Friday, April 10, 2015


When I said Yes,
Love Came to me and enveloped me in Her Divine Greatness,
flowing through my veins, occupying every part of my body, heart, spirit and soul.

She began Removing my limited, stunted and small human definition of Love, discarding every toxic, dysfunctional, limited part.
She had no problem going into the muck and gunk that I allowed other people to put into me. 

All the mess that moved in from my childhood,
All the copies, lies, brokenness, hurt, pain and dark shallowness that I allowed to grow in my heart, soul and spirit, that I tried to put into Her places,
She cleaned it all up and threw it all away.

She knew exactly what I needed.
and I, knowing that I had found my Home, released a sigh of relief at being saved from myself.
While I was at Rest, within Her Peace, as Calm and Her Daughter Joy kept me company, teaching me,

She began, and I allowed Her to Love on me and to begin my Whole Healing.
The process is never ending. How wonderful this truth is! 
It's a Life saving Truth that every day, allows me to be Loved on and Worked on and Healed!

Then, in the Spaces left behind, in the openings, the crevasses, nooks and the very small tight places, with the quickness of mercury, 
She Poured Her definition of Love into me.
Then She Planted all new growth.
She watered, tended to, nurtured, pruned and molded me to become Love.

Then, when Time had come,
 Another was brought into my life.
I had the Love to give and the space to receive Love.

Blooming petals with smell good scents became my appearance.

When her Love met my Love, our Spirits Jumped for Joy,  and I,
was taken aback by the Strength and Power of Her Pureness and Truth,

I realized quickly what I had been missing and what I had Not been giving.
What I Had not been giving to myself. What I Had Not been giving to others.

We, she and I have been united as was spoken by Love to Be from the beginning.
And so it is. 
And so we are.
And so, we grow, mature, protect, allow, surrender to, and share the Love that has been given to us. 

where I am lacking, her Love covers that,
where I am still in need of healing, her Love covers that,
where I needed to have room to grow and mature, her Love stretches to allow the room I need,
where I am still broken, her Love covers that,

when I need to unpack my stuff, her Love allows that to happen,
when I need to trust and lean on, her Love provides,
when I have to stand tall, strong and bold, speaking Truth, her Love stands beside me.
she has my back, watching me as well as around me.

This other person who was given what I need, as I was given what she needs, is just as grateful for me as I am for her.

This is not an immature human Love that I speak about.
No, this is a grown folk, mature and ever growing daily Divine Love that I tell you about.

You can have the same Love,
But you have to Want it more than anything else.
You have to allow your heart, soul and spirit to Say Yes! So She will have an entrance into you.
You have to tell yourself the truth.
You have to want Whole Healing more than anything else in this world.
You have to Want to be changed, to be better, to be changed into Love, More than anything Else,
 or She will not come to you.

# 53
# Another divine day--more new beginnings

On feet of Faith & Peace Resting In His Peace & Faithfulness,
One Day At A Time By Radical Faith.
Isaiah 50:4 / Isaiah 52 / Jer 20:9-13 /Joshua 1:9 / Luke 6:38
©2007--2015 WisdomTeachesme

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