Friday, December 31, 2010


“This is what the LORD says— He who made a Way through the sea, a Path through the mighty waters, “Forget the former things; Do Not dwell on the past. See, I Am Doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I Am making a Way in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland.” - Isaiah 43:16, 18-19

 Remember, this Journey with our Lord, Is Already blessed! 
John 15:16

Happy New Beginnings!
If you have His truth living in you, then knowing His truth when you hear it and obeying it is a desire in your heart.
 What are you waiting for? 
You have the Vision that He has put into your heart. 
You Know He is With you-You know this Journey with Him Is Already Blessed, so Go ahead & Step Out of the Boat on the Faith you have in Him.
Step Out On Faith, Praising Him! 
You Can't Wait on your friends and family to move, they may Not be able to go with you--What ever He tells you to do. Do It!

Others that do not have the Vision, the faith and trust, those who do not know Him as you do, will always try to hold you back because they are Not able to believe Him.

They are Spiritually Short Sighted!
But you are Not!
If you believe Him, then Step out on Faith and Watch where He takes you!
Do it His Way, not by the ways of this world, not by what you or anyone else thinks.
Feelings will fool you. 
Be careful not to fall into the trap of fear by allowing your feelings and moods to guide you.  It should not matter what is felt, just that He is, He is with us, He was, He is & He shall Be evermore! If we seek to feel that he is with us, like some kind of proof, then we shall begin a roller coaster ride of circumstances & moods that change, carrying us wherever they please.
 Jesus is uninfluenced by circumstances-His Promise given Is kept. He is here, One with us in a tender loving friendship.

You may Have stepped out on Faith, and now it's time to go further into the plan, to experience a different level of the blessing and begin work on more parts of the purposes of His Calling on your life.
Living within His New beginnings means allowing Him to reveal to you that you have grown and matured, that you are prepared and you Are Able to be Moved and Bring Glory to His Name in the next place it's time to go.  
With our complete and total reliance upon the guiding of His Holy Spirit we are Able to do all He has purposed for us to do.

 All the Way into the Blessing, from one to the next and The Purposes He has planned for your Life--to Bring Him the Glory and the Honor In Jesus' Name--Do it Now!
And come back and let me know what the Lord God has done for you, so that I can praise Him for His loving you also!
"Have you Received the Power of the Holy Spirit, Since You Believe?"
Acts 8:12-17; Acts 19:2

Step out on Faith focused on the Purpose God has put in your heart to do for Him.  Just like Mary, the teenage mother of Jesus, And her cousin Elizabeth who became pregnant with John the Baptist, they had to trust God completely even though they did not know the details, or anything other than what He said to them. They had to trust that God knew exactly what He was directing them each to do.

And like Shiphrah and Puah, they had to trust by faith in God when He directed them to save the babies being born from the  hand that sought to kill them out of fear.
Stepping out on faith like the Centurion did when he approached Jesus for help. 

The lessons for today will prepare us for tomorrow!
Are you seeking material things only and first?
Seek His Righteousness, His Love, His Grace and Mercy! Seek to Be changed by His Keeping Power of His Love!
Call upon His Spirit Now to cleanse your heart, heal it and correct your thinking--To set your feet in the direction that He has planned for you!
Call upon Him to Spiritually and emotionally mature and grow you!
Call upon His Spirit to Prepare you to Rec' what Your Expecting Praise Will usher forth from Him!

Do you have Wisdom? How about understanding? Are they growing and maturing as He has planned for them to do?
Do you have His vision for your life? Have you sought His Wisdom and Clarity of His Purposes for your life?
Do You have Trust and Faith enough in Him?
Are you still governed by your emotions and feelings?
Have you faced the Truth about what needs to be changed in your heart, your thinking, your words and actions?  

Change Your thinking and your life will change.
New Beginnings are provided every day and with each day arrives the opportunities to help us accomplish His Will.

If you Are expecting Him to do what He said He would, Remember, He is expecting us to do what we said we will/are suppose to do also!
If you lack in any of these above, then when the year changes, you will be the same.
With A Word from our Lord, our purpose moves forward accomplishing everything that He has designed us to do.  Just like the lives I used as a couple of examples above. 
Seek Him while He can be found- While the Opportunity is open and ready for you to Step into them and grow. These opportunities do not stay open to us for ever, they have His timing and order guiding them.
Remember, tomorrow is Not promised to anyone, all we have Is Today with All it's Miracles, Its blessings, It's Favor, Mercy and Grace that are ours. The lessons for today will prepare us for tomorrow!

You say you believe Him, that you trust Him to make His Way with each step that you take by faith, well keep on believing, trusting by faith, growing, maturing and serving His purposes for your life.  Others are depending on you doing so.  
Glory Be To God IN the Name of Jesus!

On feet of Faith & Peace 
Joshua 1:9/ Isaiah 52 
Resting In His Faithfulness, 
One Day At A Time By Faith. 
©2010, 2011 WisdomTeachesme

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