Thursday, June 26, 2008


Greetings to you sisters and brothers in Christ.
Aren't you glad that God has already preordained and planned our lives for us? That is a lot of work to maintain living. Trusting that He knows what He IS doing, takes so much unnecessary weight off of us and frees us up to do what we were created to do.

All we have to do is learn who He says we are--believe who He says that we are--and live the life that He planned for who He says we are. This is done by learning, accepting and believing Who God IS first. Then the rest just falls into place. Be it revelation from His Holy Spirit or, from people He will send into your life to help you get through AND TO GROW forth.

It is a very simple plan and way of living. Unfortuntely the thinking of man and the evil of satan step in and begin to mess things up. So God has to cut through all the mess and set us back on His straightened path once again.

There are people---People of God that He sends ahead of all the others that are to come.

They know who they are in Christ--they know what they are purposed to do in the name of Christ, and really nothing short of God will stop them from faithfully fulfilling the plans that God has told them to carry out.

They know God's value of them and in them and nothing people say to them will change what they believe of God. They are not living a life that other people created for them to live. They do not care about what other people think of them, say about them or do to try and stop them. They do not seek affirmation from man nor do they put their trust in man.

They have accepted God's Will as their own. Amen.

Have you ever stopped to gratefully pray to God thanking Him for These People that He sends out to go ahead to clear the way for all the others to come through? The Way For you to go through?

Have you taken the time every day, to thank God that Those He sends
'To Pray Others Through' -- have His presence and authority as They travel uncertain paths? They do so for your life because God loves you and will not give up on you.

Those that are sent ahead with Their sure stepping continue to find the Way--always testing each step with prayer to increase Their understanding of where They are and what to do.

Those that fully obey God-without hesitation, each time They answer Him with a "Yes Father, I Will", They speak from a proven place of integrity and a cleaned character as They begin their quest to create a Way for those that are to come.

They only respond to God's Word-Vision and always they know there is an abundance from Him they obtain it and without fail, They share portions with all who are coming. Amen
I ask you to think about the Faithful Servants of God and humbly give God praise and thanksgiving for the Way that Jesus made--and to thank God for His Divine guidance of Those that He sends ahead of the rest in order 'To Pray The Others Through' to the other side of thier trials and tribulations that many of God's people fall prey to.

To Pray all the others Through to the other side of sadness, self-hatred, confusion, jealousy, rebellion, fears, lack, and all the other fleshy traps that live in this world. This They do for you-- lighting the Way so that the many who arrive do so on time and complete to their divine places.

God feeds the Spirits of Those who go before the rest with a quickening from His Holy Spirit--pouring all the encouragement and strength They will require to complete the journey.
For you They do this--because They love God and God loves you.

All the works from the evil that lives in many mens hearts and the works of satan may try to contain Them - but it can't. The concerns of this world may create reason for Them to go around and through--instead of straight through--but it is only a delay that God is Watching.

These People that carry the vision of God in their hearts safely protected from evil, do not see or hear the plans, plots or weapons that evil creates the way the others do. Those that go before see the smoke and mirrors--the tricks and hear the lies that are used all the while trying.
These lives are empowered and full of faith that The Possible is in their hands--placed their by Father God Himself. This is what They see and the promises God made to them is all they hear.
The Glory to God for all They do is why they do it all.

The light that sparkles in Their eyes, gives Them That Pray many others Through; the knowledge that the things seen today by the many was yesterday's unseen--The vision they have been given is held by them in a way to allow it to guide Them as a Light. They may not be able to explain How they know what they know--They have no physical proof to show others that need to follow them, and yet, They walk with a steady faith cutting the way through unknown places on the path that is uncertain....all for your life.
Glory Be To God The Most High! amen!

Do you know who These few Are that God has sent into your life? I suggest, sisters and brothers that you find out and by faith step in line to follow the path of living that God has Divinely created for you.

These People of God know what you do not know--so before you cut them off to tell them that "you already know that"--or that--"you already did that" -- you might want to give a listen to what God speaks through them about you and your life. If God sends one Who knows what God knows, I doubt that you have done that or know that already and it works. If it is working why would God send you someone to tell you again and again and again....?

I guarantee, you Don't Know what These Who Are Sent Before you know.

God Will send you someone Who has Enough Faith to share with you so that when the winds come, you will not be blown away with them.
They are serious as your life is not a game to them. Be serious also.

These people have and use their Full Measure of Faith in the Name of Jesus and the same Faith in the Power of God.

God will never give up on you--find the amount of faith that does live within you and use it to call on the name of Jesus to take you to God's side and ask Him to help you that you need forgiveness and to be re-made whole by His loving Hands. Jesus Will do it and God will do it also.
He has sent people to pray for you --over your whole life--you may know some of them--many you may not know or ever meet. He has sent a league of angels to watch and protect you day by day. Trust Him, speak your faith out to Him by confessing your love for Father God.

Aren't you glad that you are NOT who people say that you are?
Aren't you glad that you know you are a Child of The Most High God?!

He would not have sent you people that go ahead of the rest if He was giving up on would He?

Phil. 2:13 " For it is God who works in you to Will and to Act according to His good purpose."

Philippians 2
Numbers 13:26-33; 14:6-11; 20:3-12
Joshua 1:9-18


Don said...

It is a very simple plan and way of living. Unfortuntely the thinking of man and the evil of satan step in and begin to mess things up. So God has to cut through all the mess and set us back on His straightened path once again.

this has pretty much been the story of my life. it seems every time i get myself into position to live simply and simply live...there is always the 'other stuff' that comes rushing my way. this is why i like the quote - a wise man knows what to overlook.

i now have learned, am learning to simply overlook certain things.

wisdomteachesme said...

hey don,
that is a great way to see and live.

every time you are in line with what the Will of God has for you--satan will come along and try to push you off your stand for God. when you follow Jesus you are an enemy to satan.

don't ever give up--accept what God allows---usually there are very good lessons in everything that He allows to come through our lives. and He's watching How we will go through the situations...

as for me...when i am within a situation that i know is beyond my human power--it takes me a milli-second to call on Jesus to come help me!! LOLO
i learned very quickly that fire burns and even if you know how to swim--you can drown!

no more wasting time trying to do it on my own-nope...i quickly give it all to God in Jesus' name!


Hello sister!

If we do not understand our spiritual identity, we will NEVER BE able to step into alignment with our spiritual purpose! I am so thankful that God has defined WHO I am and WHOSE I am...

Thank you so much for this refreshing stream!

Love you. {hugs}

Peace, blessings and DUNAMIS!

wisdomteachesme said...

hey lisa,

that is very true what you say.

seeing past all the natural tricks into the spiritual life that we all have been given is the key to the strengthening that is available to us all.

knowing who we are in Jesus and Who He is in us is the start of aquiring the Wisdom that God speaks also shows us the faithfulness of God for us.

Anonymous said...

my lesson for this week is we wrestle not against flesh and blood, when you hear my voice harden not your heart. I stopped by a friends office who runs a small non-profit. Joyce has been at this for 37 years, fighting for the less fortunate inour community.
The holy spirit gave it to me to stop by, she said" i was just about to call you and ask you to pray with me the devil is running wild today. She asked me why i came by and i said i guess for such a time as this i don't know. We joined hands and prayed, i cried out to the Lord becuse i hate to see my friend going through this when it political and they should be helping her instead of trying to destroy her. I came home and read your post and prayed some more. She called me this morning and said "let me tell you about the power of prayer" After i left another friend came by that was attending a graduation in the area and also stopped in. This friend also grew up with us and is an attorney, Joyce said she got on the telephone and made some calls and things are coming together. I gave her name because when you pray please lift her up. When i pray for her i always hum Lord don't move the mountain. That's my Joyce. Thanks for the inspiration

wisdomteachesme said...

hello GA,
Never Let God of Your Faith or Your Praise!!!

i strongly believe this--as we may not know how, we may not know when, but God Will Do It Again!!

amen, amen!

thank you so much for sharing your testimony concerning your friend...i have already lifted her and the work of her hands up to Our Father as I know He is All up In her work!

thank you again, as we all need to pray on one accord ...2 or 3 gathered in my name....God said He is Right With them that do!