Tuesday, February 26, 2008



I welcome you today into the desire of learning.

Let us keep First things First!

Father God, In the Name of Jesus, I come to you to thank You for Loving me so abundantly that Your Love overflows from me and is The Living Waters from my belly. Father You know that my main concern is to allow Your love to flow through me, so that my fellow man will see The Love Of My Awesome God. So that they may seek Your Face and the Righteousness of Jesus will be imputed into them as You and Only You can change their hearts. Yea Amen.

( 1 John 4:12)

Once you make up your mind-Nothing-no person-no devil,
can bother you or stop you. Once you fully step out in faith-stepped out on His promises, you have made up your mind as to Who & what you believe in & Whom you are trusting in.

The devil cannot hurt or change a made up mind!

That feeling you have when you know that Jesus loves you--what you feel is, His joyful presence-it is a calmness that blankets you and everything around you. His love deepens our desire to learn and to want to be changed-- His love takes over our spirits and hearts. You feel the assurity that while you live within His UnconditionaLove, EveryThing is taken care of. I don't care what happens, what you see and hear...It IS taken care of to benefit God's plan. amen

When you start each day by asking God who He wants you to help today-you are loving God and He is in your midst! Everything that you have your mind on, will fall into place for you-when you help others in need.

We allow God's Love to change us, and He sends to us, strength, power, authority, wisdom, boldness, and He enriches us with His anointing so that all the gifts, the talents, the skills, are willing and able to do as He has spoken. The understanding of what to do with the wisdom and knowledge that He has given to us is known.

You have this desire to re-learn all you can without the fears, doubts, and the confusion-birthed by the noise of the world bothering you. Things may come and try to make you doubt, make you think God does not love you-but the devil cannot change a made up mind.

God is releasing the results of His blessing on you--All because, you have made up your mind and you are fully trusting in Him, and you are walking on your faith in Jesus. And no, life is not easy everyday, that's where the trusting in Him and speaking with our faith comes in.

If you have not made up your mind yet...He is waiting on you to make up your mind. Who are you going to live for?

Please know, that the changes God does in us take time to come to completion. Don't worry yourself when God is doing things on His time. He has worked out everything for you-there are stages a person has to go through to become a butterfly. Give yourself time and patience-Love yourself. God is not finished with you yet.

If you chose to continue to teach yourself, you will have to figure out how to navigate the valleys of people's minds-the mountains they build because of their view of themselves, you will have to try and make doors open and opportunities appear by your own power. You wear yourself out trying to fight satan and his minions-shoot, you 'll wear yourself out trying to fight man and his selfish will and ways.

Many people know the song, "Yes Jesus Loves Me...for the Bible tell me so..."

But I wonder if people understand what that really means when you speak those words out? Do you know that, when Jesus Loves you, nothing can stand in your way-if you believe and trust Him? When Jesus loves you-you have nothing to worry about-you learn to let go of fear, doubt, control over situations, you learn to have control of your emotions, control of your desires to fix things, you learn to control your mouth and your heart.

When you sing that verse of that song, or shout out in public anywhere that "you know you are already blessed and that God loves you"...I want to ask you this....If you know Jesus loves you-then why are you full of fear, doubt, hurt, worry and pride?

Why would you doubt His Word and start talking negatively about everyday things from everyday situations that everyday people and satan will create? You know he is going to keep trying, why do you keep letting him and or people bother you and hold you back?

When YOU KNOW that Jesus LOVES you-there is no doubt, no fear, no pain, no hurt, no attacks, no situation-No Storms that will pop up and move you from your dedication to stay with God - to stand with God and to trust in and have faith in God!

YOUR MIND IS MADE UP! You know that Jesus loves you and nothing can move you from within His love.

Keep saying this to yourself until you know it! Know Who you are in Christ. What is your motive? Singleness of motive in your heart is what pleases Him and allowes The blessing He placed on you to fully work.
Once you understand and recieve that God is on your side, you will have tremendous confidence! He gives us a faith that allows us to walk on His cnfidence.

Having moments of weakness, having moments when your friends and members of your family start to question your thinking and your actions because you are not living as you use too-you are not the same person they knew. That person is dead-you gave God your ashes and took hold of His Glory! Amen.
These moments will pass-but what you do while within them says a lot to God about Your love and trust in Him.

Are you going to stop and wait on your friends and family members to give their lives to God and start following Jesus? Or are you convinced, that He will take care of them when they are willing? But you've got to go to Him now! Then Come to Him, He is always with you.

God will talk to you, it's Him Loving you.

Let God Love On You! Listen To Him. Recieve His love.

God is waiting for you to finish making up your mind. He has already made up His mind concerning you and your life.

Please read these scriptures:
John 14:12
Acts 10:38
Isa. 54:13
Rom. 8:15-17
2 Cor. 5:17
Psalms 51:10
Psalms 37:4

We shall encourage one another as often as we have to. In the Name of Jesus, Thank You God. Yea, Amen.


Neon Deb said...

The image of the rainbow is soothing to my soul tonight. It's very late and I have just come from the studio at school, my brain is full of stuff. Sometimes I can't read but only a little bit and look mainly at the pictures on your blog. Sometimes you just need visual clarity, you know? Love and Peace.

Kathryn said...

Only today I found your blog...and unless the Lord were to reveal to your heart how much it meant...there are no words I know that could express it. As you continually yield yourself to Him, may He continue to shower His wisdom and love upon you. Life as taught me that if He can get it to you...He can get it through you.

wisdomteachesme said...

welcome kathryn it is good to meet you.

thank you for speaking the love from your heart toward me.
i rec' your prayers on my behalf in His name.

come on back any time :D