Wednesday, January 5, 2011


 Isaiah 50:4-5

Greetings to you in the Name of our Lord, Jesus! Abundant New Beginnings from our Lord to you!

There are all kinds of New Beginnings from God that await our "Yes Lord!"  These New Beginnings are present and possible in our Spiritual and temporal lives.  Check in with the condition of your thoughts, your heart, your character and your motives to Make Sure they all are aligned with His Will, Plans, and Purposes for your life!
New Beginnings always bring with them a Healing Time!
From our enemy, there are all kinds of plans of manipulation, deception, and temptations created to snare, entrapment, stunt our Spiritual & emotional growth and maturity, trick and fool us into fearful rejection of Trusting by Faith what our Lord has planned and purposed us to do and be. No healing through our enemy, just destruction and lies.

Every day we Are Provided our Daily Portion of our Lord, to Be our help, to guide us, to use us as His vessels and channels pouring forth what ever He knows that we & others are in need of.
Every day He offers us the possibility to Grow and Mature in His Love And His Gifts, to face the mess and wrong in our heart, our mind, our character and our motives--to face them and allow Him to Change them As He sees fit to do.

I encourage you To Face Everything that He reveals to you that needs to be taken out of you and Allow Him to replace it all With More Of Him! 
Lord I decrease As You Increase!

I Hope and Pray that you will not continue to run from His Truth into the arms of lies, deceit and rebellion! He knows What we can handle and face that needs to be killed off and replaced with More Of HIM! 
He knows When we are able to do this--don't let the arms of fear, lies, deceit and rebellion rock you into a false security of sinking sand!

He knows When we Need to be prepared, for He knows what is ahead of us in each day from Him and from our enemy.
Don't you want to be prepared?
Prepared To continue on the Path that He Has Already Ordered your steps to take?  Prepared To Grow the blessings that He Has Already Provided for you? 
Prepared To Harvest His Lost souls, When He points & says to you- That one, go over and say this to them or do this for them?
Prepared To continue Building His Kingdom Here on earth As It Is in Heaven?
Aren't you one of His, Chosen by Him to Belong to His Family, to Work In His Ways and by His Will?

Too many Believers in Christ have leaves but no fruit!

 Every morning is another opportunity Given to us to praise & worship Him, to live for and with Him in His Kingdom here. Not making any plans of our own, knowing the difference between the Leading of His Holy Spirit and the impulses of our own thinking, and soul.
 If you need stronger Spiritual discernment, Find what Jesus said and speak that Truth when you ask for it --and He Shall bless you with it!
*Jesus said, WhoSoEver Asks in His Name of the Father, what ever we ask In His Name, The Father Will provide! And I whole heartedly Believe Him!*

Aren't you a "WhoSoEver?"  Don't you believe? Don't you have faith to trust Him?
Do you have confident, obedient, believing Faith that Stands Secure in the Foundation of our Lord, His Truth and Promises?

Or do you have 'yo-yo faith' that is altered and changes it's mind with the changing of the circumstances in your life? 
'Yo-yo faith' that is fueled by your human emotions, the whims and shallowness of this worlds ways and people.  Yo-yo faith that is controlled by whether your circumstances are good or not so good--if they are good you are happy, if they are not you are sad, hurt, frustrated and sometimes angry. 
"Yo-yo faith' makes you think you are able to manipulate the situations and circumstances in your life for the better.
It makes you think that you have waited on our Lord long enough, when you have Not.
 It makes you think that God is Not going to do what He said He would for you--that you do Not need to have your heart, mind, character and life cleaned up and out and More of Him added to you.
Go to Him with a humble repenting heart and seek His Forgiveness, so that you will be placed on the Path that He has ordered for you to Walk and Live.

Speak this Praise, this Confession of Truth to the Lord God, and Receive Your Healing, The Restoration that you need, the Clarity and Wisdom that you need!

I am thanking You Lord, for visiting my heart in the darkness of night, for Your Love waking me up in my Right mind, in good health, Prepared to Walk on top of the Water!
I shed the cares and frets of this world as You Lord uplift my soul as I seek to have Communion with You.
You Renew my heart, soul and Spirit and I am safeguarded from mental, spiritual and physical disintegration.  I partake of your Resurrected Life, You the Glorified Christ, I know You are with me no matter What chaos attempts to enslave me.

You take all my concerns as I bring them to You and Leave them at Your Altar!
I praise You for deepening and strengthening the PEACE that You have given to me.
My heart is abundantly full of expecting, confident, obedient Faith in You!
I know that what ever You allow to come my way, You Will be with me and Will bring me through it All. Amen!
Thank you for every opportunity to praise You, to serve You, to worship You to grow in Your love!
Thank you for Your Spirit of Truth, Love, Wisdom, Understanding, and Anticipation that You have given to me.
I shall for this day and every day Walk on the top of the Water Trusting You.  I Shall Not drown in shallow waters, nor the rough Waters of Any Spiritual or natural storm.
In the name of Jesus, Amen!

Duet 8:2

Matthew 6:33-34
Psalm 16 

Psalm 17
Jeremiah 20:7-13

On feet of Faith & Peace
Isaiah 50:4/Isaiah 52/Jer 20:9-10,11-13/Joshua 1:9/ 
Resting In His Faithfulness,
One Day At A Time By Radical Faith. 
©2010,2011 WisdomTeachesme

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