Friday, April 24, 2015


IN this kind of time that we live in, thrive in, exist in, move around within, laugh, cry and survive in and ultimately die in, it is so important to Know what is truly valuable in each day.
What the Value of Each day actually is.
This is a priceless piece of knowledge.

(Yesterday was my Birthday!!)
I love birthdays, for me they are Divine Opportunities, They are covered in layers of New, Better, Change, Transitions, Growth, Awareness, Acceptance, ......they offer me a time of Reflection concerning all of those other things I just said. They provide A good way to measure oneself with ones self

What has been lost, given up on, cut away from, separated from, who left, who showed up, who didn't show up, who's new, who lasted, who didn't, who returned, who have I let in that should not be in?
What have I learned from all this?

What have I accomplished, what is still broken, in need of healing, in need of facing with truth, in need of clarity?  Where have I tried to do the Work without God's guidance?
What did I leave undone? what have I learned from all this?

How is my relationship with myself going?
Is it healthy, truthful, mature, loving, secure, healing, compassionate, honest, humbled, strong?
Can anyone get in between me and myself?
For me, that answer is No! No other human can get in between me & my relationship with myself to cause trouble.
Birthday's are a measuring point, time for evaluations, moments of reflecting upon me now and me in the past year.
Birthdays, they are a Time when Wisdom Calls to us!
God's Wisdom! She is Magnificently Made!

And those that have the desire to be corrected and taught so that they Can grow and mature, and those who Know that, Being Led is more Valuable than any earthly thing,
Will Hear Wisdom when She stands and begins to Speak!
And, they will listen and Do what ever She says to do.

I have absolutely no complaints! I have Way too many places in my life that provide pure Life Giving breath, simply revealing How Full God has Loved on me and How completely She Dwells within me! *Yes my Lord!*

I Know that my Lord has Gone before me to prepare my Way!
Here, at the Beginning pages of This New Chapter of my life, i am joyfully expectant of More of God's Best for me in the name of Jesus, So Be It!
I Thank you for spending parts of your life with me on my Journey and allowing me to spend parts of my life with you on yours. He leads those of us who serve and love Him. We still have a Ways to go!

Much Love to you all

Matthew 23
Proverbs 8

On feet of Faith & Peace Resting In His Peace & Faithfulness,
One Day At A Time By Radical Faith.
Isaiah 50:4 / Isaiah 52 / Jer 20:9-13 /Joshua 1:9 / Luke 6:38
©2007--2015 WisdomTeachesme

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