Monday, March 3, 2008


Every time I give up more of me, I grow new roots deep within His love for me. The more of me I give up-the more Jesus lives within me.

I remind myself that the crop is worth more than the seed!

Let us keep First things First. Father God, I am neither ashamed nor afraid to Tell of Your Greatness and Your Love for me-for Your people--to tell how much I love You! I come to you in the name of Jesus, to thank You for Your UnconditionaLove that you give to us and we receive. Without You Lord we are nothing and can do nothing good. Search us Lord, for You know our hearts-Cleanse us and I thank You for keeping us worthy vessels to be used by You. For the building of Your Kingdom Here on earth as It Is in Heaven. Let Your Will be done in me and for my life as You have spoken it to be, In the Name of Jesus, Yea Amen.

Father, thank You for using me to encourage your people in Your ways and about Your Love for them all, In the name of Jesus, I pray, Yea, Amen.

Isa. 65:1-2

I Just Give Up!
Do You Feel this way sometimes? That you Just Give UP?

Let me tell you what I'm talking about---what I give up this time is...more of what I do not need and never really did. Amen.

I Give Up, worrying about ‘picking up this house’—when I know it is too small for 2 adults, 2 growing young girls and all the results of our being blessed. I Give Up trying to keep all of our clothes clean, folded and put away when we don’t have enough storage or enough places to put storage if we had the room. I understand that since God has given us so much in the natural that a larger home is on the horizon! I remind myself, that I cannot sit on the prayer request-but I’m not going to sit on frustrations either! Amen.

I Will do what I can do and truthfully Will leave the rest to God.

I Give Up, worrying about the clutter in my ‘use to be’ painting studio/bedroom—that is now filled with All of our books, clothes, shoes, dvd’s, cd’s, collectables, and some of my art materials. Because now, two women live in this room instead of one. (thank You Jesus). I Know this family is an answered prayer.

I Give Up, thinking of ways to prepare our special needs daughter For Every situation I think people will throw at her because of her skin tone, her hair texture, her developing body, her sweet and giving heart, her speech, her learning disabilities, and for Who her mother is. I Give Up trying to anticipate her reactions and actions because she ‘is sensitive to so many things’ that most of us just push right on through. I am prepared for WhatEver comes her way-God has high regard for me, to give me a special needs child as He KNOWS, it ain’t easy.

I Give Up, allowing frustrations and irritations to crawl on me when our other daughter does not understand that she needs to get rid of her desire to be perfect on her own and her slight spirit of envy when she does not receive and the other child does. That she has to want to be changed by His love. I also Give Up worrying about how she will be treated because of her skin tone, hair texture, and for who her mother is. (keeping in mind their ages--we have done all we can-the rest Lord, is between you and them).

I Will do what I can do and truthfully Will leave the rest to God.

I Give Up, letting my flesh wrestle with me about how slow my partner moves and how quickly I move when it is time to get ready-time to eat-time to leave the house, time to do whatever it is we need to do. (thank You God for being in the Center of our relationship-and that I love someone that You love).

I Give Up, allowing myself to get frustrated and irritated when interruptions and background noise bother me when I am trying to write, draw, read, or just have some quiet me time. (When I was living alone, I wanted all of these people here)

I Just Give UP!
WHEW! That feels Gooood! Thank You Jesus! I can make this journey with You Jesus by my side and the Holy Spirit leading me-I Can Make It!

And I know that Right Here is exactly where God wanted me to be in the first place. A place out in the deep where it takes time for roots to grow new shoots and to create a very strong root system that is sturdy and stable. This place that takes time for me to produce good fruit for the harvest. A place of more patience. Amen.

This is a place called surrender. As I fully know that I cannot continue living in my new life until I completely finish with my old life. He can have all that toxic garbage-rotting away in my spirit and heart!

Now, I have been here before-many times. We all have-if you have given your life into God's Hands, you have been here and will visit again. Mighty God, Holy IS Your name-Righteous IS Your name! I Will Continue to Trust You! I learned to speak out the truth that I know about God. It works, you should add it in to your daily talks with Him. Learn to encourage yourself when you can’t find anyone else to help you.

These things that I give up right now are small compared to the many other things I have given up while on this journey with God. Larger negative parts of myself have long since gone away—been burnt up in His refining fire. He lifted my burdens away and I thank You for this Father.

You know, when you first give your life to God, He comes in like a crew of cleaners-moving like a Whirl Wind and ZAP! He takes All the big things out of your being, out of your character. He removed the desire- ‘the want of’- so many things in me and about me RIGHTAWAY! They are gone and I have not had the desire to do them anymore; to speak as I use to-to think as i use to nor do I want to be around any of the people He has removed from my life. Some I know will have “to get right” before they can come back—the others may return, for a look-see but they will not stay. They will not find what they are looking for.

I changed my investments. Now my time and energy are focused on what Jesus said I should think on! The things that serve Him. Thank You Jesus.
That is the way God is….He takes care of the things we cannot do. His Love is Strong over me and in me. This is why I praise and worship Him!
And then He leaves us with the things that we can change by our will-things that have to be done by us.

I have learned DAY BY DAY that God leaves little stuff behind that we are responsible for letting go of. The things I listed at the beginning of this post are some of those. I have accepted His Will and allow
Him to cultivate my Want to Let Go of these ways that will hold me back. This is what you have to do also if you want to continue in a forward direction by His leading.

I have given up my will and taken hold of His will for my life—so if these things are not serving Him and His purposes in my life, for His ultimate plan….then I have to let them go! God has enabled us to do this and more.
What are you investing in?
What is taking up all your time, your energy, your thinking, your heart, your praise, your worship? What kind of return are you getting from your investments? Are your investments sucking you dry and returning nothing but stunted growth, pennies instead of dollars, evil instead of kindness, sickness instead of good health and selfishness instead of selflessness?

You have got to learn and to accept the fact that the more you ignore the Truth—the more you are ignoring God. For God is Truth! Whatever the Truths in your life are—you cannot run from them, you cannot hide from them; you cannot manipulate them into something else for convenient quick fixes.

The truth always comes back around for you to face.
What do you need to Give UP?

Remember that the Crop IS worth More than the seed.

We grow day by day into what He created us to be. It takes time, be paitient with yourself and with others, He is Not through with any of us Yet! May God continue to keep us all as we journey on. Yea Amen.

Matthew 5-7 The Beatitudes




Michelle Lanier said...

Yes Lord! I release it all to you!
Thank you Lord!

wisdomteachesme said...

greetings naila and tc,
I stand in ageement with you in Giving UP everything to Jesus.

don't you feel better? :D

please come back any time and be encouraged!
Love and courage to you both!

Anonymous said...

Refreshing word that is on time for these times. Thank you wisdomteachesme.

Anonymous said...

Hello Dear friend, How are you?

Glory to God

I can't tell you how much I needed that one, Oh how I needed this one. Thanks so much for your continued obedience to our Father and love for His children.

Anonymous said...

Hey its so nice to meet some one like you here.
well , I aint able to find ur contacts anywhere here.
Can u pls contact me on
It would be gr8 if we speak about the lord and get to know each other.
Take care,
Btw, this is bhagya!
I live in india.(tamil nadu,chennai)
And , doing my 1rst year bachelors in social work.

wisdomteachesme said...

greetings bhagya,
and welcome to this place of encouragement!

to contact me outside of this blog please look to the left side and you will see my email info.

feel free to email me what is on your heart and mind.

The Lord brings togehter those that can help eachother and also be a witness to His Love!

be well