Sunday, July 7, 2013


The Wisdom and Grace of the Lord Teaches me....
Wise Investments
Healthy Relationships

I can't lead anyone to a place I am not going!

Children learn more from what they see us do than from what we say to and around them

I am so glad that Jesus saved me from myself.
In my helping others how ever I am to help them, many times the encouragement, clarity and wisdom that is given to them through me, is also for me to listen to and use.
Below is one of those messages.
I have put it in the form of what my partner and I desire for our daughters. How we are on one accord concerning God's best for them and what our role is in their lives and what God's role is in all of our lives as a family and as individuals.

Jesus is the Generous Giver of Love. Love grows by giving it. Love is a gift which calls for the giving of oneself with no expectation of receiving back.
Many times some people cannot give back to you what you give, because, they don't have it to give.
We have to be filled with Love in order to give it to others.

Having strong spiritual discernment will help reveal to you when others are not able to love you as you need to be loved, and cannot give to you what they don't have. If you need kindness, compassion, truth, integrity, faith, trust, etc... and the people you are seeking this from don't have it to give to you, then you will be disappointed when you realize this.

Having the gift of strong discernment, will help you not to expect  from them what they don't have to give. You will be able to put and keep those relationships where they belong in your life.
Sometimes people fake it, they pretend to be who they are not, and offer what they do not have for various reasons.

 There are times when we are taken aback, when we find out who we trusted, let into our inner circle, allowed to come into our homes, are not who they presented themselves to be. We feel betrayed and done wrong. Rightly so, but part of the responsibility lies with us also. How we handle the uncovering of who they really are not, is going to give us more insight into our own character than theirs. 

Many times people get bent out of shape, and disappointment flows steady because they expect from others what others don't have to give.
Some do recognize this truth, but many others do not recognize this truth. You can't change people, especially if they do not want to change, but want you to allow them to stay the same toxic person. They will end up changing you for the worse.

  Either way if they stay in these unhealthy relationships,  they will get stuck in a cycle of lowering their expectations, their standards and boundaries, settling for what the person does give, knowing it is not what is needed, it is not helping them to grow and mature and it is actually slowly robbing them of all life, making things toxic, because it is not Love and Not rooted in Love.

I would gain nothing Good from doing things with immature and childish behavior. 
I would certainly not be a good example for our daughters, nieces, nephews, god children, and all the other children I cross paths with to learn from, if I was being hateful, childish, immature and vengeful. I wasn't raised like that and I certainly am not teaching that to our daughters.

Treating people with meanness, disregard, hatefulness and disrespect will do nothing but keep me from being/becoming the best person God made me to be. I seek to please my Lord, not people.

I do not have the kind of hate, immaturity, and vengeful heart nor desire to do wrong for wrong toward people who do me wrong.
I have no time, energy nor desire to hate anyone.
No One is worth giving that kind of power to over me.

We want our daughters to have Healthy, growing, maturing and loving relationships with themselves, with each other, with us their parents, and with as many people as possible through out their life time.

Our roles as their parents are to provide the foundation of Love to them so that they are able to have a healthy, loving, growing and maturing relationship with themselves first, then they will be able to have one with other people.

Teaching them to always be true to themselves will enable them to be true with others and learn to know the difference between a healthy and unhealthy relationship.
So that when they are dealing with an unhealthy relationship they will recognize it as one, they will seek to find out their part in it being unhealthy and then process the options that will help them decide whether to save it, heal it or get rid of it.

  We also want our girls to recognize the healthy relationships in and throughout their lives, so that they will know there are responsibilities to shoulder with these as well. That you have to invest in and nurture these healthy relationships so that they continue to grow, mature and provide all the Good they are able to.

We want them to learn and know, that they have to do their part to keep a healthy relationship healthy, loving, supportive, growing and maturing just as the other person has their part also.
And to do this, one has to know themselves, love themselves, accept their faults and grow from their mistakes. Basically they will have to have a healthy relationship with themselves in order to have them with other people in their life times.

  We want our daughters to understand that if the people in the relationship (whether it be  friendships, their relationship with us, and their family through us, teachers, etc),  are not mutually truthful, growing, maturing and working for the same goal, then the relationship will not grow nor mature.
 And that sometimes one person is growing, but the other is not, and that is ok also.
It's ok because, growing and maturing faster than others does not mean they need to wait for folk to catch up.
No, they can go on with their lives, knowing that those who are not in the same place as they are, simple don't require the same kind of position in their lives as others who are growing and maturing along with them.

We want them to understand that some people don't want to grow and mature, that they are happy just as they are and where they are in their lives. Even if they enjoy that person's company they don't have to stop their lives and entertain the fear that these kinds of people feed. But to be careful of people like this, as usually they will reveal their envy, jealousy and hidden negative motives to hinder the progress and growth in you.

This is God's way of separating us.

We want them to succeed in the small things and the large things, but we want them to learn to love their mistakes for the blessings/lessons that they hold.

We want them to learn that being honest with oneself and taking responsibility for the choices they make, is the truthful, healthy, and loving way to treat oneself.
Because there are always consequences regardless if the choice is a good one or a bad one, we will have to deal with the consequences of our choices. 

We want our daughters to love their lives, to love who God made them to be and to know how to share love with every one, by serving God in the name of Jesus.

Children learn more from what they see than from what the adults say to and around them.
In the name of Jesus, I praise the Holy Name of God for being our help at all times, for being our Joy at all times, and for guiding us in raising His children that He gave to us. So Be It!
I can't lead anyone to a place I am not going!

Psalm 23:5
Luke 12:6-7
John 3:34
I John 4:16
Gal 3:29
Isa 55:2-4

On feet of Faith & Peace Resting In His Peace & Faithfulness,
One Day At A Time By Radical Faith.
Isaiah 50:4 / Isaiah 52 / Jer 20:9-13 /Joshua 1:9 / Luke 6:38
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Tuesday, July 2, 2013


How Sweet It Is To Trust In Jesus..... There are times, when divine clarity and wisdom are necessary to blow the smoke and mirrors of our will, thoughts, plans and ideas away.
Some times we allow ourselves to get too busy. Whether it be our thinking or our finding something to occupy our every moment of each day that has nothing to do with God's plans for us,  sooner or later we will put ourselves in a place where nothing is working, we get impatient, irritable, and are close to having a fit.
Oh, yes I know that space well. And I have learned and I apply what I have learned because I don't like that space much and do all I can Not to keep going by there.

Right There The Lord Is standing and watching us.
 He has allowed us to spin ourselves dizzy, just like a child who didn't listen when the parent said, "No, No, No, don't do that, you'll make yourself sick, or you may hurt yourself!"

We do that as adults concerning our daily journey and the lessons the Lord is teaching us.  I have learned this is the Lord waiting for us to stop working out our little shallow plans instead of obeying Him and the directions He gave to us. He will let us run ourselves silly until it clicks with us, which is usually when we hit the last wall that we cannot get over, under, around nor through, and we stop, broke down calling on the Lord.

 It clicks that some where, we misstepped, we inserted the wrong thoughts, timing, order, people and actions concerning His Plans, we stopped praising our way through, our focus is Not on the Lord.... we have done some thing(s) wrong.

You know, a lot of people hear what the Lord said to do, but they add in how they think the details should go, when certain things should happen, who should be involved, where to get the supplies for this to work, when they should do what they say needs to be done, etc...

They do everything they think should be done, but they never do exactly what God told them to do.
Some times we make up our own details to His Plan for us because,  we don't have the faith, trust and courage to do what He told us to do. Or, we are impatient and want things to move faster so we go the route we think will get us there quicker.  We make up something we think is easier and will get us to the Same End that He has planned.

 Let me tell you this, That Will Not Work! And It will usually get us into a much worse place that will take a long time to get us out of.

Making mistakes, God already knows we will do this, that is not necessarily a bad thing, as long as you catch yourself and go back to the Lord for correction and clarity, this time allowing yourself to Mature in your Gifts of self-control and obedience.

Too many want to jump and use the Spiritual Gifts of the Holy Spirit, but don't have Mature Spiritual Fruit of the Holy Spirit, so their Gifts are also immature and stunted in growth and power.

God is getting our attention to tell us that we have the wrong perspective about what He told us to do. 
When we slow down, and stop so we can focus, we will hopefully hear the Lord tell us, we have the wrong perspective.

We heard God clear as a bell when He gave us The Vision, but at some point many people get up and take off, before hearing the rest that goes with it, before they are fully prepared for this part, they are Gone!
God will say, "Ready, Set, ......"
He didn't tell us "Go", but many Go anyway.

 They create their own perspective of what God wants them to do.
They stop seeking Him and His Will, they forget the details that they do know, they will not listen when Wisdom calls to them, they dismiss God's correction.  When His Wisdom calls out,  they don't answer in Faith, but in fear, ego, pride, disobedience, and doubt.
They have the wrong perspective.

Then when things get difficult, when doors do not open, when people do not help and when the supplies do not manifest as they thought, they slump and frown, and begin to feel the roughness of the stoney way.
They begin to doubt God instead of examining them selves for mistakes, they are in need of correction, clarity and focus, they need the proper perspective.

Let's go back to the beginning, where focus is balanced and stable, where Faith answers when Wisdom Calls to us! Back to where we are sitting with the Lord with obedient ears and a heart with desire to please Him, full of courage and love, completely dependent on His All. Back to the teachings and lessons provided by Him to grow and mature our Spiritual Gifts and Fruit of His Holy Spirit.

Father God, In the Name of Jesus, I thank You for Helping Your children,
Thank You for keeping us from falling by the side of the road,
And for teaching us To Love one another,
Thank You for opening our hearts so Heaven might find a place in us,
We Know that Jesus Is Love
And He Won't Let us down

And Father, I Know Jesus is Mine Forever in my heart 
Thank You for guiding us Through temptation,
Your Love and Your Wisdom Are our Helping hands,
I know the Truth and Your Words Are our salvation,
They lift up our hearts And we Are thankful and glad
That You, Jesus Are Love And You won't let us down,
I know You are Mine deep down in my soul,
In my heart You Are Forever

I Know your Love Is Power, Your Love Is Glory Forever and Ever,

I'm Gonna Follow You Jesus, where ever You Lead me, and I don't mind because I know that You Love me,
Nobody Loves me Like You do Jesus,

You Are Love, And I Know if You Ask, I'll show Love Is the Word forever and ever and ever,
Who Can bring you Love? Jesus!
Who Can Bring you Joy?  Jesus!
Who Can Turn your life around?  Jesus!
 Yes He Can and Yes He Will!
Who Can Restore you? Jesus!
Who Can Heal you? Jesus!
Who Can Redeem you ? Jesus!
Who'll Deliver you? Nobody But Jesus Can, Yes He Can!

There's No Greater Love Than His, He laid down His Life for us His friends,
 for a friend like me and you,
 Jesus laid down His life for our wretched souls.....

Remember, daily to stay in constant contact with the Lord, don't assume anything.  We don't have to do that, all we have to do is Ask in the name of Jesus, and keep our hearts open, willing and teachable, with obedient ears, and we Will hear His leading, His directions, clarity, wisdom and encouragement.
In the name of Jesus, so be it!

John 14
I Cor 12

Gal 5:19-26
Proverbs 8

On feet of Faith & Peace Resting In His Peace & Faithfulness,
One Day At A Time By Radical Faith.
Isaiah 50:4 / Isaiah 52 / Jer 20:9-13 /Joshua 1:9 / Luke 6:38
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