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  "Commit your works unto the LORD,
And your thoughts Shall Be Established
Proverbs  16:3

"Whoever Gives Heed To Instruction Prospers,
And Blessed Is the one who Trusts In The LORD"
Proverbs 16:20

Every thing that you do, do it unto God in the name of Jesus. Not for yourself, not to be seen by and adored by others, not to Prove anything to yourself or any other person,  not for Any earthly gain; but do it All in Love and Unto the Lord God In the name of Jesus.

At the beginning of every day, project, test, challenge, opportunity, etc... Give to Him every Work of your hands and say to Him, "Lord I want to do this unto you in Jesus' name so that You Lord God will have All the Glory through my life." 

I like the way the Amplified Bible has it, " Roll your works upon the Lord [commit And trust them wholly to Him; He Will Cause your thoughts to become agreeable to His will, And] So Shall your plans Be Established And Succeed."
 To Live each day of our lives this way requires us to completely trust Him by obedient faith.  This Is how He desires Us to live. Us His children allowing Him to manage every detail of our daily lives, always guiding us to the Best He has planned for us. When we Are Convinced that God is our Father and Is without doubt trustworthy and faithful,  we Will have the courage to entrust Him with our lives and be able to Rest in the unfolding of His plans, purposes and will for us.

When we do this, God sees that we are teachable, pliable, willing and humble and He is then able to Guide, direct, and correct us in the Ways He knows Best to complete each work as He has already Planned for them to be carried out. We are saying to Him, Yes Father, Order my steps, put Your details in action, correct my thinking and planning so that All these things are aligned with Your Will for my life!

When the pressure comes on you, recognize it for what it is, An opportunity for God to Be God in your life, in the name of Jesus. Speak out to our Lord Jesus and tell Him, "I am not able to get through this because of my weakness in this area Lord, I Need You to step in and through You I Am Able to get through this and come out better than I went in." It is a time in which Jesus defends us against the pressures of this world and from the temptations sent by satan which will always attack us where we are spiritually and naturally weak.  These Are the times where we are to Stand in Faith and speak out His truth concerning the attacks from our enemy and the pressures that come with them. 

Listen for His Spirit to do these things for you so that you will be aligned with His Will, Plans, and Purposes for each work you have to accomplish. This is the way to Stand on a ground of Righteousness, in obedient faith watching and staying aware of the attacks from the enemy.

Many people do and say good things every day because it is the Right thing to do. But, are they doing it all in the name of Jesus, unto God? 

Once you begin to do this speaking God's Will over every work, decision, thought,and action, stay aware and alert to the movement of our enemy. 

He is surly to come and try to insert his desires into your work.  The enemy will Not come after us in our strong places, he is Only going to attack us in the places where we are spiritually and naturally weak. Jesus told us this truth, and That is why He told us to recognize and face our weaknesses, to speak them out and Give them to Him, call on Him to stand in our weaknesses, and in those, He Will Be strong. He knows how the devil works and how he comes after the weakest places in our heart, our flesh, our spirit and our body, which is why He encourages us to stay aligned with His teachings and increase our faith and trust in Him. 

Too many people like to ignore that they have weaknesses, and they do nothing to change and strengthen those places with God's help. They are building on a foundation of failure.  They believe they can change themselves by themselves. Their ego and pride get them every time concerning this truth.  They do not desire the Freedom Of Deliverance enough to do what they need to do, so that He Is Able to bring them through better than they went in. Many times they will realize the truth too late to correct their mistakes, but hopefully in time to be forgiven by God for the sin they have taken hold of. People that ignore their weaknesses also crash under pressure instead of allowing God to be their help, they attempt to manipulate the situation and circumstances themselves, only to end up in a larger mess of sin than they started with.

When we SEEK His Wisdom, Instruction, Directions and Corrections, our Father Will surly provide them to us! And when He does, Heed what He says to do!

 God Will take all our thoughts once we Give them all to Him with a humble heart to do the work unto Him in the name of Jesus.
He Will align them with His thoughts concerning our work. He will alter them just enough to make them proceed in the way He has already planned for them to succeed. And He will remove any thoughts, ways and details that we came up with that will only result in failure for us. God desires for us To Succeed through Him and in His name!  He does not want us to fail, but we Do have to bring to Him each day our work, our thoughts, our words, and actions So That we Are under His authority and will be guided by His eye, Not ours or anyone else!

He Will bring you Out In Order To Bring you In! He will bring us out from the mistakes that we have made, out from under the sin we decided to do, bring us out of bad relationships, spiritual debt, natural debt, oppressive jobs, out from under injustices, what ever it is we are within that is not good for us He Will Bring us Out of these places in order to place us in the places we Need to be.

We have to Watch out for distractions that will give us other ways to go, do, think, & speak, following a different Order and Timing other than the Ways God has set forth for us to follow.  Impatience fuels fears and doubt and these are Weakness that Many Believers struggle with. These are the places satan will attack us through. Whispering his lies in our minds that we should do things or say things this way or that way, Always contrary to the WAYS God has spoken for us to do and say. When God says we should Stop, Wait and be patient, satan comes in with lies to do the opposite of what God told us to do.

 Those ways the enemy lies about Are Not the best for us as many may think they are. Remember we Are clothed in His Love, in obedience to His Voice.  Please Do Not allow yourself to  be clothed in fear and frozen, drowning in shallow waters!

Don't Allow the pressures to alter your Faith and Trust in Him. Use these pressures as the Opportunities they Are,  to Grow deeper in His Love!
Stay the course He Has set for you, no matter What you see and hear in the natural realm, rely upon and trust what He says you Should do, where He says you need to go, And Do That!
Then come back and let us know what God has done for you--so that IJN, We May Praise His Faithfulness!

 He will tear down in our thoughts, heart, words and actions, in our actual lives, what is Not working any more for us. In order to rebuild what Will work for now.
Don't allow Your natural/physical position to Over Ride Your Spiritual Position In Christ Jesus!
Don't be stubborn, rebellious, Short-Sighted and Selfish! Those ego and pride driven ways will surly pull you away from God's Will for your life. Isa 30:1-3

Stay aligned with His Holy Spirit as He brings you Through, Delivering you from One Glory to the Next Glory, Wrapped In His Love!

When you allow your self to be quiet, you are able to watch and discern what He has to say.  You are able to just sit with Him in His Presence and be enriched, corrected, loved, refreshed, and made resilient.
Shut down your mind, your thoughts, your feelings concerning your natural life. Don't take rejection and attacks through others personally, they are just plans from our enemy that will not work against you unless you allow them to.
Do not be tempted to walk through the door of sin the enemy has opened in front of you, see these times of offenses as an opportunity to forgive the person and be moved forward by God's Spirit. Use your self-control and power of spiritual discernment to know when to return Good for evil, and do so, standing on the Righteous ground God has placed you on. Refuse to fall prey to his tricks and lies, he is always going to do whatever he thinks will bring us down to his level.  That is one of his purposes.

Remember if allowed to Rule in your life, fear and anxiety, worry and doubt will always bring forth chaos and mess. Nothing but nonsense thinking will fill your mind.
Putting our complete trust in Jesus Will allow Him to get us through every difficult time seamlessly, Restoring and Establishing Peace in us.
He is able to bring us through by Way to the outcome He has planed for us.    

In the Name of Jesus, Amen! 

I Will Instruct you And Teach you In The Way you Should Go;
   I Will Counsel you With My Loving eye On you.
 Do Not Be like the horse or the mule,
   which have No understanding
but Must Be controlled by bit and bridle
   or they Will Not Come to you.
 Many Are the Woes of the wicked,
   but the LORD’S Unfailing Love
   Surrounds the one who Trusts In Him.
  Rejoice in the LORD And Be Glad, you righteous;
   Sing, All you who Are upright in heart!
Psalm 32:8-11

Psalm 37; Psalm 39:1; I Cor 10:12; 2 Peter 1:5-8
Eph 2:8; Isa 61:10; Daniel 3

On feet of Faith & Peace
Isaiah 50:4/Isaiah 52/Jer 20:9-10,11-13/Joshua 1:9
Resting In His Faithfulness,
One Day At A Time By Radical Faith.
©2010,2011 WisdomTeachesme

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