Thursday, April 15, 2010


 My Friends, I hope that you are Well, and Living Through your Faith, Led by His Holy Spirit Every Day In the name of Jesus, Amen!
I AM Glad to see you at His Table!

He Speaks and I listen and I Share All that He tells me to Share with ALL who have ears to hear with.

I Love my Friend so much! Thank You my Friend....You Will Never forsake me, reject me, lie to me, hide from me, use me nor abuse me, Never judge me or be jealous or envious toward me....

 I KNOW that You Will ALWAYS Help me, Listen to me, Hold me, share everything You have with me, wait with me and for me, walk beside me through all storms, over every type of ground, Believe in me, Correct me when I'm wrong, Teach me, Lead me, Guide me, PROVIDE FOR ME, Protect me, And LOVE ME!

Thank YOU my FRIEND! 

You are my BROTHER Also and I AM Your SISTER! You ARE NOT envious nor jealous of the LOVE Our FATHER has for me--and I am Not that way with His LOVE for you My Brother! 

You do not give me 'the silent treatment' when He BLESSES ME ABUNDANTLY! You my brother and beloved Friend, REJOICE for His Love shown to me every second of my life!

You Don't get mad when I Obey Him and Grow and Show my FAITH & TRUST IN HIM that we all should desire to do.  You are thrilled and pleased when I Do what He tells me to do.

 YOU REJOICE FOR ME When I Grow in the Gifts of His Spirit of TRUTH--YOU Share With me EVERYTHING that He has PROVIDED to YOU-And I Share With YOU EVERYTHING that He gives to me! I LOVE YOU my BROTHER--MY FRIEND!

I LIVE to Help YOU in the Work OUR FATHER Gave YOU to do!
 I love YOU for YOU!

 Are you Able to REJOICE when the Lord Blesses others-when their Door is OPENED and What they envisioned Comes to Pass? 

Or Do You resent them and offer jealous, backhanded compliments, or nasty gossip? 

Do you know that when you resent them, you Are resenting our Lord Who is the One Who Blessed them- And this may be Why you Have Not received the Blessing you desire?

Because you do Not REJOICE in His Love for your sisters & brothers-you Offer resentment Which Does Not Honor & Glorify our Lord!

Be Careful allowing envy and jealousy to Rule Your Heart, Those 2 sisters will make you blind to the Goodness of our Lord in your life. They Will have you always wanting what you see others have and Never understanding What these People Went Through To Get to that OPEN DOOR that Lord Gave them!

We ARE Suppose TO REJOICE in the BLESSINGS and BREAKTHROUGHS that OUR LORD Provides to our sister & brothers in Christ--NOT Resent them!

Those 2 evil sisters will trick you into serving Resentment to God Who gave the Breakthroughs & Blessings!

 Resentment always follows his 2 sisters - envy and jealousy!
They then bring in their friend Comparison to make it a full plate of self hatred!
Now, How Can LOVE be alive in the heart with these opposites living there? It Can't be!

How can one say they Love the Lord and All that He is and does for us all, but Yet be envious and jealous and compare what our Father has done/is doing for our sisters and brothers?

We have the Same Father who offers the Same Love to us all, in equal amounts!
But too many of His children are Immature Spiritually and emotionally!
And they become blind to His Love for them!

This is not an Acceptable Offering to Him--and it Will Be rejected by Him!

These people move themselves Further away from Have Real Love! 
For He Said, where there Is LOVE, So Am I There Also!
What we do to one, we do to Him!
It's very clear and simple!

Look at the Fruit that they bear, is what I do, and Daily I examine the Fruit that I bear also. 
 Many people say So Much with their words, but their actions Do NOT say the same things...the Heart is KNOWN to our Father In the name of Jesus, and I continue to Pray for these selfish, immature sisters and brothers of ours...And I do not let them offend me...I pity them. And I Know that our Brother and
 Friend will gather all of us that He came here to get.

  On feet of Faith & Peace
Joshua 1:9/ Isaiah 52
Resting In His Faithfulness,
One Day At A Time By Faith.

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This is such a wonderful piece.I am blessed already!