Sunday, April 4, 2010


Love is more than a good sounding sentiment; it's putting anothers needs ahead of your own.
Make your activities, your thoughts, your words, your actions and re-actions;  be an outpouring of your love for God in His Son's name.  This Is possible when His Love lives in you and through you. Glory be to God our Father in the Name of His Son Jesus Christ! Amen!

The stone has been rolled Away!

Faithfully, The Women Stayed with Jesus Through out His Entire Walk to the Cross, To the Grave, and at the Time and Day He Said He would return, ONLY the Faith filled Women where There to Greet Him!  They Believed Him Whole Heartedly! 

All the others (the men) went back to what they knew Before He Chose And Called them to Be With Him.

One Woman in particular was there with a Faith so deep and true and strong, that He could Not resist meeting her Faith....
He revealed Himself to her first.  Sent her to Proclaim the Truth to the others that He Had Risen!  And she did exactly what He told her to do! Boldly, Unashamed, in Truth and Love, she obeyed Him.
 She and the other women were His Witnesses, along with the men who had been with Him up to the point of the Cross.  They knew the truth, but did not have the Faith to fully believe it.

 John 15: 27But you also will testify and be My witnesses, because you have been with Me from the beginning.

 I believe that whenever And where ever His True Followers go in Full desire to do Him Loving service--Full of His Grace, Mercy and all the mature Gifts of the His Spirit-that when any  opposition arises, Because of our Confident Faith and Trust in Him, We Shall find that the stones of difficulty, of obstruction have been rolled Away! 
Just as it was with those loving, faith filled women. When they went to His grave and found the unmovable stone already pushed away from the mouth of His grave. He met their Faith and they Knew, they Knew the Truth!  He had defeated death!

With spices and ointments they had prepared His body for death, And now they came- these faith filled women to Watch over the Body of their Messiah with their Love.

We are All called to Come with our spices, our Gifts of Love to do Him service and we too will find what we have been anticipating—that He is Ever Eager In Love to do us Service!  Together with Him do His Work--not by our selves.

He will tell us who to help, when to help them and How to help them!  We do not make these decisions on our own, through ego, pride, and a heart filled with the wrong motives!  
Looking for people-praise, to stand out as one higher than the others...that is not of God--people that do so, are trying to do the Lord's work without Him by their side! 
That is not the type of Evidence that you really want--as it will Prove that You are NOT a true Servant of our Lord.

I have learned that no gift is poor if it expresses the true love of the giver to Him that died for us. To Jesus our heart’s gifts are Rich and Precious And we are to rejoice in His glad acceptance as we bring Him our Easter offerings and claim the Love and the Power of His Resurrection.

We are Called by Him every day, to Remember Him and what He has done for us. WE have been chosen and called by Him, invited and have accepted to be a part of His family.  The Power of His Blood shed for us, the Power of His Resurrection,   is still able, is still all powerful and is still working right now today for us! 
As we Remember and Share our Faith - He shall remember us and speak to our Father on our behalf.

Every day to Remember Him, Not JUST at a certain time of a calendar...BUT, Everyday, unless you are only a SOC.  (special occasion christian).  
Which means you really are Not a true believer in Him, you only use His name and say you are when it provides some earthly gain for you. You do not serve Him daily, you are not suffering for Him, you are not a receiver of His Blessings you do not call on Him to spend time with Him when things are going smoothly in your life.  
Only when the many others gather at some church building, or when you face troubles, or when it's convenient for you to be one...are you a christian in name only!  

He knows your heart, you may fool some people, but not our Lord, not God, and not the Spirit of Truth-His Holy Spirit!

For us who have made up our minds, and have taken a stand on the side of God in the name of Jesus In Life and Work, In Love And Service; We His Children must be outstanding. He has called us a Peculiar people to make known His Name. Not to go out and scream at others, to curse them and point out the faults of the hurt and damaged ones in a hate filled, incorrect voice. 

That is not what He said we are to do.
Respect of all that God has created is what He said-even though we have been separated doesn’t mean we are to treat people with hate, disdain or with an outright stank attitude.
To be able to Spiritually discern by the power of the Holy Spirit that lives in our hearts is very important to the Calling And the Direction that God has placed on each of us. Without His Holy Spirit of Truth guiding us, correcting us and growing us in His Love, we are nothing but impostors, trying to steal, cheat, manipulate and lie our way through to heaven!

To be able to Stand on God’s side along with our Messiah the Christ, is What He has asked us to do in the highest and best way possible. What Do You Believe? Do you know? If so, do you declare it daily? Are you paying attention to what you are declaring?

Truly knowing and adhering to what we believe is How we counter every report of evil. One day at a time! God declares that darkness Cannot overtake Light; We should Always let our light shine before all people that they will see the light evidenced in our lives. Put there by our acceptance of His invitation to become and belong to His Family through Jesus Christ. 

His Spirit of Truth lives in us, corrects us and pours forth through us all the time!

So many people want a 'man-made messiah'-they just cannot wrap their heart and faith around the Spiritual, God Sent Messiah- Jesus Christ. And that is sad for them.
No one can keep God small and ‘in a box’ and ever see and know the Fullness of His Presence.

 We are To Be The Evidence of His LOVE!  Then we will have the Evidence of His Love Speak for us, through us and be seen by All that can see and hear it!
If you say that you  are truly His Follower, There will be Evidence to prove this claim!
The fruit of your tree shall identify you and speak forth the Truth No matter what you say!
If you have been Charged as being a Christian, a True Believer, what is the Evidence they will bring against you to Prove that you are one?  
What Will The Evidence Prove about your life?

 Does His Spirit of His Truth Live in your heart?  
Faith must grow in you, must be allowed to grow by your desiring it to Do So!
You have to Want to be changed, you have to desire His UnconditionaLove to Live in your heart.

Don't keep making excuses, Face your faithlessness so that You will be able to be changed into complete Faith and trust in Him. 
God Wants to Talk to YOU!

On feet of Faith & Peace
Joshua 1:9/ Isaiah 52
Resting In His Faithfulness,
One Day At A Time By Faith.

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