Sunday, January 11, 2009


As we start this day Father, In the name of Jesus, Let us bring our Whole praise into Your storehouse, I bring all that is dear and important to me into Your storehouse, I bring all that concerns my heart, my lack, my shortcomings, parts of me in which I have weak faith and all unbelief in You-and I place it All into Your storehouse Father; as You have instructed us to do in order to Prove You Father!

My Lord Allow me to Thank Jesus for everything that He has done for us-But more Importantly I want to thank You for All that You have done and are doing In me. For the changes in me are greater than the changes for me. As I allow You to Work In me, all that we need will be provided for us in the natural.

LORD In the Name of Jesus, I come to You to offer what I have into Your hands-For this day I ask that You help me with any unbelief I may have-for this day I ask that You help me with any weak faith that may be in my soul. It is not by my strength and power that I will make it through this one day—but by Your Grace, Mercy and Righteousness that me and my family will be able to face all challenges in Your truth, that we will be able to see and use every opportunity that You supply to grow, help others, and to spread Your Gospel to those that are also in need.

Today Jesus, as every day, We Need Your presence and Love to help us along this path. Jesus-Please go forth before us We are following You.
Thank You Father God In the Name of Jesus-thank You for the trials and troubles, for Your blessings, Your favor, and for Your unconditional Love. Amen.
It's Always Time To Do The Right Thing.

We need more people that belong to Jesus to be willing to tell the truth to those that believe and live within the lies they have turned into their truth. From my experiences, I have learned that many people run from the truth. Most of these people sought the truth (seeking God) and when they found it—ran from it.

I think they speak out about wanting the truth from Jesus in front of others to give the impression that they are on the same path of righteousness. To appear to be part of His family. But when what they seek Him for is given to them-they cut off all contact, and avoid the messengers God has sent to speak the truth. They want Jesus to heal their physical hurt and pain-they want Him to make their living conditions better by providing the stuff of convenience; but not to give them total forgiveness for their sins.

I encourage all Not to allow your weaknesses to control you. To Not put yourself into positions where you will give in to your weaknesses-your weaknesses will drown you in shallow waters.
God will provide His people to be in your life to stop you and to tell you the truth.

People who are not swayed by public opinion-people who not concerned with impressing other people-people who have given their lives to God in the name of Jesus and who will not stop doing the Fathers work for any reason.
Truth Tellers!

David allowed his weakness for conquering women to push him into sin against God. Into some shallow water that will drown even those that know how to swim. When he looked down from his roof at Bathsheba and allowed his fleshy desires to control his decision to ‘have her’— he fell out of God’s grace when he acted on the control of his weakness.

God sent His prophet Nathan to speak the truth to David. And to send the message of what it would take to be restored back into Gods Grace and Will.

I have found that many people get miffed when I cut them off from going too far into their frustrations and weaknesses, in order to provide correction and encouragement. To provide them with a higher view of their situations that is not linear. I have learned that many just want to vent and dump their toxic waste on my ground and then that is all. Well, that is not going to happen here.

When God brings to the surface our shortcomings, weaknesses, our open wounds, pain and hurt, our fears, our mistakes and any unbelief that we may have it is to flush it all out. To face it and allow Him to fill in the spaces with more of Him-more of His unconditional Love is The goal.

Many people are on a path of continuing to create new regrets!
Allowing people a small space to vent in order to learn how they see themselves within their issues, situations and circumstances is necessary in order to that the helper is able to offer Effective help. But allowing them to go on and on for hours, days, weeks, or even months talking about their frustrations, worries, and fears will do them no good.

True we all feel better after we vent-when many voice these negatives—that ‘feel good’ time will quickly stop if the person does not begin to seek positive changes for their thinking, their speaking and the way they view themselves and God. Just voicing these concerns will not effectively change them. Doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result is fruitless and somewhat insane. That is not the Way that Jesus teaches us to be.

Telling the truth to yourself by facing any weaknesses and shortcomings will put you on a path of spiritual growth and maturity. It is up to us to make every effort to stay on this path. It puts you in a place where positive and productive growth and maturity enables you to trust in and have stronger faith in Jesus.
Facing the mistakes you have made and forgiving yourself will help you gain in strength. Asking Jesus to reveal to you what you can and must learn from your mistakes is vital to your spiritual life.

If you cannot face inner truth, then how will you be able to face outward obstacles and trouble? How will you be able to see the truth in the outward hindrances that this world has created to stop us and make us give up on Jesus?

If you do not acknowledge that it is sometimes challenging and difficult to stay this path by our own power, knowledge, strength, wisdom, and understanding—to face and accept that we need His strength and guidance-His Will and Purposes for each and every day as we have weak faith and unbelief for certain things; then you will not be able to reap the harvest that is already provided In His promised land. To be prepared when what God has prepared for you is delivered into your hands, just as He said He would do. He is the One that prepares us.

Contrary to popular belief=We cannot help ourselves.

In Numbers 13 it says that 12 had the desire and took inventory of the Promised Land. All 12 had the desire to go in-BUT only 2 were willing to be prepared by God and then to fight the good fight of Faith that would enable them to go in and take the Blessing—to Possess it as God had given it to them.

By Faith we use the courage that will always lift us up higher to be qualified to take possession of the Blessings of the Lord that bring no sorrow.

We have to hush our spirit—self must die-not by our power or combating-not really by prayer of supplication-but by our consciousness of His presence and by the values of His Spirit. We have to dry up, crumble and blow away.

Those 10 men really wanted to believe what God spoke to them. They had faith to start, but not enough to finish. They also were so weak in their faith that they allowed their weaknesses to control them and they proceeded to convince all the people that they should not bother about going to possess the land that God had provided.

Many people really want to obey—but will not understand that they cannot take wilderness thinking with them into the Promised Land of The Blessings of the Lord.

Or, do they really just want the natural conveniences that God can and does supply to us without doing their part that is required by faith?

You can’t obey to a point of the journey and just stop because it is getting difficult or challenging at the moment. The pain and trouble will only last for a moment. The blessings will last forever. Allow Jesus to Work In you and then you will rec’ what you want Him to do for you.

For He knows the plans that He has for us. As we were allowed to be put into the situations and circumstances by His Will-that Will try us by His refining fire, that the outside obstacles will reveal inner obstacles—none of which we can by our human power overcome. That as we come to realize we cannot do anything Good without Him-We Will seek, inquire for, require, and request His directions and favor; we Will pray to Him and call to Him and come to Him. Then we Will find Him, He Will hear us, He will allow our hearts to learn from Him as He is a vital necessity for our lives.

We Will Seek Him and He says that We will find Him, and He Will release us from our natural and spiritual captivity. Then He will carry us from the place He allowed our egos, pride, and selfish desires to take us to-back into His warmth and Goodness-back to the place where He Holy Spirit will rain down His blessings from His storehouse---Back into His multi-folded Love because our trust and faith in Him Proved Him True!

No matter what your circumstances are right now at this moment-do not allow your weaknesses to control you and you fall from the grace of God and give Him displeasure concerning your choices.
Remember, faith is not contagious—going to church on Sundays and sitting next to who you feel is full of strength and faith in the Lord will not make you catch some.
You have to spend much more time in His presence-in prayer and praise to Him than what Sunday morning, Wed., And Friday night offer you. Nor can you only call upon Him when trouble rises to greet you.
You can’t’ measure faith by natural ways. Only by consistently calling on Him—going to Him for Everything-only this will keep you balanced and secure within His Will and Purposes for your life.
Seek His Kingdom-His Righteousness-by dealing with your personal dysfunctions when He brings them to the surface, And getting up in the morning and telling the Lord that You Will Bless and Praise Him at all times!

Remember it’s easy to trust in and have faith in God when you have enough money and things to not be worried or concerned about “how are you going to …”

It’s another thing to be in natural lack in areas of your life and have to trust in and have faith in Him. Then Will you grow and mature-then will He be able to prepare your heart for His Work.


Resting In His Faithfulness,
One Day At A Time By Faith.
Joshua 1:9

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