Thursday, November 22, 2007

A Time To Remember-Oh Come All Ye Faithful...

This is a time to be thankful, so we are told. It is not a Holiday (which is a Holy Day), but a Celebration of what took place with the Native Americans (as we call them) and the Pilgrims.

The way some people talk about this day, always makes me wonder, do they save all their "thankfulness" from the year just for this day? Or are they thankful everyday?

I know there are people that fit into both catagories, and it saddens me to know that some people are not consciously thankful on a daily basis. So much that they have to learn and I pray that the purposes of their journey are realized in time to be fully beneficial to themselves and to others. What does lift me up, is that I know God is always right there, waiting on them to decide what they will do when they come to a point of opportunity to rec' positive change for their lives, that He has allowed to happen.

My home, right now smells like LOVE ! And it excites me as each food item is completed. Even the ones that i will not eat, the smells are enticing to my senses and dances with my Joy. My partner is the cook in this home, and those that know me - are laughing because they know, this is the best for all in this home. (oh yes, i am thankful!)

The smell of Love brings so many memories flooding to my mind and to my heart. And I have to give Praises of Thankfulness to God for the changes that have occured in my life, that have positively affected my life at this phase. He has given me such abundance in every area of my being that my eyes, ears and heart are open to so much more than I could have ever imagined. One thing that I see is that, it's ok to not try to break my neck pleasing people in order to fulfill their ideas, plans, and staunch traditions just because it is ThanksGiving, or Easter, or Christmas.
I am not into being as traditional now as i was before my grandmother died in 2005. Oh there were great times-don't let me give misunderstanding-but i always wished secretly to myself, that just one of these times, that everyone could just stay home and relax and not put on such a big show and fuss. But it never came to be the way i wished until she died.
She was rooted in tradition and I understand it all, but I never really liked some of her 'rooted traditions' much. But you know, I was told it was not to be questioned-that never stopped me from voicing my opinion (usually under my breathe or out of earshot) about all the cleaning, all the shopping, all the preparations, and the actual cooking. All the cleaning afterwards, and the time gathered in front of the tv or us spilling outside as there were always too many people for the home.
It seemed to please her so much-and all that she had done for all of us through the years-would make me keep my mouth closed and bear through it all.

You see, most of the work (other than the cooking) fell on me as I lived with my grandmother and all the other family members would be "driving in" and then leave after they had stayed the "right amount of time". I know that you know what I am talking about.

I miss my grandmother so much, but I am so thankful that she is not still here in the condition that she was in her last year on this earth. She gave God 93 years of servanthood and in her last year, she was bedridden and was in pain most of the time.

I do cherish the days that were given to us to partake in her life. She got to see and be around 4 great-grand children before she died ( there are 5 now and another on the way-Ha! no, not me! :). My daughter was the first and the one that spent the most time with her as we lived with her. As I often remind my daughter of the blessing from God that she got to spend 8 years with her 'greatma', and how many children never even get to know their grandmothers let alone their great-grandmothers. My grandfather died in 1990 at the age of 83. They were married 55 years. That is a long time to be together and it is a blessing to my heart to have known them, to have them raise me - for certian years of my life - and be a part of all their lives for so many years.

Their teachings, their giving, their love, are blessings that I am truly, humbly thankful to God for, but before I speak my humble gratitude for them I first give God thanks for my birth and my re-birth in Him. For saving me so that I may be here to partake of All that He has given me. Yea, Amen. For saving my life so that I may be used to fulfill His purposes and will through my life for the saving of others. I have to stop and give Him praise that I and my family are given all we need to be blessings to those that He sends in need and that those He sends to be blessings to us, fully do so. For all Glory be unto God, The Creator.

I am humbly thankful for the time that God has given me with all the people that are not with us now. My grandparents, my best-best friend John, my other close friends that are now gone, I give thanks for the blessing of Luther Vandross and His unmistakeable unique voice and gift of music. For Minnie Ripperton and all her gifts. There are so many that I love that are gone but who took the steps to trust God with what He had given them to share with all of us.

I am humbly thankful for the wind, and the rain, For All the creations that God has given us. I am thankful for the people that want to help keep the earth in a forward positive growth and not to selfishly drain all the natural resources before the earth has a chance to replinish herself, as it takes time for that.

I am humbly thankful for my family, even though we do not gather together at these times like we use to-times have changed and distance, money, and space are stronger factors now. My parents now travel to all of our houses-my two brothers and here. They went to visit one brother who lives in the foothills of the mountians last week. And today for dinner, they are at my other brothers house in the city they live. We may go there later today or tomorrow to visit.

The days of putting the leaf in the dinning room table, the time required for the huge meals, putting the kitchen chairs at the dinner table in order to squeeze everyone in, the disappearance of everyone when it was time to clear the table and clean the dishes, are gone for right now. ON that scale they are.

I am fine with it, and i think my brothers are also. My mother, I know wishes that we could all get together as we use too, but she knows that it is more trouble to do so than not. So she came up with the idea of all of us staying at our homes, and she and my father travel around to each of us. It works out and Change does take Courage, and I am fine with it.

You see, I am grateful and thankful every day, not just today. Even though we are not all gathered together to fellowship as in the past, my grandparents spirit and love is more than enough to cover the miles that lie in between us and pull us all together in spirit.

My home smells like LOVE! And I am reminded of those that are not physically with us anymore except for in the spirit and love they gave for all these years. It all grows and lives each day that I remember them and their lives. I am humbly thankful to God our Creator for He always knows what we need and what is best for us.

Give Faith a chance, and allow God's Joy and Peace that lives in all of us, every possiblility to grow and bloom from your heart -that the seeds from Joy and Peace will be blown with the wind to people and places that are lacking them.


Be Well and I pray that God Keep us all till we speak again.
In His name~Joshua 1:9


Anonymous said...

A wonderful Thanksgiving Day post. I'm sure that your grandmother loved it too.

Say hey to V for me and hug the girls.
Have a blessed holiday season

Attorneymom said...

I will be adding you to my blog roll and showing some support. It is nice to have someone that loves God to talk to.

Be in agreement with me and 2unruly that God will cancel my $125k student loan debt.

wisdomteachesme said...

BL = thank you so much, and i told v and gave the girls hugs!
I hope that she would like it, i know that her spirit is all around this home continuing to spread her love and spirit to us.

AM = thank you for your support and i too will continue to support your efforts and goals.

I have already said a prayer concerning your loan and actually your life and that of your family. and please know that He has done it all in the name of Jesus!

thank you for your kind words.