Thursday, February 24, 2011


 My Sisters and Brothers, For today And Every day, Think On These things that are Truth, Light and from Above.  Hold them-store them in your heart.
In the name of Jesus, Allow the Spirit of God to Occupy your mind at all Times, Not just in the Good times, or just in the bad times, But At All Times! Amen.

I Hope and Pray in the name of Jesus, that you have the patience to Learn, to Grow and to Mature in His Love for you; and if you do not Have enough patience, I pray you ask Him to increase your self-control and self-discipline.

As the world changes as it always does, some will be able to modify themselves, and stay above the flood waters. They will come to realize that if they do not change their thinking, their speaking, their action and re-actions, then they will drown in shallow waters.

The people of God also witness the ever changing ways of this world, but have Confidence, Trust and Faith in our Lord Jesus to Continue to be the same today as He was to all that came before us. This Is the Time for all dead things in our heart, character, thinking, speaking, actions, and re-actions to be Cleaned out! It Takes His Spirit to help us do this, as we will either miss many of these things dead relationships, and places Or, we just do not want to face and deal with them.  But God knows when we are ready To Face And Deal with all that is dead in our lives.  Those things and people that have no usefulness to us or Him.  He Prunes what is not needed.

Many of us are being tested, in order to produce maturity and growth in our Spiritual life.  Tested to be shown what is Spiritually lacking that we are in need of from Him. Tested in order to be prepared for the next level we are already Lifted up to, and the next assignment of our Calling. Tested in order to be corrected and re-organized, cleaned out and then added too.  His Love is Full of His Presence, And His Presence Is Love, Is Power!

This is a time to Stop, Listen And Heed His pulling of your heart To Come To Him and Sit, learn, enjoy His presence.  Come and Be Loved! Now is the time to Stop allowing the Work He has given you to do in His name, to be your focus.  Many turn His Work into their idol, and allow it to occupy their thinking instead of His Holy Spirit. 

How much longer will His people ignore His guiding, His directions, His Law?  Always in a state of holding themselves back by the hands of pride, ego, and he desires of this world. This Is the Time for you to Listen to and heed the Truth spoken through His Prophets, His Wise people, His Teachers, who have been sent into your life to be your Help!  

We Are to study with the teacher He sends our way, to align ourselves with counsel of the wise people and to heed the prophet that God sends to you—Bringing to you His prophetic insight, warning and correction, before you step the wrong way, before you make a decision based on your wants pride, ego and lack. In many cases, He will also send these people into our lives After we have made mistakes and bad decisions to Help Correct us. But too many times, many reject and ignore the Truth that is sent to them through these prophets, wise people and teachers.

So many of us are caught up in the changes of this world, thinking that they have the power all alone to correct and fix what is happening in their life. They are Not consulting our Lord about Everything.  God Is Not their All In All! They are caught in the ways of this world, thinking they can make things go the way they Think they should go.
  Some have been promoted in the natural realm, and then got too relaxed in thinking that, "whew, that was rough but I am here!"  

And by letting down their Spiritual guard, forgot that once God promotes us in the natural, A Whole new set of stairs are there for us to climb, and that the REAL work is ahead. 

We Are to Let Him Clean out of our lives all the Dead Things-the Useless things that are in His Way, which means, they are in our Way. As Our Way is His Way, or should be.

We know that God has 'done so many things for us, Had it Not been for the Lord, where would we be?'  Amen!

We know this truth, but we at times get caught up in our 'lack of', and instead of growing and maturating in our lacks, we just sit there in them, trying to do things on our own. Which never works and will only bring the wrong outcomes to us.

Let Jesus Do It! 
This should be your Prayer, Your Truth, Your Power, Your Immediate Thought and Action when faced with riding the Waves of changes this world is governed by.
Let Jesus Do It!

It is easy for many (who remember) To praise God when He provides the breakthroughs, the promotions, the necessary need for the moment, and to Focus on Him when everything is falling apart. These are the things that He is watching about us. He is watching and waiting on us to See when we are going to consult Him bfore making decisions concerning His plans and purposes for our lives.
These are the times when we should STOP and seek His Face and Righteousness to SEE if it is God that is tearing things down and allowing things to Fall apart in our life.
Many of us Need To Learn How to recognize, to Discern, that It is Not always the enemy in the midst of your challenges, but Many Times it Is God Who Is tearing away from us what is NOT Aligned with His Will, Plans and Purposes.

 There are those who do Not see, or do Not want to see, Where their desires are Not aligned with God's desires.
There are those who are so focused on the outcome They Want concerning everything in their life, that they Do Not recognize It is God's Outcome they should be Expecting and Praising forth.  In Truth to always make Sure that we have surrendered our need to have the outcomes be the way we think they should be, or want them to be, and Expect and Desire the outcomes that God Has Already Planned To Be! This is how we Ripen as His Fruit.

 So when God begins to re-order our steps, when God begins to tear down in our life what is In His Way, When God begins to re-organize, When He gets rid of what Needs to go, digging out of us All That Is No longer Useful for us
, When God begins to Reveal to us the decisions that we have made that are Mistakes and many times these mistakes Will do us more harm then Good; and then REPLACES all that mess with what Is Now Needed,  many of us get bent out of shape. He is revealing to us the wrong things we have Sowed, and correcting us to Sow what is needed in the Way He knows best. 

When He reveals to us all these things, we at times decide to become sad, and disappointed and some stay this way for days!
Some of us quickly begin to fuss at satan, and give him the credit for doing all the stuff going on. 

Let me tell you this, by the time God steps in and begins to tear down and remove what is wrong, the work of satan has already been done. We have already been tricked, fooled, and blinded into altering the Vision--That is Why God Is tearing down and re-organizing our steps.  Are you able to get this understanding yet?

Examine your heart, your motives, have you allowed your lacks to guide you instead of your Trust and Faith?
Where have you stepped off Gods path and made a decision that was contrary to His plans?  Where have you allowed others to come into your life and create confusion and you did not stand against it? Where has your flesh and ego Pushed you to compromise your integrity and the Plans of God for your life?  Where have you allowed the immature and green places in others hearts to be your guide because they are your friends?

Where have you allowed yourself to follow Your desires that were not aligned with His desires for you? Where have you tried to mix in your flesh with His Spirit?  Where have you ignored the little things thinking them unimportant?
Where have you altered His Vision for your life instead of Following His directions to accomplish this Vision?
Where are you following little faith and weak trust that lives in your heart, instead of seeing the truth about your little faith and trust and Asking Him to Help you in your unbelief?

These are the lacks that trip us up many times. The places within our heart, character, and our Spiritual Gifts, where we are still green fruit on the Vine, Still in need of Pruning, Ripening, Maturing and Growth!

Where have we forgotten to Remember that our Praise is necessary at All Times? That His JOY Is our Strength! That His Peace He gave us Is our Power!
Where have we forgotten to Remember that our situations and circumstances do Not dictate our Praise, or control our Everlasting Joy and Expectation in His faithfulness?

God provides the Seeds to the Sower with the directions to Plant them as He knows best. He is Not going to continue to provide the Seeds that we need to sow, if we are Not going to completely Obey Him and follow His directions to the 'T'.

God will always test our hearts, and purify our motives, breaking down what we have built up without His go ahead.  Re-organizing our steps from the places and paths that we have wrongly taken. He wants our purpose to Be His Purpose-He wants to be the focus, not the Vision, the Blessing, the outcome we want, or our flesh and ego. 

 He wants us to be diligent in doing What He has called us to do, but we also  have to continue to Ripen on The Vine, so that when the enemy Does come bringing insecurity and self-focus into our minds, to trick us and undermine our Confidence and Trust in our Lord, we are able to recognize him and his nasty tricks, and Stand against him speaking the Truth, Love and Promises Jesus taught us, Before he can do any damage.

We look too often at ourselves to measure our successes and failures.  We too often forget to stop using the worlds standards as our measurement and Seek counsel of the Holy Spirit for this truth. It is not our responsibility But His to determine if we have failed or succeeded, as we do not know all the steps, the outcomes and the purposes that He has divinely planned for us. And if we Are Doing our part, He Is able to do His Part. 

We Are to seek Him concerning Everything concerning our personal lives, concerning the Vision He has placed in our hearts to accomplish for His Glory. 
We Are to allow Him to mature, grow and ripen us in All our Spiritual and natural gifts--The Fruit of His Love.
We are Not to try and add up the impact of our efforts, comparing our movements to those of others or with the worlds ways. 

We Are to make The decision every day, who we Are going to Serve, Who have we given our lives over to Control. Are you aligned and dedicated to Him--are you allowing Him to Divinely Order and Direct and Correct your every step and action? 

I encourage you to Stop, to Focus on Him, and to Daily Seek His Presence so that you have the Clarity that is required to Continue to Serve our Lord God in the Name of Jesus.

 Glory Be To God In the Name of Jesus, Amen.

 John 14
James 5:16

On feet of Faith & Peace
Isaiah 50:4/Isaiah 52/Jer 20:9-10,11-13/Joshua 1:9
Resting In His Faithfulness,
One Day At A Time By Radical Faith.
©2010,2011 WisdomTeachesme

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