Sunday, January 9, 2011


His Purposes Are Our Purposes

All that Are Called, Are Called to Witness Him in the Same Ways.  Regardless of the details of our specific individual Works, All that Are Called by Him Are Called to do the same, 
To Witness Him.
Think on these things, He Calls us to Make Him Known--

By our unfailing, confident Trust in Him, regardless what each day brings, we Know to Speak His Truth and seek His Wisdom Right Away.

By our reaction to challenges, trouble, injustice, because we Go to Him First, not after we try to manipulate the situation trying to change the circumstances in our favor.

By our JOY, not held back by Any of our challenges and difficulties along our way.

By our Radical Faith and Immediate Obedience to His directions.

By our Radical Love of Him to Speak His Truth no matter the circumstances and situation at hand.

By our Tender Concern for the weak, the wandering, the sick, the uneducated, the mis-educated, the poor.

By our Acceptance of His Gift of Eternal Life.

By our Growth and Maturity in our Spiritual development-Proof of that we Are joined in Inner Life with His Spirit,  which Alone can engender our Growth and Maturity.

We Are All Called to Make Him Known, More and More by our Serenity and assured trust that He is going to do what we are not able and we Expect Him.
 Always with unwavering adherence to His Truth.

To Make Him Known by His Spirit who Dwells within and around us.  Our conduct and speech always Bearing Witness to The Power and the Wonder of His Presence.

No matter our gender, age, our skin color, our height or weight, our hair color, etc...We that Have been Called by our Lord Are to All make Him Known Through our daily speaking, thinking and actions.

And this Shall Be The Witness of Him, that All others know that we Are His Disciples and that Our Claim Is Never for self recognition--But for Him, the Christ In Us! 

Joy Is the Daughter of Calm...
"By This Shall All Know that you Are My disciples, If you Love one another, If you Keep On Showing Love among yourselves." 
John 13:35

Mark 8:12-21, 29, 38
Luke 8:15, 18
Luke 8:1-18

Romans 12:2

On feet of Faith & Peace
Isaiah 50:4/Isaiah 52/Jer 20:9-10,11-13/Joshua 1:9/ 
 Resting In His Faithfulness, 
One Day At A Time By Radical Faith.
©2010,2011 WisdomTeachesme

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