Tuesday, October 28, 2008


My LORD, I will allow the flow of Your Spirit to teach me how to sow for myself according to righteousness and I will reap acording to Your mercy and loving-kindness. I will allow You to break up the fallow ground in my heart, to allow Your Holy Spirit to bring forth the fruits that you have planted in my heart--for it is time to seek You, to inquire for and of You. It is time to require Your favor, till You come and rain righteousness on me. (inspired by Hosea 10:12)
My Lord, I will receive and walk in the Divine Wisdom of Father God in everything that I do and say. I will be guided by Your Holy Spirit, Joyfully, In Jesus name I thank You, amen. (inspired by James 1:5)

Greetings to you my friends in Christ Jesus. Let us recognize that this is a New Day and with it comes all that God has promised to Be and do for us, and He asks that we offer to Him some of our time and to always keep Him in the center of everything we do on this New Day! Let us stay our place within the movement of His Holy Spirit. Amen.
The Promises of God through Jesus are our truth, our hope and our faith to hold onto each and every day. Please do not dismiss His Promises as having no power for us today. The Spirit of The Lord comes to comfort and to guide us in our challenging seasons. We must deliberately keep our focus on our faith in Jesus. This keeps our dependence and trust not on the things of the world but on things that are eternal.

We Can Trust God when He tells us that He will be our shelter and our safe haven from destructive storms. This does not mean that we will not be challenged through these difficult circumstances, but that we can depend on our Father to bring us through Every situation in victory.

We are His beloved children and He takes great pleasure in preparing the way for us to go. He has a never ending Love in all His planning for our days.

Psalms 107:30 “Then they are glad because they are quiet; so He guides them to their desired haven.”

When we look for God to be in All things that concern our natural living here, we find Him right at the center of every Joy, every troubling ordeal, every drop of happiness, every terrible action, every accomplishment, we find Him in every place and space that we look for Him to be.

When we wait on the Lord, and allow His Spirit to guide us we also find the unexpected harvest of good things, which is ordained by the Lord. These great unexpected fruits may be covered by the weight of oppression and misdeeds, misinformation and the absence of Gods applied truth.

When these things are taken from us for any number of reasons, all that is left is what they created; a false image of happiness and comfort because many trust in things of this world instead of things eternal from the Spiritual realm.
Looking, we at times strain to see through the losses, failures-we face the unconvinced people that sit and watch the children of God struggle through these trying situations speak this comment,
“where is your God now?”

By staying in the presence of the Holy Spirit we will be directed to carve out the center of the thing digging through to the core. We are guided and encouraged by our Father to “go to the rock from which you were hewn…”

Our LORD joins us in all our effort. Remember, let no person separate what God has joined together—this we are reminded of that Jesus reconciled us back to God through His love. Let nothing pull you away from the Love that God has for us, nor from the love we have for Him through our relationship with Jesus. Nothing can separate us from His love!

Through our human logical thinking-when some use their natural eyes to survey their envirnoment- the eyes see the largeness of the issues we stand facing-some may say that extreme trials that try to separate us from Him must be larger and stronger than God, right?
But the answer is NO. Not unless we give it permission to do so.

Only in the minds of those too fearful to trust and use what faith they have will believe this to be correct. Those that only seek deliverance from the circumstances they are within will accept that God has forsaken them when they are not removed from the trying situations.

Many times God will not remove the situation from us-but is always with us as we go through the circumstances to help us get beyond their reach. This is done so that we are made whole through suffering for Christ’s sake. Jesus will love us into wholeness is we allow Him to do so.

If we allow the trials and troubles to put a wedge between our trust in God, then these wedges will complete their task. These people that run when they are not taken out of the difficult situations, will resort to working things out on their own. By way of human thinking they try manipulation, confusion, sleight of hand, lies, anger and relying on others that live this way for help.

Those that are full of God’s truth and love—that will stay the course no matter what or who comes their way--These who have given up everything for Jesus will have a mind that is renewed by the Love of God and by His Word. To be in our right minds is how we will make it through each and every day of every challenging front that we face. Lord thank You for Your Strength, mercy, grace and compassion.

In Truth, nothing is greater than His love for us—and He is determined to bring us out! Amen.

The present conditions that many of us find ourselves faced with—this oppressive weight of certain trials and troubles is not legal in heaven. It does not come from heaven and is not legal to operate against us here – knowing this, we must know that it is not able to succeed against us here. God is for us-Who can be against us?

Knowing that God is with us and for us keeps us in our right mind and He is tearing down the natural and spiritual strongholds set forth to destroy us-they will come to naught.

Thank You Father for your season of abundant Spiritual rain that You have sent forth to restore your children so we can make it through to the victory that has already been created for us. We listen for the coming of the wind that is Your Holy Spirit bringing the season of rain for our needed renewal.
We give to You all honor and glory through our lives.
We seek You in every situation and circumstance that we face-we already have the victory that You have set in our hands!

Joyfully are we, In the name of Jesus, amen.


Sunday, October 26, 2008


I will keep on encouraging myself in You day by day.
(Acts 16:25; 20:24; )

I hope and pray that we all are Seeking Gods purpose and power for this divinely delayed season that some of us are within.
May we continue to press forward in our prayers for others and to Encourage others along this way. To continue to be a blessings to others.

Greetings to you my friends In the strength of our LORD Jesus,
Let us join our faith, trust, love and hearts together in total praise and thanksgiving to Our LORD for He is already working things out for us! Amen.

Let us continue to be consistent with our words and our actions. Let us remember that He has not forgotten us.

Jesus my brother Remember me--You Are my LORD! I boldly reach out my faith to touch Your Faithfulness so that I may be given more of Your power to help me persevere through my situations.

Thank You Lord, for I know that You already know about my problems, I know that You are with me, and I know that You are already working things out to help me in the midst of the storms that have risen up against me and my family. Thank You Jesus.

I stand to give You praises and thanksgivings for I know, that It Is already done by Your promises to be here for those that Love YOU!

I call upon the Wisdom of Your Holy Spirit to reveal to me Your purposes and to provide Your power for this Season of Divine Delay that I am within right now! I ask Your Holy Spirit to be increased and that I be decreased at this time Father.

I Call out to You for I know You have already heard the concerns of my heart and You are on Your way to see about me!

I will keep on encouraging myself in You day by day.

Others put their faith in things, status and people Lord, As for me Father, I believe You and I WILL enter Your house through the Abundance of Your steadfast love AND mercy. Your grace has glazed my path with all that You have provided. You have delivered me from all natural and spiritual strongholds that have hindered my way and growth.

In Your name Jesus, I claim Spiritual Freedom today to be mine for evermore! Thank You LORD!

Father, I search for Your presence throughout my days, I know that You are in the small things as well as the medium and large things –NOTHING is too small or too large for You LORD-You will use anything and everything to be a part of Your plans in my life. 'Little' plays a big part in the mosaic that You call my life. As I Live and need Your Joy that is Your gift and secures the harmony and beauty of my mosaic!

I will Relax, I will not get tense or anxious, I will have no fear. How can I fear change when my life is hid with You My LORD. I will continue to be poised, and to allow Your Ways to balance my soul in this vacillating changing world around me and when it touches my life—I will boldly stand in my Faith and reach for Your Faithfulness Jesus as I know You Are my Help.

What can I do for You today Lord, being that You have taken from me my worries, my pain, my hurt, my disappointment, my frustrations, my fears—What can I do for You today Father?
In the name of Jesus I thank you Father for Your Love provides everything that we need for this day. Amen.

I will keep on encouraging myself in You day by day.

Have you noticed a few changes going on in your life?
Great Changes that are affecting your life but are not caused by your hands?
I know that you are a witness just as I am- to these great changes that are affecting other people’s lives also.

Every day more and more loss of property in some form or fashion is being revealed. Every day more and more lack is revealed. Less food is available because of less money. More time spent together as a family unit because of less money to buy gas to go places apart. That's not bad at all. There is a lot of good coming from the messes that greed and selfishness created.

Realizing that the newest “thing or piece of clothing-being seen where all the people are”, is not really necessary to have-because the money is needed in more important areas of our lives. Small things matter greatly to God. And how we react to the small things, how we take care of them is important to Him also.

We can live without the extras—believe me people have done so in the past and people can do so today—God is STILL God!
And Jesus is STILL Lord. For me and my family He still Is. Amen.

These great changes that are happening right now are tests for us to learn what our hearts actually love. Are we really going to do with our lives as our mouths have spoken? To trust Jesus, to have faith in God, to be His witness to all that He is and has done.
To be a follower of Jesus and to live for Him. These are a few of the confessions from the heart or mouth that many people speak out daily.

God has taken these tests and has turned them around so that they will show you and me what will actually try to make us leave the Way of Jesus to return to the way of flesh.

What losses of material things will make us give up on our Love Walk with Jesus because it is too much for us to handle? Or some of us think it is too hard to handle.

A test of our Love that we speak for God and Jesus our LORD! Will the tight times make you ignore others that are suffering more than you are? Will these tight financial times make you pray for others instead of for yourself? Are you going to allow the fears to make you snap at people? Are you going to be short tempered and angry because there is nothing that you are capbable of doing and you don't know what God is going to do?
Will many people continue to only think,
”what about me?”

This is a time that is full of Great, Supernatural Power. God already knows everything about us—and that in and of itself is a blessing.

Now is A time to see what you are really made of. A time to put your faith and trust into action. A time to constantly and consistently Seek The Lords Face to learn His purposes and receive His power to get through this Divinely Delayed Season in your life!
A time to learn to Fully Obey the leading of His Holy Spirit. A time to speak what His love has already done for you and your family so that His angels have something to work with!

A time to seek His presence and to sit, Quietly at His feet, to be poured into from His love. To allow your spirit to be feed and restored in order to get back out there for another day. Amen.

A time to seek out what does your heart really love? What does your faith and trust in things of this world really give you?

A time to pay attention to all that His Holy Spirit reveals about the people we call friend and family. Many Will leave you when you are in need. Some may stay around for a moment, but many will leave your side and will treat you like you are not there. There is no where to go. There are many times throughout our journey that we will walk alone with Jesus being the only one willing to walk with us. And I thank You Jesus for this truth! Amen.

This is a time to learn who you really are based on what is important to you—to learn what your true motives are for everything that you do on a daily basis.

This is a time to learn how strong you really are, how obedient you can really be to His teachings and corrections. To see how much you have really grown in your relationship with Jesus. To understand your spiritual Growth that strengthens your relationship with Him. To see, understand and learn who He is creating you to be.

Times like these that are upon us will separate the wheat from the tares!
The threshing floor will not treat either any different. The refiners’ fire is burning hot and we are all being put into it to burn off the dross and allow the pureness of Him in our hearts to shine through.

Many will run from the refiners’ fire just as many will run away from the threshing floor. We are being separated for His Purposes in our lives, Not our own. His Will Be Done, Not ours!

It’s Tell and Show Time people!
This is the main thing that Jesus spoke of-Having and living a Walk of Love through Him. (Eph. 5:2)

To quiet yourself down from the worries and cares inside & outside your heart and to listen to Him speak His Purposes and His power in your spirit is what will help you through this season.

People always speak of how much they love Jesus, how much they are a Christian, and how much faith they have and how Much God loves them.

Now is the time to put all that telling and talking to action! And God will see what we all have to Show! He watches to see what Fruit will we bear. The fruit always tells the kind of tree it comes from.

Now is the time that our gardens are being weeded of all that God says should not be in us. The seeds that the enemy has planted in many are taking root and trying to sprout. Fear, selfishness, ego and pride of things and self, anger, unforgiveness. These are a few plants that do not need to grow in our gardens. They will keep you from your deliverance and your purpose set forth by Gods Will for your life.

I will keep on encouraging myself in You my LORD day by day!
There is nothing wrong when we seek our own blessings from God through Jesus. But that is only being half the person God is re-molding each of us to be. Letting go of fears and what they birth in a heart=being selfish and self-centered- will allow you to learn and desire to l

ook for someone to be a blessing to. That is what Jesus did.

As He walked His days on this earth in human form, He was an On Purpose Giver. His life is a message.

Have you looked at the type of message your life tells everywhere you go? We have to check ourselves daily.
(I Thess 5:14-21)

And if you read through the Gospels you will see that Jesus was not giving away houses, money, cars, jobs, or any other things.
He was giving away the Spiritual Gifts that come from our Father.
Thank You LORD!

There is a difference between outward works and having a heart for God.
Jesus will love us into wholeness if we continue to grow, trust in Him and invest at all times in your relationship with God.

Start your day off by thinking about how and to whom you can be a blessing to. There is nothing wrong with seeking your blessings by going to church or in general as you are moving throughout your day.
Let us keep Jesus on our minds and remember the message that His life speaks before us as we continue to follow His Way.
Let us always continue to Do Good On Purpose!

“Bear (endure, carry) one another's burdens and troublesome moral faults, and in this way fulfill and observe perfectly the law of Christ (the Messiah) and complete what is lacking .” (
Galatians 6:2)

"Even the mystery which has been hid from ages and from generations, but now is made manifest to His saints."

I Will Not Give Up! I Cannot Give Up! I have His desire in my heart. I know to much about Him.
(Gal. 6:9)

I will keep on encouraging myself in You LORD day by day.

I know there are other people that have had a life of hurt, pain, brokenness, suffering and sickness. I pray Your Love touch and cover them All in the name of Jesus, Amen.



Sunday, October 19, 2008


Oh my people!!

Come on Now!!
We know what to do in times that are long-suffering, that are trying to our spirits, that sharpen us, that can only make us stronger.

All the confusion, chaos, breakdowns, broken down, lies, cheats, thieves, back stabbers, stingy, double minded, sometime friends, bills, higher bills, outragrous bills! ETC...
They CAN'T hurt or harm us!
'They' may be prepared, they may be sent, but they will not take out the Children of God. Not the brothers and sisters of Christ!
Not us who rely on, believe in, adhere to, obey and love The Creator. Our trust, faith and belief are in Jesus.


unless you let it!

Our JOY, LOVE and SECURITY IS NOT in those things!
You know WHO our Father IS!

Come On, I'm calling Jesus Right Now!
Here, I'll get it started!

Father We come to YOU with Praise and Thanksgivings!! For we know that Our blessings, breakthroughs, healing, deliverance are ALL with YOU JESUS!

It's Got to be ON THE WAY!!
We Expect You Lord to show up everytime! You have never failed us Father --we can count many times where You have brought us through much more than what we are facing right now.
Some things going on now may be new to some of us- but You Father God Are the Same! You Will bring us through every situation and all circumstance born from them.
We are praising You Lord for what You have Already done! Amen!

We know we don't have to wait till the Victory is actually in our hands Lord, We SHOUT RIGHT NOW THANK YOU JESUS!

We are going to Praise Our Way Through each and every spiritual and natural stronghold, every plan and plot of the enemy, every mess up that we have done to ourselves, we PRAISE Our Way Through in the name of Jesus!

We praise You because You Are Worthy to be praised!!

REMEMBER us FATHER, We have given our lives over to You in the name of Jesus. You control our steps, and the circumstances brought on by each situation that concerns our lives.

Lord We let go of ALL worry, fear, confusion, and weariness right now in the name of Jesus!

Father, satan is trying to tear us down and sink us heavy with all this mess going on in the world. The evil that lives within some peoples' hearts is running around doing works from greed and hatred.

He cannot fool us into thinking that we can do Anything without YOU!
You Are our Help in All times--In All times You Are Who We praise and honor with our lives.

Lord, IN the name of Jesus; We let go of trying to control every thing that goes on in our lives.

We let go of EVERYTHING into Your hands in the name of Jesus, and We shall continue At All Times to Praise and give YOU the honor and glory from our mouths!
Lord we surrender it All to You at the Altar-try it all by fire!

Father we KNOW that You will continue to protect our steps as well as direct them - not our will Lord, but Your Will Be done! In Jesus' name, AMEN!


In the name of Jesus Father do I come to You,
Listen to my words, my LORD, give Your ear to my voice AND heart.

I know that You hear the sound of my cries AND my praise, my King AND my God, for to You do I pray AND worship!

In the morning I know You hear my voice, LORD every morning I prepare a sacrifice of prayer, praise and thanksgiving for You AND then I watch AND wait for You to speak to my heart!

For You Father are not a God Who takes pleasure in wickedness; neither will the evil people so much as dwell temporarily in Your presence. Boasters can have no standing in Your sight; You abhor all evildoers.

You Father will destroy those who speak lies, that cheat, that steal AND oppress Your chosen children. You LORD abhor AND You reject the bloodthirsty, full of hatred AND deceitful people.

My eyes have seen the Glory of The Coming of The LORD!

As for me Father, I WILL enter Your house through the Abundance of Your steadfast love AND mercy. Your grace has glazed my path with all that You provide. Thank You LORD!

I Will always worship toward AND at Your holy temple in reverent fear AND awe of You!
I know that Your Spirit of Truth always leads me LORD, in Your righteousness because of my enemies; You Will make Your Way level, straight AND right before my face. Thank You Holy Spirit!

With my enemies Father, there is nothing trustworthy or steadfast or truthful in their talk or actions. Their heart is a destructive chasm, a yawning gulf; their throat is an open grave they flatter AND make trickery smooth with their tongue. (Rom 3:13)

LORD I know from Your Word that You will hold them guilty, God let them fall by their own designs AND counsels. I know You will cast them out because of the multitude of transgressions they have done in rebellion against You. In Jesus’ name, thank You Father.

My God, my Father I praise You, for by Your Word You allow all of us that take refuge AND put our trust in You to always be rejoicing about You. Thank You Lord for creating in us the Fire to sing AND to shout in Joy forever AND ever the Glory of Your Love for us.

You make a covering over us AND You defend us; thank You that You see AND remember us who Love Your Name as we are Joyful in You AND are always in high spirits.

Great Creator, for You Will always bless the uncompromisingly righteous- those of us that Love Your name, Your precepts, Your correction AND Your Will—You Are a shield that surrounds us day and night with goodwill, pleasure AND favor.

In the name of Jesus Father God we thank You for giving us a lifestyle of faith, trust, unconditionaLove AND praise! Amen.

Inspired by Psalm 5. To the Chief Musician; on wind instruments. A Psalm of David.

All Glory Be to God, Thank You Holy Spirit in the name of Jesus, Amen!

"BREAKING OF DAY" - Maurette Brown Clark


"DON'T YOU GIVE UP !!" - Dorothy Norwood and Friends


"OH HAPPY DAY " by Tramaine Hawkins & Friends


Wednesday, October 15, 2008


“If you make your home in love, you live in Me and I live in you.”
I John 4:16

“WHOEVER believes IN Me, as the scripture has said, streams of living water will flow from within him.” John 7:38

“She opens her mouth with Wisdom, AND on her tongue Is the law of Kindness.” Pro. 32:26

Greetings to you In the name of Love, my friends in Christ!

Are you counting your blessings or your problems?
Do you have a Trust fund in God?

When you have a Trust Fund in the name of Jesus that God watches over, it does not matter what happens in the natural world—you can dip into your trust fund and receive everything that you need for the moment.

The presence of God changes everything. This is some of what is in my Trust Fund in God. His constant presence that I seek and sit in daily.

As I sit, watch and listen to the workings of the enemy come to pass, I fully understand that to have trust in God in Jesus’ name, is the best investment I could have made and to continue to make daily deposits into my trust fund with Him is what will Keep me and my family in His Will for us.

To know that no amount of money, effort, genius, education and training will accomplish anything worthwhile and long lasting without the presence of God in the middle of it; is exactly what is keeping me in the midst of His peace as we are witness to what greed planted and watered and grew. The weed of greed and evil has planted a large crop and now the harvest is upon those that invested their time, heart, trust, love, body, faith, and all natural bounty into it.

Look at what kind of return they are receiving for being obedient to worldly investments.

My, My My.

I pray for the deliverance of all the people caught up in the works of satan to steal their Joy and Happiness. They have been tricked, hoodwinked, and bamboozled into investing all they are and have into satans devious plans. All to obtain riches that will tarnish and fade. Lord I do ask for Your mercy for these people, in Jesus name, amen.

In the presence of the LORD, you will receive His peace, His wisdom and His understanding as He teaches you to know Him and His will for your life.

God has taught me that with His presence in the center of each situation, circumstances changing are assured!

When a person has been in the presence of God – been tried, refined and made true—saturated by Him that Is love; the person Will come away experiencing the change to see from a different view—which is defined by a higher hope, fearless confidence and a deeper trust in our Father.

By doing this, you are saying to Father, not my will Lord, but Thy Will Be Done!

Daily worship with God, will now feed this experience of knowing His presence and knowing how to call upon His presence. You will strengthen the vision and increase in faith to do without hesitation All the will of God for your life.

I encourage you to call on His presence, sit with Him to grow your personal relationship with God through Jesus. This is what daily praise and worship is all about. To honor Him with our hearts, mouths and daily living so that we will relay upon Him, lean upon Him and trust in Him fully, no matter what we see around us.

To know and trust that our Father has in the name of Jesus, prepared our way of ascending and that this will certainly progress our climbing by way of understanding His purposes for us. To understand that He is stirring the hearts of those who have ears to hear, and eyes to see and the hearts to understand that Trust and Faith are the tools that will most help in times like these.

God has already purposed for each of us that receives and accepts His call and directions to stir the coals of our spiritual desires into a flame of power in His Kingdom—that we must deliberately leave behind All things that have been a hindrance to our progression—we are called to remember we have a Trust Fund with God and that right now is the time to Trust and to Know that our Mighty Father Will Continue to lead us forth in Great Triumph as All Glory and Honor will be unto Him through our lives.

2 Samuel 22:13 “From the brightness before Him coals of fire were kindled.”

When what we see with our eyes contradicts what we believe about our Father, this is a moment to exercise our trust and faith, to call upon the purity that we have been blessed with for assurance. This is a time to guard our heart from the lies the enemy will speak against God in order to trick us.

And it will work on many a people’s hearts that are not right in their spirits. They are double minded people who one day says they are with the Lord, and the next day say they are serving the enemy.

God has already released into our lives Purity. It saturates our lifestyle and preferences, if we are allowing it to do what He designed it to do.

Our daily lifestyle is to live our faith—our lifestyles is ‘to Be a witness’ without using words all the time-instead of ‘doing witnessing’ now and then with the wrong heart and spirit.

Our daily lifestyle is to believe God-to believe Jesus and to know that we have a Trust Fund with Him. To know that His Holy Spirit will lead us through the good times and the not so good times is part of living this lifestyle—This is what we are to invest in with Him. Invest your trust, faith, beliefs, into your Trust Fund.

A lifestyle of Daily Believing which leads to spiritual growth and maturity in Jesus. Thank You LORD, amen.

The power of purity allows us to stand, unmoving from the ground of total and complete belief that God Will Do everything that we trust Him to do. To trust and believe that He will do everything that He said He Will do.

This is to be our daily lifestyle as we follow the way that Jesus set forth.

Believing God based on the principle of a Pure Conscience one that is undefiled by contradicting points of view is a heart that believes that God is the Only supplier for this life. A place of assurance and trust rooted deeply in His peace is where our conscience is not contaminated by details that contradict what we believe about our Father God.

From a pure heart proceeds my belief which stands firm against any disrupting and confusing details that my natural eye may see. God’s wisdom is what my trust fund is built around. A foundation of truth, love, and faith that Jesus is always with me. Amen.

I do not make any deposits or invest in any contradicting points of view or opinions based on the worlds offering.

This is something that you must consciously focus on daily. The flesh will rise up when you want to be changed by His love completely. And when you work on it daily, your flesh, and your mind will give you reasons and excuses to not obey—to become slack and give in at the times you should remain strong and stand with boldness of truth.

Having and keeping an uncluttered heart is a maturity level that He seeks to raise all His children up to.

Remember that when you invest in your flesh and the gains of the world, you Will yield a low return if one at all. When your lifestyle is one of double-mindedness, witnessing about His Goodness only when you want to, or when it’s convenient for you—when you invest in lies, and manipulation, trying to be a part of the world and not part of His Kingdom; you will always see nothing for your effort and time given to those selfish ways.

When you invest in your trust fund with God, invest in His gifts of the spirit, invest your life in His will and promises spoken over your life you will receive miracles, life saving abilities, strength, purpose, unconditional love, safety, protection, fruits to bear, glory and honor for Him that Is love, and your return will be enough to share with those that He instructs you to help along your way.

Focus on and keep a mindset for His love and purpose for your life.
Learn to be a witness daily—learn to accept the new lifestyle of believing from His Holy Spirit if you have been washed and baptized by His Spirit and Blood.

Investing your time and your best, your worse, your fears, your brokenness, your mistakes, your concerns, your hurt and pain, your love in Him daily, will without doubt create in you Fearless Confidence in Him and yield you a never ending High return and reward right here—right now!

“To the pure all things are pure, but to those who are defiled and unbelieving nothing is pure; but even their mind and conscience are defiled. They profess to know God, but in works they deny Him, being abominable, disobedient and disqualified for every good work.”
Titus 1:15-16

“The fear of man beings a snare, But Whoever Trusts in the LORD shall be safe!”
Proverbs 29:25

To live as A Witness—to live our Faith is our lifestyle, in Jesus’ name, Amen!

God Bless You-Each and Every One! in Jesus' name, Amen.

Richard Smallwood & Vision - "Be Open"


Richard Smallwood - "I´ll trust YOU"


Thursday, October 9, 2008


This is a confession of faith and trust in the Lord! Stand with me and let us confess from our mouths what we believe and Who our hearts love! To speak outloud my Devotion to God in the name of Jesus. Will you join me?

This is another day, O LORD, I know not what it will bring forth, but make me ready LORD, for whatever it will be. If I am to stand up, Help me to stand bravely. If I am to sit still, Help me to sit quietly. If I am to lie low, Help me to do it patiently. And if I am to do nothing, Let me do it gallantly. Make these words more than words, and Give me the Spirit of Jesus, Amen.~From The Book of Common Prayer (1979)

Greetings to you my friends in the name of Jesus! It is a wonderful day to give praise unto the Lord! Amen. My beloved partner and I were given a wonderful opportunity to hear and meet the Rt. Reverend Bishop Gene Robinson, Monday (10.6.08), at Duke University. He was invited to speak by the LGBT Center’s Director Janie Long.

I fully enjoyed the talk that my partner and I attended, and wished that we could have attended the other events that were planned. But the timing was not working for us. I will check with Ms. Long to see if they recorded the others that we were not able to attend. The titles of his talks alone got me excited!

After I got home Monday afternoon and had some quiet time to reflect on his talk and our brief, but rich and sweet conversation, I was full of inspiration and a new calmness that settled in my spirit. A deeper peace and understanding became apparent to me and I released myself to move fully into it. Amen.

To be so abundantly blessed by the humbled love this man has in his heart for Jesus—to receive such a Word from God through him as I was given a few minutes which I asked him 2 questions, is more valuable than any gold or silver! Lord I thank You with all that you have made me to be!
I have always accepted myself as a lesbian and a Believer in Jesus Christ. To meet Bishop Gene was an uplifting and refreshing time for me. God confirmed many things through our meeting.
I encourage you to love yourself Just AS God has created you to be! Doing so will please Father God abundantly.

I am not here to argue with anyone, I am not here to change anyone...I am called to encourage His chosen and called as we all walk along this journey with Jesus. I am here to share my faith and as I do, I pray that what I write will be a blessing to all the other LGBT people and LGBT straight allies who also Love God through Jesus Christ.
Being a lesbian does not keep me from Loving God and being a believer in Jesus Christ. A Christian. Serving Him is in my heart.
My sisters and brothers, Let us always continue to encourage one another as long as necessary—let us continue to remember that Iron Sharpens Iron (Pro. 27:17).

I hope that you are blessed over and above from what I have been led to write.

Let us always continue to have faith-to live faithfully, and to remain authentic to who God has made us to be. To continue to claim and remain faithful to Who We Are! Amen.

We all have some Triumph somewhere in us—Let us find it and allow it to come forth as we claim Victory after Victory in Jesus each day that our Father awakens us to greet a new day! Praise Be to Our Father Who Is Faithful to those that He has called by His name! Glory Hallelujah!

I come to encourage you to Rise above fear, flesh, and earthly things so that you can hear our Fathers voice. He knows that there are many things that compete for our attention. But know this truth, that He Will not compete, Yes, Jesus is always standing by quietly, waiting for us to come and seek God's face--doing so will give us the wisdom and direction that we need daily.

If you stay focused on your view of ‘things not spiritual’ this direction Will only lead to confusion. But, I am here to tell you that His gift of discernment will lead to good judgment and a righteous direction for each of our lives.

Part of being His Child, is to go to Him and invest in a relationship through Jesus Christ. To spend time with Him. Keeping your mind on who He is and what He can do and what He has already done. He already knows everything about each of us....have you thought about to ask Him to reveal everything about Him to you?

We can do that you know. :)

The more you learn about Him through reading His word and through His Holy Spirit, we are filled with many abilities never thought about. Spend time with Him, you will come to know Him better.

What is your deliverance story? Write it down and learn it--you will have to speak your testimony to be His witness.
That is your testimony as His Witness. A Witness to All that His love Has Already Done!
He is offering us a Divine Exchange of our ashes for His Beauty!

1 Corinthians 14:33 “ For God is not the author of confusion but of peace, as in all the churches of the saints.”

In the name of Jesus my Father do I come to You to acknowledge that Today I will receive and walk in Your Divine Wisdom In Everything that I do. I claim this victory for my life not just for one day, but for my eternal life. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Your Spirit is at work in my life’s foundation to keep me—You Father have called me to live by my faith and in faithfulness I am led. You speak to my heart to guide my soul—I have been born again by Your Divine Spirit! And my soul has been transformed—my flesh is changed. Thank You Jesus!

I will always have Certain faith in uncertain times! I will seek You Father not earthly things. They will be supplied as I seek Your face Father.
I will never allow what I do not have to define me; I will never allow the mistakes of my past to become my foundation. There is no room for negative and self-pity in my heart—You have filled up every space in my heart! It belongs to Jesus!

I boldly stand and refuse to build upon any injustice that has been done to me or allow a comparison to be drawn to over shadow and humiliate me by anyone.No one can re-name me—I reject all oppression—Satan Will Not steal my JOY!

All day-every day I choose Your Will for my life as the One definition I consider. I will write the vision and make it plain so that what You have started implementing in my life Will be completed because You have spoken my beginning, my middle, and my ending for Victory through Jesus Christ.

One day at a time I live and keep my focus on one day at a time.You my Father, I know that You love me unconditionally and You are always working behind the scenes, often when I least expect it—to protect me, to guide me, to grow me, to provide for me, and when needed, to get me back on track! Amen!

I Will continue to build upon my strengths In You, The Almighty God that I do have and I refuse any other path that is presented to me. I know that You will not align Yourself with willful sin or an unrepentant heart. Therefore, I ask You to forgive me, to clean me and to correct me each and every day in Jesus’ name.

The focus may be whether or not I am convicted—have I willfully chosen the wrong paths and people without realizing it? I must check myself often to consider my motives that are related to every thought, spoken word, action or non-action. I repent and release all wrongs done unto me or mine, I forgive myself and I claim and hold tightly the Grace and Mercy that Jesus died to give me—Forgive me oh my Father for the times where i was so wrapped up in my own life that i did not treat others with the compassion, love, with the understanding and attention that they needed. I am so sorry and want another chance to do it right in Jesus' name. At these times i confess that i took my eyes off of You. I am so sorry. I receive Your forgiveness Father.

I desire a clean heart daily in order to receive all of Your love my Father.I know that wrong paths and people will create a foundation of flesh driven choices that can and will side-track me again and again—The Proud man stands out because “his soul is not straight”; the more he concentrates upon his flesh the stronger it becomes!

I Will continue to allow my most Holy Faith to remind me of All that You God have performed in my life already!

I know that I may be tempted by the enemy to pity myself concerning my current situation and condition or to look at my life with regret—but because of Your Wisdom LORD, I know that perspective will not benefit me. Amen.

I choose to REJOICE in YOUR GOODNESS FATHER, knowing that You have always walked with me and brought me through all adversity.

YOU, Oh LORD, have directed my steps and have rescued me repeatedly from the works and plans of the enemy against me. I am a witness to what Your love has done for me and through me. I will speak out my devotion to you and will tell everyone that will listen about the deliverance of my life by Your unchanging hands.

I love myself! I love myself! I love myself because God approves of me!

All this Joy that He has given is for who so ever believes and loves Him also.

Again= I encourage you to love yourself Just AS God has created you to be!
I am not here to argue with anyone, I am not to change anyone...I am called to encourage His chosen and called as we all walk along this journey with Jesus.

Being a lesbian does not keep me from Loving God and being a believer in Jesus Christ. A Christian. Serving Him is in my heart.

He may not approve of everything I do-(especially if I disobey Him-not because I am a lesbian)—But He told Jeremiah that He knew us before He birthed us in our mother’s womb! And He still approves of me and has called me to be used for His people! Hallelujah!

This is not a self-centered self love—it is selfless and fulfilling from His love! I am not in love with myself—but I love who God has created me to be and I plan to spend every day allowing His love to continue to change me.

The goodness that is in me is not my own goodness—BUT the goodness of God in me—Christ in me—My hope is In Him! I am balanced. Just like His goodness in you. That same Goodness that is In each person that has received Jesus as His son and has confessed a love for Him and His Will.

Simple and straightforward do I come and speak the Word of His Spirit through me in order to give you what you need on this day. In Jesus’ name Amen.

Let your eyes see what they have been opened to see! God’s truth!

Philippians 1:6 “Being confident of this very thing, that HE Who has begun a good work in you Will complete it until the day of Jesus Christ.”

I will continue to Speak An Eternal Yes to Jesus! To whatever—no matter what—give me Your plan LORD—I release my plans for Yours. I say Yes to an eternal Victory In Jesus—I plan to bring a few people with me to heaven LORD. Will you?

Thank You Lord for taking my ashes for Your Beauty! Eternal Righteousness! A Divine Exchange! Amen!
What are you investing your life, your time, your money, your heart, your love into?

What kind of return are you receiving from your investing?Think about changing your focus and investing all you have and all you are in Jesus. And watch a return to large that your lifetime will not hold it! Amen!

ISA. 61:1-3 ;7-8
Habakkuk 2:4; 2

TRUST HIM! -Dorothy Norwood




Thursday, October 2, 2008

Are You Available To The Power of The Holy Spirit

“Set your mind on things above, not on things on the earth.”
Colossians 3:2
"Let us hold fast the confession of our hope without wavering, for He Who promised IS Faithful."
Hebrews 10:23

There are numerous places in His Word where Our Father greets us by the name-Beloved. We are His beloved! Thank You Jesus! Praise be unto You Father in the name of Jesus! Thank You! Amen.

I have such comfort in knowing how He sees us and how He has called us by the names we should call ourselves also. He is always willing to teach us if we are willing to learn.

His love will change you if you are willing and teachable. Amen.
When you start to tell yourself Who you are NOT—then you are open to learn Who you ARE.

A child of God, a believer in Jesus Christ, a servant of God, faithful, righteous, beloved, powerful, a warrior, fearless confidence, already Blessed, hopeful, self controlled, forgiving, an encourager, a vessel of his love, a blessing, a praiser, a worshiper; and so many other names that He calls us by.

Learn Who you Are from His Word. Then no one can fool you into thinking that you are something else or someone else.

He tells us to renew ourselves in the power of The Holy Spirit. God instructs us to Stir up the gift that is within each of us that has received His Holy Spirit in our heart and soul.

He tells us what to do= He says to, Allow His Spirit to manifest His fruit through you and to exercise His gifts for ministry in your life.
To be available to His Holy Spirit to minister to us.

That is more valuable than any car, house, job, or any material thing! Keep your thoughts on those things from above!

We need to be available for His Spirit to love us, to change us, to receive All the results of already being blessed.

We each need to focus our energy on spiritual things instead of allowing fear of the future to swallow you up. Groundless fears can do nothing to you unless you allow them to take over your mind, actions and life.

With God in the center of your life-controlling everything in your life-How will you not have what you need when you need it?
He is The Only Supplier for us! Amen!

You cannot walk in faith and have a spirit of fear at the same time.

It is a choice that each of us has to make and hold on to it no matter what comes our way. Stand on your faith and Don't allow all the messes and mazes that evil has created to hinder you--don't allow all that has been spoken to happen- give you a spirit of fear that will eat away at your very core. God Is In Control-and We Can make this Journey with Jesus by our side! Amen.
Total obedience to His leading will get you through everything!

I encourage you to praise God when you understand and to praise Him more when you don't understand. With so many uncertainties facing so large numbers of people; confusion and desperation will try to take hold of as many minds and purposes as they can.

This is a choice to call on Jesus to help you for a lifetime, not just to get you through this one period of time.

I encourage you to remove all doubt and fear so that you can actually be free from confusion and hear HIS instructions, we are told by our Father.

If you loosen your hold on earthly things= its cares, worries, and even its joys. Open your hands and let HIS Presence flow into your being and receive all that is already ours from the Love of Jesus.

If you are holding onto problems, anger, hatred, jealousies, material things, conditional love, unforgiveness, how will you take hold of all that He wants to give you? Your hands are full of other stuff.

There will be many times where we have to throw away our plans and start over—start from the heart! Many people will be reluctant to do this and will walk around with broken pieces of their lives trying to glue them together by their own power. Many people will be mad and reject His truth and directions because they do not want to hear His truth. So they will continue to do things their own way by their plans.

This is satans way. satan always gives us opportunities to do what God has spoken to us Not to do.

Be careful, you could find yourself in a mess worse than what you started with!

This is not the way to get through the issues and down the path that has no way made yet.

We need to praise our way through as we keep our minds on the things from above! Every day--not just for today-but do this Every Day!

Praise your way through!
Call on the power of the Holy Spirit to Have His Will in and through your life! That He be increased in you and through you and that you are decreased. Thy Will be done Holy Spirit!

Acts 16:25-26
Psalm 102:18
I Thess 5:16-18
Phil 4:4-7

Keep your mind on the things that are good and holy!
For God our Father is Righteous and Kind In All that He does. Psalm 145:17

“The fear of man brings a snare, but whoever leans on, trusts in, and puts his confidence in the Lord is safe and set on high.” (Proverbs 29:25)

REMEMBER, if you love Him then you will Fully obey Him!

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