Sunday, May 4, 2008



Greetings to you children of God, I come to you today in the name of Jesus, for He has left us commands that we need to learn, take hold of, write on our hearts, and to proclaim that we will do them and speak them for All The Glory is To God!

It is time - past time- that many stop talking about faith and Use that Faith they say they have. It is past time that many stop whinning and complaining all the while saying they belong to God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

It is Past Time, that WE ALL gird ourselves up and take a stand--and with the authority that we have in our possesion--Speak the Word of God and trust that He will Never let us down.


Mother God, I come to you In the Name of Jesus--He is Your Word and YOUR Word is Love, Life, Power, and Truth, God Bless this site and the administrator of this site. Mother God, bless all Your people that come to this site seeking You and what You give through Your vessel--let them be covered in the Blood of Jesus and know that You have touched their heart, their spirits, their bodies and their everyday lives. amen

Your Presence is upon This Place of truth and Your Understanding, Your Knowledge and Wisdom are overflowing here through the one You appointed to Bring Your Word to light! Amen.

No one Lord, is going to spend time arguing with anyone that speaks against YOUR LOVE--which is YOUR LAW! Father We ask that You have mercy on those that are trying to cause fear and divisiveness among Your called, Your chosen and Your obedient children--In The Name Of Jesus, It is so, Amen.

I speak a Blessing out on all that are indifferent and rebellious to Your Love - To YOUR Power--To YOUR ability to do more than enough for anyone that seeks You, knocks, and listens and learns Your way--the ones that love You enough to obey YOU. amen

Mother God, in the NAME of Jesus, I With the Authoritiy that You have given to me I Stand and Speak against any and all attacks from satan, his minions, and all evil that lives in the hearts of people that come against to try and do harm to YOUR people. For we stand on the Rock that is Jesus and we KNOW that You, Our Faithful Mother will protect us and lead us through all issues, situations, problems, fears and strongholds that are trying to stop Your Plan to building Your Kingdom here on earth as it is in Heaven. amen

YOUR people are those of us that in the name of Jesus, we obey YOU, Praise YOU, Worship YOU and Speak boldly and with Faith Who YOU Are and who we Are in You--we Will continue to do as Jesus instructed us to do...AS He Has already done and more! amen.

Lord I ask that you open every eye-every ear-bring Your light to those that are surrendering to YOU honestly--I ask that YOU take care of all as YOU know each of our hearts...for what the heart loves the mouth will speak. amen.

And we speak Love for You Lord as our hearts love what YOU love . amen

I Come with Peace and Encouragement for all that seek these things that God loves and I say, Let us all look for the opportunities that Father God has provided for our escape out of every stronghold, Every fear, every evil thought and lie, to take every opportunity to do unto others as we would have it done to us. Let us go further than what is expected-let us honor God and bring Glory to Him through our lives, let us with faith speak His truth over our lives and over the lives of others that are seeking to know Him.

Let us spread the Good News that it is not about religion but about a Relationship with Father God through the Son, Jesus The Christ led by The Holy Spirit, Amen!

Let us remember that we are all subject to corrections and what a man does that is good by his own will is not the Will of God. Let us speak against those that use the name of God to oppress, cheat, lie too, use, and kill God's people. May God have mercy on you, as God will bring down everything that is against His will. All the little empires man has built will fall. amen

IN the Name of Jesus our Brother and Friend, It will be done, Amen.

We don't have use of you satan, I am now telling you to leave- you may try but you will not succeed, You cannot have our Joy, our Peace our Lives- may God have mercy on the souls of those that do your bidding--we forgive them as they do not know what they are doing- they have been tricked and believed your lies --but you do- and just as I Know that Jesus has rebuked you, I stand on His Word and Speak the Blood of Jesus over our lives and our situations, you are not needed.

If you stay you will have to listen to us with Voices Raised Giving honor, praise, worship and glory to GOD THE FATHER, GOD THE SON AND GOD THE HOLY SPIRIT ON THIS DAY AND EVERY DAY Amen.

As Nehemiah told the crooks in The Book of Nehemiah 13:14-31, while standing on top of the wall that he completed.

Don't make me come down there and lay hands on you-I told you to move away from This Wall!

Tell satan to move away from your wall, tell his minions and those humans that do his bidding to move away from your wall, tell your flesh to move away from your wall!


It's like having a car, but still walking around.

Stop talking about your Faith and USE YOUR FAITH!

May You stay with Mother God in the name of Jesus until we meet again. Yea Amen.

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