Sunday, November 11, 2007

In Thinking About Your Heart

Thinking about your heart, i bring this prayer to you.
In the hope and joy that God has placed an anointing on these words that will bring to you warmth, and understanding, comfort and a peace that only comes from God.

in thinking of your heart,,,,, may i add what came to my spirit as i read this;
That this prayer is from those lonely, but faithful to His word, people.

The People that have made a commitment to faithfully follow God and Her purposes for each of them.

And i see this prayer as a way to just say thank You to God for the comfort and courage it takes to follow Him. All of which He has given to you.

So know that you may be lonely right now, but in your heart She lives! and She is always going to comfort you and will send to you the one that has been chosen just for you !

Stay strong and grounded in Her love and know that it will be seen as it has been said.

God has not forgotten you, nor is He blind to your obedience along with your mistakes.
He forgives on one hand and rewards with the other.

Cry, vent, fuss, stomp around if it will make you feel better. then just rest in Her comforting arms, sleep and rest, for each day is another chance, and another day to rest in Him, He won't let you down.

Joshua 1:9

Prayer for Lonely People

Loving God,
there are times in each life
when there is no one.
No one with whom
to share
a word,
a laugh,
a sad remembrance,
a gentle touch,
a fond embrace,
a kiss of love.
Bless each one who suffers
from such loneliness.
Enrich life with a friend
or gentle stranger
who will spend a moment
noticing and loving.
In those times
your love shines through,
the world is reborn,
and Christ is known.
So be it!
- Vienna Cobb Anderson

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