Monday, January 3, 2011


 KEEP And Protect me, O God, for In You I Have Found Refuge, And In You Do I Put my Trust And Hide myself.  I say to The Lord, You Are my Lord; I have No Good beside or beyond You."  Psalm 16:1-2

What I Expect from You my Lord Is All that You have Promised me-Wisdom, Truth, Clarity, Praise and Blessings--Psalm 16

Have you spoken to Him about what you expect from Him?
Have you read and learned His promises to us? Jesus told us the truth, have you put His Love in your heart?  Focus your trust and faith on His Promises, Praise Him reminding yourself of what He has said to us. Expect Him to bring them to pass in your life every day. 

I share with you what His Spirit has taught me, what His Promises speak to me concerning every area of my life, hoping this will encourage you to do the same.  Trust Him by Faith, Expect Him because you Trust Him.
I praise You Father, In the name of Jesus for making the adjustments necessary in my heart and character. I remain willing and teachable and able for each day that Your love awakens me Expecting from me what I am to do and be and give for You.
I know that this Radical Love, Trust and Faith I have in You looks and sounds strange and even crazy to others. I pray they grow in Your love and learn You so they may also have Radical Love, Trust and Faith in You.

I Expect to face each new day Unafraid knowing that You have already planned the Way I shall walk and live. All the while each step taken shall carry me into all Ways Made by You.
 Fine tune me so that I am able to fulfill Your purposes, in the larger scheme of Your plans for each day I live.

Thank You for continuing to place in my life things that are better suited to my level of Spiritual Maturity as I Spiritually grow and mature in You. And all the things that once held my attention, but do not serve Your purposes, You have removed, Thank You!

I shall continue to draw closer to You as I want to see Your creation from new perspectives. The colors of this world, the birds and animals, the mountains and the oceans are all much brighter, speak clearly to me, and keep me humble.
Satisfying my flesh is secondary to the life-producing revelation that learning and living by the guidance of Your Holy Spirit, by Your written Word united with the experiences that You have given to me provides. The gifts of self-control and discipline are Powerful and the more I use them the more they grow, and the more power I receive from them.

I thank You for Loving me, teaching me and giving me an obedient ear,  eyes that can see, and a heart that is generous and grateful unto You.
Your Wisdom and Clarity continue to be my sisters as I rely upon them
to keep me focused, to keep each day clear so that I am able to see and discern with Greater Spiritual depth and lucidity than the day before. You provide the edge that I need to help me to be more decisive seeking Your truth about issues and concerns, where confusion and deceit try to lead me astray.

You my Lord make wide and deep the Lines that govern me, moving me beyond my normal limitations into a New Realm of Beginnings and Work. I do not allow the negative, shallow, fleshy, emotional and ignorant zones that others chose to live in to pull me in also.

With Your help, I have Long Since Stopped allowing circumstances or people to hold me back or keep me from achieving the Spiritual And Natural potential that You have Spoken To Be in my life. 
Glory be to You God in the name of Jesus!

Expecting You Lord, has opened my heart more and more every day to know that what seemed like destruction by Your hand, has only been You cleaning my house, tearing apart from my life the things that are no longer relevant.  Releasing me from all that held me back, all that enslaved me and created Spiritual stagnation. The old thinking, speaking, acting and reacting are cleaned out and have been replaced!

The More I am changed by Your love and learn about You, the more I am Able to Move Spiritually and naturally Forward with a Greater and Deeper Freedom in You.
 Trusting You Lord I Expect You, And You Are Healing and Rebuilding my life completely Full of Your Purposes, Plans and Opportunities, Which I am able to see and hear. Yes Lord Yes!

Through the years This Greater Freedom You have provided Lord Grows and keeps me from being concerned with thoughts about what I cannot do, other than to immediately Give all that I cannot do to You. 

Take all the impossibilities and return to me Possibilities to better my life in service to You and the building up of Your Kingdom here on earth As It Is in Heaven.

I know that You Lord Are taking me to new Spiritual heights and I will be delighted by what I see that You have prepared me for. Always Waiting for You to move me, to lead me, not even thinking about allowing pride and presumption to be my guides. 

I Know the Leading of Your Holy Spirit from the impulses of my own soul.
I Expect You to lead me in Your Perfect Timing and Order, as I Expect that I Will continue to Wait on and with you, Trusting You by confident Faith, in the name of Jesus, Amen!

Isa. 50:4-5

Jeremiah 20:9-13

 On feet of Faith & Peace
Isaiah 50:4/Isaiah 52/Jer 20:9-13/Joshua 1:9/ 
Resting In His Faithfulness, 
One Day At A Time
By Radical Faith. 
©2010,2011 WisdomTeachesme

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