Monday, April 19, 2010


  (Isa. 61)

Think about this Truth and allow it to Grow your Faith and Trust in our Lord Jesus!

Because we are In His Hands, & He Has Ordered our Steps, He makes Sure that Everything Works out as His Best for us, All we have to do is Obey His Leading, Grow & Mature His Fruits of His Spirit in our Hearts, Give Him the Honor, the Glory and the Praise! 

There Are No reasons to worry, be concerned, or get stuck in frustrations or disappointments...we just need to Follow His Ordered Way & His Best for us Is Already Done! 

Yes Lord, Thank YOU! I Am Holy Spirit Led Every Day!

  One of my Brothers In Christ spoke this truth and I share it with you; "If we allow His Will to work, He will keep our hands busy enough. Walk with me Lord and I can walk with You anywhere."

 Are you at The Table of The Feast of Our Lord? 
Glory be to God that He has a Table, A FEAST Laid out for us!
What EVER YOU NEED, It's AT the Table!

And today as Every Day in This HOME Filled with His LOVE, Truth, Mercy And Grace....We are Busy with Our Fathers Work, and We definitely Shall Be Walking with our Lord as He IS Always Walking with us!

What EVER Any of YOU Needs, Is here! Forgiveness, Love, Strength, Healing, A Way Made, The tangle road made Flat and Sure, Righteousness, Humbleness, Spiritual Wealth. Come and Sit and Dine on the FEAST of our LORD, our Friend Jesus! 

 What EVER You Need Is Here AT The Table of The Feast of our Lord Jesus!

Are you going to sit as a Beggar at the Gates of Beauty All Your Life? Hoping that some soul poorer than you will drop some crumbs into your hands? 

Are you going to Stay in those death clothes this world has dressed you in, begging at the Gates Of Beauty for another day? Feeling sorry for yourself, only Seeing Yourself as a Victim, defiled and cast aside by those who are Important Only in their Own minds?


There Is Glory for your Life--There Is Healing and Love and Righteousness for you Life to behold!
Step out of those Death clothes and PUT on the New Clothes that come with this New Day Yes, YOU!

His Clothes that Will Dress YOU in Truth, UnconditionaLove,
Faith, Peace, Joy, Mercy, Grace, Trust and Righteousness!

I Know you got Your Invitation to Attend the FEAST of OUR LORD--Have You RSVP'd? 

Or are YOU miserably content being a beggar sitting at the Gates of Beauty Hoping that some soul poorer than you will drop you some crumbs?
Why beg for the crumbs of people when You can be Given the Whole Cake from Our Lord?
 All the material things and money in the world Will Not help me if they do Not have the Lords Blessing on it all!!

Spiritual Wealth Shall Always Grow, Mature, Produce the Fruit that is Acceptable to HIM as a Offering of Praise, Honor and Glory through our lives.
Once you Realize that The Fruits of His Spirit, His Presence, His Mercy, Grace and His Work Are Some of the Best gifts from Him, No material wealth or people praise will Every Satisfy your soul, your heart Or amount to anything Worthy to Him.

How is What you are doing Giving Gory and Honor to HIM? What are Your motives--the motives of Why you are doing what you are doing daily?

The motives that Govern your heart?
What you got? Fake Joy, or Real Joy? Fake faith, or Obedient Faith? Fake Peace, or Peace that withstands the trials, troubles & the winds of change, the rising waters of the storms?

Or does your Faith, Joy & Peace In Him, Run when troubles, trials and storms approach you?

There Is NO GOOD in any of us Apart from our Lord!
Are you thinking that you are doing 'good for goodness sake?"
Or are you doing Good in the name of His Son for Honor & Glory to Him?
Go Head, Tell Yourself the Truth--And then shall you be Able to Walk, Live and Work In complete FREEDOM!

Psalm 31

On feet of Faith & Peace
Joshua 1:9/ Isaiah 52
Resting In His Faithfulness,
One Day At A Time By Faith.

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This just so good.I'm immensely touched!