Friday, December 31, 2010


“This is what the LORD says— He who made a Way through the sea, a Path through the mighty waters, “Forget the former things; Do Not dwell on the past. See, I Am Doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I Am making a Way in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland.” - Isaiah 43:16, 18-19

 Remember, this Journey with our Lord, Is Already blessed! 
John 15:16

Happy New Beginnings!
If you have His truth living in you, then knowing His truth when you hear it and obeying it is a desire in your heart.
 What are you waiting for? 
You have the Vision that He has put into your heart. 
You Know He is With you-You know this Journey with Him Is Already Blessed, so Go ahead & Step Out of the Boat on the Faith you have in Him.
Step Out On Faith, Praising Him! 
You Can't Wait on your friends and family to move, they may Not be able to go with you--What ever He tells you to do. Do It!

Others that do not have the Vision, the faith and trust, those who do not know Him as you do, will always try to hold you back because they are Not able to believe Him.

They are Spiritually Short Sighted!
But you are Not!
If you believe Him, then Step out on Faith and Watch where He takes you!
Do it His Way, not by the ways of this world, not by what you or anyone else thinks.
Feelings will fool you. 
Be careful not to fall into the trap of fear by allowing your feelings and moods to guide you.  It should not matter what is felt, just that He is, He is with us, He was, He is & He shall Be evermore! If we seek to feel that he is with us, like some kind of proof, then we shall begin a roller coaster ride of circumstances & moods that change, carrying us wherever they please.
 Jesus is uninfluenced by circumstances-His Promise given Is kept. He is here, One with us in a tender loving friendship.

You may Have stepped out on Faith, and now it's time to go further into the plan, to experience a different level of the blessing and begin work on more parts of the purposes of His Calling on your life.
Living within His New beginnings means allowing Him to reveal to you that you have grown and matured, that you are prepared and you Are Able to be Moved and Bring Glory to His Name in the next place it's time to go.  
With our complete and total reliance upon the guiding of His Holy Spirit we are Able to do all He has purposed for us to do.

 All the Way into the Blessing, from one to the next and The Purposes He has planned for your Life--to Bring Him the Glory and the Honor In Jesus' Name--Do it Now!
And come back and let me know what the Lord God has done for you, so that I can praise Him for His loving you also!
"Have you Received the Power of the Holy Spirit, Since You Believe?"
Acts 8:12-17; Acts 19:2

Step out on Faith focused on the Purpose God has put in your heart to do for Him.  Just like Mary, the teenage mother of Jesus, And her cousin Elizabeth who became pregnant with John the Baptist, they had to trust God completely even though they did not know the details, or anything other than what He said to them. They had to trust that God knew exactly what He was directing them each to do.

And like Shiphrah and Puah, they had to trust by faith in God when He directed them to save the babies being born from the  hand that sought to kill them out of fear.
Stepping out on faith like the Centurion did when he approached Jesus for help. 

The lessons for today will prepare us for tomorrow!
Are you seeking material things only and first?
Seek His Righteousness, His Love, His Grace and Mercy! Seek to Be changed by His Keeping Power of His Love!
Call upon His Spirit Now to cleanse your heart, heal it and correct your thinking--To set your feet in the direction that He has planned for you!
Call upon Him to Spiritually and emotionally mature and grow you!
Call upon His Spirit to Prepare you to Rec' what Your Expecting Praise Will usher forth from Him!

Do you have Wisdom? How about understanding? Are they growing and maturing as He has planned for them to do?
Do you have His vision for your life? Have you sought His Wisdom and Clarity of His Purposes for your life?
Do You have Trust and Faith enough in Him?
Are you still governed by your emotions and feelings?
Have you faced the Truth about what needs to be changed in your heart, your thinking, your words and actions?  

Change Your thinking and your life will change.
New Beginnings are provided every day and with each day arrives the opportunities to help us accomplish His Will.

If you Are expecting Him to do what He said He would, Remember, He is expecting us to do what we said we will/are suppose to do also!
If you lack in any of these above, then when the year changes, you will be the same.
With A Word from our Lord, our purpose moves forward accomplishing everything that He has designed us to do.  Just like the lives I used as a couple of examples above. 
Seek Him while He can be found- While the Opportunity is open and ready for you to Step into them and grow. These opportunities do not stay open to us for ever, they have His timing and order guiding them.
Remember, tomorrow is Not promised to anyone, all we have Is Today with All it's Miracles, Its blessings, It's Favor, Mercy and Grace that are ours. The lessons for today will prepare us for tomorrow!

You say you believe Him, that you trust Him to make His Way with each step that you take by faith, well keep on believing, trusting by faith, growing, maturing and serving His purposes for your life.  Others are depending on you doing so.  
Glory Be To God IN the Name of Jesus!

On feet of Faith & Peace 
Joshua 1:9/ Isaiah 52 
Resting In His Faithfulness, 
One Day At A Time By Faith. 
©2010, 2011 WisdomTeachesme

Friday, December 24, 2010


 My dear beloved sisters and brothers, I speak to you through my Adoration of our Lord, the overflow of what Lives in my heart from Him.
  How many impossible things do you think of in a day?
What do you do with the impossible things that you think of?
Do you stop at the next thought that you cannot accomplish them by your own power and thinking? And think or say, "oh that Would be good, but it ain't gonna happen!"
 Or, do you attempt To accomplish them by/ through our little human ways?  Becoming frustrated and disappointed by the hurdles, blocks, and mountains that pop up?

Or,  do you Wait Forward, Wait in Expectation that these impossibilities are easily made Possible when we allow His Spirit to Show us the Way Made?

His Spirit is Able to Rest on us when we are resolved to Wait Forward on Him.
How simple it really all becomes for us through the Clarity, Trust and Faith in  His order and timing.  
So many people would be able to seamlessly accomplish His Will, Plans and Purposes for their lives if they would not just seek His Truth, but also Lived it every day.  If they would stop leaning on and relying on their own thinking, making an idol out of their intellect and resolve themselves to Lean on, Rely On, Trust In His Intellect, Wisdom, Understanding, Timing and Order for our lives.

Truth Be Told, He is the One Who gives us these impossible things to Think about to begin with...
To constantly Wait on the Lord in Joyous Expectation.
To Watch and Wait for His arrival in the situation.
To Wait in Trusting Expectation of Him.

In this Season of Miracles, our enemy continues in his work, seeking to confuse God's people, he seeks to distract us through the ways the world follows. Too many are trying to remind others of the 'reason for this season', But are not Adoring and Praising God and Jesus themselves Every day in every Season.

One Part for us in Living in His Kingdom is to Stay close to Him and to allow Him to work through us as He sees fit to do.  Seeking an increase in Spiritual discernment is what many need to do, so that they are able to Be patient and Wait Forward with Him. Not moving ahead of God's timing and order And not lagging behind His timing and order.  This will help many to know what to do and what not to do on a day to day basis.

We are not to argue or try and convince anyone of His Truth. We Are to Live His Truth, Be His Light, and Live Through His Power Every day, not just at this Season.
Those that God has Touched and Called, Will Come to Jesus in their own free will.
  The Truth in them Will seek Truth and they Will Recognize the voice of our Shepherd.  Those that seem to desire to continue to 'play with God' will realize His Truth one way or another.  That is Not up to us.

We are to Expect Him to do what He has said He Will do, to Be Who He said He Will Be for us and to us, and to confess His Truth to ourselves often so that we water the seeds that He has planted in us so they Grow, Mature, and bring to Him the Fruit that is for all to partake of.  We are to Share our gifts of His Spirit.

Allow Your light to Shine brightly, allow your mouth to speak what Your heart loves! Refuse to allow discouragement, sadness, or lack to guide your heart or to overtake you and distract you.
Don't allow the places that others live in to pull you into them. 
Shine your light to reveal the darkness that surrounds them,  And Then allow His Holy Spirit to flow Through you as their help.

Stand firm in your Trust and Faith in our Lords Power.  We have been given the Spiritual Gift of self-control and self-discipline--Let Us Use them Often! 
It is so easy for people to get sucked into the zone of others. 

If someone is emotional and speaks to us, we have the capability to want to get emotional.
If someone is mad their anger tries to pull us into it with them. 
If someone is full of little faith and unbelief that God Is going to be their Help, then we cannot allow where they live to pull us into their zone.
This is Not how we are to live allowing ourselves to be pulled into every emotional and fleshy zone that oppresses others. This is not living in Expectation of Him to Be in the midst of all concerning our lives.  Our Spiritual Gifts should be Mature enough to speak to us and govern us when we are around people that live through their emotions, lack, and immaturity.  We live within His Kingdom by the Truths of His Kingdom.

Yes we live among the non-believers and among the believers with little faith and trust because of Spiritual and emotional immaturity and lack of growth; But we are Not to allow their confusion, their lack of faith and trust, their Spiritual and emotional immaturity to govern us as it does them.

God has given us His Power to rule over all darkness.  When we stay focused on Him and His mission, His Will, Plans and Purposes for our lives, then we Illuminate the atmosphere because we Allow His Glory to clothe us.  We have the Light of His Holy Spirit dwelling in us and radiating outwardly and it will touch everything and every place that surrounds us to overcome evil with His Good!

John 8:12  Then Jesus spoke to them again, saying, "I Am the Light of the world. He who follows Me Shall Not walk in darkness, but Have The Light of Life."

When we realize that frustrations and other emotions are trying to distract us, we Need to Stop, take some time and regroup ourselves in order to regain and maintain our Spiritual Perspective.  His Calmness and Peace in us, Helps us to Keep things in proper balance and take notice that things are not as bad as they may initially seemed. They never really are unless we are trying to work things out without His guidance and Wisdom.

These are the Times in which we should Stop and seek Him for our guidance, to know what His solutions to our problems, circumstances and movement through the mountains are
Many times when frustration is at hand, we are attempting to do something without His help, without His guidance and Power. 

Certainly our Lord Will supply His Wisdom to those who seek it and ask for it.  He Always pours forth to us in abundance enlightenment and direction for every circumstance concerning our lives.  Do You Expect Him to?  Them tell Him this is true for you! Speak it out in confession to Him!
Draw Near to Him, stay Calm, wrapped in the Peace that Jesus gave us And Trust Him, Expect Him to do what He said He would!
His Name Is A Strong Tower, And the Righteous Run to Him and are Safe! This is Where we need to be and stay!

Psalms 73:28  "But it is Good for me To Draw Near To God; I Have Put my Trust In The Lord GOD, that I may Declare All Your Works."
Isaiah 45:2-3  "I Will Go Before you And Make the crooked places straight; I Will Break in pieces the gates of bronze And cut the bars of iron. I Will Give you the treasures of darkness And hidden riches of secret places, that you may Know that I, The LORD, Who Call you by your Name, Am The God of Israel."

 On feet of Faith & Peace 
Joshua 1:9/ Isaiah 52 
Resting In His Faithfulness, 
One Day At A Time By Faith. 
©2010 WisdomTeachesme

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


 I Expect God In the name of Jesus! Based on His Word and 
Promises I speak out what I Expect from God.  I also keep in my heart & mind what He Expects from me also.  What He expects From everyone that He has chosen and who claims Him as their Lord and Savor, their Teacher and Shepherd, their Beloved Good Friend.

Grateful Am I that God blocks my steps when I have made a wrong turn off the Path that He placed me on! 
Because I Expect God to do this He does.
When driving in the car, who upon making a wrong turn does Not stop, turn around & go back seeking the Correction to find their destination?

I Stay in a Willing and Teachable mindset Focused on His Will, Plans and Purposes for my Life.  This is my daily mission, Expecting and Knowing with the Help of His Holy Spirit I Will be corrected and prepared to accomplish Every Work that my Lord has given to
me to do In His Name.
 I expect God Through His Holy Spirit to Stop me if I am attempting to do anything that He is Not leading me to do. I expect that He will stop me and correct me and set me in the Right place and direction by His grace, mercy and Will!

Grateful am I that Jesus Helps me carry the weight of the burden that He gave me. I expect Him to do what He said He would do for me as I carry my own cross following Him.
For me to try & do what I think is Right through my natural eyes and ears without checking in with Him first, would load me with useless Work that would run me down.
I expect God to answer me as I come to Him every day concerning everything desiring to know His Will and Purpose before I do anything.
Understanding through His Wisdom that God gives to me what He knows I am able to do With His Help, is Calming and Peaceful to my Spirit.
The Radical Faith and Trust that continues to grow, maturing in me, Teaches me that He Has nothing but His Best for me, whether I understand the beginning of a thing or not, The End of a thing Will be His best for me and all involved! 
I know this is True for anyone that seeks to Grow in His Love and be prepared for His Will and Purposes for their life! Ask Him and Expect Him to do, And He will do what You Expect.

If you are overwhelmed, frustrated, irritated, impatient and  confused concerning your daily life, your work and family life, your Spiritual life, Stop, Humble yourself and  Seek Him to Clarify your purpose from Him.
 Stop and Humble yourself and open your Heart, Mind, Spirit and Soul to be corrected, made Right and Set forth, Balanced in the Direction that He has planned for you to take.

Are you trying to make your plans happen, are you trying to make happen Work that He did Not give to you, through your thinking, your natural eyes and ears you 'thought' you should do what you are doing?

  Are you attempting to Do the Work He Has given to you, Without His Help, Wisdom, Understanding Timing and Order?
  Have you Allowed our Lord's Spirit to Prepare you to do this work, or are you moving ahead or behind the Divine timing and order of His Will for your life?
Think on these questions and answer them in His truth. His truth will give you the clarity and balance that you seek.
Stop, and humble yourself before Him, Seek correction, seek to be balanced in every area of your life.

The motives of our ego and pride will always lead us the Wrong way doing the wrong things, that do Not serve His Will, Plans and Purposes in our lives! Our ego and pride have to be killed off, as they will always move us to disobey His Will for our lives.
 Accept His correction and preparation which are fruits of His love for us all!

What do you expect of Him?  Learn His Word and Promises to us, tell Him, Speak it out loud what you expect from Him concerning His Will, Plans and Purposes for your life.
Speak out to Him what you expect to do and be for Him!
According to your Faith be it done unto you in the name of Jesus.

Think on this, What kind of faith do you have?
 Do you trust Him completely? Are you allowing Him to grow your faith and trust in Him?
Will you obey Him because you do trust Him?  Or will you be blind and doubtful to His Faithfulness, and not align your will to His Will for you? 
Little faith and doubting trust will keep you from allowing His Divine possibilities to become His Divine Opportunities for, in and through your life! 

When You Expect God, then our Lord Is with you and I pray your heart speak through your lips the Praise, Honor and Glory that is Only for Him!
 Humble yourself in the sight of our Lord and He will lift you up!

Remember, Jesus said, "You did not choose me but I Chose you." 

  Have an solid and secure attitude that Seeks to be blessed, prepared and filled with His Purpose and Praise for our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Selah

“But the angel said to her, “Do Not be afraid, Mary; you have Found Favor With God. You Will Conceive And give birth to A Son, And you Are to call Him Jesus. He Will Be Great And Will Be Called The Son of The Most High. The Lord God Will Give Him the throne of his father David, And He Will Reign Over Jacob’s descendants Forever; His Kingdom Will Never End.” - Luke 1:30-33 

 On feet of Faith & Peace 
Joshua 1:9/ Isaiah 52 
Resting In His Faithfulness, 
One Day At A Time By Faith.
©2010 WisdomTeachesme

Sunday, December 12, 2010


 *Sunrise At the Infinity Pool-taken by V.A. Johnson©2010*

 Have you made Wisdom your Sister and Friend Yet?
How about Her Fruit of Patience, have you allowed Her to Live within your heart and pour forth all She has to give?
These and the other Gifts of His Spirit Teach us, Bless us with the understanding and Knowledge of how to manage our time each day.

Once you do, our Lord's Spiritual Wealth will be poured into you and

 come through you to be a Help to those the Lord directs you to help in His Name.

Rebellion, ego, pride, disobedience, unbelief, little faith, not fully trusting, All Have To Go, they All have To Die in order for the Wisdom of our Lord to Live within you,
 growing and maturing in you and through you.

We can't have it both ways. You can't expect to obey and serve Him only when you want to and also expect His Blessings to help you every day. Too many seek, trust and have faith in Him every other day, every other week, and when things go wrong because they have been following their own thinking, their plans, their motives and purposes And Not the Will, Plans, Motives, and Purposes of God for their life.
  It's about living for Him, obeying, trusting in Him by Faith, growing and maturing in His Ways Every day.

His Wisdom Teaches me Every day--All day As I Expect Him to do. 

His Wisdom provides to us Patience, which we all are in need of.
 Our Lord Is Patient Beyond everything we understand 
because many do not use patience and it is not mature in them.  
There are many that will not exercise their patience to read through the messages I post, (and others) because they will say "it's too long."  They do not want to be taught and to learn, they just want a 'quick fix', some microwave-drive through band aid to help them in the moment.

We need patience from our Lord and want it from others, but too many do not exercise patience when dealing with others. A selfish heart is one that does not give but only expects to receive.
 *Sunrise at the Infinity Pool#2-taken by V.A. Johnson©2010*
  When we allow our Spiritual discernment to mature and grow we Know when to give and whom to give to. The Wisdom of Spiritual discernment will guide us to have understanding about who is Not able to give to us-so we should seek nothing from a heart that is Not able to give to us what we need.  God will direct us to give to those who are not able to return anything to us.  We serve His purposes not our own.

This wisdom decreases our disappointment from others And to remind us that God is our Only Source and Supplier for All our Spiritual and material/temporal needs

Spiritual maturity teaches me that patience Is Wisdom and as Long as I continue to expect God to reveal to me what He wants, I Know His Wisdom has provided everything I am in need of--I Am prepared.

Therefore, it matters none to me How long I have to wait, I am not discouraged by any perceived delays that I experience in achieving His Purposes. Wisdom teaches me to Simply Refuse to Settle for anything Less than His Best that He has spoken for my life And Patience give me the strength to Wait with expectant Joy.

There is an invisible line that separates "I am waiting" from "I have it", and the Spiritually mature Believer has the perspective of Wisdom that provides understanding fueled by confident Faith and Trusting--Knowing how sudden this line can be crossed, opening up new opportunities that are part of the new beginnings that come from His Will and Purposes for each life.

His Wisdom is to be sought, lived by, listened to, obeyed and shared Every day by those who are dedicated to His Will, plans and purposes for their life. 

God sends His Wisdom Ahead through His messengers to Warn those that He loves, to be a guide and a light to them.  To Help them avoid what they do Not need to go through! To help us navigate through seen and unseen confusion, evil and dangers that lie in Wait to hinder us, trick us and kill us!

 His Wisdom Is Truth and presents Divine opportunities for us to Live Right with Him as we partake of All that He Is in our lives.

Many seek His Wisdom Only after their pride, ego and their thinking has taken them and placed them in a tight, trouble filled spot! This is a Good thing, a good place to be, humbled and Ready to Receive Correction through His Spirit!  Allowing Patience to Be our guide and to Have Her Complete Work done in us!

Others never Reap the Harvest of Wisdom through the lessons that Always Come with mistakes made.
They ignore His Wisdom, His lessons and therefore Continue to make the same mistakes over and over, placing them further and further away from His Will for their life!
It Will always be Worth the Wait to get to the places that God has planned for us to be.

I see the places that people are in and I wonder why it takes some of them So Long to Wake Up and "Get It!"

Thank You Lord, that You See and Watch and You Are Patient--You are confident that they Will Wake Up and they Will 'Get it'.

The Spiritual Gifts of Wisdom and Patience helps me to be able to Joyfully with Expectant Faith Wait for His promises to unfold.

I have seen the Lord in the midst of matters, situations, troubles, lack, shortcomings, miracles, blessings and I know my responsibility is to lead when He tells me to lead, to Trust by faith all the time, to Speak His Truths that He teaches me.
All done with Confidence that every outcome Will be Favorable for myself, my family and those I patiently wait for to join me at the end of this race!  And as I wait on them I am occupied with the Work that He has given to me to do!

In the name of Jesus, Amen.

 Proverbs 3:13-18

On feet of Faith & Peace
Joshua 1:9/ Isaiah 52 
Resting In His Faithfulness, 
One Day At A Time By Faith. 
©2010 WisdomTeachesme

Sunday, December 5, 2010


 Lord, make me an instrument of Your Peace.
Where there is hatred, Let me sow Love,
Where there is injury, Pardon
Where there is doubt, Faith,
Where there is despair, Hope,
Where there is darkness, Light,
Where there is sadness, Joy.

 O Divine Master, Grant that I may not so much
seek to be consoled as To Console,
not so much to be understood As To Understand,
not so much to be loved, As To Love;
For it Is in Giving that we Receive,
it Is in pardoning that we Are Pardoned,
it Is in dying that we awake to Eternal Life.

St. Francis


My Sweet, Generous Giving God, give me More of the Spirit of Jesus, His complete Obedience to Your Will, His Faithfulness in helping and doing the least, His Generous Spirit, His Loving and Forgiving Spirit, His Spirit of Wisdom, Understanding, Knowledge, His Spirit of Giving, His Spirit of Clarity, of Healing, His Spirit of growing, maturing confident Trust and Faith , All to bring honor and glory unto You through my Life. In the Name of Jesus, Amen. 

Reveal to me my Lord all things hidden in darkness in my heart the things not in agreement with Your Will and hold me in bondage. Help me face and deal with them--Free me from these things that hold me from Right relationship with you Lord, and prevent Your Righteousness from completely living in and shining through me. 

More of Your Truth is needed so that I may live in these perilous times as darkness attempts to take as many as possible into it's evil ways.

My heart is Your Harvest!
I Am Your Light and through complete Freedom in You Jesus I will Shine forth for all to witness. 

  John 10:7, 9-10
Matthew 5:14-16

Galatians 6:9
  2 Corinthians 12:9
1 John 2

 On feet of Faith & Peace
Joshua 1:9/ Isaiah 52 
Resting In His Faithfulness,
One Day At A Time By Faith.
©2010 WisdomTeachesme