Saturday, April 24, 2010


The condition of our heart is what we see, speak, and act through.  It is the power that governs us.  It is How we each see the Lord.

Seek the Motives of your heart, and Ask forgiveness from our Lord this day, if you have done or said anything that increased the pain & hurt of another. Ask to See where you spoke an unkind word or made an impatient gesture. Where you did a selfish deed, acted out of fear and pride, Ask forgiveness for your failure to sincerely show sympathy and kindly help When you were Given the Opportunity, But Missed it because of the condition of your heart.

Ask for forgiveness and correction-to Be enabled to Live Each Day where you do something to lessen the flow of human sorrow and sadness and Instead of adding to the pain & hurt to others lives, You Begin to On Purpose Add Joy, UnconditionaLove, Peace, Happiness, Hope, Grace, Mercy, and Encouragement to another's life!

 Too many people think they can act and live one way in public, then hide away behind closed doors and allow Who they Really are to  live.  They run when Truth enters the room, or their lives, they fight against Truth because they know it will call them out for who they really are, so they attack it first.  Not realizing that Truth and Love go together, Working On Purpose what God sent them here to do...correct our hearts, our minds, and to remove the wrong spirits and Replace all that with His Holy Spirit.  

Many ask for the Truth, especially when looking at others, but for them, they hide from it, fight against it's power, and are afraid of the amount of darkness that Truth reveals them to actually live in.  
For Many do not realize that When Truth and Love come into the picture LIGHT is always with them!

These many, have double, pride filled selfish standards, based on the ways of this world....but When they Call upon our Lord to save them, to help them, to do this and that for them, to become part of His Family, they miss the Truth that God will begin a Good Work IN Them As He does Good Things for them.

When Jesus gets a hold of a heart And His Holy Spirit begins to Dwell in us in our hearts, He Begins to change our mindset that has been formed and corrupted by the ways of this world.
God holds on to our heart and begins to pull out and kill off from the Root everything that is In Opposition to His Will and Purposes by His Timing that Lives in our heart.

 His Truth, Love and Light corrects The Way we look at everything, from our self image, to how we see others. He corrects the mis-representation of Him by others to us, His Truth changes how we see our surroundings, how we think, how we react, how we speak and how we treat others on a whole.

Once God gets a hold of each heart that desires to now Live with and For Him, that heart will be shown the Truth through the Work of our Christ, through the  enlightenment of His mission and purpose.

He strips out of our hearts, the wrong and evil and pours in the Right and Good from His heart so that His Will and Purpose are now our Will and Purpose.  If we do Not fight against His changes, If we do Not hinder His Work in us and For us, then we will be able to See His Love for us.  But too many are fearful to face the wrongs in their hearts, so they return to what they knew before He entered their hearts.
 And we are then made into a People of and for God In the name of Jesus, and not a people of this world serving self, and His enemy.

When we cry out to ask our Lord to show Himself to us, we also need to remember to ask Him to show Us to ourselves! 

The Cry of our Heart to our Savior, "Lord, show me Thyself!"  Is a cry that comes from seeking His Face, His Heart And Is one that does not go unanswered.
This is When His Truth Arrives always accompanied by His Love and Light.

This Is Not a call for natural things, but of Spiritual insight and Truth, His Love, a desire to be more aware of His Power and the Many wonders of His Character and Heart.
To Learn Him, His Humility, His Majesty, His Tenderness, His Sternness His Justice, His Mercy, His Grace, His Whole Healing of all our hurts, pains and open sores.  To be put through His Refiners Fire in order to be more like Him. 

In order that He continue the Good Work that He started in our hearts to have them changed, to have our heart and character equal and balanced to match our Divine Gifts and Anointing.

But, too many people turn to books, they go in search of God and His Truth through theology, they seek what other people think about the questions of life and love...Sadly, many people do not come to Him for all of this.  And then they worry about solutions to their problems that they think they can resolve and make right through human ways, thinking and power.

I encourage you my friends to Seek Him, Talk with Him, Spend much time with Him, daily, every hour give to Him what troubles you, what you cannot fix, what you are not able to see through, and then Wait on Him to answer you, to guide you in the Way Made, Wait and sing to Him the Truth of your heart.

He will change the condition of your heart, day by day, wrong by wrong, until you have a changed heart that reflects His Truth, His Love, His Light, His Will, His Purpose, His Life.

 "Serve the Lord with gladness! Come before His presence with singing!"

Search your Heart, the motives of your heart, Search the thing you Call Love...and

If the 'love' you give (or rec') to/from another= is selfish in always wanting to be right and be catered to, has a double standard, gets angry when it does not get it's way, yells instead of talking things out, never apologizes, seeks human approval, reacts from past hurt, pain, and jealousy, is CONTROLLING of you or, the one you are giving it to Then you are still full of human conditional love, Not God's unconditionaLove.

I Encourage you to keep seeking His Face, seeking His Changes in your heart. Don't resist Him and what He knows needs to be changed in your heart. Face whatever He reveals to you, forgive yourself, let down the walls that you have built that you think protect you.

If you are adding pain, sorrow, hurt, and anger to anothers life, seek our Lord's Forgiveness and Allow His changes to work in your heart. .
We have to work at it and desire Him to live within us. We have to face the lies that we have turned into false truths, Every Day this has to be worked on by us and Him.

UnconditionaLove has to be accepted by us first from God and Given to ourselves as His Gift, then we can give it to others.
You cannot Love the new person in your life, If you are still trying to love them in Your old human conditional love ways from your past!
God will desire to Make your character and your heart Right before you receive His results of Being Blessed, So that you do not mess them up and allow His enemy to Steal these Gifts of His Love From you!  Once the enemy steals the Gifts that God gave you, he will manipulate you into using them to serve him.

Allow our Mother-Father God In Jesus' name to correct your definition of Love, to pour into you the Power of His Whole healing, so that you do not give away or allow His Gifts and Anointing given to you to be stolen and misused.

On feet of Faith & Peace 
Joshua 1:9/ Isaiah 52 
Resting In His Faithfulness, 
One Day At A Time By Faith.

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Good message. I feel renewed.