Sunday, February 10, 2008


Greetings my sisters and brothers,

I humbly thank God that He is always right beside us when we seek Him. I thank Him for the anointing that has been put on our desire to strengthen our relationship with Him-He answers us when we call to Him. To God be the glory through our lives. In the Name of Jesus, Yea Amen.

Let us tell God in the name of Jesus, how much we appreciate Him. Amen. By heeding the directions that He sends to us, by fully obeying Him, you are letting God know How Much you Appreciate Him and All that He Has Already Done for you.

Thank You Jesus-Thank You Jesus!

No matter where you stand within your journey today--right now--By opening up your mouth to Praise Him you are appreciating Him because He is God, and for what He has done for you and He Will Honor His Promises to you. Amen.

Faith makes all things possible-Love makes it easy! The Call IS for us to be the hope in times of hopelessness, to be the love that erases fears. To use our voices to tell of what His Love has done- Are you a living witness for God? (Acts 4:19-20/ Acts 5:29-32). God will ALWAYS be right there when you call on Him--He will send you the answers before you need them. He will grab you when you fall.

As the title asks you-and please think on it...What are you reaching for?

Is it gold things? silver things? honor from man? recognition from man? awards from man? are you reaching for security? happiness? strength? tangible things?
Are you busy reaching for the things that you see others with?
Are you reaching for the gifts of the Spirit? Are you reaching for the corner of Christ's garment? are you reaching for His healing? His guidance-His presence?

And Why, are you reaching for these things?

Are You reaching by your own power or through the Power of Jesus?

Are you following the pre-destined plan that God placed for you-or-are you following a plan that you set forth for yourself?

What Are You Reaching For and How are you going about it?

You really need to ask yourself these questions so that you are very clear about every step, consequence, situation, every motive, every decision that you make and go through. That you have His wisdom and understanding about such things.

Everything that you go through is designed to bring you through to The Divine Destiny that God spoke out for your life! He said, that every word out of His mouth will come to pass. That nothing will return to Him empty! (Psalms 4:1) Yea amen.

Your faith is being tried by fire. Just as metal is heated in order to change the properties of it so that it will be stronger than before the fire. Just think, after the fire, You will be stronger than you ever were! And nothing that comes your way-NOTHING will be able to shake your faith in God- the anointing that He has placed upon you will show everyone and yourself, that you posses such courage--it will be a privilage to see such courage!

Remember, there are no shortcuts.

What are you reaching for? Fear or Faith?
What are you walking in, Fear or Faith?

God has put destiny into us and in order to get it out of us...He has to pull disorder and fear out of you. He has to pour discipline into you.

Please know this-the gifts, talents, and skills that you have been blessed with--are nothing without God's Anointing upon them-- Mixed in with them. They are NOTHING unless you are obeying His directions on how, when, and what to do with them. When you replace His Light with one that you power--you will not be able to see very far-nor will you be able to lead people by being His Light and letting it shine.

None of your gifts, talents, and skills will help the people they were intended to help if you are not allowing His Anointing to be upon you and to shine through you. To allow this- you have to be totally obedient.

So, if you are trying to reach higher levels by your own little power, with your motives- with your skills, talents and gifts (with no anointing) will obtain a higher place than you started out from--But, it will be much lower than where God pre-destined you to be!

Please know this, that this place-this level you obtained all on your own = SHALL BE CALLED= "the place that-is-lower-than-you-should-be-" And, you will have to maintain that level on your own--God will not help you or invest in your actions.

Now, ask yourself this and ask God this...."Lord, is this why i am not happy? Is this why i am anxious for what you promised me? Is this why I have my eyes, heart and focus on the things and not You? Am I reaching for the wrong things Lord? Is this why i can't see You in the midst of my situations? Lord, have i moved before You? Lord, Have i stopped when You told me to keep going?" Oh In Jesus' Name I call upon Your wisdom, knowledge and understanding to help me, Amen.

Now, wait on His answers to you...He will impart them into your spirit-your heart and you will know the truth. Thank You Lord. Amen.

Give Him your time, your space, your heart, your mind-think on Him...Give Him your All- and know that impartations are always Established Truth. The are given to change our perspective-they produce His Living Water for a thristy crop to be harvested from you. And once you encounter this rain of impartation that Only God can give us-We are left with a deeper understanding and love of God and for God-greater than anything that we have ever known--it is a greater and higher knowledge and peace that leaves us changed.
Glory be to God!

It's that sweet fragrance that lifts the tired soul after a rain! Oh Jesus--that name-there is something about that Name!

Please know that established truth, that is delivered to us–by people, events and circumstances, are wrapped in a purity by God that the world cannot rival. Without a doubt, I believe that God designed our lives to be containers sent for many purposes-He fills us up with what the people will need-He also sends us into places, situations, settings that have been orchestrated for the purpose of change and for increase to all involved = of true spiritual substance and for promise filled deliverances. Bless Your Name Lord!

Teaching is rote, but impartations establish: Paul desired to come to the people, “that He might impart some spiritual gift . . . that they would be established.” (Romans 1:11)

(Psalm 33:8-22)

Father God, In the Name of Jesus, I ask that You stand against all that can break Your nations and crush Your people. I pray that Your nations will not be broken but will be strengthened by Your virtue and Your steadfast love of us. I declare out of my mouth-that what You speak, You will bring to pass. Yea Amen. Excellent Father that You are, I declare all will fear the Lord and revere You- for "You spoke and they came into existence!"
I ask You in the Name of Jesus, to spoil plans and purposes that are not of You, and I declare instead that the purposes of Your heart-what pleases You will be established in the present generation and will realease the seeds, planting, water and harvests that You spoke into existance: “From heaven God looks down and sees all men and watches the inhabitants of earth. He considers everything they do and calls them to allow Him to form their hearts. Because of Him, no army saves a ruler; but the eyes of the Lord watch those who fear Him and He delivers them from death, famine and lost hope."

Lord, I testify with my life that You are Everything we need. I testify out of my mouth to be that voice of hope-that voice of agreement when it seems that nothing but chaos lives-that voice of unconditionaLove when hate seems to grow in 3's. I will speak of All the things that Your love has done for us.
I will continue to build Your Kingdom Here on earth, as IT IS IN HEAVEN, as You have spoken it into existance. To do what we were Told To Do, ALL That Jesus Did and Greater Things.
(John 14:12)

Lord, I thank You for giving me the faith that pleases You, In Jesus' Name, I humbly pray, praise and thank You-as i know it is done. Yea Amen.

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