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NO CROSS = NO CROWN - part one

Jesus said to His disciples in Matthew 10:38;
"And he who does not take up his cross and follow ME
[cleave steadfastly to ME, conforming wholly to MY example in living and if need be, in dying also], is Not Worthy of ME!"

Then He said in Mathew 16:24;
"He said to His disciples, If anyone desires to be MY disciple, let him deny himself [disregard, lose sight of, and forget himself and his own interests] and Take Up his cross and follow ME."

Greetings to you - believers in Jesus Christ in the name of Truth, Let us learn more about what it means to follow Jesus. Amen.
I pray that you are well and in good spirit on this day that is full of the Results of our being blessed by God our Father.

How is your relationship going with God? Is it growing, is it stagnant, are you on punishment, are you full of His freedom? Are you excited or full of sadness, frustration and worry?

Is it up one day or week and down the next? If so, then you are not balanced by His scales.
Are you reaping the benefits of having a relationship with God through Jesus?


Let me back up a bit and remind you that Jesus said in chapter 14 of John, in first verse He said; “DO NOT let your hearts be troubled (distressed, agitated). You believe IN and ADHERE to AND TRUST in AND RELY ON God; believe in AND adhere to AND trust in AND rely on ME.”

First He gave them some balm, the answers. (many of you already have the answers you need).
Then Jesus goes on to tell His disciples that He was going to be leaving them soon and that someone would betray Him, one of them would deny Him and reject Him and then He would be put to death. The thing is, Jesus told them Not To Worry First—He gave them comfort first—Then He proceeded to tell them the divine order of How things would unfold in the coming days.

He told them in verse 12 that the disciples if they would live as He has, they would do all the things that He did and that they would “Do Even Greater Things” than He did—if they steadfastly believe in Him. Then, Jesus gave them another result—benefit of their relationship with Him and the Father.

He said in verse 16 & 17; “And I Will ask the Father, and He Will give you another Comforter (Counselor, Helper, Intercessor, Advocate, Strengthener, and Standby), that He may remain with you Forever! The Spirit of Truth, Whom the world cannot receive (welcome, take to its heart), because it does not see Him or know and recognize Him, for He lives with you [constantly] and will Be in you.”

You know that the disciples, right from the start became greatly concerned as His words confused them. Jesus so wanted them to ‘get it’, that He used every parable and example that God gave Him to speak with.

Now, let’s put all this together, I want to show you something that you already have and maybe are not using at all or are not using to His fullness.

We are to pick up our cross, (read scripture at top) and we are told by Jesus to carry our cross and at the end of this journey, this marathon, this race—we will exchange our crosses for God’s Crown of Glory when we get to His home in Heaven.
HALLELUJHA (Rev. 2:10-11; 3:8-11; 2 Tim. 4:8; Pro. 4:9)

Jesus said, that if you pick up your cross and follow Him He will give us another Comforter to help us along the way.

Right from the beginning Jesus is speaking God’s Truth to us. He tells us that He knows that trials and trouble will be along the road—seeking to do us harm—He has been going through it! He is telling us the Divine Way to make it through this journey- never putting down our cross—never denying Him--not getting tired of doing good- by leaning on, And believing in Him.

And that, if we run this race, the way that He did-by His example--keeping our focus on Him—making sure that our feet and our minds are stayed and purposed in the same direction at the same time—Another Comforter will be right with us. The Holy Spirit. The Spirit of Truth. All we have to do is call upon Him. He Will Always Be There, Jesus said.
Lord, Thank You Jesus!

God has given us everything that we need to know in order to start, keep going, and finish this race! There is nothing that a person can lack, if they are following the example that has been set for us. Some people may have been tricked into believing they have lack and are not able—and that is true, but only if you are relying on your own wisdom, strength and power as a human.

Now if that is all you want from the life you did not give to yourself—then that is fine – all well and good. We have the gift of free will.

But if you are like me and so many others who found out what God has done through Jesus and you believe (or want to believe) that God is God and that Jesus speaks the Truth of God, then Come On! Let us encourage one another so that we all can get there! Amen!

I do not work in converting-that is not what we are to do.
I am here to write down teachings mostly for myself and hoping to benefit those that want to know and grow. Because some already Know and want some More! Like me.

I’m following the leading of the Holy Spirit to learn what He says I need to know. If I can help anybody else as I walk this way, then that is more for the Lord. Amen.

Now, if you do profess to follow and love Jesus as so many people talk about and they know what Jesus said He came here to do and did; but you may be off base with some things, or you are not fully understanding how things are to connect- then that is the first step in saying -Lord I want to learn Your Way-but I’m having trouble with it all.

Tell the truth and let Him know you need help!
I believe many people are not taught the truth, the simple truth that Jesus taught to the people. And we can fix that. His Word is a Light, and full of His Understanding for the simple. That would be my category. lol. I’m pretty smart, practical, but If the Holy Spirit was not here to help guide and teach me, I would not be able to know and do all I have done and continue to do each day. Amen.

Education-information is not worthy in and of itself, you need to have wisdom to balance it all out. I mean God’s Wisdom—not just human wisdom. There is a huge difference. You ever met anybody that had a lot of book sense, as the old folk call it—but no wisdom and common sense? That would be what I am talking about. That is what we want to correct and prevent from happening anymore.
Now back to the point I was making.

(knowing that you are with Jesus and with Him nothing is impossible)-

Knowing this I have to ask you;
Why my sisters and brothers are so many hearts heavy and so many minds confused on a daily basis? Why are you filled with trouble when you wake up –and through the day you eat on that trouble and even take it to bed with you at night to sleep with?
Why are you, by your own little power, trying to ‘fix’ your life, your issues, your children, your life partner, your spouse, your job, your friends, your extended family?

Were you doing pretty good and something happen and it has knocked you back some steps? That happens. Nothing is wrong-everything is right on que. When you follow Jesus, remember, evil will send attacks that God will turn into tests. God tests our hearts. (Pro. 17:3)

How you act during the length of the test is what is going on. Your character, wisdom and understanding are being strengthened and built up. There should be spiritual growth and maturity producing fruit that you see and you should feel different. In a positive, uplifting way. And yes there are just long, trying days thatwe face. No doubt about that.

Don't let the lies satan suggets to you become your truths. he will have people trying to live lies-and they will try to convince themselves and the rest of us that they know what they are doing. It is a also a waste of time trying to impress others by fitting in with whatever group of people is the pick this month. Maybe they are not supposed to be in that group-have they thought about that? We should all think on What attracts us to certain groups and makes us want to join? Examining our motives concerning all things.

And all the while people are living like this—many are always talking about they belong to Jesus—and God is their Father. That God is on their side, so it does not matter who is against them. They speak that they ‘know’ they are already blessed! And that Jesus covers them with His blood. YET, the same many, are always whinning about the issues of living and the problems that the many carry around with them.

I am not talking about venting with like minded people who will offer positive encouragement. That is truly something we have to do in order to help each other along this Way.

I can tell you some of the whys—I really believe a lot of people do not know the Bible for themselves, and they have been taught incomplete teachings about God and what it means to really follow Jesus in this life. They do not have a relationship for themselves with God through Jesus. They may not even know there is more to do Everyday with Him--Not just getting saved and then continuing to live the same old life that brought you to Jesus in the first place.

AND also,
Many people don’t want to give up what they can hold and see for God and Jesus. They want to believe—I truly believe that. But Fear is such a stronghold in these people that they are serving a master who takes slaves to task. They have given authority over their lives to their flesh, to satan and to the approval of other people’s rules and regulations for gain of material wealth.

This is why we are to keep in touch with God everyday. Spend time with Him-Quality time. So that your relationship with Him will grow, mature and produce much fruit. Talk to Him. He is still speaking to those of us that want to hear Him.

They counted up the cost and for them salvation from Jesus cost too much. But I am here to tell you that there is something wrong with your math equation.

You may think that- you + material gain = Strength and Power.
That type of math does not work in the Spiritual realm of living.
The way I count it up is this way:
me + Jesus = God. me + God = Wealth =Everlasting Life!
In the natural world and the spiritual world.

Let me tell you this, God can Only be with you-IF you are with Him!
Speaking those verses with the wrong heart will not set them into motion for you. If you do not speak with forgiveness, truth and love, then No Power will be given to God’s Word that you speak over your life or anyone else’s.

If you are not carrying your cross—if you have not given up your life to die in order to live—if you have not exchanged your yoke for His yoke—no matter how you word it--I can see Why you are burdened with the troubles, trials and tribulations of this world. satan will lie to you and have you living as a faker and one full of excuses.

“I’m just a stranger here passing through”

I encourage you right now, to Tell yourself the truth about your life—Everyday Speak the weaknesses and lack out loud and give them to Jesus so that He is included to give help. That is what we are supposed to do with our weaknesses and our lack—Give them to Him. Not hide them and act like we are all powerful and do not need help.
We all possess weaknesses and lack. We have been made this way on purpose. Our best will always be Imperfect!

If you keep this spirit of pride as your strength and guide—God Will Not be able to do for you. He hates pride! Pride gives false strength and power. Pride and her brother fear, have taken down mightier people than many of us. What makes so many people think that they can harness pride and fear to help them into salvation and deliverance? The cousins of pride and fear are Greed and Jealousy my friends.

Satan will seduce you with suggestions born from lies. he wants to produce more seeds to plant growing fields full of messes and mazes. he thinks he will plant all his stuff in-between God and what you believe about God—If we allow him to he will. We have been given the authority and power to know that this world has been defeated and the keys are in Jesus’ possession.

This is what Jesus is telling the people. That Gods Divine Way to Salvation, deliverance, and righteousness in the name of Jesus is here and free for those that believe. He is showing us How to carry the cross, What to do when things go wrong, How to act when people treat you like crap and act the fool against you. What to say to satan when he raises his ugly little head and even How to say it to satan so that he knows we mean to carry out our Fathers Business. (Remember how David spoke to Goliath?)

You know, there are many that are able to Start the race, but marathons last a long time. And many that started the race will not have what it takes to complete the race.

When we complete this natural race as Spiritual beings on this earthly plane and get to heaven—we exchange our Crosses for His Crown – which God places on our heads. Amen! (Rev. 2:10-11; 3:8-11; 2 Tim. 4:8; Pro. 4:9)

So many are caught up in religion and not in Jesus—The Way-The Truth-The Life.
Following Jesus is not a religion. Christianity is from the Word Christ. If you are obeying Jesus and following Gods Divine plan set forth through Jesus—then in my Book-you are a Christian.

We all have gifts, talents and some are anointed and some are not. Me, among a few things, I am a teacher-I Teach. That is what I do. No matter the subject, whether it be in art which I was formally trained in-and this training enhanced my natural gift of being an artist. Or it may be one of my hobbies, or something new that I have not really put a lot of effort into. Lately it is God's Will for His people- I'm a teacher. I Teach.

No matter what it is, if You praise God for giving it to you and thank Jesus for securing it for you--then all you have to do is ask the Holy Spirit to always, continuously guide and teach you as you Press Forward to the finish of this race.

Only God knows How He will lift you up to great heights with your gifts and talents when you allow Him to anoint them. I want to do as much as He spoke over my life to do. Who knows when our time to go Home will arrive. I want to be as prepared as I can--while I can. Amen!

Now, in Ecclesiastes 5:1-4, we get some more Divine advice and instruction to help us.

**End Of Part One**

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