Friday, April 24, 2015


It's something that makes me laugh to myself,
when others don't understand my purpose nor the details of my purpose, but they assume to.
I know
when they assume to know Why I am doing What ever it is I am doing, that many never will and I don't expect many to do so to understand. What ever they lack, prevents them from gaining understanding.
Just as a lot of people won't get this post,  But Imma post it any way, because there are Those who Will Get this and it Will encourage them.

Some times, they go so far as to tell me why they think I'm doing what I do.
I smile, knowing how Off they are in their assumptions....
At this point of my life, of my Work, of my Journey, it tickles me when some folk do this.
 I Used to try to explain to them, but then I stopped trying to explain, knowing they won't get it, they don't have In them What they Need to get understanding.....

 It's a trick, and they simply want to voice their doubts, unbelief, or push some dead judgement on me about me. Their Fears are Projecting their own Immaturity, Lack, Needs, and discomfort, their Own insecurities onto my life and purposes.

 they must think that I require their acceptance of me and of my Work and Purposes....They are So Wrong in that thinking. I don't Need Any one to accept me nor what i do.
 I will reject All of that ish, And knock all that ish Right back to you! 
It does Not belong to me and there is No space within me for it to settle.

As the Lord heals me and cleans out all the unhealthy toxic stuff that used to live in me, No One is going to come and try to Deposit their unhealthiness, their toxic, rotting unresolved Ish in me!  
You gotta be careful and alert, because when The Lord's Spirit does a Work in you, the enemy is Always lurking around to try and get back in Through What ever means possible!

Those spaces are Reserved for the Spirit of The Lord, to settle into!   If you are not careful, those same dead spirits that the Lord cleaned out of you will return and bring More dead spirits with them!

All of this is about a healthy relationship with self that all of us Needs, but don't have. Without a healthy relationship with ourselves, we hold our character hostage from growing and maturing.
We continue to lie to ourselves and place value on what is not helpful, not loving, and on what will not float when the waters get rough!

I realized long ago that without a healthy relationship with myself I was Never going to have one with the Lord, which then would prevent me from having one with any other humans.
And, I would also keep making the same mistakes, over and over and over and never growing and maturing, along with some other things I would miss out on.  All
That sucks!

What you need to know is that I am deeply Passionate and Bold about my Work and Purpose, and no matter Who you are in my life, if You are Not for me, You are against me, and I will place you in your proper space in my life.

I am Deeply Sure of who I am, and What I am doing, and for Whom I do what I do!
I am completely confident in my growing and maturing faith and trust, and Know that It is God alone IJN, Whose Spirit dwells within me, guiding me, protecting me, supplying Every Thing I need.

I have Been separated unto the Lord for the Lord's purposes. God separates us all, but many don't like that and go back to the life they once knew. Or they bring with them toxic unhealthy parts of themselves with them, trying to make them fit into the New life the Lord has provided. 
Well, doing either of those will not work.

So when others attempt to question what you do, when you do it and how you do it, and you know the Lord is leading you, don't get bent out of shape, don't begin to try and explain to them because,  it is useless to do so.

They don't have in them What and Who they Need to gain the understanding.  For these we continue to expect Grace to do Her Work. Be at Peace, be confident and bold and Rest Assured that every one is Not going to be for you, every one is not on your side, and every one is not a part of Gods plan and purpose for you.

You don't need any one's acceptance of Who God has recreated you to be.
No one else needs to agree with the Lord's Plans and Purposes for Your life for them to Work as God has spoken Them to Be!
Only You Need to Agree with God for His Plans and Purposes to Work as She spoke them to Be!
Be Well in Your Soul, and Be Joyful for this Day is at Hand!
Examine your relationship with yourself, tell yourself the truth and face what you need to face. Love yourself and allow the Healing of the Lord to complete Her Work in you.
In the name of Jesus, all Glory be to God Alone, So Be It!

On feet of Faith & Peace Resting In His Peace & Faithfulness,
One Day At A Time By Radical Faith.
Isaiah 50:4 / Isaiah 52 / Jer 20:9-13 /Joshua 1:9 / Luke 6:38
©2007--2015 WisdomTeachesme

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