Thursday, February 10, 2011


 My sweet beloved Shepherd, my dearest friend, walks with me, laughs with me, cries with me, comforts me, sit still with me, prays for me, and takes the Best Care of me that God gives. And I expect Him with all the faith I have been given.

He whispers in my ear, his truths and wisdom, guiding me with every breath and step that I take.  He stops me and corrects me when I am wrong in my thinking, or actions.
He shows me a clear sky when all i am able to see sometimes is clouds and storms.
And I believe Him.

He assures me that even though I may see trouble and a problem, He is already moving me into His Ways Made through what I am able to see in the natural, and I trust Him.  And at the same time He is Calming and strengthening my Spirit and heart to be able to last through each storm and trouble.

I give to Him completely my life to be in total control over!
For what is Not given to Him He is Not in control of.

He removes all the hurt, pain, rejection, and mess out of my heart, and replenishes me with all His Love and His love grows and grows in me till it Must over flow into the lives of others. 

He speaks lovingly to me letting me know that I am His and He is mine, and as long as I continue to invite Him into, to give to Him every part of my natural and spiritual life, He Will Be In Control of It all.

That what comes my way, this thing is from Him!

So fret and worry do not come close to me, for I am assured that He has already taken care of every thing, so that I am completely able to accomplish every detail of His Work for Each day of my life!

His love has saturated every part of my entire being, down to the innermost part of my soul.  His Love is as a soft pillow that I lay my head on and rest when i am weary.

I know that everything that concerns me, concerns Him also.

 His Truth and Spirit are Alive within me and He speaks to my heart in complete love and truth all that I am to Him And All that I will become in Him!

"he that touches you, touches the apple of Mine Eye" (Zech. 2:8).

You Are Very Precious in My Sight. (Isa. 43:4)

He Is Delighted to teach, to educate me, for I stay hungry and thirsty for His all. My Spirit is always seeking the Bread and Drink that Only He can offer to me.

He wants us to learn from Him all that He came here to say and do. He went to our Father and asked Him to give to us His Holy Spirit to be Another Comforter, Guide and Host. That we Should always call upon the Power and Unction of the Holy Spirit to being forth into us what He wants us to know.  Revelation is from Him! To be taken Higher in our Spiritual life so that we are always in the Flow of His Holy Spirit.  Living by His Spirit not by flesh.

 To know that when temptations come against us, and when the enemy comes in our lives like flood waters, it is our weakness that needs His Might, these things are allowed by Him to better us.
And my safety always lies in my letting Him fight for me! Thank You Jesus!

The More I am around those that do not understand the Ways I live, speak, pray and act, who reject Him in me, who try to shut down His Truth and Love flowing through me for others because when I come around I reveal just How Much in Darkness their lives are in, who never consult me and always want to put me in the background, who only seek what material things I have to give, who always think that their human intelligence and knowledge is greater than the Wisdom He has poured into me, when I am facing difficult or painful circumstances;

I know these things are from Him!
He is the God of circumstances, and I have not come to these places by mistake or accident, He has meant for me to be in these places, to better me in His Love.

 Oh Yes, I did ask Him to keep me humble, to increase Himself in me and decrease my flesh. And the school of learning that He has placed me is Right Where I will be taught
as my surroundings and other people are tools used by Him to work out His Will in my life.

So many He has cut away out of my life, and some surprised me as I thought they claimed and loved Him as I do, but He showed me they do not.

He has Spiritually and emotionally grown and matured me so very much, and I look forward to each days lessons from Him.

When it is impossible for us to make end meet, I know this Thing Is from Him. And we depend completely on Him, as He told me,

My supplies are limitless (Phil.4:19).

I shall Not be one to hear a voice say to me, that in this thing I did Not believe my Lord God in the name of Jesus!

"In this thing you Did Not Believe the Lord your God" (Deut. 1:32).

When days and nights of sorrow pour through my heart, I know It is from Him
I ask myself, Is He Not the Man of Sorrow and is very much in touch with all grief?
He allows other humans to fail me so that I will in those time Turn to Him to take hold of His Everlasting consolation.

When I long to do the great and mighty Work for Him, and realize that I have been set aside sometimes on my bed in pain and weakness, I know this thing is from Him. Sometimes He simply stays me so that I am on the side, watching. praying and praising Him for doing what needs to be done.

Some times He is not able to get our attention when we fill our days with human useless busyness, so in some lives, He allows sickness to take hold in order to speak to us uninterrupted.
I have learned from Him that those who serve Him must learn to Stand in Wait until His divine order and timing move us into action.  Deep calls to Deep!

I have learned from Him that many of His Greatest workers are those He shuts out of active service from the sight of others for periods of time. Never forgotten at all, but to be prepared to accomplish through Him the great work that is approaching.

He has placed in my hand a container of Holy Oil, to use it freely in every circumstance that appears, every word, action and rejection that brings pain and hurt to my heart and soul, every interruption that seeks to being me to impatience, every revelations of my weakness I am to Anoint with this Holy Oil so that the stinging will go as I learn to See Jesus in all things--to See and know His Grace and Mercy in all things pertaining to my life.

You know what is Best for me Lord, and I continue to accept Your Best in all areas of my Spiritual and natural life, even when I think I have missed out, I am assured that Your Best has not arrived yet. You know what I need, and I am completely dependent upon you as my children are on us in this home, this family you put together to live for You and to serve You all day every day.  Thank You for teaching us how to raise the children you blessed us with.

I have learned that it is best to Rest, quietly in His Love and allow His Patience to Have Her complete Work in me and mine.

In the Name of my Beloved Jesus, Glory be to my Father God, Amen!

On feet of Faith & Peace 
Isaiah 50:4/Isaiah 52/Jer 20:9-10,11-13/Joshua 1:9
Resting In His Faithfulness,
One Day At A Time By Radical Faith.
©2010,2011 WisdomTeachesme

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