Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Having Spiritual Clarity RIGHT Now is Very IMPORTANT for the People of our Lord!

As always, many run in fear Calling to the Lord for His Help, when the difficulties become mountains in front of them, When they tire from 'trying to figure out something'- Running they come.  Never do they realize The Value and Worth of Seeking Him Every Day for Spiritual Growth, Maturity and Clarity, Wanting His Companionship and Guidance, Doing this Daily Would Keep Many of the Insurmountable problems from even existing in their lives.

Ezekiel finally figured out that God isn't in the earthquake, the storms or lightening or the mighty wind.  It is in the Still Small Voice that He speaks to us with, Which Helps us GET Through the earthquakes, the storms and lightening, And the mighty winds of change! 

Heb 7:25

Obedience is What our Lord Requires from us.  This is what Grows our Faith and Trust In Him and allows Us to Spiritually SEE & Know His Faithfulness to us. 
If you spend all your time Talking to God, IJN, and Talking about Him, you will not be able to talk and Listen at the same time!

Too many 'say' they believe, and 'say' they have Faith and Trust in Him and His Will and Purposes, But then their actions don't EQUAL their words.  They jump in and out of His Will when His Will and Purposes do Not equal what they want to do, Because truly they are Double-Minded and oppose the Will and Purposes of God in their and others lives!

  People like this are hypocrites, and are ONLY fooling themselves And are NOT with our Lord as they always say they are! 

 These are the ones that always pray in public, are seen in public venues where other 'christians' gather, and in front of Others will agree and speak about God, will Pray To God, BUT do Not Spend any Daily Quality Time Actively LISTENING, to what God has to say to them...And when He Does Speak His Love., Directions and Truth to them, they reject it if it Does not fit what they have made up their minds to Already do!

Then I ask, why do they pray to Him for help, guidance, etc... If they are NOT going to OBEY what He says they need to do?  HYPOCRITES!  They are Self-Led, and NOT filled with the Holy Spirit of our Lord, so they are liars, and play-playing. 


 OUR FAITH allows us to REST in Him 

Assured Resting In Gods Purpose, Will and Faithfulness To Us means that Your Faith is Active, Is Obedient, Is Keeping You Calm and Patient For Every Day. No matter what you see or don't see With your natural sight. Faith that is Able to Keep you at REST, means that you do not worry, fret, complain, mumble, become impatient or TRY to "figure something out' on your own.

Your Active, Obedient Faith Allows you to REST in His Will, Purpose, and Faithfulness = Because YOU KNOW THAT GOD Is MORE THAN ABLE To COMPLETE Every Purpose that He has Written for your Life For His Glory and for The Building of His Kingdom!

*think on these things*
Are you Sure that You Completely Believe?

Are you Allowing Him to GROW and Stretch Your Faith and Trust In His Faithfulness for your life?

The Way that He is Growing & Stretching your Faith and Trust in Him is By Putting you into situations in Which You Will have to depend on Him Only!

Are you going to have the Courage to Begin, but give up in the middle?

I Encourage you to Just think on these things and allow His Truth and Love to Grow and Stretch Your Heart. By doing so, you are Knocking, You Are Seeking His Heart and Face...And whatever He tells you do it! How ever He speaks to you, LISTEN!

Matthew 19:26

When God puts you in situations in which you Have To Depend on God ONLY IJN, does Not mean that He will not send you help through other people-- It Means that You do Not try to "figure something out' through your own thinking, through what you think you should do, through the power of human manipulation.

Many people get scared that God Is Not going to Come Through for them On Time, becasue He does things at the 11th Hour!

Because they don't 'see' or 'feel' the Help when they Want to. Then they turn back to their old life of being self-led Instead of Holy Spirit Led.
When our Lord says TO WAIT on HIM, that means to TRUST in Him by Obedient Faith!

Remember That He Is preparing you to be the Person that He created you to be...not based on who you think you should be. 

His Is preparing you to be ready to do what He has purposed for your Life to do, (not to do what you want to do),  and also He Is preparing your Character to match, (be established - rooted in Him and His Righteousness), the Gifts and Anointing that He has provided to you, so that You do not give away your Gifts, or allow satan to steal them and pervert them tricking you to use them to serve him!

Nothing much, Nothing of Worth and Value will grow in Takes Soil to Grow the Roots Deep so that When the Storms arrive in your life, and the Winds of Change blow upon your heart, if all you have in your heart is may just get blown away....Examine your ground--your heart, is it more dirt than soil, or more soil than dirt?

On feet of Faith &
Peace Joshua 1:9/ Isaiah 52 
Resting In His Faithfulness, 
One Day At A Time By Faith.


Unknown said...

This is me digesting your words.when this is exactly what I need.
I have this challenge but at the moment, don't know how to talk to God.This message spoke to me.
God bless you.

wisdomteachesme said...

sister, i appreciate you and your thirst for our Lord!
It is actually very easy to talk to and with our Lord, but it seems harder for Some people to be patient in waiting/ listening to Him.

Esp. If He speaks nothing back But simply requires the person to just Sit Quietly with Him while He works on their heart. Just being in His presence is Enough to rec' Everything we need from HIM!

He can hear your tears, your pain, your song, your heart, He can hear your prayers, your cries of Joy and suffering...He can hear you even when you simply say, Lord, I need you now.

He Sits Waiting for His Children to Open their mouths and Speak out to Him /Share with Him, in Joy, sorrow, happiness, cries for help, songs of REjoicing, Praises of Thank You Jesus!
But sadly, not many Cal to Him unless there is some urgent, direr Need or insurmountable mountain...

I speak encouragement to your heart, to jsut sit in quiet, and say Lord, I need you to sit with me and teach me, your ways, show me Your face, show me your heart, so I can learn to be who you created me to become!
I know the desires of your heart He Will hear and come running to be with you.