Thursday, January 8, 2015


Within these new beginnings, as the Lord brings to fruition several visions He gave me years ago, I do not let my guard down.
That is the very time the enemy sneaks in to launch attacks, because many drop their guard once the Lord delivers to them something they have prayed for, praised Him for and waited on Him for.

The early morning times of being awaken by the Love of God, are my moments of listening.
  Before every one else wakes up, I am up giving to the Lord all impossibilities that attempt to weigh me down.
His love strokes the Fire in my Spirit, Stirs up all the power and confidence that is mine.
Prayers spoken for all the people the Spirit of the Lord brings to my mind, I give to Him.

 Everything that I am grateful for, I allow to go to Him.
Everything that I am thankful for, I give to Him.
  I take from Him all I am guided to do for the day.
I take from Him all I am to know for this day.
  I seek correction, forgiveness, whole healing and revelation.
I desire everything my Lord knows I will need for the day.

  I have learned to number my days, and take full advantage of these early morning times.
Especially in this Due Season, with all the new beginnings the Lord has placed us within, I cover myself in the abundant Grace that is new every morning.
  I know it's His Grace that has rescued me time and time again. It's His Mercy that saves me from myself day after day.

My Lord is not finished with me, (He's not finished with you either), there is more to be done.
I know His protection never shrinks back and His Grace is never ending!

  Fears attempt to taunt me, If I allow myself to worry about the unknown.
The door is shut on fears when I remind myself that I have put my complete faith and trust in God to always lead, guide, supply, protect and make me a useful member of the Kingdom of God here on earth as I am in heaven.
  What God has done in my past, in your past, He will do over and over, delivering us out of and into.

I know that many of God's people have allowed the noise of the world to disorient them by becoming weighed down with empty activity.
Many have allowed themselves to become separated from their spiritual convictions and feel that God has moved away from them.
If He has moved, then you should have moved with Him.  If He has not moved, then you should have not moved away from Him.
Examine yourself to see who you are following, Jesus or yourself?

It's time to  quiet yourself in His presence and be renewed, corrected, strengthened, healed, to be re-connected to Him in ways you never have experienced.  To simply be made Ready in every way you need to be made ready!
He seeks to make us active, useful members of His Kingdom,  so remember when your faith and trust speak out for you, you are saying Yes Lord, Use me how ever you desire!
You are saying, I Trust You Lord no matter what!

 When we allow our faith and trust to speak for us the power of the Lord is activated and grace pours forth and confidence grows as you remember that He promised to always be with us!
I encourage you to be willing, teachable, correctable, and cooperative with His Holy Spirit as His Love seeks to continue to change you into Who He made you to be.

To God Alone be the glory in the name of Jesus!

John 4:22-24
John 17

On feet of Faith & Peace Resting In His Peace & Faithfulness,
One Day At A Time By Radical Faith.
Isaiah 50:4 / Isaiah 52 / Jer 20:9-13 /Joshua 1:9 / Luke 6:38
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