth--which is defined as a lie?
How long will you punish yourself by the reality that you exist in?

The Storms of nature have been creating such mass devastation in places that were already terrible-places filled with selfishness and disregard for human life on a whole. I cannot even imagine what Truths these storms are uncovering. And when the tears have stopped, when the pain and hurt are healing, the truth will bloom into Justice and strengthen the faith that pleases God.

Today, I ask that you offer some of the time from your very busy schedules. Time from eating snacks and meals, time from taking a shower with soap, time from your family time, take time from your relaxing after leaving the job you go to everyday, time from paying bills, time from spending with friends, time from shopping, time from sleeping, time from all the things that you have placed in front of you to do--to keep yourself busy.

I ask that you take time from your life and give - sacrifice some of your time and sing your song to honor God--to Praise God, to Worship God, to ask God, in the name of Jesus--to help the people that have not seen their families in years, to help the people that cannot go shopping and have nothing but rags to wear everyday. To ask God to uncover the truths and to help the people that need prayer more than you do.

To ask God to send His angels in the name of Jesus to help the people ALL OVER THE WORLD to know compassion, to know love, to know abundance, to know that God is God over everything, and for Everybody. To know the Love of God through our brother and friend Jesus.

I ask that you please SING your SONG that Jesus put in your heart -- Sing it to give glory to God through your life as we are not able to go and help the people--the women and children in China, Burma, Brazil, Utah, Texas, Washington DC, Romania, Sudan, Zimbabwe, and all the places where people are being killed and dying senseless deaths.

For Every country in the world= SING your song that is your praise of our Creator for all that He is able to do, and has already done for us. As you have no prayer requests for yourself--you need nothing at this moment.....

Except To pray for others.....
To put others before the greatest act of love there is.

Today I ask that you be the music that will give you encouragement, that will touch your spirit--mend your heart-put a warm smile on your face as singing it will remind you that God is still God and that You are still here!

If only just one will believe -- if only one just one will break through the prison that their altered reality built so that The TRUTH will set them free.

Be the Witness to The Glory of God--Use your voice and sing the song that lives in your heart and spirit. The song of LOVE!

May God be with you as you go about your days--May you stay with God as you go about your days.

In Jesus' name I say Yea, Amen.



Kathryn said...

I continually stand in awe of the accuracy and timeliness of the posts you share with those of us that love the Lord! Today, you asked for prayer for specific nations. Two of those nations, I spent considerable time. I'm referring to Romania & Sudan (Darfur). The atrocities that I've witnessed... there are no words to describe. Yet, I know that the Lord has "the hearts of the kings in the plam of His hand and He turns them withsoever He wills...."

We, as His people need to be better keepers "of our brothers/sisters"...lest they become "weary in well doing".

We are ALL in this together, none of us can claim superiority, none of us had a choice into which nation we were could well have been us born into one of these other nations. I'm firmly convinced that those of us that serve Him, were strategically placed...and it was not to simply "build bigger barns".

Stay alert! Be discerning of His time...experience has taught me, that more often than not, His timing is much different than ours. We need to keep our "hearing ear" tuned to the Lord's voice. Remember, it's His sheep that hear His voice. Notice it doesn't say...pastor sheep, elder sheep, says SHEEP! There are no qualifiers other that we belong to Him!

I trust that His blessing overtake you!

Kindest Regards,


Anonymous said...

Both you and Kathryn offer guidance and encouragement in our journey to be obedient servants of the Lord. You both remind us of how sweet Her Love is and our responsibility to share what we know and experience of the Lord with others. And to be in prayer, always.

God Bless you and keep you both




Today, I was in the car with the Richard Smallwood CD playing "oh Lord oh Lord how excellent is Thy name!!"

Thank you, soldier of God, woman of God, the exhortation! I thank our Lord for you and I pray that He continues to pour His goodness within you because you FREELY, GENEROUSLY share with all...

Happy Mother's Day to you....

Let this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus!

Peace, blessings and DUNAMIS!

Just to make you smile:
I was in Richard Smallwood's "Persuaded" video a few years back in one of the crowd scenes! Now THAT was a night where we truly praised our Lord with boldness - all of us!!

wisdomteachesme said...

Oh my Sisters! How my love flows to you! The Love of God be upon you all!
i have tears of joy, of peace and fullness that flows in response to your wonderful words and love that you give to me.

thank you for the encouragement and prayers for my life -- i rec' it all in the name of Jesus!

YES, Thank YOU Lord God Almighty -- i see one that believes in YOU! I see more coming...
thank YOU Father- My Mother God You are an Awesome God...
@lisa, my sister, see i would have loved to be in one of his audiences to know the love of GOd that lives within richard smallwood. he is one of my favorite musicians of God! Behold the presence of God through his music.
Welcome my sisters and brothers, welcome!