Sunday, February 3, 2008


~ Helen Keller


I know there are those of you that read some books over again. Certain chapters that you may be fond of.

Isn't it something how we can be led to just the right book at just the right time?

Have you ever felt that way after reading just a few sentences of a book that you either just recieved, or you are re-reading it?

This morning I picked up Helen Kellers "Let Us Have Faith" 1940.

As I started reading the words-slowly, I do not want to miss anything-with an open-teachable mind. I remembered quickly what had touched my very soul the last 10-20 times that I've read this little book that holds in it , more faith than many people's lifetime has ever shown.

Her love of God and her faith is enormous! encouragement started to dance within me, uplifting my spirit as I read her words, today-in this moment are exactly what I needed.

The faith she had, I wonder if God witnesses it as often as He would like to. But I do know, that I see what "He did for her" - so I stay-leaning on Him, expecting, trusting, using my faith. and I keep singing, However You chose to bless me Lord.

I want to share a portion of her writing from chapter two- selections from pages 11-13, Faith Arms the Soul.

"...but faith, the eye of love, did. I did not know I had a soul. Then the God in a wise heart drew me out of nothingness with cords of human love and the life belt of language, and lo! I found myself.
Faith...And since I have the privilege of doing it, I am proud to bear this testimony to the power of faith! If I had not faith to think with and suffer with I could not bear the incessant wrenching at my mind caused by the revival of barbarism and intolerance. the mutilations of mankind by war and persecution and tyranny. Faith is the red blood that braces when all else fails."

"Unity in service to one another is stirring evidence of faith. It need not wait to be the work of an entire civilization; in fact, it is here among us if we tear defeatism from our eyes and look for it. The achievements which have contributed most to progress--faith''s fruits--have never been wrought in distrustful aloofness from the people, and they have rarely borne the flag of any nationality or the emblem of any class or creed. They have overleaped political boundaries to elevate and instruct people under every banner. The effort to abolish every form of slavery has been the responsibility of a universal brotherhood of faith."

Father God, in the Name of Jesus, I thank You for giving me faith that pleases You and Lord, I ask that You help us to trust Your purposes for our lives that are unfolding before us when we do not understand. In the Name of Jesus, Yea Amen.


Anonymous said...

This Word I'm taking into the day with me. I hadn't read Helen Keller's book but now I am eager to do so. Her words, and your understanding of her message, "Wisdomteachesme" give a good message of hope as we anticipate the work God has for us.

Thank you for being obedient and a shining light!!

wisdomteachesme said...

I rec' your thankyou's valann. and i thank our Father for the faith and obedience that He bestowed upon me.

come back anytime, and be encouraged! spread some!

may God continue to breath His life over your life!