Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Well, a celebration is upon us. As i am out and about running my errands, i see so many people rushing here and there. There is so much self imposed stress being released by so many. I am going to stay out of the way!

I see children crying in stores and parents tugging them or pulling them along, with a sharp tone and an ugly face-it appears at times that children are a burden because they are children and will act like children. I see grown people snapping at others, with ugly faces, mumbling under their breath because the line is moving too slow for them, or the items that they need to buy are gone, or the stop light is taking too long to change.

Rushing here and screeching there, it all makes me wonder to myself, What are we celebrating again?

Oh yeah, Thanks-giving!

It appears that so many are not Thankful to be able to Give, unless it can be done for a tax write off, or be 10%. You know they are thinking, well, i need to get something too if i am going to give. Well, what about my family-we need also. You know that type of thinking, that type of heart, not humble, not grateful, not thankful, not loving.

God wants 100% from us all. And you may be called to give to people and places that are not set up for tax write offs. Giving to people and places that are in need of what God has given to you in such abundance that yours 'overflows'. So many deem themselves to be "right" and "of God", simply because they help the low and poor for Thanksgiving - but not at any other time of the year.

So many are trying to be perfect for this celebration, but do not have Thankfulness, and Gratefulness in their hearts. So many are caught up in their traditions, they are not cooking with love, they are not speaking with love, they are not living with love in their hearts. They are not selfless in their thinking or their actions. You know, food tastes better when the cook is praising God and is thankful for the opportunity to do for their family and friends. The food tastes better when it is mixed with a genuine love for people and for God. (1 John 4:12)

It appears that many are on a never ending ride of self promotion to impress others that will see what they are doing. They do only when others are looking or they can stand and tell all they have done. They give partial obedience to His directions if what God has asked them to do is more than what they want to do. These people, manipulate the message if it is going to be a sacrifice to give. They want to be known and seen as a child of God, but they do not speak like His child nor do they act like His child.

I trust that you are all well today and ready to reap of God's abundance. Yea Amen.
There is an opportunity to Fellowship with Thanksgiving!
A chance to invite God to your table to partake of All that He is.

There is so much to do, a celebration is upon us, let us not get caught up in impressing others, let us not rush around till we are exhausted, let us not forget to praise Him that has made All Things Possible.

There is no perfection in our actions for others when we are operating like robots with hate in our hearts-trying to fulfill traditions that are shallow and have no room for change. The meals will be cooked, what you have-is what you have-it will be enough! The company will arrive late or on time, either way - they will arrive.
Your flesh will poke and sting you - but your faith and your spirit will, if you allow them to, will use The Authority given to us, to guide you in the ways that you should go.
Our perfection only comes from God's spirit flowing through you-He needs us to be His hands, His feet, His mouth to speak love to people. Our perfection only comes to light when we are fully obedient to His directions-to His authority over our lives.

Perfection is only achieved when we fully obey Him-no other way. Enjoy this day and relax-people will get to eat, and spend time with you and your families-remember, PRIDE KILLS-TRADITION KILLS- and the only way to please God is through complete obedience.~

2 Cor. 5:20 / Matt. 5:13

Be well during this time, and relax, allow the transgressions of friends, family members and even strangers to be covered by God's love that lives in your heart. Let Your light shine so that others will want the Joy and Peace that they see living in you.

Be patient with yourself and with others, God is not through with us yet!

In Her name~Joshua 1:9



Very good post. I enjoy reading it to the fullest!! Please keep them coming..


wisdomteachesme said...

and you know i will-as long it is today - i will encourage!

We need Him oh yes we do- we need Him today! and i want Him to know this!

thankyou and i hope that you will return and continue to post your Joy for our Lord.