His Wisdom Teaches Me!

"All whom My Father gives (entrusts) to Me Will Come To Me; and the one who comes to Me I Will Most Certainly Not Cast out!
I Will Never, No Never, Reject one of them who Comes To Me!
Jesus - John 6:37

Isa 50:4; Jer 20:9-10, 11-13

No Matter if You Are GREEN, BLUE, BROWN, OR POLKA DOT--WHETHER You Are LESBIAN, GAY, TRANS, OR STRAIGHT-IF YOU LIVE FOR JESUS-HE DIED FOR YOU! How God made us, our sexual orientation is Not a sin, nor a reason to believe anyone that tells you that you cannot belong to and serve our Lord.

No matter where you are in your Spiritual Journey with Jesus--Or--if you don't have one and want one-Or you need some company along your way-- YOU are WELCOME to Rest Here!

One day at a time As I Follow Him, I am learning to Live within this Way of Living. I write to encourage myself and WhoSoEver else is going this Way.
I desire to have more than a Snack of God, I desire a Full meal.
I know a snack will not fill me up as I thirst for More of Jesus.

Many are not being taught that we need to Have the spiritual discipline that calls for the patience to Sit and Study and Listen to Him, this is what I seek every day.
The fullness of Him is like a meal.  A snack will not carry you far.
My HOPE is that You will also find encouragement, strength, Rest, Love, a safe place to Praise Jesus and to share your faith in Him here.
My Spirit and Heart  needed a place to Speak about my Love and Desire to Spiritually and emotionally Grow, to Live For our Lord Jesus, so The Lord told me to create one.

There is Too much confusion, fussing, disagreeing, fighting, rejecting, and oppression going on in the name of Religion.  I am NOT about Religion,  My focus is on Strengthening my Relationship with God through my relationship with His Son Jesus.
Part of My Holy Spirit-Led purpose, Part of my Calling from God is to Be an Encouragement to All who Seek Him!

To Help All that He sends my way in What ever Way He says they need help!
To speak His Truth, to Spread His Gospel, to INVITE all who Answer Yes, when He knocks at their door.

To offer His Grace and Mercy to those that have been oppressed, rejected, and put out of Religion.  There Is a reason Why you do not 'fit in' with Religion, we were Not made to worship/live for or serve Religion, But, We Were Made to Worship God in the name of Jesus!

There is So Much More for us to learn about Him, so much more To Do in His name, and strengthening our relationship with Jesus, Knowing, growing in and maturing in our Calling from God.
Walking by Faith trusting Him, one day at a time, is How we are to Live for and with Him.
Jesus said that we are To Do All that He did, And Greater things!  

Well, I plan to make Sure that I am doing what He did, So that I can get to the Place of doing the Greater things in His name!  Amen!

If this is what you want also, then I Welcome You Here and say to you, Let us Share our Faith in our Lord Jesus, and get to Work!  Amen!

Feel FREE to COMMENT about something you read, share something about your Walk Of Faith with Jesus. or Anything that you feel led to share.
PLEASE, No Profanity laced comments-that is not necessary to get your point across.


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