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 Truly leaning on the strength of Jesus, is being able to hold onto Him as He holds it All together the Way God has spoken it to be, as the naysayers and unbelievers, the small in faith people around you are expecting you to fall apart.

Don't LET your worries, fears and doubts Create your Boundaries!
2 Cor 10:3-10; 2 Tim 1:1-7

My dear sisters and brothers, Please Do Not focus on Any situation with your natural eyes! Our natural eyes and ears WILL trick and fool us.  What we see in the natural is Not what the truth of what the matter is!  What we see is Not the end of this thing we face!

In the name of Jesus, God Answers our Faith and Trust in Him=bind up your doubts and fears and give them to Him! When pressures from a situation, a problem, a set of circumstances pushes against us, we are Not to allow the pressure to create our boundaries, to dictate the beginning, the middle or the end of a thing.

Our Faith is what should Always CREATE OUR BOUNDARIES and bring us to the End of each Thing as He has spoken it To Be concerning every area of our life!
 Expecting His outcomes already put into place for every thing, issue, circumstance, situation and problem, every Good thing, Is the best instead of holding on to the outcome that we have decided is going to be the best for us.
 Let go of your expected plans for each outcome, and Hold onto God's outcomes and Expect Them, Praising them forth in the Name of Jesus!

Through your Faith, Speak to the Pressures of evil and everything that opposes God's Will, Promises, and Plans in your life--each thing that is a challenge, a situation a problem in your life!
Fears and pressures from this worlds ways partly are from satan using willing hearts to add his mess in things tries to create our boundaries, and to give us an outcome for everything that opposes Gods outcomes already set to happen.
If evil can use pressure on those with little faith, trust and unbelief to move you away from Gods Will and Plans, then he will have you holding or sitting in the messy, toxic, jacked up outcomes that he made you believe are best for you.
Speak your Faith always using His Promises as your Truth to bind up those pressures that have been sent to make you doubt, and see only failure!
What your natural eyes show you is Not the End of the Thing as He has Spoken To Be!
Examine your Spiritual environment, ask for stronger discernment and wisdom concerning each and every thing you face, for each day you are awakened.  What have you allowed to live and grow in your heart, which is what comes out of your heart.
A heart full of negatives, jealousy, little faith, hurt, will always alter your Spiritual eyes, and you will not be able to hold on to what has been planted in your heart that is Good. Do you hear the Right thing to do, and then do and say the opposite?
Release all the negatives that you hear in a day from outside sources into His hands, and Hold onto, water, and strengthen the Good that you hear and know to be His Truth. Allow the Good to grow and feed your Spiritual self! 
Can you drink from your own Well of life giving Waters? What kind of Water is in your Well?  Are others able to drink from it, or is it toxic, muddy, negative and tainted?

 When God sends correction to us, too many push His Truth back, push it away by cutting Him off and getting defensive to state their case through excuses and nonsense thinking. They are Not teachable and willing to Receive correction, so therefore, they are choosing to remain stupid and stuck! Being unwilling to face what is wrong, because of pride, ego, and fears.

  Not trusting that God has More Than Enough mercy, grace and Love to change them, not willing to let go of what pleases only their flesh, yet is eating away at their heart and Spirit like a cancer. Not seeing and/or accepting the Truth that they are in dire Need of deliverance from all that opposes God's Will in their lives.  Not Believing that there is a Much Better way to Live while we are here on this earth, strangers just passing through. This is what is vile, and toxic, hindering deliverance and growth in so many.  Oh if they would only believe.

The strength and Joy that we need for each day, only comes to us because we spend more and more time alone with our Lord.
And in these times we live in now, I tell you, I spend as much time as I can with Him. The stronger I grow in His Love, the more the forces and pressures of evil get stronger and stronger each day.

So Much is going on, so many people are focused on moving up in their jobs, what is going on in the entertainment world, how they look, adding fake to themselves because they do not like who they were made to be, living 2 or 3 different lives/lies, what they have and don't have, who has done them wrong and how they will get back at them.
They are full of pain, hurt, jealousy, rebellion, full of rejection so they reject, full of hurting so they try to hurt others to get revenge and /or the material things they crave, full of working to avoid their responsibilities and trying to avoid the consequences of their bad decisions..WHEW!

This world has too much mess, too many distractions, too much of the wrong way, And you Have to Pull away from it all, Shut it down, and Sit with Him Alone!
All that mess will enter our hearts, and begin to grow and produce the weed seeds that will choke the Life out of your Spiritual seeds that our Lord has planted in there. Spending more and more time with Him, allows Him to continue His Work of Changing us, into His image, which means changing our character and motives into His character, Having His motives, His Will, His Purpose, His Love as ours.

Who are you?  Who are you trying to become? By whose opinion and justification are you living your life by and for? 

Every body has a cause, a wrong they think should be righted, and they want everyone else to join their cause, join in the fight to right all these injustices! 
But what I see is that, many of these causes, and the ways many are trying to correct these injustices are mostly through the power of human flesh, none of it is done through the power of God's Spirit, which is Truth, Love and Faith.

"...But The Time is coming—It Has, In Fact, Come—when what you're called Will Not Matter And where you go to worship Will Not Matter. It's Who you Are And The Way you Live That Count Before God. Your worship Must engage your Spirit in the Pursuit Of Truth. That's the Kind of People The Father Is Out Looking For: those who Are simply And honestly themselves Before Him in their worship. God Is Spirit. Those who worship Him Must Do It out of their very being, their Spirit, their True self, in Adoration." John 4:23-24

We have to give to Him
Every Work of our hands, asking for His position and planned outcome concerning these Works, situations, challenges, difficulties, problems, etc...
We have to spend Much time with Him, Alone, in quiet, in waiting, so that He is Able to pour more of Himself into us, to Increase Himself and decrease us, so that when He sends us out to cross paths with those in need of Him, we Are Able to do His Work as He needs it done, He is so abundant in us,  He Flows through us, no matter where we go, no matter if we are to speak or stand in quiet, He is There to be the help that we and others need.  His outcome shall be revealed to be The Only outcome that Will fit properly.

When you cut short your times of Prayer, of Quiet sitting with Him, you cut short and hinder your Spiritual growth and maturity.  You cut short and impede your ability to Do His Work Through Him.  And any Work you attempt to do in His name, will not profit Him or His Kingdom.  The values of Heaven are So different than the values of this world, it would be a Good thing for folk to GET This Truth!
Think about this from His point of view, a poor tool rusted, dull and weak from working All the time, is doing More useless work than useful work and is of small to little value when compared to the Sharp, Well Oiled, Perfect, (perfect because of Working through His Spirit),  tool/instrument that Is Used for only a short time--but which does His perfect, useful work and Provides Great Value to the Building up of His Kingdom!

Give What He Asks for, (Not what you decide is easy or convenient to give), And It Shall Be Given unto you in return, Give your time in prayer, in Joyful and Expectant waiting, Give your time, your heart in seeking All that He Is,

If you give from your flesh, that is what will return to you. In the same measure that we give through His Spirit or our flesh, that is what we Will get in return.

Ask for His Holy Spirit to come and purify the tainted, negative circumstances that are sent to defeat and hinder your daily growth and work. Ask His Holy Spirit to cleanse your heart of all that is holding you back from Growing and Being changed into the Next You that He has already Planned And desires to Prepare you for.

There is so much on the path of our journey that we Need to Be prepared to stand against. He knows what lies ahead, we do not.
He knows what we are in need of in our hearts and Spirit, in order to be prepared to Walk right through following Him, we do not.
 It is time to clean out all the weeds that His Spirit says Need to Go!

I Need all of you, You Need me, let us pray and encourage and lift each other up!

I LOVE you Very much and I encourage to believe that God Loves you More and that You need to always Stand STRONG in your Faith, Trusting His Promises Made to us In the Name of Jesus, AMEN!

"Very Early in the morning, while it was still dark, Jesus got up, left the house and Went Off to A Solitary Place, Where He prayed." Mark 1:35

  “For My Thoughts Are Not your thoughts, Neither Are your ways My Ways,” declares the LORD. “As the heavens Are higher than the earth, So are My Ways higher Than your ways And My Thoughts Than your thoughts.”   selah!
Isaiah 55:8-9

 Luke 6:37-49

On feet of Faith & Peace 
Isaiah 50:4/Isaiah 52/Jer 20:9-10,11-13/Joshua 1:9 
Resting In His Faithfulness, 
One Day At A Time By Radical Faith. 
©2010,2011 WisdomTeachesme

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