Friday, December 24, 2010


 My dear beloved sisters and brothers, I speak to you through my Adoration of our Lord, the overflow of what Lives in my heart from Him.
  How many impossible things do you think of in a day?
What do you do with the impossible things that you think of?
Do you stop at the next thought that you cannot accomplish them by your own power and thinking? And think or say, "oh that Would be good, but it ain't gonna happen!"
 Or, do you attempt To accomplish them by/ through our little human ways?  Becoming frustrated and disappointed by the hurdles, blocks, and mountains that pop up?

Or,  do you Wait Forward, Wait in Expectation that these impossibilities are easily made Possible when we allow His Spirit to Show us the Way Made?

His Spirit is Able to Rest on us when we are resolved to Wait Forward on Him.
How simple it really all becomes for us through the Clarity, Trust and Faith in  His order and timing.  
So many people would be able to seamlessly accomplish His Will, Plans and Purposes for their lives if they would not just seek His Truth, but also Lived it every day.  If they would stop leaning on and relying on their own thinking, making an idol out of their intellect and resolve themselves to Lean on, Rely On, Trust In His Intellect, Wisdom, Understanding, Timing and Order for our lives.

Truth Be Told, He is the One Who gives us these impossible things to Think about to begin with...
To constantly Wait on the Lord in Joyous Expectation.
To Watch and Wait for His arrival in the situation.
To Wait in Trusting Expectation of Him.

In this Season of Miracles, our enemy continues in his work, seeking to confuse God's people, he seeks to distract us through the ways the world follows. Too many are trying to remind others of the 'reason for this season', But are not Adoring and Praising God and Jesus themselves Every day in every Season.

One Part for us in Living in His Kingdom is to Stay close to Him and to allow Him to work through us as He sees fit to do.  Seeking an increase in Spiritual discernment is what many need to do, so that they are able to Be patient and Wait Forward with Him. Not moving ahead of God's timing and order And not lagging behind His timing and order.  This will help many to know what to do and what not to do on a day to day basis.

We are not to argue or try and convince anyone of His Truth. We Are to Live His Truth, Be His Light, and Live Through His Power Every day, not just at this Season.
Those that God has Touched and Called, Will Come to Jesus in their own free will.
  The Truth in them Will seek Truth and they Will Recognize the voice of our Shepherd.  Those that seem to desire to continue to 'play with God' will realize His Truth one way or another.  That is Not up to us.

We are to Expect Him to do what He has said He Will do, to Be Who He said He Will Be for us and to us, and to confess His Truth to ourselves often so that we water the seeds that He has planted in us so they Grow, Mature, and bring to Him the Fruit that is for all to partake of.  We are to Share our gifts of His Spirit.

Allow Your light to Shine brightly, allow your mouth to speak what Your heart loves! Refuse to allow discouragement, sadness, or lack to guide your heart or to overtake you and distract you.
Don't allow the places that others live in to pull you into them. 
Shine your light to reveal the darkness that surrounds them,  And Then allow His Holy Spirit to flow Through you as their help.

Stand firm in your Trust and Faith in our Lords Power.  We have been given the Spiritual Gift of self-control and self-discipline--Let Us Use them Often! 
It is so easy for people to get sucked into the zone of others. 

If someone is emotional and speaks to us, we have the capability to want to get emotional.
If someone is mad their anger tries to pull us into it with them. 
If someone is full of little faith and unbelief that God Is going to be their Help, then we cannot allow where they live to pull us into their zone.
This is Not how we are to live allowing ourselves to be pulled into every emotional and fleshy zone that oppresses others. This is not living in Expectation of Him to Be in the midst of all concerning our lives.  Our Spiritual Gifts should be Mature enough to speak to us and govern us when we are around people that live through their emotions, lack, and immaturity.  We live within His Kingdom by the Truths of His Kingdom.

Yes we live among the non-believers and among the believers with little faith and trust because of Spiritual and emotional immaturity and lack of growth; But we are Not to allow their confusion, their lack of faith and trust, their Spiritual and emotional immaturity to govern us as it does them.

God has given us His Power to rule over all darkness.  When we stay focused on Him and His mission, His Will, Plans and Purposes for our lives, then we Illuminate the atmosphere because we Allow His Glory to clothe us.  We have the Light of His Holy Spirit dwelling in us and radiating outwardly and it will touch everything and every place that surrounds us to overcome evil with His Good!

John 8:12  Then Jesus spoke to them again, saying, "I Am the Light of the world. He who follows Me Shall Not walk in darkness, but Have The Light of Life."

When we realize that frustrations and other emotions are trying to distract us, we Need to Stop, take some time and regroup ourselves in order to regain and maintain our Spiritual Perspective.  His Calmness and Peace in us, Helps us to Keep things in proper balance and take notice that things are not as bad as they may initially seemed. They never really are unless we are trying to work things out without His guidance and Wisdom.

These are the Times in which we should Stop and seek Him for our guidance, to know what His solutions to our problems, circumstances and movement through the mountains are
Many times when frustration is at hand, we are attempting to do something without His help, without His guidance and Power. 

Certainly our Lord Will supply His Wisdom to those who seek it and ask for it.  He Always pours forth to us in abundance enlightenment and direction for every circumstance concerning our lives.  Do You Expect Him to?  Them tell Him this is true for you! Speak it out in confession to Him!
Draw Near to Him, stay Calm, wrapped in the Peace that Jesus gave us And Trust Him, Expect Him to do what He said He would!
His Name Is A Strong Tower, And the Righteous Run to Him and are Safe! This is Where we need to be and stay!

Psalms 73:28  "But it is Good for me To Draw Near To God; I Have Put my Trust In The Lord GOD, that I may Declare All Your Works."
Isaiah 45:2-3  "I Will Go Before you And Make the crooked places straight; I Will Break in pieces the gates of bronze And cut the bars of iron. I Will Give you the treasures of darkness And hidden riches of secret places, that you may Know that I, The LORD, Who Call you by your Name, Am The God of Israel."

 On feet of Faith & Peace 
Joshua 1:9/ Isaiah 52 
Resting In His Faithfulness, 
One Day At A Time By Faith. 
©2010 WisdomTeachesme


Michelle Lanier said...

Amen! And thank you! This is a powerful call to prayer-- active and ongoing prayer along with a clear reminder to indwell with our Lord, our friend, maker of straight paths, if we follow His leading voice. IJN, ML

Tribute Books said...


Would you be interested in reviewing our title, "Why God Matters: How to Recognize Him in Daily Life" on your site?

Best wishes,
Nicole Langan
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wisdomteachesme said...

thank you for sharing your love and faith in our Lord with me and the others that Rest here!
You have blessed me with your kindness and truth!

@Tribute Books, I shall take a look at the book. Thank you for asking.